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Issue 91 May 2015

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George freeman mp

gives an insight into becoming our local MP

Wymondham & Dereham

Our shutters, blinds and curtains have a luxurious ďŹ nish, conveying the highest levels of quality and style. Call to arrange your free home visit. 01603 615945

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2015 May | 03

WYMONDHAM 01953 452622

Est. 1981

Any old iron... and cars and batteries and copper and lead and stainless steel and aluminium and... AmaZINC or what! Find us at facebook: Mellor-Metals twitter: @mellor_metals

Making light work of heavy metals

Gooderstone Water Gardens A unique attraction for all garden lovers A unique attraction for all garden lovers, naturalists, artists and photographers - or those who simply want a restful break. What could be nicer than to stroll through an enchanting garden, explore the nature trail, perhaps spot a kingfisher and enjoy delicious home made cakes. The Gooderstone Water Gardens, located in West Norfolk near to Swaffham, consists of six acres of garden with: *A natural trout stream *Four ponds *Waterways *Thirteen bridges *Mature trees & shrubs *Colourful borders *Nature trail *Kingfisher hide *Grass paths *Tearoom & Plant Sales Billy Knights, a retired farmer began designing and creating the Water Gardens in 1970 in 04 | May 2015

his 70th year. The site was a damp meadow which became too wet for cattle to graze. Mr Knights’ son jokingly suggested he should have a water garden, which prompted him to draw out plans (on the back of a piece of wallpaper) and he soon had machines digging out the ponds and waterways. For over 20 years the gardens had been open to the public. There has been the addition of a bird hide, bamboo grove, scented arbour, plant sales and a rustic roundhouse. To help you find your way round, the bridges are numbered and when you have walked enough rest on one of the many benches provided, or perhaps visit the tearoom in the south-east corner where you can enjoy a relaxing cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee, soft drinks, ice-creams and delicious home made cakes.

WYMONDHAM Morley Beer Festival Clear your diaries 5th-7th June and join us! Love music, love beer ? clear your diaries and come and join us for a great weekend. A fine selection of real Norfolk Beers & Norfolk Ciders from breweries including; Wolf, Norfolk Brewhouse, Panther, Beeston, Fat Cat (Norwich), JoC’s, Woodforde’s as well as ciders from Whin Hill

Camping available on large private grounds. Camping area includes toilets and shower facilities in the Hall Camping Charges: Small Tents, Larger Tents, Caravans & Camper Vans are all £3.00 / night / person aged 18 and over under 18s Free

Priory Insurance Can we really afford not to take Travel Insurance? With the recent poor weather and constant rain, we have seen an increase in clients looking for breaks in sunnier climates, but can we really afford to cut corners and not take out Travel Insurance?

policy. Please feel free to call in to our Wymondham office for a quotation or advice, when we shall be pleased to assist. Alternatively, visit our website

Cancelation and Medical cover are no doubt the main areas of concern when looking for a suitable insurance policy. With access to a panel of Insurers, we can find and arrange the policy specific to your requirements. Whether you are travelling in Europe or Worldwide, summer or winter, let us find the cover for you and ensure you can relax and enjoy your holiday with the insurance protection and peace of mind needed.Premiums start from as little as £57.35 per couple for an Annual European

2015 May | 05

This season’s must have bag For Durstons growbags and compost Pop to the Co-op

3 for £10 £3 .99 each 60 ltrs

Subject to availability

r £5 3 fo . h £1 99 eac

WYMONDHAM Wymondham & Dereham Shopping Nearly half of consumers to be social shoppers by 2021

mobile technology has done. However, where social media is really coming in to its own is as an influencer and multi-channel integrator rather than a direct sales channel. Translated into revenues, in the next five years influenced sales are expected to more than double from £1.4 billion to £3.3 billion. This contrasts with direct sales which are expected to rise from £210 million to £300 million. The retailers enjoying the greatest uplift in sales as a result of social media’s increasing influence are fashion, footwear, music, film and groceries.

The much-heralded Facebook shares sale evidenced the huge market of consumers that business are anxious to tap into. While adverts to try and draw shoppers in are comparatively subtle, Facebook’s share of the social networking market is an obvious draw to retailers who want to capitalise on their members’ loyalty. But shopping trends have changed considerably in recent years and the rise of social networking has virtually eliminated the social aspect of shopping. However, sharing tips, special offers and recommendations is as much as part of shopping as sharing the joy of getting a bargain so it’s inevitable that we adapt our new networks to reflect that.

In fact new research is predicting that a next generation social shopper is expected to emerge as a force to be reckoned with by 2021. The study by Barclays shows 41% of UK shoppers are expected to be influenced by social media in making purchases. Amongst 25-34 year olds this figure is much higher with nearly half already engaging in s-commerce - and is expected to jump to 73%. Around 70% of online shoppers are already active users of social platforms but the number of social shoppers is set to grow further as social micro-blogging websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest increasingly blur the boundaries between retail channels in the same way

Richard Lowe, Head of Retail & Wholesale at Barclays, says: “Shopping has always been a social activity right back to the days when people bartered rather than paid for goods. It wasn’t until the arrival of e-commerce that the social aspect of shopping was removed.

“For most consumers the social element is fundamental shopping is a leisure activity in the British psyche - so being able to reintroduce this aspect into the online purchasing process is a powerful tool for retailers. “When someone you know and trusts makes a recommendation it’s extremely powerful and we’ve seen that the social shopper isn’t afraid to express online how much they want, love or dislike a product or service. “This in turn creates a feedback loop on a product or brand. As more people post reviews, more people read them and, in turn, they give their own feedback which is picked up by a new group of consumers. Retailers should be exploring ways to tap into these communities in order to create more personalised shopping experiences.”


Old Buckenham Airshow 2015

For your chance to win tickets for a family of 5 to attend on 1st Aug 2015 enter at

Good Luck

07 | May 2015

WYMONDHAM Kerry Butcher Accountancy Services There is lots going on in the world of tax and finance at the moment Here we go again! Can you believe it – but we are now almost a month into the new tax year. It is hard to believe that another round of “Notice to complete a tax return” emails have gone out and here we all are having to face the prospect of another round of accounts and year end self assessments. Of course it is not all about tax returns; it is also the start of the new tax year for payroll too. We all get our shiny bright new personal allowances – this year the basic allowance is £10,600 so make sure that you use yours to its full advantage. From the end of March, just before the start of the new tax year HMRC declared there is “no more Mr Nice Guy”. This of course relates to HMRC fining employers for late submission of their real time information . Make sure that you don’t get caught out. Remember you must send in your real time information when you pay your employees. Also make sure that you pay any PAYE due by the 19th (22nd if paying online) by the due date each month or quarter. If you run a payroll don’t forget that there is a new national insurance exemption for employees aged under 21. From 6 April 2015 these employees are unlikely to have to pay national insurance on their wages, so make sure that you have changed their table letter in your payroll so that the right deductions are made! Of course if this all sounds time consuming then why not ask us to set up and run your payroll for you. We will make sure that you are kept up to date with all the new rulings and legislation and our charges are fully tax deductible and probably cost less than you think.

We are lucky to have a selection of small companies amongst our clients and of course the tax rules for companies are different to that of individuals. The most important piece of information to remember is that the company is a separate legal entity and whilst this is good news when it comes to limited liability, it is important to remember that this also applies to taking money from the company bank account. As a company director or shareholder you must account for monies taken from your company personally. These funds can be taken in lots of ways from reimbursing yourself for a director’s loan, through payroll, mileage expenses and payment of dividend proceeds.

your current business, then make sure you have plans in place to pay yourself – if you put the right procedures in place from the start – life should be simple. Don’t forget that we can help you from incorporating a company on your behalf, through registering for VAT, for payroll for corporation tax to changing shareholdings. Why not come and talk to us – together we can make sure your company works for you and that you don’t get caught out. So finally a quick note about self assessment – don’t forget that the annual investment allowance can still be claimed in this tax year to claim tax relief on new equipment purchased in the year. Remember though total allowed in the year will be reduced considerably to £25,000 from 1 January 2016. Don’t get caught out!

Also a reminder that you cannot claim annual investment allowance on all assets – there are exceptions, particularly cars are not recoverable at 100% unless they have low CO2 emissions. If you have any doubts make sure that you check as HMRC can and will look at the allowances you are claiming. Of course we would recommend that you come to see us rather than worrying about what allowances you can claim – we offer varied services depending on the size of your business still with a free consultation of up to an hour initially – so why not come and talk to us. We believe that if we all stick to what we do best, we won’t go far wrong. Needless to say I won’t be attempting any keyhole surgery, plumbing, brick laying or roofing to name a few, any time soon!

One of the main questions that I get asked is how much should I take from my company? The answer to this question is always difficult because we all need to be as tax efficient as possible but a mixture of payroll to use up your personal allowance and then dividends paid from after tax profits is usually a good way to go. But remember HMRC do not like director shareholders using their company as a moneybox – HMRC can charge you on amounts you owe the company at the end of the financial year – if these are not repaid within the following 9 months. Don’t get caught out as these temporary tax charges can mount up – so keep a record of what you withdraw from your company. Or ask a nice friendly accountancy business (US!) to do this for you! If you are thinking about setting up a company or incorporating 2015 May | 09

GENERAL Sound Sleep Beds Does your Bed go Bump in the night? For most of us a third of our life is spent asleep, meaning the wear on our mattress over time is considerable, yet a staggering 25% of people wouldn’t consider changing their mattress – even after more than 10 years. It is hardly surprising then that 58% of the population complain of waking feeling stiff and achy.

then it your bed has FAILED its MOT and a trip to Sound Sleep for some new bed or mattress advice is essential.

Take our Bed MOT (Mattress Obsolescence Test) to find out if you need a new bed. Answer yes or no to the following questions.

Given the amount of time you spend in bed, it is important to spend a reasonable amount of time in store trying out new ones, especially if you have been experiencing pains that could come from your existing mattress. It this instance, it may be worth having a chat with your chiropractor for some advice on what they advise is suitable for your back.

• Is your bed seven years old or more? • Would it be embarrassing if the neighbours saw it without the covers? • Does it make suspicious noises in the night? • Did you have your best recent nights sleep in a bed other than yours? • Are your waking up more frequently un-refreshed and aching? • Do you and your partner roll towards each other unintentionally? • Are you too close to your partner to sleep comfortably? • Is it sagging? • Does it feel lumpy in the night? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions,

10 | May 2015

The key with mattress buying is to try out as wide a variety of options as possible to find the most suitable mattress for you (and your partner.

At Sound Sleep, we stock a variety of brands and different types of mattresses, for example pocket sprung, memory foam, latex and so on. Each manufacturer has different mattresses that offer different levels of support and comfort. When mattress shopping, it is essential to ask for help. We are highly trained mattress specialists and are on hand to advise you, not to high pressure you in to buying something that may not be suitable. Following are just a few quick tips to consider when bed shopping. How do I know which one is right for me? A mattress that is supportive and comfortable is important, but

remember, your requirement for support will differ depending on your weight and build. The best bed for your back is not always a firm one. You need a bed that will provide the right support and comfort for you. When laying on your side, ideally your spine should be parallel to the mattress and your spine should not sag down or bow up. Also remember as we age, our support requirements change. A very firm mattress when you were 35 may not be so suitable when you’re 45, comfort is important too!

If you are thinking about just a new mattress, before coming to visit us in store, check what kind of base you have and it’s condition, as some bases may be unsuitable for a new mattress.

Trying them out

More information can be found at

Give your self plenty of time and wear loose clothing, this helps you turn and get in and out of beds in store. Our Mattress Specialists will point you in the right direction. Try the advised mattresses for as long as possible to get a good ‘feel’ for them. If you sleep together, shop together Always shop with your partner, the bed must be suitable for both of you. As it is inevitable one of you may have to compromise! Size matters It is scientifically proven that couples sleep better in a bigger bed. The more space you have the freer you can move without disturbing your partner. This is also a good idea if one or both of you get hot in bed.

We will of course be on hand to give you the correct advice and information. All of our divans and mattresses are sourced from National Bed Federation members, so what you are buying is exactly what it says it is, it’s made from new and clean materials and it meets the strict British Standard fire regulations.

Now that you have chosen a new bed and mattress, don’t forget that pillows are very important too. A cheap, unsupportive pillow can cause neck and back problems. These are just as important as your new mattress. For more help and advice, visit our in store Mattress Specialists who can talk you through all the pros and cons of various mattresses. We also pride ourselves on having the most up to date mattress technology (as well as the old fashioned technology too!). Sleep has never felt so good!!

Sleep Sound on a bed from Sound Sleep

4’6 2800 Pocket Wool Divan 4 FREE DRAWERS RRP £1259

4’6 Orthopaedic Divan Set RRP £249

4’6 Pillow Top Divan with 2 FREE Drawers RRP £789

4’6 Ultra Memory Divan with 2 Drawers RRP £449





* Free drawers end 11/05/15

Durham Oak Bedstead

Arizona Black Nickel Bedstead

Southampton Honey Oak Bedstead

Alabama Brass Bedstead

4’6 RRP £390

4’6 RRP £549

4’6 RRP £360

4’6 RRP £839





Also available in 3’0, 4’0, 5’0 & 6’0

Also available in 4’0, 5’0 & 6’0

Also available in 3’0, 4’0, 5’0 & 6’0

Also available in 5’0 & 6’0

Sound Sleep Bed Warehouse

Come and visit our huge showroom at Aloe Farm - Mile Road - Winfarthing - IP22 2EZ Between Diss & Attleborough on the main B1077 - Look for our bright yellow sign! For mattress advise please call 01953 861177 Open Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Saturday 10:00 - 4:00

Sunday 10:00 - 1:00

Bank Holiday Monday 10:00 - 4:00

Credit & Debit Cards Accepted - Old Bed Disposal Service Available

GEorge freeman mp George Freeman MP George Freeman gives insight into why he gave up his career to stand as our local MP

12 | May 2015

GENERAL East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) Ride for Life: new location – new routes – new entertainment Ride For Life, which is East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) largest and longestrunning fundraising event will be better than ever thanks to a new location, new routes and new entertainment. The event, which will raise funds for the nook appeal and the charity’s current Quidenham hospice, returns for the 22nd time this year on Sunday June 14th, but instead of taking place in Santon Downham, the event has been relocated to Mayday Field on the B1106 near Elveden. The new site offers many benefits including new cycle and walk routes, an easily accessible location, a secure site without interference from traffic and no disruption to local residents. Dedicated volunteer David Baker from Hethersett has been involved with Ride For Life for more than 20 years. David has many responsibilities including off road cycle route planning and participant briefings. He’s also a volunteer for Norfolk & Suffolk 4x4 Response, which is responsible for vehicle Logistics which include marshal and First Aid deployment, manning water stations, sweep vehicles and if required search and rescue

on the day and Raynet Forest Heath which provides radio communications; a vital service due to the lack of mobile phone coverage in the forest. David said: “The village of Santon Downham has served the event well for the past 20 years, but the event took over both of the village greens to saturation point and there was no room for expansion. “With this year being the launch of the nook appeal, we wanted to celebrate with a new location and new routes for everyone to enjoy. “Mayday Field hosts the Mountain Bike race series successfully, so after a consultation between the EACH fundraising team and the event committee, a site meeting and recce was arranged which proved to be favourable. The Forestry Commission were approached and raised no objections, so we got on with planning the event. “There have been challenges like plotting new walk and cycle routes and ensuring we have toilet facilities, water and electricity supplies and storage on the day but it’s been great fun. Ride for Life has always been blessed with fantastic, dedicated

volunteers who make this event so successful. We’re all part of a great team effort – we just need people to sign-up, take part and raise as much sponsorship as possible.” Participants can take part in 3, 6 or 12 mile forest walks, 5,10 or 25 mile off-road cycle rides and 16 or 38 mile on-road cycle rides. The 5 mile off-road cycle ride and the 12 mile walk will raise funds for the nook appeal, while funds raised from other routes will support the charity’s Quidenham hospice and current services in Norfolk. As well as the cycling and walking routes, there’ll also be a Norwich Puppet Theatre workshop, a face painter, balloon modeller, DJ and tombola and well-earned refreshments will also be available; making it a great day out for all. Anna Goode, EACH nook appeal coordinator, said: “The event will raise funds

for the nook appeal to build a new children’s hospice and will also raise funds to support our current services in Norfolk and this is a vital message we need to get across to our supporters that we need to keep our current services going as well as raising funds for our exciting new project. “Whether you’re a dedicated cyclist or rambler, or want to try something new, please signup for a great day out with a charitable cause at its heart.” To sign-up to Ride for Life on Sunday June 14th, visit: www. or call the Norfolk fundraising office on: 01953 666767.

GENERAL Spinal Injuries Association (SIA)

encourage paralysed people to rebuild lives after spinal cord injury.

Great British Fish and Chip Supper – Friday 15th May 2015 Want to eat Fish and Chips, while raising money for charity? Hold a fish and chip supper on Friday 15th May 2015 whilst raising awareness of spinal cord injury and supporting SIA’s vital services. You can hold a fish and chip supper in your own home, at work or hold a larger supper at your local community centre. SIA will provide a fundraising pack containing hints and tips, recipes, invitations and donation envelopes. By inviting 8 friends and asking them to donate an additional £5.00 means you will

raise at least £40.00 from your supper but we will also give you additional fundraising ideas to raise even more money for SIA. In 2015 we want to make the batter matter and raise £40,000 from everyone holding suppers. Last year we raised £20,000 from the suppers.

Every year in the UK over 1,000 people experience a spinal cord injury and there are an estimated 40,000 spinal cord injured people in the UK alone. Community Fundraising Manager, Elizabeth Wright, says, “The Fish and Chip Supper is a wonderful opportunity for a great evening with friends and family.

We are also encouraging people who work to hold a Fish and Chip Lunch in their work places to raise even more funds. You may be even a local community group wanting to run a fun evening with your group”. For more information or request a fundraising pack call Elizabeth Wright on 0845 071 4350 or email fundraising@siafishandchips. or visit

The money raised from the suppers will help the Spinal Injuries Association offer support to individuals who become paralysed and their families, from the moment a spinal injury occurs, and for the rest of their lives. SIA provides services and publications which enable and

ish at Brit The Gre

r Suppe es Association

Spinal porting




5 ay 201 15th M

Make the batte

r matter

Hold a Great Bri tish Fish and Ch ip Supper to help rebuild lives aft er spinal cord inj ury.

To request a fun draising pack: Call 0845 071 4350 Email fundraisin g@siafishandc Visit www.siafish k Registere d Charity No 1054

for raise money Have fun and

the SIA


2015 May | 15

GENERAL All About Asparagus About Portwood Asparagus Asparagus has been grown in our kitchen garden at our family home, Portwood Farm at Gt Ellingham, since the early 1900s; and has been grown here commercially since 1987. We supply our farm shops, local greengrocers, caterers and restaurants, along with wholesale markets all over the country and major supermarkets. We know that asparagus has been cultivated as far back as Egyptian times, and was a particular favourite of the Romans. Claimed to ‘stir up lust in a man and woman’ by herbalist Nicholas Culpepper, in the 1600’s the debate has raged ever since over whether any foods actually contain aphrodisiac qualities or not! If eaten regularly; asparagus packs an almighty punch to diseases such as cancer and

heart disease as well as boosting your immune system. It’s also low in calories, sodium and cholesterol. Asparagus contains high levels of Vitamin A (an antioxidant vitamin), folic acid and dietary fibre which are believed to play an important role in the fight against cancer. As a good source of folic acid, it is also great for expectant mothers. It is also rich in soluble fibre, known to have a protective effect against degenerative heart diseases. Its high levels of potassium may help to control blood pressure. Asparagus is also a source of iron, which boosts the immune system and prevents anaemia The high levels of vitamin C and E are great for skin, nail and hair health too. A definitive superfood! To grow asparagus, you have to be patient! It takes four years

FRESH ASPARAGUS Available 7 days a week Until 21 June Portwood Farm

Gt Ellingham, nr Attleborough, Directions off B1077 in Gt Ellingham 8am to 5pm daily

Old Hall Farm

Attlebridge, nr Taverham Signposted off A1067 Fakenham Rd, just outside Norwich 10am to 6pm, Mon - Fri 10am to 5pm Sat & Sun

Also FRESH STRAWBERRIES when in season!

16 | May 2015

to get a crop in full production, with a small cut in the third year after planting. We plant as ‘crowns’, then ridge up to aid drainage. The first spears of asparagus emerge around mid-April heralding the start of summer, and are cut when they reach the required height. Green British asparagus is the world’s finest and is only in season for eight short weeks, so feast while you can, -the season finishes on 21st June! After that, the spears are left to grow to fern, which is critical to allow photosynthesis to feed the crown ready for next season. At Portwood Farm, the harvested spears are washed, cooled and refrigerated within half an hour to maintain freshness and maximum shelf life to the customer. It should always be stored refrigerated to maintain quality. Storing Asparagus... In the fridge: If you plan to keep your asparagus for a few days, keep it fresh by placing in a jug or vase with the stems in 1 cm of water, then store (carefully) in the fridge.

you choose, take care not to overcook it. The thicker the spear, the longer it may need. To test if it’s cooked, pierce the thickest part with a knife and you should still feel a little resistance. Boiling and steaming To boil: Submerge in a large pan of boiling water, cover and bring back to the boil and simmer gently for 4-6 minutes until tender. To steam: Tie the asparagus in bunches of 10-12 spears, stand in 5-10cm of boiling water, cover and cook for 5-7 minutes until tender. Roasting and Barbecuing To roast: Pre-heat the oven (220oC, gas mark 7), place asparagus on a baking sheet and drizzle over a little olive oil. Roast for approximately 10 minutes, turning a few times depending on the thickness of the spears. To barbecue: Place spears directly on the grill, set on a medium height above the coals and cook for approx. 10 minutes or until lightly coloured. Stir frying

In the freezer: Wash well; cut off the tough parts of the stalks and either leave as spears or cut in 2-3cm pieces. Boil for 2-4 minutes depending on thickness, then plunge into cold water to cool quickly. Blanching in this way prevents the enzymes that cause it to lose its colour and taste from taking effect. Preparation... Rinse thoroughly to remove any residual grit. Portwood asparagus is pre-trimmed but, if there are any ‘woody ends’, you should trim these off or peel the base before cooking. Cooking basics There are numerous ways of cooking this versatile vegetable but, whichever

Fine spears are best for this method. To stir fry: Heat a little sunflower oil in a wok or deep frying pan until smoking hot, add asparagus and stir for 3-6 minutes. Salad Select the finest spears available, chop roughly and use in your favourite salad. If desired, blanch very briefly in boiling water and then ‘refresh’ by plunging into cold water before use. ...and to accompany it? Simply cooked asparagus is served best with a crisp white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio.

GENERAL Old Buckenham Airshow 2015 Perfect family day out At few other events can you see the greatest pilots and aircraft flying at the limit, then take to the skies yourself in a WWII legend. But then, very few shows are like the Airshow. Often described as the perfect family day out, the show wins new fans each year amongst aircraft experts and people who’ve never been to an airshow before.

Taylor’s. In 2015 there will be four beers exclusively brewed for, and only on sale during, the Airshow. In 2014 beers commemorated aviation legend Brendan O’Brien and his stunning trailer- top landing (we’re in the process of trying to get it recognised as a world record) as well as star-ofthe-show, Staggerwing ‘High Maintenance’.

After a very successful 2014 show we’re planning an even bigger and better weekend in 2015. We keep innovating each year; in 2014 we launched the Food Village to universal acclaim. You won’t find a yellowing burger van on the site, but you will find an enhanced Beer Festival from Norfolk’s newest brewery,

Speaking of commemoration, at this very special place, one group of people are honoured every day, the 366 USAAF servicemen who died serving from here in World War II. In 2015, 70 years after the Victory in which they played such an important part, we’re commemorating them and their

colleagues by honouring their homeland, the United States of America. On every page of the site, you’ll see a USA button. A click will take you to more information about what we’re doing and why, 70 years on, this place is still making memories. You’ll have plenty of memories in early August when once again we will demonstrate why Old Buckenham is THE Norfolk Airshow. Take the sky! Why should the display pilots have all the fun? At the Airshow you can take control of this iconic WWII Boeing Stearman (under extremely professional instruction) and even experience some aerobatics including a loop. Don’t fancy going upside down over Norfolk? Why not go for a short trial lesson in a PA28. The training aircraft of choice worldwide, you’ll have encountered the PA28 before; Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus used them to attack Fort Knox in Goldfinger.

Ride in a monster truck! We’re not making this up. Working with our friends at Wicked Adventures, we’re able to bring you the chance to ride in something large, very powerful, extremely fun and utterly American. All whilst it uses wheels weighing half a tonne each to drive straight over the top of two cars. Its Big Block Chevy V8 sits under the hood of a standard Chevy Silverado body, built in New York State. Under the body, however, nothing is standard. 66 inch tyres are allied to enormous components to slightly increase the Silverado’s original weight from 1.5 tonnes to 7.5. Unsurprisingly, Mayhem makes short work of anything in it’s path, inclding cars. Its ability to crush anything is considerably improved with the weight of eight lucky members of the public who can enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

Don’t fancy having to do any work? We can help; a luxury VIP helicopter will be available all weekend to take you on a tour of the surrounding area.

2015 April | 17


ClarkBuild, For All Your Building Needs Chartered building company for whom no job is too small We provide professionalism and integrity, value for money, compliance with good building practice and with the proprietor/ director has been 35 years in business with a professional qualification. No job is too small for us. We offer bathroom and kitchen installation, loft conversions, renovations and extensions, as well as roofing, driveways, building maintenance and repair.

• Loft conversions • Property refurbishment At CLARKBUILD LTD we know you will receive a professional and personal service for all your building, wet rooms and maintenance needs. Please call us for a free quotation. T: 01953 601678 M: 07788 722151

• Wet Rooms • Free Survey • Fully Insured • Local Authority approved for disability grants • Adaptations • Alteration • General Building • Extensions • Structural Repairs 20 | May 2015

Unit 15, Penfold Drive, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0WZ


2015 May | 21

Elderly South Norfolk Mobility Centre A local, small independent company, making customer service their top priority If you are finding the stairs in your home becoming a physical endurance challenge, then a stair lift may well be the answer.

chairs, bathlift and daily living aid requirements. See more at http:// www.southnorfolkmobilitycentre.

We are very pleased to be able to refer you to a local expert company called Norfolk Stairlifts. Based at Hingham, Norfolk Stairlifts have 13 years experience and are trained to install most makes of stairlift. They are passionate about serving their customers and have a showroom for you to visit. They can be contacted on 01953 850004. Come and see us at Snetterton for your scooter, powerchair, wheelchairs, rise and recliner

The Denture Clinic Professional denture service based in Norwich Martin as a Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) is a registered dental care professional, trained and qualified to provide a range of denture services direct to the patient, previously only available through your dentist, although some treatment plans will require a referral from your dentist, partically if you have your own natural teeth remaining. Martin qualified with the Royal College of Surgeons (Eng) and has been working with dentures since 1986. Martin is highly experienced in providing cosmetic dentures to his patients, giving advice in a friendly, caring and professional manner. Martin’s advanced knowledge helps him to solve the most challenging of dentures problems. During your first appointment to the Denture Clinic, Martin will undertake a detailed clinical evaluation, enabling the diagnosis

22 | May 2015

to be reached, in order to create a detailed treatment plan, which is then tailored exactly to your needs. By taking the first steps at the Denture Clinic, Martin is able to offer you the advanced technical and clinical skills needed to carefully design every denture to your individual requirements. For ease and comfort appointments can also be made with a dental practitioner.

Help at

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We follow four principles: * Rebuilding your morale with personal dentures * Patient centered dentistry * Patient controlled dentistry * Highest quality standards in both clinical and manufacturing procedures For more information or to speak to someone from the clinic, visit the website:

Elderly The Hearing Care Centre 5 Signs That Your Partner May Have a Hearing Loss Hearing loss can occur so gradually that many people don’t even notice they have a problem. Very often, it’s actually the partner of the person with undiagnosed hearing loss who notices something is amiss. If you’re worried your partner could be suffering from hearing loss, familiarise yourself with these five signs that indicate it might be time for a hearing test. 1. “Would you mind repeating that?” Miscommunication is the most obvious sign that there might be something wrong. If you find yourself repeating yourself a lot more than you used to, it is likely your partner has a hearing loss and is struggling to understand you. 2. The volume on the TV is turned up too loud

If your significant other likes to have the TV turned up to a level that is uncomfortable for other members of the family, it is very possible that he or she has a hearing loss. 3. Distance in social situations If your once talkative partner has becoming increasingly quiet in social settings, it could be that they are having trouble hearing what others are saying. It is not uncommon for people with untreated hearing loss to become withdrawn and isolated as they deal with the stress and embarrassment of struggling to follow conversation. 4. Confusion Hearing loss does not just make sound quieter – it has a range of effects that can make conversation sound muffled or garbled. If you notice your spouse looking confused or

disoriented in the midst of a conversation, smiling politely instead of laughing at a joke or misinterpreting what someone has said, hearing loss could be the root of the problem. 5. Frustration It is very normal for people with untreated hearing loss to become frustrated at those around them as they strain to understand what is being said. These feelings are understandable, as developing a hearing loss is a life-altering experience. Living with an untreated hearing impairment takes a great deal of energy and patience, so it’s no wonder your partner feels frustrated. Even though it’s hard, try not to take it personally if your partner takes out some of his or her frustration on you. Try to remember that it’s not actually

you they’re frustrated with – it’s the fact they can’t hear as well as they used to. If you recognise any of these signs in your significant other, it might be time to gently suggest that a hearing test is a good idea. This is a delicate topic though, and should be approached with care. Karen Finch is the Managing Director and lead audiologist at The Hearing Care Centre.The multi-award winning, familyrun company has 20 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk, including locally in Dereham, Watton and Wymondham. For more information visit www. or call 0800 096 2637.

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Elderly Angelica Place Angelica Place offers networking and support group for carers and those living with dementia Angelica Place is extending an invitation to carers and friends of local people living with dementia in the Griston, Watton and Thetford, Brandon, Ashill and Carbrooke areas, to come along to its new social group, the ‘Friendship Café’. From 13th April 2015, the ‘Friendship Café’ will be held from 10.30am to 12.30pm every Monday at Angelica Place day care centre in Manor Road, Griston. Following a relaunch last year, Angelica Place provides a supportive environment for people living with dementia. Specialist facilities include a 1950’s styled kitchen, a sensory room and garden, an Audrey Hepburn ladies’ beauty salon and

a barber shop. All toilet facilities are fully accessible and there is free parking on site. Designed for anyone who cares for a family member, friend or neighbour, the open minded support group offers a place where local people can talk to others who are also caring for a loved one living with dementia and share their experiences. Lyn Foulds, the ‘Dementia Champion’ who has been based at Angelica Place since it opened, will be available at the Friendship Café to provide advice, information and support to carers and to ensure that they have access to the right resources to assist them.

“Angelica Place is the ‘go-to place’ for advice, support and community-based services for local people who are living with dementia and those who are caring for them,” explains Lyn Foulds. “We are opening the café to all local people and would warmly welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer to help this to become a real hub for the community.” Each month’s activities will be published on the Manorcourt Homecare website and on the notice board at Angelica Place. The initial schedule of the Friendship Café is as follows:

Championing dementia in Norfolk

An enjoyable & sociable day out The perfect place to make new friends

• Hair salon & barber shop • Reminiscence room • 1950’s kitchen and parlour • Chiropody & sensory therapy room

• Monday 13th April: getting to know you. Come and meet and talk to other people who care for someone with dementia, share your experiences, ask questions, share your advice. • Monday 20th April: move with us: a seated exercise class that everyone can participate in. Join in, or just come along and enjoy the music. • Monday 27th April: social activity: led by Angelica Place Demential Champion, Lyn Foulds.

can be provided on request. Transport to Angelica Place can also be arranged. Commenting on the Friendship Café, Mike Osborne, Managing Director of Manorcourt Homecare said: “Angelica Place already provides a vital day care support service, offering specialist facilities for 70+ individuals and their families from Griston, Watton and surrounding areas. It was always our intention to develop a community-based hub to enable carers to access support and information from people who have specialist knowledge and experience of caring for people with dementia. The Friendship Café is the first step in building that wider support network in our local community.” Angelica Place is open Monday to Friday from 9am – 4pm at Manor Road, Griston, Thetford, IP25 6RG. For further information on the activities and facilities at Angelica Place, please visit, call a member of the team on 01953 889230, or visit www.

• Art area & exercise hall • Adapted garden

• Monday 4th May –Bank Holiday - closed

• Mini bus service available

Book a day with us now on

01953 889 230 A Dementia Centre from 24 | May 2015

• Monday 11th May: sharing and giving: share your knowledge, experience and good ideas on caring. Refreshments will be available at the Friendship Café and lunch

O VER £550,000

Specialist Dementia Care at It’s Best The Beeches care home in East Harling With a number of recent news articles portraying poor care within care homes, especially within the Dementia market, one Norfolk care home in particular is bucking the trend. The Beeches is a registered care home for the Elderly and those suffering from Dementia. The home is set in 2 acres of beautiful gardens in the town of East Harling. All rooms are furnished to hotel standards but are personalised to suit each new resident, with residents encouraged to bring in their own personal belongings. There are 44 bedrooms with a separate specialist dementia wing for 15 residents. The Home provides a range of assisted bathrooms, showers and accompanying mobility aids. The Home also has a number of spacious lounges and a conservatory offering large flat screen televisions. Meal times are an important part of the day and The Beeches offers a full choice of daily menus. A balanced and nutritious diet is offered with emphasis placed on fresh homemade meals. Hot and cold drinks and a range of snacks are available throughout the day. The homes menu is created by discussions between the residents, their families and staff.The Home has an Activities Co-ordinator who organises activities on a daily

basis for the Residents. These are led by resident’s requests and family’s suggestions and have included cinema afternoons, arts and crafts, external entertainment, quizzes and reminiscent based events.



Black Swan International to expand with multi-million pound finance package. Norwich headquartered Black Swan International Ltd has secured a seven-figure funding package from NatWest as part of its continued expansion plans. Founded in 1994, Black Swan currently operates 13 private care homes across Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire − with a headcount of over 400.

 Rooms from £550 per week  Single En Suite Bedrooms  Permanent, Respite and

Holiday Care Chiropody and Hairdressing in the Town Centre  Individual Centred Care  Home Cooked Meals  Daily Activity  Flat Screen TV in

Resident’s parties are organised on a regular basis and at all times the Home believes in maintaining social interaction between residents, their families and friends. The Beeches is owned by Norfolk based company Black Swan International Limited who have 13 care homes in Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. They are an experienced care operator that prides itself in putting residents needs and feelings first. The dignity and independence of each resident is promoted within all of the Company’s Care Homes. For more information, to request a brochure or to arrange a visit The Beeches can be contacted on 01953 717584 or visit their website


Every Bedroom


The Beeches 1 West Harling Road, East Harling, Norwich, Norfolk, NR16 2N Telephone +44 (0)1953 717 584 Fax. : +44 (0)1953 717 584 The funding arrangement and refinancing package with NatWest has enabled the firm to acquire The Beeches, East Harling. Following the deal, Black Swan has embarked on a 12-month re-development programme at the 44-bed care home, including physical improvement works. Tom Lyons, operations manager for Black Swan International, said “The funding stream agreed with NatWest is instrumental in helping us achieve our long-term ambitions, allowing us to invest in our care homes and prepare for future growth.

“It’s an exciting time for the business as we add The Beeches to our portfolio and upgrade the home for the comfort and benefit of residents.” Paul Barford, relationship director and healthcare specialist for NatWest, added: “A passion for putting customers at the heart of their business underpins the Black Swan team’s success. “We are proud to support them through an exciting period of growth, which will further cement the company’s strong position in the sector.”

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Wymondham, Dereham & Watton - May 2015  

The May 2015 edition of Dispatch Magazine for Wymondham, Derehan & Watton

Wymondham, Dereham & Watton - May 2015  

The May 2015 edition of Dispatch Magazine for Wymondham, Derehan & Watton