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6. Keep a gratitude journal and make a list of goals. Taking time to reflect on your blessings will turn those hard Mom days around. So will goals. It’s hard to keep going with the hard days if you don’t have goals and plans to look forward to and work on. Be a good example to your children, and show them that being grateful and working hard will take you far in life. 7. Date your mate. This one is so important. Make sure you take time once a week to go out on a date with your spouse. Life is a lot more fun when you are connected and on the same page as your spouse. 8. Keep up with the housework. It’s easy to feel stressed and out of control when your home is chaotic and unorganized. No one loves to clean, but the reward will bring you peace. 9. Hugs. Take time each day to hug your kids. Give each child one on one time during the day. Build your relationships. That is what makes life worth it. 10. Serve. Get out and get involved. Helping others always brings happiness, and so does getting out of the house. Find something that interests you and find a way to get involved.

C e l e b r a t e :

f r i e n ds h i p

Friendships are important in life. Maintaining friendships often gets put on the back burner as we get older. We get a new job, get married, have kids, have carpool - life happens. As an adult you have to work on keeping your relationships strong.

That is why having a “girls day” is so important. Making time to spend quality time with the special women in your life is not only a good time, but it’s vital for your happiness and well being. Being around your besties will make you feel “you” again. You will feel energized, confident and loved. When was the last time you planned an actual girls day? With the kids going back to school and life getting a little more crazy, you will need to get out of the house. In this monthly series we will feature a fun and unique girls day out to spark your excitement and encourage you to get out with your friends and make some memories.

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. – Khalil Gibran

I started by heading to the Dollar Tree to look for some decor inspiration. I always like to start there first, so that I don’t spend more than I need to. I found a 3x4 paper map of the United States. I cut it into four place mats. I thought it would be perfect for our “Enjoy your Journey” theme. I also picked up a pack of flash cards there, and I just placed them in the middle of the table as a table runner. After dinner and conversation we finish the night off with a family prayer and then my husband gives each child a blessing. It’s one of our favorite traditions, and I feel like it sets the kids up for a great year.

Then I picked up some composition books and placed them under each plate. We wanted to gift each child a journal for the new school year. Then we placed a sheet of notebook paper on each plate. We asked the kids to write down their goals for the school year. We wanted them to think about all aspects of the school year when setting their goals. Grades, relationships, extra curricular activities and so on. We then told the kids to use that as a bookmark in their journal. Then to top it all I made each child a gratitude journal. Each one says “The Spirit of Gratitude brings true joy and happiness.” - Dieter F. Uchtdorf on the cover. We wanted them to remember to always be grateful along their journey. Then I finished the decorating with books, apples and greenery. I also pulled out our ”fancy glasses” so that the kids would feel how special the night was.

I hope that I have inspired you to do a Back to School night. Even if your kids have already started back to school, pick a night this week, and make it special. Help your kids get excited about their future, and set your Mama heart at ease knowing that they KNOW you are on their side.

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C e l e b r a t e : l i f e

How often do you take a night out of the week to celebrate friends, family, and life? It doesn’t have to be a big production. It doesn’t even have to be something that takes weeks to plan. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune! Sometimes a celebration can be put together in an hour’s time, and one trip to the grocery store. We want to encourage you to stop making excuses. To stop thinking “one day,” and make that day to enjoy your life today!

H o s taB a c k y a r dB o n f i r e You don’t have to always have a specific reason to celebrate. You don’t have to wait for a holiday. You don’t have to put something off because you need time to get it together. Just decide that you need to enjoy your life! This backyard bonfire is the perfect example of embracing a moment and loving life. It was so easy to pull off, and we literally spent hours out there enjoying great conversation, yummy treats and lots of laughs.

And we put it together in less than an hour and for $20 bucks. Host an end of summer bonfire, a family fireside to get the school year started off right, or a couples night. The options are endless and there is always a reason to get together and enjoy life. Even if that is the reason. Get your firewood, grab some roasting sticks, pick up the ingredients for S’mores, put on your favorite playlist and enjoy the night!

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