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SPCA Albrecht Center For Animal Welfare, 199 Willow Run Road, Aiken, SC 29801 l (803) 648-6863 l

199 Willow Run Rd, Aiken SC 29801 | 803­648­6863 |


Tinkerbell, SPCA Shelter Pet Photo by Karen Johnson

Tinkerbell, SPCA Shelte Photo by Karen Joh

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inside: No Kill SC: 3 Inside:

| Tails of Hope: 4-5 | Tributes: 6-7 | Events: 8


No Kill SC: 3 | Tails of Hope: 4­5 | Tributes: 6­7 | Events: 8

A Letter from the Chairman BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2017 Allan Sorensen, Chairman Mary Guynn, Vice Chair Barbara Nelson, President Ted Cummings, Secretary Michael Sullivan, Treasurer Gary Albrecht Sharon Brown Blair Cummings Sharer Dale Amy Hebert Doremus Charles Doremus Maxine Emerich Pam Gleason Lisa Handy, DVM Mary Allison "M.A." Mullis Lorian Peralta-Ramos Russ Richardson Jack Roth Paul Smith

As we enter 2017 it seems appropriate to review the past year beginning with the acknowledgment of our two late Board Members, John Paveglio and Bob White. Both of whom gave countless hours of commitment to the shelter over multiple years. These gentlemen and their service will be sorely missed. We also have two outgoing Board Members, Judi Storey and Sam McGill who certainly deserve our gratitude for their contributions. At the same time we are welcoming three new Board Members; Lorian Peralta-Ramos, Paul Smith and Jill Thomas. Some highlights from 2016 include adopting out 900 pets to new homes, giving support to the Charleston Animal Society as they struggled to help their community cope with the onslaught of Hurricane Matthew, and defeating onerous State legislation that would have truly hampered our ability to provide the public with veterinary care. We built out our full service Veterinary Care Center, which helps owners who are over burdened with health care costs for their beloved pets. In order to help, we've created the "Tails of Hope" fund to supplement the cost of these services. We are also encouraging more economically fortunate pet owners to consider the SPCA Albrecht Center for their everyday veterinary needs to assist in offsetting our additional expenses that we provide at a reduced rate for those in need. I can promise you that the doctors, along with their sharp clinical staff will provide excellent quality care for your special four-legged friends. All that we do is made possible by the generosity of so many. However, once again, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Albrecht and their family have gone above and beyond in establishing a trust that will continue to provide support year after year. There is a very long list of others the "Critters” would like to give a “woof and meow” out to….our tireless hard working volunteers, the super star staff members, our energetic, diligent leader Barbara Nelson, and the dedicated Board of Directors. It is because all these pieces fit and work together that the SPCA Albrecht Center succeeds. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

Jill Thomas Steve Young

Al Sorensen, Chairman of the Board

Leaving a Legacy

Management STAFF 2017 Barbara Nelson CEO

"Tom and I are happy to make the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare as a beneficiary in our Estate Plan. Animals have been a big part of our lives. They have always been there during times of stress and sadness. They don’t judge, they just want to give comfort and joy to us. They deserve a chance, too. We are very familiar with the quality of the Albrecht Center and are very appreciative of the wonderful work they do."

Sybil Altman Shelter Manager Michelle Floyd Operations Manager Ann Kinney Director of Training Sarah Neikam Marketing Director Claire Roberson Community Outreach Director

WELCOME AND THANK YOU! New Legacy Society members:

• Blair and Ted Cummings

• Tom and Arlene Weyl 2

The P w Street Journal

Tom & Arlene Weyl

• Cynthia Steinmetz


"The Legacy Society is just a smart idea for future planning. My pets deserve a safe place if I leave them behind, and what better care than the SPCA?"

Cyndi Steinmetz

In the Mews: Reaching Out We are tail-waggin' happy to welcome Claire Roberson to our team as Community Outreach Director. Claire brings experience, passion and lots of enthusiasm to her new role handling donor relations, fundraising, events, public appearances, community partnerships, outreach opportunities and more. Catch Claire early each Friday morning on WRDW Channel 12's "Take Me Home" pet adoption segment! She's pictured here with her cat, Anakin.

Partnering for Change The SPCA Albrecht Center is proud to partner with Charleston Animal Society as a Key Resource Center, along with five other animal shelters across the state, in their bold No Kill South Carolina initiative.

The Boldest Animal Care Initiative in the U.S.A. At its core, the No Kill SC philosophy is about saving every healthy and treatable animal by using proven, researchbased strategies to build safer and stronger communities in South Carolina for all pets. Together, we will work to inspire, coach and train smaller shelters in life-saving strategies, including Charleston Animal Society's own 10-point No Kill Strategy which led to Charleston County becoming the first No-Kill Community in the Southeast. No Kill South Carolina is made possible by:

Learn more at

Room to Breathe The former SPCA Albrecht Center Clinic was designed to be a state-of-the-art, high volume, high quality, low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinic with a small lobby, exam prep room and surgery suite. That model served our shelter and community well for over three years - over 10,000 spay/neuter surgeries and countless vaccinations were performed. With our growth into a much-needed full-service Veterinary Care Center, it became clear that more room was needed to accommodate clients and their pets. So, in 2016, three separate exam rooms were added to the existing clinic structure to provide our clients with more privacy and to allow for better communication with the pet owner, and to add needed space for thorough exams and procedures. The SPCA Vet Center is open Tuesday - Saturday. Learn more at


Our Veterinary Care Center from all walks of life, includ treatment their pet needs

This is where our Tails o the chance to help neigh or emergency care, but a treatment.

Bailey was brought to us An exam revealed more p extreme tissue infection. M left no funds for the full cos of Hope fund, we were able care. After two surgeries and and back to being Mrs. A's co only true joy.

Teddy Bear was hit by a car resulting in a badly fractured leg and nerve damage. His owner sought care at her regular vet, where amputation was recommended. She wanted to save Teddy Bear's leg, but did not have the funds available at the time. After seeking a second opinion from our veterinary team, a discounted treatment plan to save the leg was put in place, thanks to Tails of Hope funds, and a payment plan was arranged for the remaining balance.

r provides full-service medical and dental care to loving pet owners ding those who, due to financial limitations, are unable to provide the s.

of Hope Veterinary Care Fund steps in - providing neighbors hbors who are faced with a beloved pet's medical are not able to afford the full cost of

by Mrs. A. to have an abscess checked. pressing, extensive dental abscesses and Mrs. A.'s modest social security income st of treatment, but thanks to the Tails to provide $1,300 towards Bailey's d medication, Bailey was a new dog onstant companion and best friend - her

Give a "Paw Up" to pet owners in need. Visit

Memorials and Honorariums Start July 1, 2016 –December 26, 2016 MEMORIALS Donald Bryan Allison, Jr. & Oreo Pauline Hayes Elaine Allison Suzette Ayer Friends at First Baptist Church Montmorenci Duncan and Lucy Baker Denise Turner Jordan Baker Madison Willis George D. Barnes, Sr. Bailey Retirement Group, LLC Wayne Bazen Dianne Parker Bazen Obiegail Bazen Dianne Parker Bazen Charles and Grace Blackburn Karen Blackburn Margaret Botsch Cumberland Village Wade Brodie Dr. William and Mrs. Peggy Boykin Curtis Campbell Bennie and Betty Cochran George and Phyllis Boyd Charlie Cohen Dick & Connie Valeri Margaret Cothran Louise Lachicotte Andrea Rahl Toby Jay Cowley George and Gloria Franklin William “Uncle Bill’ Crocker Sandra Joyner Melisa Hattrich Kirsten Lageman Clarence Moore Barbara McCarthy Gail Eynon Peggy and Neil Shelton Margaret Shelton Christopher Davies Cecelia Davies Charles and Andrea Deas Fred West Vivian Happel Diane Lowe Mary deMelker Martha & Mike Jones Henry Thomas DuBose Clark and Elaine DuBose Betty Dupee Jay and Kim Rising Bruce Duchossois William and Shanna Sullivan Virginia Dunkelbarger Hutson-Etherredge Co. Linda Fulmer Johnnie Sue Woodward Johnny Green Robin Stevens Employees of FedEx Express Uncle T.,Mary Ellen & Stacey Mr. and Mrs. Talmadge Chalker Buddy Corely Janice Sue Gregory The Gregory Family Guy Haff Regina Maney Nannette and Ron Cercone 6

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Joyce M. David Ken Wilson Jackie Hite Clark and Elaine DeBose Trudy Henson Melonie Knicely Ann Kingsolver Ryan Atkinson Jay and Kim Rising Bruce Hodges Onesta Hodges Lisa Hosang Ken and Rita Wertzberger Dorothy Jean Jones Carl Mayson & Carla Hoefs Kelly Partridge Jennifer Haddon Joy Pack Greyson Howser Janet Howser Rosa Lee Josey Wayne and Debra Ott Faith Kettyle Lisa & Susan Ireland & Wenzinger Richard Kenny Rudolf and Judith Mears William J. LeMay Ann LeMay Carolyn Lovett Demetra Verenes Gladys Mae Donald & Rebecca Scoggin Bobbie Marvin John and Emily McGuirt Linda Soyars Otto McCarty Jerry and Dee Risher Evelyn McDanel Elizabeth Burgess Megan Milam Dr. Scott Jackson and Staff Ron Meeler Richard and Susie Glazener Betty Nunamaker Janine Roberts Anne & Eugene Sawyer Joseph Pack Linda Pack Willie Parker Dianne Parker Bazen Wayne Parker Dianne Parker Bazen Ann Pepper MA & SR Flegal Jackie and Leroy Deaton Robert and Travis Sepulveda Horace and Brenda Pepper George and Bonnie Kriha Shelley Williams Hart Alison and Leslie Williams Emily Riddick Jack Capitano Perez, Jr. Richard Pitrowski Jack S. Capitano Jr Michelle Koontz West Grove Fire Company Donna Fujikawa James and Ahni Rush Polly Poston Dianne Parker Bazen Minnie Roberts Ryan and Jessy Linda Neely Roy James Roy

The Ulmer Family Mary Chelberg Elizabeth Goodwin Scott and Matthew Prosen Marsha Smith Trinity Hospital Radiology Richard and Diana Whitlock, Jr. Family Dawn Sellers Allen and Lisa Ritter Nancy Schaub Roger and Juanita Harvey John and Galan Potter Diana McInnes Caroline Mumford The Sunshine Rovers Dorine Neely R. Scott Jackson Dorine Smith Dale and Debbie Townsend Kelly Zier Donna Erb Cheryl Garrison-Gibbs Donald and Carla Allen Robert and Barbara Graybill Randal & Kathy First Kate and William Jacobsen Sandra Wilson Jack and Linda Chumney Jeanie Brown Margaret Jaques Ernest and Ann Taylor Lisa Kitts Bullock Chris Gibbons Elisabeth and Richard Keller Robert D. ‘Chief’ White Gini Sayers SPCA Staff Nathan Allen Barbara Nelson Tammie Armstrong Laura Walsh Michelle Ellis Gary Albrecht Christina Marinaccio Carl and Linda Strojan Barbara Chesley James Lopes Emily Gifford Pace Kneece Jack Sayers Allan and Phillis Sorensen Robert and Vicki Christopher Jack Wetzel Stuart and Virginia Smith Lawlor Brown Stephen and Tina Baker Denise Norton George and Genny Fansmith Barbara Ann Edwards Williams Ann & Richard Dodson & Jason Britt Lopez Robert and Dale Armstrong David and Mary Jo Smith Aline Yvonne Virella Wonoski Jo A. Ziegler Stephen Hobbs Jim and Phyllis Loftis Deborah Snow Shirley Hendrick Pam Windley Michelle Barman Rebecca Harper Tom and Kathy Fisher Jerry and Jean Davis Kenneth and Deborah Melissa and Robert Davis Schuman Lionel Smith, Ltd Donald and Ruth Develin David P. Wycoff Leslie A Cotter, Jr Angela Van Dyne Maria and Shawn Doogan Daniel Patrick Yon Robert and Mary Jo Erikson Beth Cameron Patrick and Jennifer McCarthy Sandy Stow Gregg and Barbara Coakley Kathy Whittington Hopeland Farms Homeowners Association HONORARIUMS Jo Anne Cash John and Barbara Keller Kelly Ackerman Jerry Lake Ireland and Roselyn Upchurch Nancy McLendon Kathy Osbourn Richardson Plowden & Robert Andrew Robinson Edith Andrew Charlene & Doug Holly Bleck Engebrethson Jane Washburn Judith and Hal Lang Anne Eggers Diane Buttrey Sharon Brown Wayne & Trisha Lahmeyer Tony and Sandy Harris Brenda Louise Sharp Shawna Caywood Hiers-Baxley Funeral Services Danielle Caywood Randi Sacrison Jody Clark Justin & Bianca McCurry Wayne & Shirley Heidtman Peggy Sheppard Tijuana Cochnauer William and Mary Chafin, Jr. Roger and Judy Anderson Karen Bowman Robin Derrick Larry and Laurie Bell Mary Clarkson Louise Hartwell Anderson Sharon DuBose Stribling Christel Jiles Kiffin Maurice Gail Flintom Amanda Leigh Tarver Jocilyn Yarnel Terry Young Lorene Dillard Mix Gabriel Richard DeBoard Howard Grann Bill and Lorna McInnes Donna Graham Ray and Malorie Novak Mary Clarkson

Memorials and Honorariums Start July 1, 2016 –December 26, 2016 Tom Harris Wayne & Shirley Heidtman Wayne and Shirley Heidman Barbara Tate Peter , Carrie, and Quinncy Kelen Erwin and Miriam Kelen Dan Keil Stephanie Keil Ben and Carol Mabry Michelle Mabry John and Melinda Marwede Dwight Marwede Carol Newell Sylvia McAlpine Dr. Donald C. Pratt Pete Sampson Wyatt Martin Patricia Reynolds Patty McAleese John and Patricia Abshire Carol Ann King Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Owen Katharyn Bradley Lois Potter Clint Potter Tom Rapp Pine Needle Garden Club Julie and Troy Robinson Kathryn and Mattie Morris

Linda Rooney Michael and Jim Al and Phyllis Sorensen Debbie Mitchell Rebecca P Smith Beth and Kin Purvis Diane Snoots Wayne & Shirley Heidtman Susie Vought Anne Ellis Henri Wade Leslie Alexander Susan Williams Jacqueline Williams Steve Young I.Lehr Brisbin Garry Young Charlie and Ann Tyler, III Mr. and Mrs. Bud Williams Kathryn Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Barry Young Charlie and Ann Tyler, III PET MEMORIALS Annie Raley Carolina Equine Clinic Brenda Jim Gaver and Michael Vinella Linda Rooney

Beau James Cathy Smith Colonel Spain Sharon Cormier Dukie Sabol John and Martha Koelker Gus Nixon Ann Nixon Henry Walker Jody Courtney Jessie and Mimi Linda Randolph KC Lou Gavin Ann Gavin Lil’ Bit Gerald and Mary Housgard Little Ronnie Mr & Mrs Ducate Maddie Guynn Mary Guynn and Justin Pimsner Max and Mr. Thomas Philip Moore Merlin David and Geray McCay Odie Derrick Mary Clarkson Penny Thal Evonna Mary Guynn and Justin Pimsner

Pearl and Petey Elaine Tavelle Allison Smokey Catoe Melvin and Sarah Catoe Sophie Miller Linda Strojan Sully Tice Carl and Linda Strojan Thistle Haeusler Dana Jolley Tina Turner Betty Turner Wabi Lucy Knowles PET HONORIUMS Conner Shreck Bill Shreck Frisby Anderson Kate Anderson Lizzy Elaine Tavelle Allison Toby the Wonder Dog David Bender

SERENA'S STAR Many of you know the story of Serena, a dog saved from death’s door to deliver comfort to challenged children, wounded veterans, and shattered souls with intuitive compassion. For the fourth year, the SPCA, in partnership with Serena’s owner, Steve Briggs, will recognize other pets that are making amazing contributions in the CSRA, and will name one incredible pet “Serena’s Star 2017”. Want to give kudos to a K-9, credit to a cat, or prestige to a parakeet? Fill out the nomination form and honor a pet that’s changing the world one bark, meow, or tweet at a time! NOMINATION FOR SERENA’S STAR Nominee’s Name: __________________________________________________ Species: __________________ Nominated By: ____________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________ Address:___________________________________________________________________________________ City: __________________________ State: _________________________ Zip: _________________________ Is this your pet? If not, whose pet is it? __________________________________________________________ Why does this pet deserve to be named "Serena's Star 2017"? (500 words or less, attach additional page if necessary): __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Nominations can be submitted by postal mail, email, or online, but MUST be received no later than March 17th. Please include one photo with nomination form. Photos will not be returned. Postal Mail to SPCA Albrecht Center, Attn: Claire Roberson - Serena's Star; 199 Willow Run Rd. Aiken, SC 29801. Email with subject line "Serena's Star Nomination". Online nomination form available at


Honoring Our Volunteers Our volunteers are supportive, generous, talented, enthusiastic and amazing. We will celebrate them on April 2nd with our annual Volunteer Luncheon. Know a volunteer you'd like to nominate for an award? Email Want to join this fantastic team? Visit to sign up!

Feb. 28 - Spayghetti Dinner April 2 - Volunteer Appreciation April 2 - Serena's Star Award April 23 - Walk for Animals May 3 - Yappy Hour May 6 - Kitten Shower May 13 - Dog Wash June 7 - Yappy Hour June 10 - Dog Wash July 5 - Yappy Hour July 8 - Dog Wash Aug. 2 - Yappy Hour Aug. 12 - Dog Wash Sept. 6 - Yappy Hour Sept. 9 - Dog Wash Oct. 21 - Barkaritaville


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