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NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Speech and Debate Honor Society


n FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR We know times are changing. That's why this year, we focused on relevance. We asked ourselves the tough questions. What does it take to make speech and debate relevant to today's educators? Just as important, what does it take to train youth to be relevant as tomorrow's leaders?

Every day, we strive to accomplish our mission in these five ways:

Providing Leadership Recognizing Achievement Sharing Resources Building Community Advocating Forensics

Mission The National Forensic League (NFL) honor society promotes high school and middle school speech and debate activities as a means to develop a student's essential life skills and values.

Vision Every child in the United States will be empowered to become an effective communicator, ethical individual, critical thinker, and leader in a democratic society.

The answers are complex, but a few key ideas keep us moving in the right direction: We must listen. In 2011, our members clearly expressed their challenges and needs. This feedback has shaped our year. From developing informative recruitment materials to expanding our offerings for first year coaches, we've listened. We must connect. We've increased our efforts to connect with leaders, members, and alumni through a variety of innovative projects, some of which you'll read about in this report. Our network of thoughtful, dedicated supporters always has been our greatest strength, and we're confident that our community will empower us to succeed in the years ahead. We must achieve excellence. We don't want to simply provide resources and support. We strive to provide the best resources and support. That's our promise to you. We'll always pursue excellence, and we'll always make things better in our passionate pursuit of excellence. Of course, the NFL's important work would be impossible without our generous supporters. We appreciate our members, volunteers, sponsors, and donors for their outstanding commitment to speech and debate education. We also applaud our Board of Directors, district leaders, coaches, and alumni for their servant leadership and many contributions to forensics. Finally, on behalf of the NFL's growing roster of current students—and increasing number of distinguished alumni—thank you for your continued support of the National Forensic League. Sincerely,

J. Scott Wunn Executive Director

Giving Youth a Voice Since 1925




At the core of our mission lies positive action toward productive change. As leaders, we work constructively to improve our community and the lives of our members.

District Impact Grants The NFL is proud to offer District Impact Grants to improve growth and retention at the district level. District leaders are invited to apply for these targeted grants by submitting innovative, region-specific projects for funding consideration. Past awards have been used to train school administrators and coaches, mentor upcoming programs, host "incubator" tournaments for fledgling programs, and more. By making funds available for grassroots action, District Impact Grants have empowered local leaders to meet the specific needs of their community.

GiveYouthAVoice.org In 2010, the NFL debuted its online fundraising tool, GiveYouthAVoice.org, to help schools raise funds for specific team needs. In the less than two years since, approximately 100 schools have raised more than $100,000 for their students via the site. Coaches are reconnecting with former students, alumni, and community members who want to support forensics. The NFL provides this one-of-a-kind service as a free membership benefit to its schools. This site is now being used as a model for other similar activities around the country. This summer, the league will be working to improve the site to provide additional services and benefits to member schools.

Urban Debate League Grants The NFL extended membership to Urban Debate League schools in several major U.S. cities during

2010-11. Urban debate students at more than 70 new schools can now track their progress and advance through the NFL's recognition system. Membership fees for UDL students were offset through generous grant support. This initiative marks a significant step forward in providing equal access to speech and debate education for all U.S. students.

Coach Scholarship Program The NFL's Coach Scholarship Program helps defray the cost of attending the nation's best speech and debate summer institutes. The NFL awarded 25 scholarships in 2011, based upon competitive essays and applications. At the end of the program, recipients completed a survey and submitted comments about the experience. 100% of coaches surveyed indicated that the Coach Scholarship Program experience was either "good" or "outstanding." The program continues in 2012.


Leadership Conference Planning is well underway for the NFL's third triennial leadership conference. District leaders from across the country will convene in late July in Las Vegas, NV to participate in roundtable discussions of proposed NFL initiatives, share best practices, and attend professional development and leadership sessions. Leaders also will have opportunities to connect with other district representatives and NFL board members for networking, community building, and support.

Forensics is important to me personally because it helped me find myself as an individual, as a writer, a speaker, and a human being. Forensics has taught me that I have a voice, and that it matters. And it’s only as loud as I allow it to be.” – Marcela Rodriguez Foothill High School, Nevada


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n RECOGNIZING ACHIEVEMENT As a national honor society, we consistently recognize excellence in student and coach participation in speech and debate activities.

Tenth Diamond Award

Watertown High School's Donus Roberts became the first coach in NFL history to earn a tenth diamond award for excellence in coaching speech and debate. For more than 50 years, Roberts has coached and inspired thousands of students, earning numerous state and national championships. He served 25 years on the NFL Board of Directors, including several terms as the board president. Roberts was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1987 for his legendary service to speech and debate education.

Alumni Achievement Award Houston attorney W. Mark Lanier accepted the NFL’s Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award on June 18, 2011. As a debater at Coronado High School, Lanier received the NFL’s degree of Double Ruby level and qualified for the NFL National Tournament in Policy Debate. Today, he is widely recognized as one of the top trial lawyers in the U.S., with work for clients supported by Lanier Law Firm offices in Houston, New York, Los Angeles, and Palo Alto, CA. In addition, he founded the Lanier Theological Library, one of the largest private theological collections, and the Christian Trial Lawyers Association.

Communicator of the Year

Student Service Citations

Austan Goolsbee, chairman of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers and a member of the Cabinet, accepted the NFL's Communicator of the Year Award on June 18, 2011. Goolsbee is an NFL alum, earning the 1987 national championship in International Extemporaneous Speaking as a student at Milton Academy in MA. In addition to accepting the Communicator of the Year Award, Goolsbee judged the championship rounds of both International Extemporaneous Speaking and Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Public Forum Debate.

The NFL's Student Service Citations increase opportunities for recognition of community and service speaking engagements. The program expanded in 2011 to include monthly announcements of Student Service Citation recipients. Students receive one citation for every 100 service points achieved. A single act of service, such as community speaking, usually garners between two and five service points. Coaches whose students have earned a citation are notified by email and provided with press releases and student certificates. Educators are encouraged to share these materials with administrators and public relations officials, as doing so speaks volumes to the credibility of a program and the value of local support.

Principal of the Year The NFL recognized Liz Chamberlin, principal of Leland High School in San Jose, CA as the inaugural NFL Principal of the Year on June 18, 2011. The award honors secondary school principals who have succeeded in providing high quality opportunities for students in speech and debate programming, as well as demonstrating exemplary contributions to the profession. Chamberlin, representing the San Jose School District, received the award based on her exemplary leadership of Leland High School, which supports a 400-member speech and debate team. The Leland High School forensic team enrolled more than 1,000 new members and degrees in 2010-11, the highest ever annual total for an NFL member school.



State All American Awards The NFL will recognize the students with top 1% point totals in each state beginning with the 2011-12 school year. The State All American Award highlights excellence at the state level among a student's peers. Modeled after the NFL's All American Award, the new award expands the national concept with a specific designation for states. The award is planned for expansion in coming years to include the top 1% of point totals in each main event per state, and eventually will be accompanied by a groundbreaking ranking system on the new NFL website.

SHARING RESOURCES n We continue to be the leader in providing coaches, students, parents, and alumni with valuable resources, service learning opportunities, educational tools, and more.

NFLtv.org Since the launch of NFLtv in January 2010, the NFL's online video library has grown to nearly 600 videos on speech and debate. Members have viewed more than 1.5 million minutes of video, with thousands of visitors arriving at the site from across the country and around the world. NFLtv provides an exceptionally effective way to share resources with educators and students, including topic analyses, sample rounds, and even full lectures. The NFL's in-house video production team dramatically increased the number of available resources in 2011, including a full complement of coach and judge training videos on each event. In the next several months, the NFL team will update and expand these offerings to provide every student and coach with freely accessible basic training in all of the speech and debate events. In the fall, the team will be working with major state organizations to provide state-based training for local events and adding new features to the offerings already available.

Event Portals The NFL makes new events accessible to beginning coaches and students with its "101 Series," available online at NFLtv.org. Interpretation, Policy Debate, and Lincoln-Douglas Debate are featured in separate, professionally-produced videos that explain the fundamentals of each event, as well as resources needed and ways to get started. The NFL supplements its 101 Series with coaching guides and administrative support from the national office, as well as grassroots mentoring and encouragement from district leaders.


National Tournament Clinics

Professional development seminars offered at the National Tournament train coaches to become more effective mentors, educators, and professionals. In 2011, clinics were provided in speech, debate, and team management for both new and veteran coaches. The NFL also introduced "sharing" sessions, which invited participants to share a favorite idea with other coaches. In addition to training, participants had the opportunity to earn graduate credit from Drake University for their participation in the clinics.

Educator Resources In 2010-11, the NFL reviewed and enhanced its cache of online resources for educators and district leaders. Significant additions included an edited and expanded District Chair Guide, which includes valuable information on topics such as league resources and district tournament operations, as well as an Honor Society Guide, which provides detailed information and downloadable resources for honor society advisors. The NFL also substantially increased its library of downloadable press release templates to cover awards such as the Academic All American, Rupe Scholars, National Tournament qualification, District Student of the Year, and more. Finally, the NFL expanded its monthly resources to include Extemp practice questions. Many of these resources can be viewed online at www.NFLonline.org/ CoachingResources.


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Online Judge Training The NFL is proud to lead the nation in judge education through its innovative judge training portal, available online anytime at NFLtv.org. Educators, parents, alumni, and other interested parties can view the portal to learn basics of judging NFL main events, as well as common judging etiquette and community standards. The judge training portal promotes fair, consistent judging across the nation. Plans are in place to expand the concept into a certification process, which would enable judges to demonstrate competence before evaluating competition rounds.

n BUILDING COMMUNITY Throughout the year, we are proud to foster a variety of opportunities for enriching the competitive, social, and educational experiences of our membership.

Disaster Relief Fund A series of natural disasters devastated communities across the United States in Spring 2011. Flooding along the Mississippi River and deadly storms in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Minnesota, Kansas, and Missouri created an urgent need to rebuild communities and lives. In response, the NFL launched the Lincoln Financial Group/National Forensic League Disaster Relief Fund, which provides financial support for speech and debate programs affected by disasters. The first grant recipient from this fund was Joplin High School in Missouri, which was destroyed by a deadly tornado on May 23, 2011. Coaches, parents, students, and community members gave generously to this fund during the 2011 National Tournament, including Wendy Czerwonka, whose West Plains High School team raised more than $500 on behalf of Joplin relief efforts. Lincoln Financial Group graciously agreed to match every dollar contributed to the fund throughout the week. By the end of the week, $4,000 had been raised to help the Joplin High School forensic team rebuild.

NFL Partner Programs The NFL is pleased to continue partnering with the IPPF and the American Legion to bring speech and debate opportunities to students. The Bickel & Brewer / New York University International Public Policy Forum (IPPF) gives high school students the opportunity to participate in written and oral debates on issues of public policy. IPPF participation grew by 64% in 2011, with 195 schools submitting qualifying essays. Plano Senior High School in Texas won the 2011 championship in New York City on April 10. The American Legion Oratorical Contest offers students an opportunity to speak on the Constitution and issues of American society. The contest starts at each local post, then moves onto regional, district, and state levels. After each post level, winners receive incremental scholarships, with the national winner earning $18,000. Three NFL students placed as the top three national finalists in 2011: Anisha Gururaj of Parkway Central High School (Chesterfield, MO); Grace Pyo of Olentangy Liberty High School (Powell, OH); and Anastasia Kaiser of Miramonte High School (Orinda, CA).

Global Outreach The NFL organized an international debate between students in Philadelphia and Amman, Jordan on April 15, 2011. Students from the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia and the American Community School in Amman met online at 10 a.m. EST / 4 p.m. Amman


time to discuss the role of the United States in Middle Eastern democracy. Each team, composed of teenage debate students, took turns offering views on the topic, with the American Community School affirming. The debate was made possible by the support of the Better World Fund / United Nations Foundation, as well as community support in both Philadelphia and Amman.


Alumni Outreach The NFL completed a massive project to digitize more than one million alumni records, allowing the league to store and access records with greater ease and permanence. The project, which was completed on time and under budget, reflects the NFL's commitment to preserve the valuable history of our 87-year-old organization. The NFL partnered with Samasource, a San Francisco based nonprofit, on the digitization project. Samasource connects people in Kenya, Uganda, Haiti, India, and Pakistan with dignified, digital work to help lift them out of poverty. The NFL's work with Samasource afforded living wages to marginalized people abroad—some for the first time ever. The next step for the league is to reconnect with the expanded alumni database. For this reason, the NFL plans to significantly expand its alumni outreach and activities in 2012-13.

ADVOCATING FORENSICS n Whether you're starting a new team or trying to save a program from budget cuts, our connected network helps demonstrate the significance of speech and debate.

Recruitment Posters The NFL produced a colorful series of free posters for its schools in 2011. New and renewed schools received a set of six posters describing four event genres, insignia, and the National Tournament. The goal of the poster set was to engage prospective students by explaining the basics of NFL membership.

Website Redesign The NFL is in the process of building a revitalized website to better serve its members. The new site will upgrade the existing website framework, allowing the league to combine its existing resources and services into a single site. The new website is slated to deploy in fall 2012.

Huffington Post Contributors NFL students earned national exposure in 2011 by contributing material to the Huffington Post, one of the world's most popular blogs. NFL students addressed a number of issues facing today's teens. The University School's Matt Linn was the first NFL student selected for publication on the Huffington Post for his editorial, "I'm an A-oholic." Linn holds a degree of Premier Distinction.


NFL to Present at Conferences The NFL has been invited to present at the 2012 National School Boards Association (NSBA) conference in April. Staff will conduct a seminar entitled, "How Co-Curricular Speech and Debate Programs Can Bolster Standardized Test Scores, Literacy, Critical Thinking, and 21st Century Skills."  The conversation will engage leaders in education from across the country, many of whom have expressed an interest in beginning a speech and debate program at schools in their districts. NFL staff also will exhibit at the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) conference in March.

For our complete list of advocacy resources, visit: www.NFLonline.org/AboutNFL/Advocate



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2011 NFL National Champions Policy Debate Sam Clark and Miles Owens, George Washington High School, CO Congressional Debate – Senate Elliot Mamet, Denver East High School, CO Congressional Debate – House Priyang Shah, Myers Park High School, NC Lincoln-Douglas Debate Josh Roberts, Northland Christian School, TX Public Forum Debate James Weldon and Zachary Posess, Delbarton School, NJ United States Extemporaneous Speaking Jared Odessky, Nova High School, FL International Extemporaneous Speaking Dylan Slinger, Lakeville South High School, MN

Dramatic Interpretation Jamaque Newberry, Nova High School, FL Duo Interpretation Christopher Wilkins and Ryan Wilkins, Sioux Falls Lincoln High School, SD Expository Claire Drews, Downers Grove South High School, IL Commentary (co-champions) Matthew Yasuoka, Kamehameha Schools, HI and Eli Bernstein, Belleville West High School, IL Prose Reading Garrett Lukin, Eagan High School, MN Poetry Reading Johari Mackey, Thornwood High School, IL Impromptu Alex Daniel, Dobson High School, AZ

Original Oratory Nader Helmy, Apple Valley High School, MN

Storytelling John Edward Elanzano, Mount Carmel School ‐ Marianas

Humorous Interpretation Braden Clark, Kamehameha Schools, HI

Supplemental Debate Devon Smith, Nixa High School, MO

2011 DISTRICT ENTRY TOTALS* Policy Senate House LD 2,802 1,703 5,219 2,497

PF 4,938

USX 2,291

IX 2,034

OO 2,270

HI 2,141

DI 2,424

Duo 3,654

Total 31,973

2011 NATIONAL ENTRY TOTALS* Policy Senate House LD 382 192 235 233

PF 512

USX 229

IX 229

OO 228

HI 227

DI 236

Duo 468

Total 3,164

* Team events (Policy, PF, and Duo) are listed as individual students.



ANNUAL REPORT 2011 Middle School National Champions Policy Debate (co-champions) Nikita Datta, Jake Smith, Simon Zhu and Daniel Budai, Capitol Debate , MD Congressional Debate Nicholas Ho, The Kinkaid School, TX

The 2011 LFG / NFL Circle of Champions in Dallas, TX.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Pranav Reddy, The Harker School, CA Public Forum Debate Chris Galliano and Gavin Martin, Sidney Lanier Middle School, TX Prose Reading Miles Eichenhorn, West Hills Middle School, MI Poetry Reading Julia Gensheimer, SKY Academy, KY

The 2011 NJFL Middle School Champions in Dallas, TX.

Humorous Interpretation Abhi Suri, St. Mary's Hall, TX

NJFL Nationals Joins High School Tournament The NJFL Middle School National Tournament joined the NFL National Tournament in 2011 for the first time in the history of both events. Combining the tournaments during the all-inclusive hotel concept allowed members to share judges, reduce travel costs, and expose younger students to exemplary performances of older students. Follow-up surveys with both middle and high school coaches indicated overwhelming support for the new joint tournament model.

ON THE HORIZON n n n n n n n n n n n n n

NFL National Tournament Heads to Indianapolis The LFG / NFL National Speech & Debate Tournament heads to Indianapolis in 2012 for the Brickyard Nationals. Finals will be livestreamed Thursday, June 14, and Friday, June 15, from the Indiana Convention Center. The tournament will attract more than 5,000 students, parents, and coaches to the Indianapolis area, with an estimated $7.3 million impact on local hotels, restaurants, and businesses.

Dramatic Interpretation Isabella Thaxton, Rowan County Middle School, KY Impromptu Connor Burwell, Sidney Lanier Middle School, TX Extemporaneous Speaking Dylan Berens, Sidney Lanier Middle School, TX Original Oratory Serene Singh, Mountain Ridge Middle School, CO Duo Interpretation Bridget Kim and Kyle Powers, Rowan County Middle School, KY Declamation Jeremy Stewart, Ribet Academy, CA


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Storytelling Julia Gensheimer, SKY Academy, KY


Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln Financial Group has built a company focused on stability and integrity since 1905. Committed to the education of America's youth, Lincoln Financial has supported the mission of the NFL since 1994. Lincoln Financial Group expanded its partnership in 1998, becoming the national corporate sponsor of the NFL. In the 16 years since, Lincoln Financial has transformed the national speech and debate community through its support of the NFL, including more than $1 million in college scholarships, more than $100,000 in grants to new and rural schools, and more than $250,000 for programs such as coach education. For more information, visit www.NFLonline.org/SponsoringNFL/ LincolnFinancialGroup.

There is nothing more essential to a scholar than being able to make a case on a controversial issue.” – Ashley Kim Garland High School, Texas

Arthur N. Rupe Foundation The Arthur N. Rupe Foundation exists to bring about improvement in society and to be a positive influence on American life. In 2009-10, the Rupe Foundation began its critical support of Public Forum Debate to encourage relevant debates and accessible public conversation. Since then, more than $100,000 in college scholarships has been awarded exclusively to Public Forum debaters, more than 50,000 socially significant debates have been made accessible to the public, and a virtual library of resources and debates has been developed and grown. For more information, visit www.NFLonline.org/Main/RupeFoundation.

Public Forum Debate has helped shine light on the idea of brevity. My ability to explain ideas without using tons of filler words has given me clarity in my speeches and has allowed me to dig deeper into the issues themselves.” – Danny Benz Carl Sandburg High School, Illinois

National Student of the Year Considered one of the most prestigious individual student honors presented by the NFL, the National Student of the Year award acknowledges the graduating senior who best represents the tenets of the NFL Code of Honor. In 2011, Taylor Walker of Henry W. Grady High School, GA earned the coveted distinction of National Student of the Year, presented by Gustavus Adolphus College. Other finalists included Erik Bakke, West Springfield High School, VA; Paavan Gami, Southside High School, SC; Thomas Hill, Lindale High School, TX; Ian Mather, Larue County High School, KY; and Daniel Rigel, Oak Grove High School, MS.




NFL Sponsors Grand National Sponsor Lincoln Financial Group

LFG / NFL National Speech & Debate Tournament

National Event Sponsors Bickel & Brewer Foundation Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership Lincoln Financial Group Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Carmendale Fernandes A. C. Eley Memorial Ripon College Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation Auxiliary Colorado College Lanny Naegelin Memorial Western Kentucky University

Policy Debate Congressional Debate Lincoln-Douglas Debate Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Public Forum Debate United States Extemporaneous Speaking A. C. Eley International Extemporaneous Speaking A. C. Eley International Extemporaneous Speaking Original Oratory Sandra Silvers Duo Interpretation Dramatic Interpretation Humorous Interpretation, Expository, Commentary, Prose Reading, Poetry Reading, Impromptu, and Storytelling

Pi Kappa Delta Albert S. Odom Memorial Fund H. B. Mitchell Memorial Fund James Unger Memorial Cup Endowment Ted W. Belch Award Endowment Phyllis Barton Memorial Fund Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership Mr. and Mrs. Donus D. Roberts Jason Mehta and Family The University of Alabama Colorado College Stennis Center for Public Service Leadership James M. Copeland Coach Endowment Gustavus Adolphus College

Bruno E. Jacob Award Bruno E. Jacob / Pi Kappa Delta Coach Trophy Policy Debate Champion Trophies Outstanding Team for Performance in Policy Debate Policy Debate Champion Coach Award Top Debate Speaker Award Stennis Medallion, Karl E. Mundt Medal, and Karl E. Mundt Trophy President's Bowl (United States Extemp / Original Oratory) Mehta Bowl (International Extemp) Dramatic, Humorous, and Duo Interpretation Bama Bowls Diamond Coach Awards Harold C. Keller Award for Public Service Leadership James M. Copeland Coach of the Year Award National Student of the Year Award

National Award Sponsors

League Sponsors Lincoln Financial Group Arthur N. Rupe Foundation Better World Fund / United Nations Foundation Open Society Institute International Debate Education Association American Legion Planet Debate The Robertson Scholars Program GEICO


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n MEMBERSHIP AT A GLANCE Combined Individual Student Enrollments

Training Youth for Leadership More than 120,000 high school and middle school students, representing nearly 3,000 schools nationwide, are currently building their communication, leadership, cognitive, and presentational skills as members. Since 1925, more than 1.3 million members have found their voice in the NFL. Membership encompasses all 50 states and is open to all junior high and high school students, regardless of race, color, nationality, sex, or religion.



30 25000




5000 0 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10


Combined NFL and NJFL new individual student enrollments increased by 12% in 2010-11. NFL Individual Student Enrollments 35000



NFL Membership (2010-11 School Year)25000 NFL Schools Charter Chapters






Member / Provisional Chapters 0 Total Chapters


2007-08 2008-09 2009-10

New Individual Student Enrollments



NJFL Membership (2010-11 School Year)


Integrity Humility Respect Leadership Service

NJFL Schools


New Individual Student Enrollments


Degrees Awarded (September 1, 2010 – August 31, 2011) Merit








Special Distinction


Superior Distinction


Outstanding Distinction


Premier Distinction






2010-11 Revenues


$2,229,376 Membership Dues and Fees 35% Grants/Gifts/Sponsorships/Appeals 25% Sales of Educational Materials/Merchandise 20% National Tournament Fees 17% Advertising 3%

The ongoing support of our generous donors and sponsors enables the NFL to continue our mission of giving youth a voice. League revenues stem primarily from dues and fees paid by our member schools and students ($781,232); combined contributions from sponsors, institutional foundation grants, and gifts from major donors ($556,412); and fees paid by attendees of our National Tournament ($380,074). The NFL also provides missionrelated educational materials and merchandise for sale ($435,039).


The NFL is proud to manage its resources wisely. Nearly 90 cents of every dollar received by the NFL is invested in missionrelated programming including education, membership services, and the National Tournament including related staffing ($1,926,681). Less than 8% is spent on facilities, management, and governance ($166,745). Just over 5% is spent on fundraising ($111,085). Surplus funds at the end of the fiscal year go toward the NFL Legacy Endowment for future missionrelated expenditures.

2010-11 Expenses $2,204,514 Education and Programs 38% Membership Services 28% National Tournament Expenses 22% Fundraising 5% Equipment and Supplies 4%

Note: $234,289 in pass through revenue and expenses for National Tournament attendee purchases of DART rail passes, meal tickets, and competition hotel rooms are not reflected in the above figures as they are unique to the hotel based concept of 2011.

Board of Directors Governance 2% Building and Grounds 1%


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n ANNUAL GIVING REPORT Today’s students need forensics. That's why, on behalf of the league, we thank you for your support of the NFL and our efforts to empower tomorrow's leaders. This circle of generous donors represents our esteemed alumni and coaches, their families, and the many friends of the league who have contributed to the NFL between January 1, 2011, and February 15, 2012. Together, we are giving youth a voice. If we inadvertently omitted your donation, please contact our Director of Development, Cherian Koshy, at cherian@nationalforensicleague.org or (920) 748-6206.

Emerald ($1,000 - $4,999)

Honor ($100 - $249)

Michael Arton James Copeland David Frederick

Don Crabtree Jennifer DeLuca James and Kathleen Devanski

(In honor of Lanny D. Naegelin Memorial Scholarship Fund)

David and Lilliana P. Lopez

(In honor of Lanny D. Naegelin Memorial Scholarship Fund)

Michael Nailor

(In honor of Brother René Sterner’s Legacy)

Pennsylvania Speech and Debate Assn (In honor of Brother René Sterner’s Legacy)

Pennsylvania NFL District

(In honor of Brother René Sterner’s Legacy)

Valley Forge NFL District

(In honor of Brother René Sterner’s Legacy)

Distinction ($500 - $999) Greg and Rochelle Lanier Jason Mehta and Family

Excellence ($250 - $499) Kathleen Bates (In honor of Brother René Sterner’s Legacy)

David and Barbara Dansky Christopher Franz National Christian Foundation Ian Rexroad Timothy Schally Steven Schappaugh Joshua Swartsel Tyler Watt (In honor of Raymore-Peculiar High School Forensics & Debate)

J. Scott and Megan Wunn Joe and Pam Wycoff


(In honor of Clara Fitzpatrick)

Charles Downs and Marla Tepper Easy2 Technologies Carl Grecco (In honor of Brother René Sterner’s Legacy)

David Huston Adam J. Jacobi Noreen Jacome Kelly Kyono Eric Lehto Tommie Lindsey, Jr. David Long

(In honor of Brother René Sterner’s Legacy)

Gideon Mark Dale McCall

(In memory of BJ Naegelin)

Raymond and Pamela McComas Ryan Nelson (On behalf of Texas)

Michael and Jackie Oakes Mel Olson Deano and Vicki Pape Lois Pierson William and Cynthia Sprayberry (In memory of BJ Naegelin)

David Sulam William Woods Tate, Jr. Kenneth and Brenda Walsh David and Carol Zanto (In honor of Brother René Sterner’s Legacy)

ANNUAL GIVING REPORT n Giving Youth a Voice Since 1925 Merit ($1 - $99) Ann Accas James Allen Andrea Ashcraft Timothy Averill (In memory of BJ Naegelin)

Michael Barton Harisha Bastiampillai (In honor of Stanley Day)

Margo Batha Elaine Beupain Robert and Heidi Botkin Bower Hill Elementary School Staff Matthew Boyd Gil and Marilyn Brand (In memory of BJ Naegelin)

Roger and Doris Brannan (In memory of BJ Naegelin)

Jennifer Burton Lise Chapman Bro. Kevin Dalmasse, FSC David and Vickie Dansky William Day Thomas and Catherine Donovan James Driggers Collin Galster Jesse Green John Gregg Coleen Grissom (In memory of BJ Naegelin)

Kim Hofmann

(In memory of BJ Naegelin)

Daniel Holland and Patricia Carlson Robert Ihrig Betty Ann Janert (In memory of BJ Naegelin)

Charles Kellum Jonah Keough Kandi King Paul and Lisa Knake William Koopman Michael B. Kratville (In honor of Alex Pritchard)

Vance and Laura Krebs Mark Kulda Mario and Susan Lanna Robert Loss

Eric and Jill Lubiner Scott Maltzie Wendy Marcus (On behalf of Ryan C. Marcus)

David and Diane Marx Virginia Mayes Paul and Nora Meeker Ariana Melendez Vinay Pai Chan and Hee-Young Park Paul Perlman Melody Crick Peters PG&E Corporation Foundation Sarah Polinski Warren Poschman Donald Randolph Lynn Reed William and Ann Riddle Cynthia Colbert Riley Joseph Robillard Mary Roth James W. Rye, III (In memory of BJ Naegelin)

Lisa Scott Marissa Scott Drew Shafer Timothy and Christine Sheaff Arlecia Simmons G.B. Singh (In honor of Serene K. Singh)

Joyce Strom Greg and Emily Stroud (In honor of Robert Kevin McAlley)

Albertina Thai Beth Trafton Melissa Tyner Holly Victorson

(On behalf of New Mexico)

Sharon Volpe

(In honor of Brother René Sterner’s Legacy)

Gregory Wells David Wendt Justin Zabor Benjamin Zager Michael Zhao Peter Zopes


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Visit us online!

National Forensic League 125 Watson Street • PO Box 38 Ripon, WI 54971



Join Us Speech and debate education enables students to thrive in a rapidly changing world. That's why our mission, to promote high school and middle school forensic activities as a means to develop a student's essential life skills and values, is critically important. Your support extends the life-changing benefits of speech and debate education to students across the country. Join us by visiting our website, www.NFLonline.org/Giving. Together, we can give youth a voice!

Don Crabtree, Vice President Park Hill High School 1909 6th Avenue St. Joseph, MO 64505 Phone: (816) 261-2661 crab@ponyexpress.net

Kandi King 6058 Gaelic San Antonio, TX 78240 Phone: (210) 641-6761 mamakjking@yahoo.com

Pam Cady Wycoff Apple Valley High School 14450 Hayes Road Apple Valley, MN 55124-6796 Phone: (952) 431-8200 Pam.Wycoff@district196.org

Tommie Lindsey, Jr. James Logan High School 1800 H Street Union City, CA 94587 Phone: (510) 471-2520, Ext. 4408 Tommie_Lindsey@nhusd.k12.ca.us

Pamela K. McComas Topeka High School 800 W. 10th Topeka, KS 66612-1687 Phone: (785) 295-3226 pmccomas@topeka.k12.ks.us

Timothy E. Sheaff Dowling Catholic High School 1400 Buffalo Road West Des Moines, IA 50265 Phone: (515) 222-1035 tsheaff@dowling.pvt.k12.ia.us

Bro. Kevin Dalmasse, FSC Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School 4720 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2952 Phone: (215) 514-2859 dalmasse@gmail.com

David Huston Colleyville Heritage High School 5401 Heritage Avenue Colleyville, TX 76034 Phone: (817) 305-4700, Ext. 214 david.huston@gcisd.net

James W. "Jay" Rye, III, Alternate The Montgomery Academy 3240 Vaughn Road Montgomery, AL 36106 Phone: (334) 272-8210 rye.j@montgomeryacademy.org

Board of Directors

William Woods Tate, Jr., President Montgomery Bell Academy 4001 Harding Road Nashville, TN 37205 Phone: (615) 269-3959 tateb@montgomerybell.com

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