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AUGUST 4-6, 2019 Colorado Springs, Colorado

LEARN from expert coaches and educators.


and collaborate with coaches from around the country.


innovative ideas, new techniques, and expert tips.


he 2018 National Speech & Debate Conference was an incredible experience for coaches and educators from 38 states who met in Phoenix. We had a wonderful time discussing new coaching methods and educational tips, as well as new changes proposed for

Public Forum Debate— but we’re not stopping there. The 2019 National Conference, to be held in Colorado Springs in partnership with Colorado College, will include more opportunities for learning and collaboration for all of our attendees. Based on feedback from the 2018 conference, we worked to create a new set of themes/audiences that will help attendees plan their conference experience so it meets their unique interests and professional development needs. This year’s sessions, panels, and round table discussions will focus on seven themes/audiences, including:



• New to Speech and Debate: practical solutions for those who are new to coaching or teaching speech and debate. • Inclusive Teams and Tournament Practices: discussion of inclusion in speech and debate classrooms, tournaments, and the community as a whole. • NSDA District Leadership: ideas, concerns, and best practices related to NSDA District leadership at the local and national level. • Classroom Focused: strategies specifically for those who teach speech and debate courses.

• Competition Focused: issues related to competitive speech and debate coaching and preparation. • Workshop: an interactive workshop given by one or more coaches/teachers who will demonstrate coaching/teaching a particular speech and/or debate skill. • Communication and Theatre Studies: analyze the practice and/or study of communication, rhetoric, and/or theatre. We look forward to offering our attendees more opportunities to discuss, share, and network in this year’s schedule. Our goal is to create a setting where all voices are valued. We

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2018 November/December Rostrum  

Volume 93 Issue 2

2018 November/December Rostrum  

Volume 93 Issue 2