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blessthefall Where: Revolution Live in Ft Lauderdale When: December 8th, 2013 Photos by: Nicole Stephens

conditions Photos and interview by: Brooklyn Parcel

Give us a brief history of the band. Alex: We started in 2006 and since then we put out our full length in 2010. This year we put out a record called This Is War which was released in March. We toured with Sleeping With Sirens in spring when the record came out and now were out on tour with these guys [You Me at Six]. What wass the origin of the name? Alex: It comes from a quote from a composer “the essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, and passion”, so we pulled Conditions out of that. What has music taught you? Brandon: It’s taught me that I really hate it. It really has, I can’t stand it. I’m kidding! It’s taught me a lot. In my point of view it’s the power of music from people saying we change their lives.


Photos and interview by: Brooklyn Parcel

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Alex: It’s really cool that you come out with all these new friends after tour and keep up with them regardless if we play with them or not. If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?

For example last night this guy came up to me and said our music helped him through his cancer treatment. I was absolutely floored by that. I’ve learned the power of it and how I shouldn’t take that for granted. SOS: In a world where music did not exist what would you be doing? Brandon: Well I’d be happy for one. I mean I can't go back from all the time I’ve wasted in this band, but I don’t know how far I’d be in other worlds. Alex: I was going to school for advertising, so maybe something along those lines.

Brandon: Maybe if there was one still. I mean if I could change one thing about the music industry it would try to make it harder for people become their favorite band. New bands that are starting out try not to be their favorite band, but they end up becoming their favorite band. It is so fucking annoying. All of these dumbass kids are playing music because their parents told them all of their lives that they are special and they can do it and they just fucking cloud up everything. So annoying, pardon my French. I know I sound like an asshole right now, and I don’t mean it that way. We’re very nice people, but that side of the music industry is so fucked. Alex: I would change the algorithm that prevents music from being copied so easily. People just start up without knowing what they are doing.

Brandon: I mean when I was in school I was a straight A Brandon: They think they’ll just start a band and do it for student and a varsity soccer player, I was playing in the fame, fortune, and girls, just stupid reasons. Start a college and figured out what I wanted to do. I’m happy band because you want to say something and get my now. therapy. -----SOS: What have been some of your favorite tours? Conditions is currently in the process of planning their Brandon: This [tour with You, Me At Six] is one of them. farewell tour run later this year. This has been one of the most stress free tours we have been on. Other then that Sound Wave was incredible, but there were so many rock stars there and then there was us.

Hydra Melody


How when and where did you Jason: For me it's oddly enough guys meet? Third Eye Blind, they were the first band I listened to and I grew Jordan: We me about four years up listening to them and they're ago when we were both in probably my biggest influence different local bands back home contemporary music wise. and really respected each Listening to them an old school other’s music and when things 60s and 70s stuff my father went south we formed together. brought me up on like Elton John and Billy Joel also influences the Have you guys always been stuff I do. Hydra Melody? Jordan: Yeah I'm kind of in the Jordan: We've been Hydra same boat I love a lot of the Melody for about 8 years and classics like the Beetles and have recently been pushing and Zeppelin I grew up listening to getting serious over the last two them, but I really liked I a lot of to three years. underground music growing up like RX Bandits, Circa Survive, How did you guys come up with Minus the Bear. the name? Most personal song? Jordan: A long time ago when we first started our music was really Jordan: For me [it's] Fire really crazy and solos on top of breather it's one of the first solos and the name was really songs that Jason and I really fitting back then and Hydra wrote together. I felt it was the Melody just kind of stuck and first point for us as a writing started catching on as the music partnership and I could really feel started changing and we figured that growth in the song and why change the name when we whether or not the lyrics are already made head way with it. really personal and I feel like that for me is really one of those What bands have inspired you to songs is like the first step for make the music you make where we're at right now. today? Jason: For me it's this song we

started writing that is tentatively named "Ways to Go" and Jordan wrote these lyrics that are really apropo to what we're going through right now of being on the road trying to get where we want to be with our career and our musicandrightnowit'sallveryin the moment and the lyrics are all about what we're doing right now so that one is a big one for me. Favorite song to play live? Jordan: We have a fan favorite back home called "You're What I Do on the Weekends" and that one I feel is the most fun to play live because it's really energetic and really catchy and we're able to get a lot of audience participation.Sothatoneisreally fun to play live because it gives us a real chance t interact with the crowd. Jason: For me it would probably have to be "Oceans" because when we are all vibing on stage and we become that unit and that song comes out the way it shoulditisoneofthepeaksofour show.

Jason Harari - bass/vocals

Jordan Berlanga - Vocals/Guitar/Keys

What is next for Hydra Melody music-wise? Jason: We took off to Austin for six weeks to write a full length record and we are shooting to put out a full length and won't settle for anything less right now. If we have 15 songs right now we want to have 30 and really narrow them down to the ones we enjoy the most, the ones we feel are the most fitting to where we are right now -Jordan: The most unique Jason: Yeah, and the most Hydra Melody [What we are]. Which I think is something we are starting to nail. [Our next release] will be a full length for sure!

Hydra Melody

Photos and interview by: Nicole Stephens

Aliquam varius adipiscing tempor. Vivamus id ipsum sit amet massa consectetur porta. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Praesent dignissim ultrices neque. Aliquam auctor congue nunc sed interdum. Aenean CLICKgravida TO WATCHest, THE INTERVIEW sagittis sit amet sold out shows every night supporting a band as amazing as Third Eye Blind, it came time to put everything on hold and really grasp that moment. Where do you see hydra melody in two years? Jason: Headlining our own tour -Jordan: Yeah that’s where I see [the band]. I feel like this is that first step, in the next set of steps in our career. If you could go back in time what would you tell your younger self? Do you have any song or album titles in mind right now? Jordan: No. We have demos that we recorded when we were writing and we don't have titles for them yet. We were trying to get into the studio in November but this tour with Third Eye Blind snuck up on us and the record got put on the back burner. Hopefully early 2014 it will be out. What has music taught you?

Jordan:Iwouldtellmyself:"Poppunkisnotthatgreat,moveon, and look into something better! [laughs] Jason: I would tell myself "Stick with it" and "Not to give up" because it's really starting to happen for us now in a really cool way. If you could change anything about the music industry what would it be?

Jason: A lot of patience. It's taught me to be a much more patient person. one of the things you learn [as a touring Jason: I wouldn’t change anything about how successful the musician] is how to share a dream with a group of people and internet has made everything, but I would change the fact that how to understand how everybody fits into that, how to work in people in the industry having to work twice as hard to make a way that everyone can get what they want out of it. Basically money in an industry that's dying. I think there is a fair chance understanding how to get what you want out of it, but also for everyone, but I would make it that artists that are struggling knowing it's not worth the journey if you're not doing it together. have better opportunities. Jordan: I feel that music has let me be more myself by writing Jordan: I would have to agree. I feel like as successful as the lyrics and trying to connect with people you, you can't fake internet has been for music, it has also made it ten times as something like that. easier to download music for free and I feel like little has been done to figure out how to have [the chance for a big break] more What has been your biggest accomplishment to date? open to [struggling artists]. ----Jason: Touring with third eye blind. HYDRA MELODY is currently in the studio writing their first full Jordan: Yeah I think that's pretty unanimous. All the records all length. the shows lead up to that big moment and I think for us we're riding that wave and we're on that big moment right now. Jason: we just wanted to share our music with as many people as possible and when we got that opportunity to start playing

8 Magazine/April, 2013

DEFEATER Magazine/April, 2013



How and when did you guys focus is off and it sort of makes What was the writing process form? everything harder. like for Letters Home? Is it easier to write within a concept or Derek: We formed in 2008. I met Artists that inspire you to make harder? Mike and Joe at Joe's studio and the music you make today? I was there recording with my Derek: There's an idea with the friends band and then a couple Joe: Bowie! whole story arc that I'll write months later Mike moved to aboutontour,butsometimesthe Hawaii and they had a record Mike: There's like five bands we best stuff comes when I'm out written. We ended up deciding to all have as like the common and will walk into a store or use the instrumentation for a thread, but everyone listens to something and come up with new band and came up with the different genres. something that is worthwhile. I name Defeater. Mike came back have to write lyrics to music that from Hawaii and started playing Derek: Yeah, but there are a lot of is the one thing, I definitely need bass. Staples we can agree upon like the end product in order to write. Minor Threat, Black Flag, Kid It was so much easier writing to When you guys first started out Dynamite, Buried Alive, how Joe plays on this record in different local bands what was Metallica. than our previous record. your biggest struggle? Joe: Metallica is the reason I Favorite song out of your entire Joe: Transportation, generally started playing drums, I wanted discography? sucking at your instruments, to play like Lars (Ulrich) [laughs] and basically everything that Joe: "Rabbit Foot" Live. That I've comes along with trying to play What has been your biggest written would be "Empty Glass" live music. accomplishment to date as a Derek: Finding a place to musician? Mike: "No Savior" practice, not annoying your parents. Joe: I would say probably for all Derek: Live "Wound and Scar" I of us it's "Letters Home" the miss playing that. That I've Mike: Everything was kind of a record we just put out. It's the written would have to be pain in the ass at the point. I think first record we've really written "Brothers" one thing, not particularly with together as a band and put out as Defeater, but with starting bands a band. in general and being younger, you think so much rides on Derek: We did a lot of revising getting on one huge show. I feel and I think it's our best effort yet. like with that mentality your

Joe Longobardi

Mike Poulin

Derek Archambault

Photos and interview by: Nicole Stephens

In a world where music didn't when you tour all that time and exist what would you be doing?they all suck, but getting to tour and meet new people is it. Derek: Joe would probably be in gay porn. Joe: It's really a ridiculous life thatwelive.Wedrivealloverthe Joe: Yeah, straight up! -- No. place sell a bunch of t shirts, sit Not at all. I really don't know around, meet new friends, go what to say after that. We have places,andthenweplayforhalf peaked at that answer. anhourtoanhoureveryday.It's insane and the greatest thing at Derek: I don't know I always the same time. wanted to be a teacher. You get the summers off, every two Where do you see Defeater in monthsyougetapaidvacation, five years? and just ridiculing kids for being stupid. Joe: RadioShack or probably playing for Miley Cyrus. Mike: I don't know what I'd be doing and I honestly think about Derek: Playing for someone that every day because at some somewhere... point you have to do something else, but I really have no idea. Joe: Honestly we're going to be done in five years, I can't see What inspires you to keep [Defeater being a band in five doing what you're doing? years] happening unfortunately. Mike: It's honestly a no brainer. There are obvious sacrifices Mike: We're still going to hang

out and we're still going to be friends...--Not that I see the band ever breaking up, but there's no light at the end of the tunnel and there's no exit plan. Joe: One day one of us is going towakeupandbelike"Ican'tdo this anymore, I'm out." and the band is going to be done. -----

Defeater just wrapped up a headlining tour in Europe. "Letters Home" is out now!

AUGUST BURNS RED Where: Revolution Live in Ft Lauderdale When: December 8th, 2013 Photos by: Nicole Stephens

Magazine Staff Brooklyn Parcel @suppycake

Nicole Stephens @nikkijeanstephens

Issue 8 - Defeater  

Boston based post-hardcore band Defeater open up about the writing process of their most recent release "Letters Home" and where they see th...

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