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m for Franchisees

Walking in GJFD's Boots

Anybody Home? Five Tips to Avoid Home Disasters While on Vacation By Brad and Sue Ayers, owners of Delta Restoration Services Greater Brazos Valley We recently received a call from a frazzled client who was panicked about a flood in her home. This client had an issue — she wasn’t even at home to deal with it. In fact, she was calling us from the Charlotte airport.

WHITEWATER, Colo. - Two structures and a car were purposely set on fire earlier Wednesday afternoon, all as a teaching lesson part of a fire training summit. Delta Disaster Services, Grand Junction Fire Department and Knott Laboratory teamed up to give a first-hand look to local insurance and legal representatives about what happens when a structure or a car is on fire. "It's pretty scary to see how intense the fire can get and how fast things can burn," said Maria Arrieta Molina, an agent for Farmers Insurance. The live burn is part of a fire training summit that consisted of burning two furnished buildings and a car, followed by the opportunity to look into each of the structures to unravel the progression of the fires. "It's a great opportunity to work with them and understand more about their jobs so I can be better with my job," said Stanley Stoll, Director of Engineering for Knott Laboratory.

Western Colorado

The client had just left for vacation and her friend had stopped by that afternoon to check on her pet. Her friend, who might’ve been expecting a cute kitten or puppy to greet her at the door, was met with something much more alarming: the kitchen and living room were flooded.

Right before our client headed out the door, bags in hand, for a relaxing vacation, she started her dishwasher. Unfortunately, the dishwasher’s water supply line had disconnected and caused major flooding of her home. The dry-out process alone on the job cost thousands of dollars. Talk about a trip killer. Vacations are meant to be enjoyed, and sadly, our business receives these frenzied calls all too often. With decades of home restoration and water damage experience under our belt, we have some tips we’ve learned over the years on how you can minimize the likelihood of any home disasters taking place while enjoying your precious and well-deserved paid time off. Do a walk around the outside of your property. There are many things to inspect on the outside of your home that could cause damage while you’re away. For instance, check the roof for any shingles that may be missing or askew. You don’t want a leak starting if there are heavy rains at home while you’re enjoying a sunny beach thousands of miles away. Also, check your deck or patio areas and secure any

Greater Brazos Valley

Wasatch Front

30+ Franchisee Hits

All Points has secured substantial local and regional press on behalf of Delta Restoration Services franchisees, helping drive awareness, build credibility and ignite interest in franchisee markets. Press successes include television segments on local affiliates, contributed articles in leading local publications and interviews with daily newspapers.


Putting Delta in U.S. Hiring Bounces Back, Easing Fears of a Jobs Slowdown Nonfarm payrolls rose by 224,000 in the month; jobless rate ticked up to 3.7%

A worker assembles a vehicle component at a Ford Motor plant in Chicago. PHOTO: DANIEL ACKER/BLOOMBERG NEWS

By Eric Morath and Sarah Chaney Updated July 5, 2019 5:11 pm ET

WASHINGTON—Robust June hiring suggests a decade of domestic growth is powering ahead despite global headwinds.


n the Spotlight Property restoration company to open region’s first ‘flood house training facility’ By Libby Flood

"Change before you have to." —Jack Welch There are major changes taking place in franchising. These changes which originated in the franchise restaurant sector are one; numerous consolidations of multiple franchise brands under a common parent and two; an increase in multi-unit franchisees, which now control more franchises than the total of all unit franchisees. Multi-brand companies like Driven Brands, automotive services, The Dwyer Group, residential and commercial repairs and FS Brands, window cleaning, restoration services and painting, control thousands of franchise units and serve markets and consumers with common attributes. The benefits and opportunities for consolidating franchise brands are significant. Acquirers can find franchises in related categories with favorable valuations which can provide investors and PE groups the ability to control all or a portion of multiple franchise brands. Franchise research firm Franchise Grade found that 193 parent franchise companies control 606 franchise systems, which represents 26% of all franchises in the U.S. This includes PE groups which control or have equity in a number of these franchise systems.

An Arvada-based property restoration company is set to make waves — and then fix the damage.

Dr. Ben Litalien offers his thoughts on the subject in a recent Forbes blog entitled Will Franchise Leaders Embrace a New Future State Of Franchising?

Delta Disaster Services, a franchise brand that offers fire and water damage restoration services, plans to open what it said is the Rocky Mountain region’s first “flood house training facility” in the spring.

“For decades franchising has been thought of as a simple model for rapid expansion using other people’s money. Rapid expansion may be elusive given the exponential growth in the number of concepts on the market today versus just a few years ago. And the money coming into the market by individuals is increasingly being supplanted by Wall Street firms and middle market investors with significantly different goals. I’m afraid the ‘simple’ train has left the station and isn’t coming back anytime soon. “

The facility is being built in the company’s headquarters, a 1,500-square-foot warehouse at 5525 W. 56th Ave in Arvada, according to Mike Mastous, Delta founder and CEO. “There’s 1,200 square feet in the back where I’m building a house, to code, which I’ll use to hold these sessions,” he said. The training will involve flooding the house with 2,000 gallons of water. “We’ll teach them how to remove the water progressively, in a way that doesn’t create damage and doesn’t remove materials from the home,” Mastous said. “We’ll focus on how to bring buildings back to what we call the ‘pre-loss condition,’ with normal moisture levels.” 1

At the same time, multi-unit franchising has grown in popularity and total franchisee units exceeds the total number of unit franchisees. Under this model, one franchisee owns and operates more than one unit, traditionally in the same general region. The consolidation of franchise brands and the multi-franchisee model was spawned in the franchise restaurant sector and has become popular in other franchise categories. HRI a growing franchise firm with three franchise brands To gain more insight into this subject, I spoke with Dan Tarantin, President and CEO of HRI, that owns and operates Chem-Dry® Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, N-Hance® Wood Refinishing and the recently acquired Delta Disaster Services.

DELTA DISASTER SERVICES ADDS 11 FRANCHISES ARVADA, CO – August 20, 2018 – Restoration services franchisor Delta Disaster Services has signed 11 franchise licenses in less than three months under its new ownership, more than doubling the budding system’s U.S. presence, according to a press release. The recent signed agreements have been made exclusively with Chem-Dry franchisees; Delta Disaster Services was acquired in the spring of 2018 by HRI Holdings Inc. (HRI), the parent company to the Chem-Dry Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and N-Hance Wood Refinishing franchise businesses. “The interest in the Delta Disaster Services franchise model from the Chem-Dry network has been and continues to be exceptionally strong,” Mike Mastous, founder and president of Delta Disaster Services, said in the release. “We recently launched an aggressive growth strategy to become a dominant force in the restoration industry, and to see this level of demand and momentum so early is exciting – especially from such a qualified and experienced group. “I’m eager to continue expanding our reach through the existing Chem-Dry franchisee network, as well as with other entrepreneurs looking to enter the $60 billion-plus restoration category with our strong and unique franchise model.” The recent Delta Disaster Services franchise agreements span the continental United States, including several licenses in Texas, Utah, and California. The earliest openings are scheduled for late August 2018 in College Station, Texas, followed by the Dallas market in September. Through HRI’s acquisition, Delta Disaster Services is able to offer its franchise opportunity to the 1,100 existing Chem-Dry and N-Hance franchisees in the United States. For Chem-Dry franchisees, many of whom already provide some restoration services, Delta Disaster Services is a logical addition to their portfolio, giving them the support they need to better their restoration model.


Growing the Fra

Driving Momentum for New Franchisees


anchise Network

All Points secured a national, monthly press opportunity for Delta Restoration Services with Franchise Times, highlighting the brand’s growth.


Boosting Exposu

Delta Disaster Services to Open in Palm Springs



Entrepreneurs to Meet Local Demand for Commercial and Residential Restoration Specialists Beaumont, Calif. – Delta Disaster ServicesŽ, a nationally recognized and awardwinning franchise brand that provides restoration services to commercial and residential properties, announced today that it has inked a franchise agreement with Tim Goeler to open a location serving the Palm Springs region, including Mission Viejo, Temecula and Moreno Valley. It is slated to open on March 25 and will be located at 580 N. California Ave. in Beaumont.


Owned and operated locally by Tim Goeler, Delta Disaster Services will provide a reliable, experienced solution to those who encounter a loss and require restoration services – whether it involves flood and water damage; smoke and fire damage; or mold damage and environmental testing. Goeler has an extensive background in the restoration and residential and commercial services industry,

2 1


ure Coast to Coast 3 4

Restoration services to open in Indianapolis April 30, 2019

Delta Restoration Services, a nationally recognized and award-winning franchise brand that provides restoration services to commercial and residential properties, recently announced that it has inked a franchise agreement with entrepreneur Kevin Jones to open a location serving the north and west Indianapolis regions This is the first Indiana location for the growing restoration provider and is slated to open in early summer at 1601 Country Club Road, Indianapolis. Owned and operated locally by Kevin Jones, Delta Restoration Services will provide a reliable, experienced solution to those who encounter a loss and require restoration services – whether it involves flood and water damage; smoke and fire damage; or mold damage and environmental testing. Jones, who was born and raised in the Indianapolis region, was 27 years old when he established his Chem-Dry business in 1994. He subsequently opened an N-Hance Wood Refinishing business in 2005. Today, his local home services businesses run up to eight crews daily throughout the region. In the near term, Jones plans to add a handful of full-time staff to support Delta Restoration Services. “Local property owners experience significant water damage, so there’s a substantial need in the region for restoration experts,” said Jones, owner of Delta Restoration Services of North West Indianapolis. “The services we will offer and our insurance-friendly approach will be extremely valuable to the area. I’m proud


to be able to help alleviate stress for residents across the area who experience a loss and assist them in getting back on their feet. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the Delta Restoration Services model – from the cloud-based project management platform to their intensive training regimen and top-notch support


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