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FAR FROM MIA So we’ve had a sneak preview of MIA’s newie /\/\/\Y/\ and we think it’s going to excite a lot of people, but the first batch of remixes that has trickled through also has us frothing. High Contrast remixing Born Free? Boh! BRAINS, BRAINS, MMM, BRAINS Two of our favourite things in the world – zombies and Tumblr – come together in the awesome blog Zombify (, which has the equally brilliant tag line: “Found here every cool st uff about zombie”. ENEMY TERRITORY Th ere’s nothing better than celebrating your fi rst Origin series on foreign soil with a victory – but when New South Wales suck so fucking badly it kind of revokes your gloating privileges…

FAIL THE ACADEMY IS… FUCKED Another boutique cinema bites the dust. And this isn’t even a very ‘indie’ cinema – the Academy Twin on Oxford St is owned and operated by Palace Cinemas, arguably the biggest nonsell-out chain in the country. It closes its doors for the last time Sunday 27 June. TWAT OF A WEEK For fuck’s sake Twitter, you knew the World Cup was coming up. Seriously, the amount of time you’ve spent in bed with a hangover, instead sending the fail whale out in your place... for the most in-demand social network on the planet, your networking skills are shit. SHEEEEEEEIT They might know how to play football, but you can always count on Queensland to take three steps back every now and then – and now police have been given new powers to fine public swearers $100 on the spot. Next they’ll be allowed to take to long-haired louts with scissors like the good old days… 10 3DWORLD

AFTER SMASHING QUEENSLAND in an interst ate bout last month, it’s hardly surprising that the next meet of the Sydney Roller Derby at the Hordern on Saturday 26 June has sold out. At this st age we can’t confi rm whether rumours the girls will sub in for the NSW State Of Origin side in game three are true, but they’d certainly have a better dig than that rabble… LOCAL HIP HOPPERS Koolism have returned with a cracking new single Can’t Stand It with plenty of proper elect ro fl avours in the programming. Yes, that’s an epic space rock Moog solo in the middle. MC Hau says the lyrics were inspired by “a lot of fuckery in this country”. Hopefully forthcoming album The ‘Umu shines the light on cunty behaviour as well… SOCCER LOVING SYDNEY sist ers Joanne and Alanah Argyrou entered the Guinness World Records last week by watching 87 consecutive hours of soccer related TV at Star City Sports Th eatre. If they watched nothing but replays of the Germans demolishing Aust ralia they’re made of st erner st uff than us… MASON IN GOOD track shock! You Are Not Alone (thankfully not yet another MJ homage) is as beautiful as the BAFTA-winning animated clip that accompanies it, with Paolo Mojo, Rene Amesz, Zoo Brazil and Glenn Morrison on the remix package. Drops Monday 9 August…


COOK WITH ANGELS Ready your glow st icks and air out the phat pants as Godskitchen is arming itself for yet another Antipodean tour. With the impressive visualheavy Boombox shows of 2009 st ill fresh in the mind of some fans Future Entertainment have their work cut out for them but the fi rst line-up announcement, which includes Andy Moor, John O’Callaghan, Marcel Woods and Wippenberg, sets a pretty cracking standard. Godskitchen is locked in for Sunday 3 October in Sydney with a venue yet to be confi rmed, tickets on sale soon. Watch this space for further details.

MADCHESTER ACOLYTES Manchester’s Delphic made waves back in late 2009 with the release of their debut album Acolyte and quickly followed with a successful Aust ralian tour in early 2010. The Ewan Pearson produced lead single Counterpoint blitzed charts and column inches alike, garnering the band much needed attention to comfortably DELPHIC follow up with the equally brilliant Doubt and Halcyon; all three of which reference the much celebrated synth-heavy Madchester template which spawned bands such as New Order, Joy Division and the Happy Mondays. Except executed with a glossy modern twist of course! Returning for Splendour In The Grass, Delphic are also locked in for a series of sideshows which includes a Tuesday 3 August appearance at The Gaelic. Tickets will be available Thursday 24 June through Moshtix for $35 + b/f. ‘Acolyte’ available now through Modular. FLIGHT FACILITIES

TRAY TABLES UPRIGHT One of the latest acts to steal the

attention of the international DJ fraternity, Flight Facilities have earned it just ly with the poptastic Crave You and thanks to the exceedingly cute vocal performance of Gisele, it’s clocking up view after view on YouTube on the back of support from Aeroplane, Erol Alkan and Tiga. Released through Bang Gang 12inches, Crave You has benefited from the remix talents of Cassian and James Curd who’ve helped catapult it up the Beatport charts with ease. Thanks to Street Press Aust ralia and Bang Gang they’re embarking on their fi rst Aust ralasian tour, stopping in at the Civic Underground on Saturday 10 July for the next instalment of Future Classic’s Adult Disco before heading to Japan. Though Crave You is the duo’s only original product ion to date, they’ve produced several remixes for Bang Gang which are equally attention grabbing and well worth checking out.



GENERAL OUTLOOK Th is would be a great week to start telling the truth to people we care about. Then again the truth hurts. Let’s keep up the lying for one more week. AQUARIUS (20 JAN TO 18 FEB) Stop asking people if they’ve seen any of the pornos you appeared in. A lot of people don’t think the way you do. And don’t offer to autograph st rangers’ breasts. PISCES (19 FEB TO 20 MAR) Trying to convince people you are the bastard son of shock rocker Alice Cooper is a pretty sad way to get attention. Take that boa const rictor off and grow up. ARIES (21 MAR TO 20 APR) Your motto in life has always been “Just take my wallet, please, I don’t want any trouble”. Smart policy. Now give me your wallet. TAURUS (21 APR TO 20 MAY) Th ings will get sad this week as you have to move into a photo booth while your mother’s attic is being fumigated. GEMINI (21 MAY TO 20 JUN) Never go to the supermarket when you’re hungry. By that logic, never go to a brothel when you’re horny. Begging the quest ion, why go at all? CANCER (21 JUN TO 21 JUL) Working as a door to door salesman is a great way to meet bored, sexy housewives. It’s also a great way to get hit with a broom. LEO (22 JUL TO 21 AUG) Th is is going to be a great week for you, provided you stay away from home made explosives and feral cats. VIRGO (22 AUG TO 21 SEP) You should learn to recycle better. Stop throwing those green reusable shopping bags into the ocean for dolphins to choke on. LIBRA (22 SEP TO 22 OCT) Hey I saw you on To Catch A Predator last week. Um... you looked good! You looked surprised, but you also looked good. SCORPIO (23 OCT TO 21 NOV) If you haven’t seen Sex And The City 2 yet let me save you the trouble. Carrie dies at the end and Samantha’s vagina falls off. SAGITTARIUS (22 NOV TO 20 DEC) I like you. I like everything about you. I’m drunk. I admit it, I’m drunk. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have an erect ion. CAPRICORN (21 DEC TO 19 JAN) Show me your hands motherfucker. Hands up! That’s it. Now don’t be cute. Sorry, I get nervous on fi rst dates.


IF LA ROUX’S fringe excites you, check out the Kent Mathews photo exhibition from this year’s Bacardi Express showing at Doctor Pong’s throughout July. The exhibition is free, not sure about the Bacardi though… THIS IS SO good we’ve got to run it verbatim. “Gleeden. com, the extra-marital dating website which launched in Aust ralia this autumn is adding some incentive to the state of origin! In an attempt to spice up the game, Gleeden is offering all the players of the winning team a gift. The elite VIP pack. The gift is worth over $10,000.00.” The world is such a fucked-up place sometimes... EELS FANS (AND we’re not talking Parramatta bandwagon jumpers here) should head to the band’s website at www.eelst heband. com stat to get a free download of Looking Up, the fi rst taste of their forthcoming (27 August) album Tomorrow Morning. The publicity blurb breathlessly extols it as “the brightest and most overtly uplifting work of the EELS’ fourteen year career”, which is good because it’s fucking cold and we need some cheering up... ANOTHER WORLD RECORD attempt took place over the weekend, this time act ually attempting to create an entirely new record altogether for the World’s Longest Song at the Song Summit 2010 conference. Former Machine Gun Fellatio nutter Chi Chat and george crooner Katie Noonan were among the people at the frontline – musical sparks no doubt flew...

FUZZY BASS California based Victor Hugo Ramos – aka Harvard Bass – is a prime example of just how quickly some careers soar to prominence. Though a keen house/techno fan since the age of sixteen, it was in 2007 that he spawned the Harvard Bass alter-ego and remixed The Sixpack Anthem for Sound Pellegrino’s Orgasmic & Tekitek. An instant hit with the label bosses, Ramos soon HARVARD BASS became a fi xture on the Insitubes sub-label’s roster consequently releasing his successful debut single Caked/81. Managing to grab the attention of DJs such as Laidback Luke, Tiga and Benny Benassi often ensures some degree of popularity in the Antipodes and Fuzzy are putting their money where their mouth is, bringing Ramos out for a whirlwind tour which hits Chinese Laundry on Saturday 10 July, The CBD Hotel in Newcast le Sunday 11 and Transit Bar in Canberra on Thursday 15. OWL CITY


Adam Young is an artist who lends music journalists the opportunity to load up on the superlatives, and as Owl City he’s well regarded by plenty of them. Q Magazine went so far as describing material from his fi rst official album Ocean Eyes as a “blend [of] bittersweet longing, wintry elemental imagery and melodies that worm their way into your consciousness with effortless aplomb”. That’s just ification enough for Young to wing his way her with The Album Leaf for an all ages show at The Enmore Theatre on Tuesday 9 November. Tickets are available through Ticketek from Thursday 24 June at 9am for $67.60.



Pop acts may be dime-a-dozen and we all know what that means relative to the quality-quantity sliding scale, but there are st ill pockets of gold which defy critical consensus. Popfrenzy are showing plenty of enthusiasm towards placating Sydney pop seekers with a forthcoming tour featuring New York’s Xiu Xiu and Los Angeles’ High Places. Both acts follow the Popfrenzy booking trend which has seen Deerhunter, Camera Obscura, CSS and many more hit our shores. High Places are touring in support of their recent album release High Places vs Mankind while Xiu Xiu are just along for the ride! Both acts join Kyü at the Oxford Art Factory on Saturday 2 September, tickets available through Moshtix from 9am Monday June 21.

MIRACLE WORLD Often incorrect ly referenced as a protege of Diplo, Philadelphia’s DJ Sega does in fact also come from the Mad Decent artist roster which likewise features Major Lazer, South Rakkas Crew, Buraka Som Sistema, Bonde Do Role, Boy 8-Bit and Crookers. Sega’s banging mash-ups bear plenty in common with the party hits of his DJ SEGA many label mates and his propensity for grabbing samples from the most baldly obvious pop-culture sources ensures his continued rise in popularity. His mid 2009 Antipodean tour was quite a hit in and of itself and he’s on his way back to our shores for a second helping. He’ll be joining in the Big Trouble antics at Chinese Laundry on Friday 2 July before heading north to Newcast le for a gig at The CBD Hotel on Saturday 3 July. His album New Jack Philly on Mad Decent should tide you over in the meanwhile.


CALENDAR JUNE ALIX PEREZ – Friday 25, Chinese Laundry ERPHUN – Saturday 26, Chinese Laundry OPERATOR PLEASE – Saturday 26, Metro Theatre DISCONNECTED: ROBERT HOOD – Saturday 26, Plantation OZI BATLA ALBUM LAUNCH – Saturday 26, Annandale Hotel JULY GIGI BAROCCO – Friday 2, Candy’s Apartment DJ SEGA – Friday 2, Chinese Laundry MISTA SAVONA – Friday 2, Beach Road Hotel MISTA SAVONA

THE LIKES OF YOU: STEPHAN BODZIN, HUGO – Saturday 3, Arthouse Hotel AIRPORT: SIMON PATTERSON, SIED VAN RIEL – Saturday 3, Gaelic Theatre PURE IVY: HOOK N SLING – Saturday 3, ivy DROP THE LIME – Saturday 3, Chinese Laundry GIGI BAROCCO – Saturday 3, Lot 33 RIP-THE-RUNWAY: LIL KIM, JUELZ SANTANA & SKULL GANG, CHINGY – Friday 9, Sydney Entertainment Centre TRANCE NATION: TYDI, MARLO – Friday 9, Home NERO – Friday 9, Chinese Laundry DIAFRIX, OZI BATLA, NIKKITA – Friday 9, Oxford Art Factory CUDDLE PUDDLE: KID KENOBI, KATO & ANNA LUNOE, RO SHAM BO, HOOPS, DIZZ1, TONI TONI LEE & MORE – Friday 9, Oxford Art Factory GODSPEED: NEOPHYTE, TOMMYKNOCKER, BEHOLDER – Saturday 10, Metro Theatre PURE IVY: JAY SEBAG – Saturday 10, ivy ADULT DISCO: FLIGHT FACILITIES – Saturday 10, Civic HARVARD BASS – Saturday 10, Chinese Laundry HARVARD BASS – Sunday 11, CBD Hotel, Newcastle HARVARD BASS – Thursday 15, Transit Bar ALL-4-ONE – Friday 16, Metro Theatre STOLEN RECORDS GALA BALL: KOOLISM, THUNDAMENTALS, OZI BATLA, THE OPTIMEN, DAILY MEDS, PHATCHANCE & MORE – Friday 16, Gaelic Theatre PURE IVY: ANNA LUNOE – Saturday 17, ivy AQUASKY – Saturday 17, Chinese Laundry REDLIGHT: ALEXKID, MARTIN LANDSKY – Saturday 17, Plantation KEVIN RUDOLF, SHONTELLE – Sunday 18, Enmore Theatre SPIT SYNDICATE – Thursday 22, The Harp, Wollongong SCUBA LOGISTICS – Friday 23, Chinese Laundry SPIT SYNDICATE – Friday 23, The Cambridge, Newcastle


MORE LA ROUX news. She (they?) has put together the second instalment of Renaissance’s Sidetracked series, taking the baton from Hercules And Love Affair. Those with their hand fi rmly attached to their chin will no doubt st roke furiously when they see Freur’s Doot Doot on the tracklisting – Freur of course went on to write such anthems as Born Slippy, Two Monhts Off and Scribble under another name... ALSO FROM RENAISSANCE comes the latest edition to the longrunning The Masters Series, this time with Hernan Cattaneo subtitling his twodisc set Parallel. With Day and Night discs you know what to expect, but the best part about the warmup disc is it sounds just like a big run of Hernan prog rollers slowed down – and finishes with Sigur Rós’ enchanting Svefn-G-Englar to really blow minds... LOLCATS STILL RULE, but we don’t think we’ve seen one on an album cover yet – until now. Take a big bow Klaxons for some truly st unning work involving a cat in an ast ronaut suit. Oh, and the album’s called Surfing The Void and it’s out 20 August and we don’t think they’re too far away from our shores... TRON LEGACY IS confi rmed to be making a big play at this year’s ComicCon (basically an epic nerd convention in San Diego). Th is is either going to be amazing or a complete disaster...

mixes 2010 available now on Beatport.



FACE PAINTING Aust ralian hip hop soloists Phatchance and Coptic Soldier are teaming up for another Face Paint Event at the Oxford Art Factory on Friday 6 August, this time rolling the invite out to an all-ages audience. Supports from fellow I Forget Sorry artist Johnny Utah (with DJ DNL), The Dyno-Mics, DJ Akouo and Blasé. Tickets available from iforgetsorry. com for $16.90. Coptic Soldier’s debut EP with Miriam Waks The Sound Of Wings is available now through iTunes.

MELTANNANDALE PARTNERSHIP Melt already brings a taste of the eclectic to Kings Cross but with the Annandale Hotel team taking care of bookings from here on in, things are only going to get more interesting. They aim to bring their vast experience to the 200 capacity room, upgrading the stage and PA to see its full potential as a live venue reached – not excluding all important facilities for DJs.

R&B REVIVAL 90s R&B fans will be hard pressed to forget All-4-One, the Los Angeles based super group who lashed charts with hits such as I Swear and So

Much In Love. The band make their Aust ralian debut in July alongside Brisbane based four piece Kulcha, and Blackst reet’s Chauncey Black. Tickets to the Friday 16 July gig at The Metro Theatre available now for $55 + b/f from

CALLING FREESTYLE RAPPERS Cast ing agency A Cast Of Thousands are currently on the hunt for a freest yle rapper to feature in a new program. Candidate needs to be Sydney based, aged 18–25 and would ideally have skills behind the decks. Details of the project are understandably under wraps for the time being but if this sounds like you, send a portfolio, samples and/or a resume to or call Graeme de Vallance on (02) 8411 1048.

SPACED INVADER Canadian electro house artist Hatiras may not have the massive profile of his countryman Deadmau5 but with plenty of remixes and productions under his belt, he’s certainly hot property in local DJ circles. While a Sydney date is yet to be confirmed, the exrave promoter will be performing at Pang in Canberra on Friday 2 July and the Grand Hotel in Woolongong on Saturday 10 July. Spaced Invader Re-

VOID has a well earned reputation for being one of Sydney’s best bass nights and they’re going the whole hog with a UK Bass Special on Friday 25 June at Phoenix Bar. Crooked Sound System are presumably covering the whole gamut of genres while the rest take on dubstep/oldskool (Farj), jungle (Mark Pritchard), grime/ dubstep (Swindle), hardcore breakbeat (James Daak) and future garage/UK funky (Preecha). $10 on the door.

SHWAYZE TOUR POSTPONEMENT Illusive Entertainment regret to inform fans that Shwayze’s Friday 18 June appearance at Home Nightclub was post poned along with several other dates of his Aust ralian national tour. The lineup including Cisco Adler, The Knux and DJ Jason Smith will remain for rescheduled tour dates which are expected to be confi rmed within the next few weeks. Patrons are advised to retain their tickets until the announcement is made.

EXTRA METALLICA DATES It was obvious that tickets to Metallica’s World Magnetic Tour would sell out in moments and if you missed out, you’ve got another chance. The band perform a fourth show at Acer Arena on Saturday 18 September, tickets go on sale from 9am Friday 25 June through Ticketek.


CALENDAR PURE IVY: MINX & TASS – Saturday 24, ivy JAMES HOLDEN – Saturday 24, Chinese Laundry SPIT SYNDICATE – Saturday 24, The Gaelic Club SPIT SYNDICATE – Sunday 25, The Wall LCD SOUNDSYSTEM, HOT CHIP – Monday 26, Hordern Pavilion SCISSOR SISTERS – Tuesday 27, Big Top at Luna Park WINTERBEATZ: BIG BOI, FATMAN SCOOP, NE-YO, T-PAIN – Wednesday 28, Acer Arena YEASAYER – Wednesday 28, Metro Theatre FOALS – Wednesday 28, Manning Bar GOLDFRAPP – Thursday 29, Big Top at Luna Park PURE IVY: SAMMY JO – Saturday 31, ivy JODY WISTERNOFF, JAYTECH, BLACK NOISE – Saturday 31, Chinese Laundry AUGUST THE DRUMS – Sunday 1, Oxford Art Factory JÓNSI – Monday 2, Enmore Theatre PASSION PIT – Monday 2, The Forum DELPHIC – Tuesday 3, Gaelic Theatre K-OS – Wednesday 4, Oxford Art Factory PHATCHANCE, COPTIC SOLDIER – Friday 6, The Factory LIBERATE: JOHN 00 FLEMING, MIKE, TRITONAL – Saturday 7, Space A TRIBE CALLED QUEST – Wednesday 11, Hordern Pavilion LOWRIDER – Friday 13, Annandale Hotel UTOPIA HOMEGROWN: DARREN STYLES, MARK BREEZE, MC WHIZZKID, BITROK, SHADES OF GRAY & MORE - Saturday 14, Hordern Pavilion and Surrounds MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS – Friday 20, The Forum TRANCE NATION: TYDI, MARLO – Friday 20, Academy THE CAT EMPIRE – Sunday 29, Hordern Pavilion SEPTEMBER XIU XIU, HIGH PLACES – Thursday 2, Oxford Art Factory LEE BURRIDGE – Saturday 25, Chinese Laundry OCTOBER PARKLIKE: GROOVE ARMADA, MISSY ELLIOTT, SOULWAX, HOLY GHOST!, THE DANDY WARHOLS, KELE, BUSY P & MORE – Sunday 3, Kippax Lake/Moore Park GODSKITCHEN: ANDY MOOR, JOHN OÇALLAGHAN, MARCEL WOODS, WIPPENBERG – Sunday 3, Venue TBC NOVEMBER JASON DERÜLO – Tuesday 9, Hordern Pavilion OWL CITY – Tuesday 9, Enmore Theatre DECEMBER MUSE – Thursday 9, Acer Arena MUSE – Friday 10, Acer Arena GOLDFRAPP


MELBOURNE CLUB DUO Denzal Park notch up a second week atop of the ARIA Club Chart with Ascension. It brings them to a total of ten weeks at number one, having already had their previous single Filter Freak on top for eight weeks. Other new local entries this week: Joy by Antoine Dessante (32); I Want You To Fly by Dirty Laundry (35) and Feelin’ Real Good by Toni Toni Lee, aka Spruce Lee (49). THE ANNIVERSARY of the Stonewall riots next Monday and on the weekend the LA Times reported that there is yet another documentary about the milestone in gay politics. Stonewall Uprising began as a one-hour doc for PBS but ended up evolving into a feature-length fi lm. There are no details for an Aust ralian release but if you want your own Stonewall fi lm fest try hunting down 1995’s Stonewall, 1984 doco Before Stonewall and 1999 documentary After Stonewall. You’ll be a well-articulated gay historian by Monday. STRIPPING KYLIE and placing her at the centre of an underwear orgy for the video of comeback single All My Lovers seems to have worked. Th e single is the week’s highest new entry in the Aust ralia debuting at 14 in the ARIA Singles Chart. It’s also number four in the UK (the week’s second highest new entry behind Kickst arts by Example). Kylie returns to Aust ralia for four days from 21 July to promote her forthcoming album Aphrodite - wearing clothes during her visit.


QMF EARLY BIRDS Only 190 or so early bird three day passes to the Friday 26–Sunday 28 November Queenscliff Music Fest ival 2010 remain on sale at the insane rate of $150 + b/f, and though the line-up is yet to be announced it’s surely not far around the corner. Fest ival Director appointee Michael Carrucan takes the reins this year, having previously run V Fest ival Sydney 2007 and Telluride Blues & Brews Fest ival in Colorado. Tickets through Moshtix.

KEVIN RUDOLF TOUR POSTPONED Due to album commitments in North America, Kevin Rudolf and Shontelle’s Australian tour has been post poned. Rescheduled dates are yet to be locked in but, according to the promoter, will likely take place in late December or January 2011 at the latest. All ticket holders are advised to return to their point of purchase for a full refund – watch this space for further news.

HOMEWARD BOUND Better known as New Buffalo and the hand

behind Feist’s 1234, Aust ralian singersongwriter Sally Seltmann is stepping out on her own with new single Dream About Changing – the lead from forthcoming album Heart That’s Pounding. Currently touring North America, Seltmann will be returning to Aust ralia for an album launch tour which hits Oxford Art Factory on Friday 23 July with support from Parades and Kyu. Tickets $23 from Moshtix.

LATIN ROLLING STONES Some forty years after teaming up to dominate the stage, ‘The Rolling Stones of Latin Music’ Los Van Van are st ill one of Cuba’s most popular dance bands and can attest to a global audience that has yet to substantially diminish. They’ll be making their way to Sydney to perform in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall on Sunday 15 August with support from Latin Block Party. Tickets $49 - $110 from

MORE CLOUD CONTROL Sydney four piece Cloud Control have had a stellar year so far – then again,

touring with Vampire Weekend and having Bliss Release debut in the ARIA Top 20 on its release week would rate highly in anyone’s book! Due to popular demand they’ll be performing at The Annandale Hotel 10th Birthday celebration on Friday 25 June, the Factory Theatre for FBi Sounds Like Sydney on Saturday 10 July and The Metro Theatre on Thursday 29 July.

BOUNDARY SOUNDS INTERNSHIP If you’ve been scratching your head to the point of bleeding in an effort to figure out some way into the music indust ry, this may save further disfigurement. Boundary Sounds are looking for an intern available for a full day on either Mondays or Thursdays to help out around the office and better yet, no experience is necessary. If you want to get involved with Purple Sneakers and the like, fire an email to info@

SOUTHWARD BOUND With double a-side single Nice Fights under their belt, Brisbane’s Mr Maps are gearing up for the October release of their debut album Wire Empire with a national tour in support of the single release. Thanks Aust ralia Council for the Arts funding, the inst rumental quintet are stopping by at The Excelsior on Thursday 8 July and the World Bar (MUM) on Friday 9 July. Supports yet to be confi rmed.





ir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son Of Chico Dusty isn’t st rict ly Antwan “Big Boi” Patton’s fi rst ‘solo’ outing. OutKast’s last major endeavour, the mega-selling Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, comprised two individual albums from Patton and his compadre Andre Benjamin, aka Andre 3000. But Patton is apparently beginning anew. “Th is is the fi rst standalone solo record – just because the last one was under the OutKast umbrella,” he drawls. “Th is is the official solo album right here.” Patton befriended Andre Benjamin at Atlanta’s Tri-Cities High School, an inst itution geared towards the performing arts, but with a gangbangin’ subculture. The wannabe MCs battled each other before forming a unit. They fortuitously st ruck a deal with LaFace, the stable founded by Antonio “LA” Reid and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. LaFace, a cornerstone of Hotlanta’s burgeoning urban scene together with Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def, was known for R&B like TLC, not rap. The Organized Noize producers convinced Reid that OutKast were hot. In 1994 they premiered with Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, introducing a flavoursome Southern hip hop – pre-crunk. “The music is like hardcore funk,” Patton stated in 2001. “This is free-flowing – whatever you wanna do: jam, feel good, get mad, get nervous. The music that we make is honest music. It’s not somebody tryin’ to be like this or somebody tryin’ to make a song like this. You can tell that it’s coming from inside – like, fo’ real. It’s really like just every day game.” OutKast referenced NWA, Geto Boys, 2 Live Crew, James Brown, Sly Stone and George Clinton, but Patton also admitted to their being into Def Leppard. OutKast were equated with ‘alt hip hop’ – as pioneered by The Roots – but they’d prove tricky to pin down, their music st reet, playarist ic and socially-conscious. The duo consolidated their growing fanbase with ATLiens. A peculiar controversy embroiled their third LP, Aquemini – the metaphoric Rosa Parks infuriated the civil rights legend into seeking legal act ion. However, it was 2000’s Stankonia that took OutKast to the next level. They demonst rated their preparedness to push the envelope with BOB (Bombs Over Baghdad), its beats inspired as much by British drum‘n’bass as Southern bass. OutKast then blew up globally with the soul-drenched Ms Jackson, which, it was assumed, Benjamin penned in the aftermath of his split from Erykah Badu. Nevertheless, not even OutKast could have envisaged how Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below, accessibly avant-garde, would transform them into crossover heroes. Crucially, for his CD, The Love Below, Benjamin decided to sing – and he handled much of the inst rumentation. As such, he was lauded as a hip hop Prince. Hey Ya! was OutKast’s biggest hit but, while cameo-ing in the video (alongside Ryan Phillippe!), Patton didn’t contribute to it. Instead he aired The Way You Move. Patton’s frust ratingly eclipsed Speakerboxxx was progressive st reet hip hop – it foreshadowed Kanye West’s rise.


OutKast won the ‘album of the year’ Grammy, yet Benjamin felt increasingly ambivalent about music. The maverick preferred to act – he lent his voice to a crow in Charlotte’s Web – and design clothes. Unlike Patton, he didn’t wish to tour. In 2006 OutKast furnished an ambitious musical, the Depression-era Idlewild, but the unorthodox project floundered, its ‘soundtrack’ more of a spin-off. OutKast have been on hiatus ever since. Patton had intended to drop Sir Lucious Leftfoot in 2008. The single Royal Flush – with Benjamin (and Raekwon) – was a false start. The stage is now finally set. Patton left Jive (which had absorbed LaFace) for Def Jam, with Reid at the helm. It transpires that Sir Lucious Leftfoot was too arty for Jive’s execs, who pressured Patton to “conform” to the prevailing commercial dictates. “I had a couple of creative differences at Jive that didn’t work out,” he says. “But they did the honourable thing and let me pursue my career with LA. I appreciate – and thank – them for that.” Reid, he enthuses, is “a big brother and mentor” to him. “He allows


TRUE BLOOD: DUNGEON FAMILY me the creative freedom to make the music I wanna make – and that was the most important thing to me.” The LP’s official lead-off is Scott Storch’s Shutterbugg (it follows the promo Shine Blockas with Gucci Mane). “It’s a raw, decent, mature but st ill wacky, fun, zany and intense lyrical album that I put together,” Patton says. He rattles off his guests – among them TI, BoB and Janelle Monáe – and beatmakers (Organized Noize, Lil’ Jon, Salaam Remi, plus newcomers), promising “fresh new vibes.” Patton’s departure from Jive wasn’t without a hitch, the label preventing Benjamin from featuring on Sir Lucious Leftfoot. Patton dismissed this as “plain st upidity” in GQ magazine. Still, Benjamin has produced a track, You Ain’t No DJ. And it may be a blessing for Patton: it really is his turn to shine. Patton hopes that Sir Lucious Leftfoot represents the contradictory facets of his persona(lity). The ‘Chico Dust y’ in the title is a nod to his late Air Force pilot Dad, who exposed him to hip hop. In OutKast, Patton is perceived as the playa, with Benjamin, in his flamboyant cost uming, the bohemian muso. But Patton, too, is outthere. Sure, the dude breeds pitbulls, but he’s also collaborated with the Atlanta Ballet – and reveres Kate Bush. “That was something that was started by the record label a long time ago – the whole ‘playa and the poet’ theme – and they kinda ran with that,” he says wearily. “But I’m just really a creative spirit, man. I like making music – and just creating grooves. OutKast is a team. We both do our aspects of the music – produce and write as well – so you’re gonna get a little bit of everything. You’ve gotta expect the unexpected. Sometimes people don’t get it until they hear it – and, when they hear this album, they’ll know what time it is. I’m dead serious about this music.” Patton has ventured into act ing – albeit to a lesser extent than Benjamin. Of the two, he’s the greater entrepreneur. (Patton mentions his album’s release date at every opportunity.) Patton presides over Purple Ribbon Records, lately launching the bold Monáe in a joint deal with Diddy’s Bad Boy. It’s an astonishing alliance, given that Diddy is so commercial, but, says Patton, it was necessary. He’d st ruggled to find a dist ributor for Monáe’s music. “Puff just came along and was like, ‘I’ll put it out’.” That freed him to complete his album. “It worked for everybody.” And Patton has a heart, developing the Big Kidz Foundation to nurture disadvantaged youth. Indeed, Patton is unusually level-headed for one who grew up in the biz. “The indust ry hasn’t changed me at all. I like to make music, 20 3DWORLD

I was put here to make music – and that’s what it’s all about. You have to learn to just utilise the indust ry to promote your music – and, all the other antics, I’m not even really into all that. So the indust ry can’t change me.” Many of Patton’s peers are critical of contemporary hip hop – The Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA is especially st rident. They claim that the innovation is lacking. Curiously, Benjamin declined to appear on Drake’s Thank Me Later. Yet Patton is diplomatic. “It’s good for right now. There’s a lot of new artist s. Everybody’s not gonna be able to do the same type of music. But I can only speak for myself. I embrace the new generation. The thing is you’ve just gotta let ‘em make the music they wanna make – you make the music you wanna make... I do agree there is a lot of bitin’ goin’ on, like Wu-Tang said, but that’s what they do. I just do me.” Patton’s confident fi nal words perhaps say it all: “Long live the funk!” WHO: Big Boi WHAT: Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son Of Chico Dust y (Def Jam/ Universal) out Friday 9 July WHERE & WHEN: Winterbeatz at Acer Arena Wednesday 28 July

Southern hip hop fi rst exploded in the midst of the brewing bicoastal war. For a long time, the Dirty South was marginalised – and scoffed at. But, if any act put the ‘Th ird Coast’ on the map, it was OutKast. They were also key players in Atlanta’s Dungeon Family, a hip hop collect ive to rival the Native Tongues. The fold’s other core members were Goodie Mob and the producers Organized Noize (best known for cutting TLC’s Waterfalls). In contrast to the Native Tongues, the Dungeon Family, named after Organized Noize’s murky basement st udio, likewise encompassed soul artists. And they act ually assembled an album – 2001’s Even In Darkness. Goodie Mob’s Cee-Lo Green did an Andre 3000 before Andre 3000 – the rapper cut a soul album. Cee-Lo Green And His Perfect Imperfections never achieved much more than cult status, but it did set him up to form the popular Gnarls Barkley with Danger Mouse. Green, who’s lately contributed to both the Sex And The City 2 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtracks, is currently recording a third solo album, Lady Killer. And, according to Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, a Goodie Mob reunion LP is on the way. (But will Green be involved?) Not all of the Dungeon Family have had the success they deserve. Organized Noize’s Sleepy Brown should have been a Southern Pharrell. Joi was among the fi rst neo-soulsters, working with Dallas Aust in and influencing the direct ion of Madonna’s Bedtime Stories. Yet her four albums have had minimal mainst ream love. Then there’s the lyrical genius that is Witchdoctor. Even sometime Timbaland protege (and white rapper) Bubba Sparxxx has returned underground. “They’re definitely ahead of time but, at the same time, everything has to be in place to prepare a platform for you to launch music,” Patton says of his underrated cohorts. Nonetheless, the MC insists that “the Dungeon Family is alive and well”. He imagines that Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son Of Chico Dusty could signal a renaissance. Joi guests on two songs. As the boss of Purple Ribbon Records, Patton has facilitated the career of Janelle Monáe – another Dungeon Family affi liate. Meanwhile, Patton’s ally Andre 3000 is readying an album, having lately covered The Beatles’ All Together Now for a Nike ad.




apanese technology manufact urer Akai had watched the creator of the world’s fi rst programmable sample-sound drum machine, Roger Linn, close the doors of his Linn Elect ronics facility due to financial reasons. Akai came to the table with an offer of partnership, and the MPC60 was released shortly after in 1988, taking the best of Roger’s original LM-1 Drum Computer and pairing it with Akai’s formidable manufact uring and supply chain network. Originally pitched as an extension to the rock and pop st yles, the MPC caught the birth of hip hop and has since become a household name for beats producers worldwide. The MPC60 hit the scene hard with a comparatively massive 13 seconds of stereo sampling time, and 16 rubber pads that would come to define a culture. As the Golden Age of hip hop rolled on, the popularity of the unit was cemented by the take-up of producers including Hank Shocklee of the Bomb Squad, Prince Paul and De La Soul. The classic albums spun on every street corner, before


hitting the shelves as ambassadors of the sound and technology of the culture overseas, inspiring another generation that was keen to learn the art, and the instrumentation, of the new st yle. By the time the MPC60 MKII arrived in 1991, featuring more of the same in a new plast ic case, the unassuming grey box had become part of music culture across all boundaries. Hip hop claimed it as their own, but the dance, pop and rock scenes were as reliant as their turntablesampling musical cousins. With the relatively high cost of product ion and abundance of substance-inspired experimentation, st udio drummers in bands like Duran Duran, New Order and Depeche Mode were often sat politely behind an MPC and encouraged to tap in time. The pop scene to this day keeps an MPC within reach, with Kylie Minogue’s 2003 hit Slow originating from an after-session MPC jam between producer Dan Carey and Icelandic singer Emilíana Torrini. If the late 80s and early 90s defined the MPC as an affordable product ion solution, by the close of the 90s it was entering legendary status. Ironically, it was a landmark case against rapper Biz Markie that turned the tide on sampling, sending lawyers scrambling over albums like the Beast ie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique, an illegally sampled album produced by the Dust Brothers. The law, and the media attention, only inspired the indust ry further, with DJ Shadow’s seminal Endtroducing entering the Guinness World Records as the “First Completely Sampled Album”. Keeping up with demand and technology, Akai released the MPC3000, which signified the end of Roger Linn’s involvement. The 3000 is cited by many as the pinnacle MPC on the market, both due to and despite the move from the 12-bit sampling rate that is identified with classic hip hop “crunch”, and the introduct ion of cleaner 16-bit quality. On a roll, Akai dropped the MPC2000 in 1997, at an unheard of low price of $2000 and with an expanded set of features. Every touring elect ronic band purchased one, being to the stage rig of dance acts then what the Apple Macbook Pro is today. Tom Rowlands sweated on one, Karl Hyde danced in front of one, Liam Howlett mimed behind one. Even the Vengaboys had one. They didn’t use it, but it made them feel like musicians. Which was the magic of the MPC range overall – the enablement of musicianship in the face of cultural, financial or personal rest rict ions in musical expression. Even today, with the MPC4000 in the touring rig of acts like Infusion and Junkie XL, the MPC1000 at home in the rigs of hip hop wizards like Cut Chemist, and the MPC5000 in the hands of rich bastards, the underlying ability to record, sequence and sample within one interface maintains the same enthusiasm in the brand. So much so that the original creator of the MPC range, Roger Linn, has been redesigning his original offering and the indust ry waits patiently to see whether the Linndrum II pays homage or breaks new ground in what is a significant slice of music product ion history.




kyscrapers. Just shy of 8,000 of them according to’s world database for buildings. When you think of Hong Kong it’s hard to go past the “special administrative region” of China’s jaw-droppingly ultra-modern cityscape, a vista torn straight from the pages of Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga classic Akira which is so impressive Christopher Nolan found a way to get Batman there for some abseiling action in The Dark Knight, and hip hop/lounge act Fun Lovin’ Criminals deemed it necessary to use the famous night time view from Victoria Peak as the backdrop to the cover art of their 2010 album Classic Fantastic – for reasons best known only to themselves. Even stadium techno pioneers Underworld, playing the first Chinese show of their lenghty career which provided the impetus for this scribe to make the pilgrimage to the area, dusted off the seminal track which gives this piece its title in homage to a view with few rivals on the planet.

A trip by tram (with a queue to rival California’s Disneyland at its worst) up Victoria Peak to witness the panorama which has no doubt shifted several million souvenir fridge magnets quickly confirms why every photo you see from the lookout is taken at night, as smog so chunky you could carve it hangs like a heavy heart over the city and surrounding islands. With the MTR rail system which criss-crosses the city rivaling the blanket coverage of New York or the efficiency of Berlin – but with its own all-purpose Octopus fare card which can not only get you from A to B but also buy you a beer and a pork bun at a 7-Eleven – making car ownership redundant (though a handful of private vehicles do dot roads congested by a plethora of taxis and double-decker buses), the pollution doesn’t seem to be generated in the st reets of Hong Kong Island or Kowloon. A walk over to the south side of Victoria Peak reveals the source of the haze, as three smokestacks from a power plant on a nearby island selfishly pump plumes of smoke in the direct ion of the populace while mere metres away from them a lone wind turbine battles on forlornly for the cause of renewable energy. Then beneath the International Commerce Centre (from which Christ ian Bale’s st untman CGIed himself into cinema folklore), the angular Bank Of China Tower and 100 or so other 180 metre-plus monuments to capitalist excess which 24 3DWORLD

cram onto Hong Kong Island (with only Nina Tower comparing in size and scope on the mainland) is a collision of third world Asia and the western world which the unsuspect ing traveler would never expect. The slightly less spectacular towers which house the lion’s share of the city’s seven million plus residents are coated in decades of grime which no end of elbow grease could remove, while below them in Kowloon st reet vendors hust le tourists in and out of restaurants with such haste they barely have time to savour the last drop of their Tsingtao long neck. And after you’ve negotiated a respectable exchange rate (the Aussie dollar buys around HKD$6.70, which gets you further than you’d think) amongst the neon commercialism of Chungking Mansions, prepare to swat off touts like a stockman swats fl ies if the last thing on your mind is buying a suit – and be doubly wary if a slightly sinister type extends his offer to something of a more illicit nature. The dichotomy continues as the MTR train winds its way in and out of even more skyscrapers to the north, humble hobby farms and houses lining the railway track as you make your way to the 85,000 capacity Sha Tin Racecourse (which along with the slightly smaller but more legendary Happy Valley is one of two venues which plays host to Hong Kong’s national sport). And if you continue from there to cross the border into China at Shenzhen, you realise that the start of your journey is an oasis of calm – albeit a ridiculously humid one – compared to the manic energy of the mainland.

Don’t be tempted by what is by all reports a bare bones Disneyland near the airport, and instead hit up Hong Kong’s original theme park. Inexplicably built on the side of a mountain, the thrill rides are adequate rather than extraordinary, but the jellyfish pavilion and shark, manta ray and groper fi lled aquarium is st unning. As an added bonus they also have pandas – the look of disinterest they offer gawking humans is a must-see. HORSE RACING With two majest ic courses at Happy Valley and Sha Tin, Hong Kong host s between one and three race meetings a week. In a far cry from the booze-sodden racecourses of Aust ralia, local men, women and (possibly) children take their thoroughbreds seriously, st udiously poring over their form guides and only getting animated come race time. The speed with which the venue empties at the end of a meeting is quite extraordinary. And if you like Engrish, you’ll get a lot of value out of horse names such as Cars King Prawn, Affluence Of Rain and a hundred variations on the Dragon theme. CITY GOLF CLUB What better way to work out the tension of one of the great cities of the world by knocking some golf balls into the distance – and quite literally in the heart of the city in a range again lined by apartment blocks. Four levels of golfers ranging from the very amateur to the wannabe professional do their worst at a centre which is open from 7am til midnight. Hitting the ball over the 50 metre high fencing which surround the range in every direct ion is harder than it sounds. SHENZHEN You haven’t shopped until you’ve braved the ram-jammed shopping malls of the Chinese Special Economic Zone just over the border from Hong Kong. Prepare to haggle until your (usually female teen) shop assistant is feigning tears, keep your cool if all of a sudden the pile of knock-off handbags in front of you gets whisked away to a storeroom when the authorities make one of their regular impromptu visits, and always remember that if a pair of “Nikes” is only cost ing you AUD$20 there’s probably a good reason why.

gameplay clocked in at about three to four hours. Portal 2 looks set to be much grander in scope and vision, with a wider array of toys with which to dispense sentry-bots. Maybe this time there will be cake? And speaking of things sweet, the confectionary joy of LittleBigPlanet 2 is on the way, with even more possibilities for those looking to while away the hours crafting their own games: you can design games in genres including real-time strategy, puzzle, racing, 2D shooter, shooter a la Gradius-style or shooter a la Duck Hunt. Finally, things are also heating up in the realm of rhythm games. Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock will feature a Quest mode, which, we’re promised, will take gameplay in this genre into new and exciting directions, and is narrated by true rock warrior Gene Simmons. Rock Band 3 will feature a two-octave keyboard and a positively fierce-looking Pro mode, designed to bridge the gap between bona fide musicians and musicians of the purely virtual kind. A purpose-made Pro guitar will feature no fewer than 102 notes on the neck. Those friendly Rock Band parties just got a lot more intense.





ushing the line “play how you want to play”, Microsoft revealed its controller-free motion-sensing project Kinect (formerly known as Natal). Among the titles demonst rated sans controller at E3 were Kinect Sports, the obligatory sports title that includes bowling, boxing, volleyball, ping pong, soccer, and some rather demanding track and field events; virtual petting zoo Kinect imals; and (look, a game that isn’t a riff on a Nintendo equivalent) Star Wars: Force Unleashed II, which will be making excellent use of Starkiller’s new and improved Jedi powers. Also making use of Kinect will be Ubisoft’s Michael Jackson music game, which will involve both singing and dancing to the gloved one’s greatest hits. Though obviously Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker will remain the defi nitive Michael Jackson game. Sony are putting a lot of energy into pushing their 3D technology, but Nintendo seemed to steal their thunder with the unveiling of the new Nintendo 3DS – which displays 3D images that, apparently, really do work, without the need for glasses. Techno-wizardry would mean nothing without good games, however, and Nintendo certainly delivered on that front, with a 3DS line-up that includes a return of long-lost hero Pit in Kid Icarus: Uprising, new

Mario Kart, Pilotwings, StarFox, Paper Mario, and Animal Crossing titles, and a Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time conversion. It was a strong showing from Nintendo in general. The big news on Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword is its new, more complex control mechanic that takes fuller advantage of the Wii’s motion sensing technology, including more recognised sword movements and the Wii nunchuk doubling as a shield. The muchawaited GoldenEye game is also on the way – as is a certain hungry pink ball thing. From Dream Land to 16th Century Rome: fans of Assassin’s Creed have been crying out for a multiplayer mode for a long time – an Assassin’s Creed death match just makes a hell of a lot of sense, really – and Ubisoft Montreal have responded in a big way. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood will see Ezio leading a clan of clandestine killers. Multiplayer mode will see you rewarded for doing your dirty deeds unnoticed and/ or with flair, and there’ll be a bunch of new acrobatic moves and custom abilities to develop and character skins to acquire. Fans of Valve’s headache-inducing (in a good way) action-puzzle game Portal will yet again be venturing into the Aperture Science Facility – and beyond. As great as the original was,

GET EXCITED ABOUT: The 2D platformer renaissance that we seem to be in the middle of would not be complete without a return to Donkey Kong Country. Retro Studios, the crew that revitalised the Metroid franchise, have unveiled Donkey Kong Country Returns. Donkey and Diddy Kong will be teaming up for some New Super Mario Bros. Wiistyle co-op play. It’s also time to blow away some Helghast with your trusty M82. Guerilla Games blew E3 audiences away with pre-alpha gameplay footage of their fi rstperson shooter Killzone 3, for which we are promised tougher, scarier enemies… with jetpacks. It’s set for release in February 2011. One of the most visually striking games on display at this year’s E3, Child Of Eden is a psychedelic multi-sensory shooter inspired, according to creative director Tetsuya Mizuguchi, by ‘life’. We’re not quite sure what that means exactly, but the gameplay involves interactive music and some truly beautiful imagery. With the motion-sensing Kinect technology, this could be a truly unique gaming experience. Finally, look out for Epic Monkey – for some, the highlight of Nintendo’s highlight-fi lled line-up. Legendary game developer Warren Spector (Deus Ex, System Shock) is dropping Disney’s mascot in a much darker universe, with gameplay falling somewhere in between the Mario and Zelda games and Deus Ex. A much needed shake-up in the House of Mouse.



zi Batla is an MC of many faces. Shannon Kennedy, the man behind the microphone, is a man of even more. As a frontman of one of Aust ralia’s most visible musical groups, The Herd, he has etched his charged socio-political commentary into the consciousness of thousands of young people around the country. Closer to his Sydney hometown, his efforts as part of Ast ronomy Class, and as a battle MC throughout the 1990s, are recognised by the city’s dedicated hip hop core. Whichever Ozi Batla you know, be it the outspoken political leftie, social worker, or st rict ly as the rapper whose sole purpose is to get a room jumping, his maiden solo album effort, Wild Colonial, will bring you up to speed. And you’ll be all the better for it. It seems that, fi rst and foremost, Kennedy is a traditionalist. With the aim of creating cohesion, fellow Sydney resident Sandro was enlisted as the project ’s sole producer. Like Kennedy, Sandro – real name Alessandro Bonanno - is a hip hop purist. An MPC, SP-1200, and crates of psychedelic 70s samples characterise the producer’s output, with a love of analogue product ion being a driving force behind each track’s creation. “Most of my favourite albums have just one product ion team working on them,” Kennedy explains. “We defi nitely share the same approach as to how we like our hip hop made.” The recording process was simple. Bonanno had been sending beats Kennedy’s way since 2008, however the decision to work together exclusively was not made for sometime after that. Years in the hip hop trade meant that Kennedy had a regular supply of beats on offer from an array of producers. The idea of recording a solo album arose in 2008, in the early stages of the creation of Ast ronomy Class’s Pursuit Of Happiness. “I had all sorts of beats,” he reflects. “I have lots of friends who make great music.” But it was a quest for complete cohesion that ultimately brought Kennedy and Bonanno together. Their joint desire to return to the famed golden era sound in Wild Colonial meant that certain steps had to be taken. One facet, arguably the most essential, was product ion. After all, when one thinks of hip hop’s most famed LPs - efforts from Gang Starr, Diamond D and A Tribe Called Quest – the presence of a sole producer or product ion team is a main factor in their perceived success. “Most of my favourite albums have just one product ion team working on them,” Kennedy notes. Interest ingly, Kennedy has chosen to primarily work with artist s he had yet to collaborate with on Wild Colonial. DJ Bonez, probably best known for his affi liation with Hyjak and Torcha in the mid-2000s and his following Obese-released LP, lent his hands on the 1200s, laying down the scratches on Kennedy’s solo effort. All together the Kennedy, Bonanno and Bonez trio were an unlikely combination. “I think I caught him at a weak moment,” Kennedy laughs about enlist ing the Melbourne-based DJ. “He’s another person I’ve known for a long time, and I’ve really admired his work. It’s always good to work with people that you have a friendship, or some kind of connection with to begin with.” Specific political references are noticeably absent from Wild Colonial. After all, Kennedy’s most famous verses have been political, from the charged protest of 77%, to the more recent The King Is Dead and 2020. However, though the album doesn’t feature any direct political assertions per se, there is a unique political undertone. Most prominent is the allusion to perceptions of colonisation, be it social or musical. The idea extends further than the British colonisation of Indigenous Australians, and plays with concepts of the colonisation of art. Prior to the album’s release, Kennedy toyed with the concept in a video released in the lead-up to Wild Colonial ’s release, offering up the idea of himself as a coloniser of hip hop, and his awareness of that role. “Th at statement was prob-


ably the Spike Lee in me,” he reflects. “But I don’t necessarily agree with that notion. It’s definitely a great idea to provoke thought. “We don’t make hip hop in a vacuum in Aust ralia. It has come a long way around the globe to get where it is now, and to become really popular with young Aust ralians. I think it’s important to be aware of its history, in the same way we need to recognise Aust ralian history.” The concept is certainly an interest ing one. The popular notion of “Aust ralian hip hop” has become a juggernaut, and subsequently has become a kind of entity within an entity. It refers to an idea just as much as it refers to a type of music. Trouble arises, however, when the hip hop produced in Aust ralia is viewed as a body largely separate from hip hop as a whole. To provide some kind of context, Kennedy has drawn parallels between hip hop’s position today, and the

history of colonisation, suggest ing that British colonisation of Aust ralia could be viewed as an occurrence not entirely different to the emergence of non-US hip hop. “Hip hop has changed so much in 30 years, I just fear that sometimes younger listeners don’t have an awareness of the landscape that they’re in,” Kennedy explains. “As much as it has to do with respect , it also has a lot to do with appreciation, and understanding of the whole culture. It has come from a very different place to where it is now.” As can be expected, opposition to the idea has arisen. “I’ve upset a few people,” Kennedy muses. “In a similar way to the ‘Aust ralia: Love it or leave it’ mentality. But it’s a better experience when you understand the history.” WHO: Ozi Batla WHAT: Wild Colonial (Elefant Traks/Inertia) WHERE & WHEN: The Annandale Hotel Saturday 26 June

still sophisticated but working well on the floor, and it’s still with melodies. But I’m trying to get away from this electro attitude, which was still in there in 2007. I’m also influenced by what I’m playing as a DJ... It’s rockin’ st uff, act ually! It’s not listening music (laughs) – no, not yet, when I’m old, Okay?”



echno has always been cliquey, but Stephan Bodzin doesn’t care to conform. Th is explains why he hasn’t followed the pack by relocating from his native Bremen in Northern Germany to Berlin. He’s also not afraid to be silly. Ahead of Bodzin’s Aust ralian club tour, the promoter advises journos that the German is easygoing – and possesses a great sense of humour. Alas, humour is problematic in techno. The hard-liners are disconcerted by extroversion. One local DJ sniffs that Bodzin is for “the kids”. After all, techno is equated with ultra serious, intellect ual types like Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin. “Oh yeah, they’re very serious – very serious,” Bodzin laughs. “[But] no, that’s not me! I really appreciate their work, and their performance, sure, but I’m different. I can’t help myself partying with the people and you can see it – I need to smile if I’m happy, if I enjoy it.” Bodzin quest ions whether techno lacks humour. “If you look at Super Flu, for example, they’re really funny.” Bodzin will be bringing his “re-lived” show here over winter. Live elect ronic musicians often abstain from DJing yet Bodzin digs both. His reconfigured live set is more advanced than that seen at 2009’s Future Music Fest ival, Bodzin referring to it as “V2”. He’s developed the visual aspect, for a start. Bodzin is aware that the term ‘live’ is used loosely in elect ronica circles, but he’s capable, dynamic and spontaneous – and no “laptop act”. As for the music? Expect “more clubby rockin’ st uff,” he says. Bodzin grew up surrounded by music – and synths – with his Dad an experimental musician. In such a cool family, you might imagine

that Bodzin had limited opportunities to rebel. “I was doing the opposite – believe me,” he insists. “[My father] was into jazz music and, when I was 14, I went st raight to Metallica and Slayer, just to do the opposite and really get into trouble. I got back to this elect ronic tradition – it’s not really a family tradition – when I was 30 or something, really late.” Today Bodzin cites as inspirations not only Kraftwerk and Miles Davis, but also the lairy English metal band Motorhead. Bodzin had his st int in bands but wound up composing music for avant-garde theatre product ions. The classically-trained pianist was even involved with an Aust rian dance company. “That was serious st uff – [in terms of] content and meaning and big stories. I was working on crazy soundscapes combined with classical music and really st range sound backgrounds – I was running around with microphones outdoors and recording everything and st uff like that. That was interest ing – a really good time – but the people in this theatre scene are so intense. It was so hard to communicate with them. After six or seven years I said, ‘Okay, people, that’s it, I need some light st uff now!” That “light st uff ” he discovered in club culture. Bremen’s Thomas Schumacher approached Bodzin to produce his Elektrochemie LK project. Bodzin formally debuted himself with Caligula/Marathon Man on Marc Romboy’s Systematic. Ironically, Bodzin was producing before he could DJ – the bookings had flooded in, regardless. He established Herzblut Recordings in 2006. The next year Bodzin issued an acclaimed album, Liebe Ist... (Love is...). Now, finally, he’s preparing the follow-up. “I was travelling a lot

in the past. If you see other artists coming up with one album after the other, 95 percent of them do have a producer in the background. So, to go for good productions, you can’t do it when you travel each weekend – [performing] three shows. You have a hangover until Tuesday and on Thursday you need to get ready for the weekend. After three years travelling, more or less, I started getting back into the st udio in spring. Now I’m about to test seven or eight new tracks for the first time in Australia – in the live show. They’re still a bit rough-mixed but, after Australia, I’ll start finishing them for the album, which hopefully – I don’t promise – will be released around winter.” Bodzin’s latest music is a departure from Liebe Ist.... “It’s still experimental, it’s still straight, it’s

Bodzin has collaborated with Romboy and Oliver Huntemann. He stops short of calling himself a ghost producer akin to Timo Maas’ cohort Martin Buttrich. Bodzin is especially eff usive in his praise of Schumacher, who’s ever on a quest for something fresh. What’s more, Bodzin respects Schumacher’s judgement: he has “very good taste”. Bodzin has remixed tunes for credible crossover artists – Depeche Mode, The Knife and Booka Shade. In fact, his biggest remix of late is Depeche Mode’s Fragile Tension, which he initially declined. “[Mute] were asking, like, three times [for me] to do another Depeche Mode remix. I said ‘no’ two times, act ually, because after Everything Counts, I said, ‘It’s a mistake to do another Depeche Mode remix – after the success, it can only get worse’. [But] Martin Gore was asking me personally to do this remix – and that’s the point where I said, ‘OK, what can I say?’ WHO: Stephan Bodzin WHERE & WHEN: The Likes Of You at Arthouse Hotel Saturday 3 July


Want something unique, but st ill beat flavoured? Then head over to Poland for the Funky Mamas and Papas Recordings label. They are a st rict ly vinyl only outlet for funky beats and have released only 7-inch singles to date. Well, now they have dropped their 9th release and this time it’s an album. It’s from the Wroclaw, Lower Silesia based duo Przaśnik and they drop the also exquisitely named nine tracker Azymic. Th ink eclect ic jazz, a spot of broken beat, an element of swing and some golden era hip hop influences and mix it up into a dist inct ly Euro concoct ion and you have something very interest ing indeed. The musicianship combined with the original sample choices turn it into something that is less ‘cut ‘n paste’ and more original sounding. The tracks aren’t of the generic funky breakz tunes that are disposable DJ weapons. No, these tracks are just as valid for home listening, but st ill perfect for turntable shenanigans. I also like the fact that they didn’t feel compelled to have a ‘rap’ track. Sometimes I just want to hear beats without some mediocre dude ruining the experience. I also like that they didn’t include their 7-inch releases as well. Oh, and they join the massing throngs that eschew the CD versions for digital downloads.


I can’t believe that Jedi Mind Tricks beatmaker Stoupe has veered off into making, for want of a better term…‘trip hop’. Basically he’s made a hip hop beats album with an indie chick singing over it. The girl is Liz Fullerton and she has already guested on a few JMT tracks in the past. They go by the moniker of Dutch and the album is A Bright Cold Day (Enemy Soil). I’m act ually surprised that he could pull it off, but I must confess it works. Though I wish there was an inst rumental version so I could listen to the sad tinged music by itself. The publicity prose “conjured comparisons to the dark programming aest hetics of Portishead, the soul-piercing melodies of Cat Power, and the viscerally provoking tone of Dido” pretty much hits the mark. It’s the folksy tracks that really surprised me. Sure it’s a st yle that hit its peak probably around the turn of the century, but I guess it’s now just a st yle with a really bad moniker. Nice to see this side of Stoupe though, but apparently he’ll be back with a new Jedi Mind Tricks album with his pal Vinnie Paz before the year is out. 28 3DWORLD



ssassination, sleeping pills, a disproportionate number of plane crashes, choking on one’s own vomit… There’s no shortage of rock stars who’ve rocked’n’rolled off this mortal coil before their time. But Frankenstein-like mad scientist Doctor Sponglehoff is not going to let a little thing like dead musicians get in the way of forming the greatest supergroup the world has ever seen. The Grave Shakers is a new comic from Mike Foxall. It follows a naïve girl group, the Cruelettes, and their hapless band manager Randy, who are roped into Sponglehoff ’s insane cloning scheme. “Crazy violence ensues,” says Foxall. “Without giving too much away: things don’t go well. One day someone will write a story about a rogue scientist playing God where everything works out swimmingly, but this is not that story.” The 1978 fi lm The Boys From Brazil, in which a mad scientist attempts to bring Adolf Hitler back from the dead, is a major influence on the comic. Foxall’s masterst roke is applying the same insane premise to rock’n’roll. Naturally, the real treat of the comic is its stellar line-up of decomposing composers, including Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Bon Scott, Jimi Hendrix, and Buddy Holly, as well as more obscure casualties of rock, like radical Plasmatics frontwoman Wendy O. Williams. On the musical side of things, the comic takes inspiration from a fairly notorious Hanna-Barbera KISS telemovie (incidentally from the same year as The Boys From Brazil), KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park. The movie, very much in the vein of a Scooby-Doo mystery, featured razorsharp interchanges like the following: “Hey! You’re not allowed to smoke in here!” “I’ll smoke you.” Foxall hopes The Grave Shakers has “slightly more convincing dialogue”. Apart from anything else, The Grave Shakers is a macabre reminder of the glory days of rock – but, to Foxall, rock is not quite dead… yet. “Not on my iPod! The comic has a bit of a theme about rock being constantly repackaged and reimagined and becoming a diluted facsimile of the real thing. But, having said that, I find every few years a band like Airbourne will pop up and I totally fall in love with them. Rock is pretty cool like that.” Foxall originated the concept years ago, during his time as guitarist of defunct Sydney-based punk band Nancy Vandal. “I produced a very rough version of it in an issue of the Nancy Vandal Vandal’s Voice fanzine. It’s been kicking around inside my head ever since. It is pretty rough and

sketchy which also describes my guitar playing.” Foxall’s musical career, he admits, informs at least one other aspect of the comic. “The musicians in the comic are naive saps who make terrible career choices. There are autobiographical elements.” Foxall also says the ‘D.I.Y. philosophy’ of punk has made its way into his approach to comic publishing – you can purchase the comics at his website,, or peruse the fi rst of four issues online for free. The st yle of The Grave Shakers is a combination of traditional and digital st yles. The panels are drawn in pencil, ink and watercolour – “on ye olde paper,” Foxall says – and sprinkled with digital fairy dust in Photoshop. “I’ve been drawing long before I learnt to play an inst rument so I guess that makes me an illust rator first. However the two things have become so entwined I can’t look at one without the other anymore. Music with an overt visual or cartoony element, like KISS, the Ramones and so on has always appealed to me.”

WHAT: The Grave Shakers WHERE & WHEN: Available now through



ydney based producer Jaime Olsen is Rephrase, known previously for his work in Kaleidavibe and dB Chills. Arriving on the scene in 2003 with a vinyl EP and subsequent 2005 album for Casa Del Discos, Rephrase has always chosen somewhat playful names for his albums. Whilst Beatcoaster introduced us to a post breaks and chillout sound, Little Victories saw the producer take on vocalists and capture the world’s attention as a leading nu-funk producer. Somewhat uncomfortable with the tag, Olsen has taken on a range of under utilised rhythms to redefine himself once more with Taking On An Army. “I wanted to move away from that sound” he says, “but you can’t help but sound like yourself. [The album is] not so much linear groove based st uff like Little Victories, it’s like, when it gets to the chorus it act ually gets to the chorus. The idea was, I was listening to a bunch of different st uff. Listening to a bit of Motown, Kero One, Jazzanova, Smoov and Turell and The Bamboos, trying to get those sorts of sounds out of a computer and with no outboard gear it came out the best it could,” he says, adding that sometimes it’s hard being able to achieve all of one’s musical desires as a one-man-band. The snapping snares and deep Rhodes sounds are st ill signatures of his st yle, yet the full length vocal numbers are a quantum leap from the club bangers of yesteryear. Olsen puts this down to a commercial decision. “I was looking to do something with more of a pop edge and with that in mind, you need vocalists to get it across the line and I wrote tunes and had a bunch of people in mind to sing them,” he says. “Obviously people from the fi rst album and a few other inst rumentalists to make me sound even better!” Also, as a new-ish Dad, Olsen’s priorities have changed, so it’s been not only his sound that has stepped up, but his overall approach to the busi-

ness. Taking On An Army is released by his own Rephrase Music imprint. Aided by technology, some of the album’s st rongest points come from Canadian vocalist Vandal, who, even with the chemist ry the two seem to share on disc, has never met Rephrase. “I give him a theme of what I want something to be about and most of the time he’s spot on. It’s hard to find someone you can trust to send you back something and it’ll sound great, without having to time stretch it or chop it up or change the phrasing, this guy is always on point.” One name that certainly stands out on the tracklist is trumpeter and Australian music legend James Morrison, who kicks the album off with some fine-form tootin’ over a snappy drum’n’bass break reminiscent of London Elect ricity’s Pull The Plug. “He’s by far the most talented musician I have ever come across,” Olsen reckons. “I went over to his place to record the track with Jimi Polar and when we got there at 8am, he was ready to go! He was tuning up and playing piano like he plays the trumpet whilst I was looking to have a coffee.” Known potentially as much for his exhaustive remix output as he is his original material, Olsen is quick to give props to the album’s only remix thus far, which comes courtesy of Perth’s Assembly Line. “You need to check these guys out,” he says. “They’re up there with Hermitude in the beats department.”

WHO: Rephrase WHAT: Taking On An Army (Rephrase Music)



A series of fantast ic neo-soulsters have come out of the UK in recent years, starting with Amy Winehouse. We had Wales’ charmingly retro Duff y, the feist y Adele... But not everyone was happy. Estelle, originally a femcee, only found success after hooking up with John Legend and moving to the US. Speaking to the Guardian in 2008, she accused white artists such as Adele of co-opting the soul – and challenged the media for hailing them as saviours of the music while ignoring black performers. In the meantime, with so many ‘nu-Amys’ on the scene (culminating in the overrated Pixie Lott), there’s been a swing away from neosoul to elect ro. Even Aussie Gabriella Cilmi abandoned R&B for dance on Ten – and shed her audience. It’s into this milieu that London’s Rox, aka Roxanne Tataei, has arrived. The singer/songwriter was one of our year’s big predict ions with her debut, Memoirs. Tataei has an intriguing story. The half-Jamaican, halfIranian soulst ress honed her vocals in church, participated in The National Youth Theatre, picked up a guitar, and eventually attracted indust ry attention while performing in a jazz ensemble. She’s now signed to Rough Trade. Certainly, R&B traditionalists will be gratified by Memoirs. There’s no elect ro, no gimmickry. Tataei offers ol’ skool songwriting, real inst rumentation, and powerful vocals. As with Estelle (and Ms Dynamite), Tataei will be compared to Lauryn Hill, whose dressing, circa L-Boogie, she emulates. In fact, she’s worked with Hill’s affi liate Commissioner Gordon, though the primary producer here is the talented Brit Al Shux, responsible for Jay-Z’s Empire State Of Mind. Tataei’s fi rst single is the big ballad No Going Back – with a gutsy delivery, organ riffs and 60s st ylings – all produced by Shux. You could be forgiven for thinking it’s Winehouse back from the brink. I Don’t Believe – like the deceptively cheery My Baby Left Me, about love-gone-wrong – has been licensed for a Rimmel campaign. Tataei ventures out with the gospel-influenced Do As I Say, reggae Rocksteady (way too obvious!), and gentle acoust ic number Heart Ran Dry (evoking Corinne Bailey Rae). The st ring-laden (and more programmed ) Oh My is a real departure – it sounds like 80s soul. Overall, Memoirs is a conservative debut, and Tataei needs to develop a st yle of her own, but she has what it takes.


It’s exciting to finally hear Paul White’s album Paul White & The Purple Brain (available now on One Handed/Now Again). Technically, it’s a step forward yet creatively, there are weaknesses to using just one artist as a sample source. It makes commercial sense to do it that way, so props to him and the team for taking on the challenge. A very wintery album, full of cold psych dirges and eastern influences, this should certainly be your next beat purchase if you’re a fan of Exile and Madlib. Yam Who’s label ISM return with a new package of remixes for super band Killer Whale called the King Of New York EP, which is another Arthur Russell tribute. Expect wobbly bass mixes from Kid Circus and dubby yet faithful mixes from Free Disco of that anthem Is It All Over My Face? House music man to watch Leo Zero gives us two interpretations of Tell You (Today) which are both very different but oh-so-disco, with one leaning more on the jackin’ sax and the other on a st rong dubby piano line. Super authentic but at the same time progressive enough to not be treading the same boards Russell did all those years ago.


Keeping with house music, a nice big fat surprise in a Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) remix of Boohgaloo Zoo’s Testify just arrived from Love Monk this morning, signalling the official start of a 90s revival. Proving that you can be intelligent and soulful at the same time as beating someone across the head with a slightly acidic bassline, trust a man like Goddard to be able to be tuneful and banging at the same time. Locally, there’s a fair bit to croon about to, with new releases either shortly around the corner or just out now from Toni Toni Lee, Ooba and Rephrase. Starting with TTL, Feelin Real Good is a faithful slice of nu disco that really captures elements of crossover 80s boogie and elect ro-funk and I’m particularly enjoying the Pete Herbert remix on that package. Ooba is a new project from Ian Mussington (drummer of Space Invadas) and Rick Robertson (dig and eon Beats). Their debut self-titled album is a deliciously reserved Brazilian inspired that is so richly textured and Mussington’s voice is truly wonderful. Finally Rephrase’s third album Taking On An Army sees him teaming up with a cast of guest vocalists for an entirely vocal affair that should see his fanbase swell to reach a whole new set. 30 3DWORLD



xpectations are high and backlash is likely when you take up the baton from the world’s biggest DJ, but Richard Durand cared little for either when he took on the huge task of continuing Tiësto’s In Search Of Sunrise compilation series this year. After months of tight secrecy and all kinds of st range rumours, volume eight South Africa is finally out in the open and just in time to coincide with the World Cup too, as Durand points out. “With every volume you have to choose a country as the theme of In Search Of Sunrise,” he says. “South Africa seemed right because, of course, there is the world championships in soccer and that’s huge news! Also, the trance scene is not very big in South Africa so I thought it could provide a good opportunity to play music there and introduce this genre to the country. It’s not the kind of music that you play from midnight to 6am at a club, definitely not. It’s very relaxed trance music with loads of melodies and tracks with vocals. It’s not too hard or bangin’, it’s just deep and full of good vibes. It’s the kind of CD you put on to relax and to put you in a good mood.” That may be the case for the listener, but not so much for Durand. Well aware of the pressure that would come from continuing Tiësto’s legacy, Durand claims he took his time to decide whether to continue the compilation series after Black Hole Recordings approached him for the job. “No I did not jump on it!” Durand laughs. “It all started when Tiësto was leaving Black Hole Recordings and In Search Of Sunrise is a label thing. Since it’s also my label and I’ve worked with Tiësto before, they asked me in January if I wanted to program the eighth compilation. I had to think about it quite a lot because it was a big risk. I was worried what the fans would think and all the negative things that the Tiësto followers would say. I had also planned to do a compilation CD of my own this year before I knew about In Search Of Sunrise, and I knew if I took this on I probably wouldn’t end up doing my own.” But at the same time Durand saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity being offered to him – sure there may be backlash from Tiësto die-hards, but from an artist’s perspect ive, taking on this kind of project was a chance to kick down some doors. “I stopped looking at it from the fans’ perspect ive and started looking at it from my own perspect ive,” he says. “As an artist it was a chance to

grow musically and to reach a lot of new people. And I also realised that if I did my own compilation like I had planned, I would be building it up from zero, whereas if I did In Search Of Sunrise number eight, it was an established series already. So it was the easier option too.” For Durand, the past two years have been the biggest and most successful of his decade-long career so far. While the Dutch native claims that nothing has yet come close to working on his latest project , releasing his debut artist album [Always Th e Sun] last year came pretty close. “I was really surprised how different the process can be when you’re making a compilation and an album. There is a bit more uncertainty when you’re doing an album because you only have a short amount of tracks to work with, whereas a compilation gives you many tracks to choose from. I’m defi nitely going to do another album. It’s not always about playing what you like, it’s also about showcasing what you can do.”

WHO: Richard Durand WHAT: In Search Of Sunrise 8: South Africa (405 Recordings/Stomp)



inimal techno is easily one of the most influential global music trends of the past decade, but the sound is hardly new. In the early 90s, minimalism was an underground movement that originated in Detroit and was championed by two central figures: Jeff Mills and Robert Hood. While Mills dominated the clubs with his st ripped-back product ions and wooed audiences with his flawless three-deck mixing, Hood paved his own path as a founding member of Underground Resistance and through his countless singles on his own M-Plant Records. Hood’s genre defining albums Internal Empire and the recently reissued Minimal Nation continue to inspire a new generation of minimalist devotees. Detroit may have been the birthplace of techno and minimal, but times have changed and so has the music. Hood shared his criticisms for the minimal explosion. “Not very much of the techno and minimal music coming out is timeless anymore. People have jumped on the bandwagon and jumped on the hype of minimalism, and they’re not in tune with continuing the art form. They don’t understand that it’s an art form and they are pursuing it from the perspect ive that it’s a product and a commodity.” Robert Hood blames the recent disposable music trend on the lack of artist ic vision in modern techno. “If you’re lost and don’t have any direction, it’s easy to let other producers or other DJs influence your direct ion. If you’re really determined about your path, whether it’s the digital realm, playing records or how you produce and express yourself, if you’re st rong and determined you won’t let anything outside influence you.” The 1971 post-apocalyptic sci-fi fi lm The Omega Man is the inspiration for Robert Hood’s latest album Omega. “It’s a great fi lm about a man living in solitary after a biochemical war broke out and dest royed pretty much everyone, and he was forced to fight for his own survival. Th is is my take on the fi lm. The soundtrack came from the perspect ive of having hope in the midst of this black backdrop of hopelessness. The music and the approach for me reflect that.” Robert elaborates further on his own minimalist adaptation of the story. “The track The Workers Of Iniquity for example

is about the Family workers. A group of demented people who are trying to basically crucify the last hope for mankind and the st ruggle he has dealing with not only his loneliness, but also the band of people he was trying to help.” Robert Hood is more than a little excited about his long-awaited return to Aust ralia. “It’s been years since I’ve played in Aust ralia… So I’m very much looking forward to coming.” Hood maintains his love for vinyl and, unlike his Detroit counterpart Jeff Mills, is unlikely to convert in the future. “It st ill is, and always will be, important for me to manipulate an act ual record when I DJ. Technology is going to evolve and influence people to a certain degree but it’s up to the individual to take control of their art; take control of their expression and not let the machines and software dictate how we are going to express ourselves. Myself, I st ill prefer the humanist approach of mixing vinyl.” Hood goes on to describe the Detroit’s influence on his DJ st yle. “The Detroit attitude and st yle is imbedded in me. It’s something that will always be there in my music, being educated by people like Derrick May, Juan Atkins and all my contemporaries. I guess I don’t play a whole lot of Detroit records in my sets anymore, but I will always take a very Detroit approach when I DJ. I like to educate and take people backwards and forwards.”

WHO: Robert Hood WHERE & WHEN: Disconnected at Plantation Saturday 26 June

BROCKOUT Bass Culture with RITUAL


BIG thanks and shouts to Foreigndub for bringing the music to the people, in a city where clubs are all about making money and promoters are way too cautious about bottom lines (and not basslines) these guys come through with an international for free! I gotta say thanks for getting Rollers Music back in the game as both ALF and I felt like it was a real return to form for us and the setting of a Foreigndub party was the perfect place for it to happen. All the Headz were there, waiting to chat, brock out and spread the positive junglist vibes that have been missing within our scene for a few years. If we look back to the breaking of the new millennium, we were a group of like-minded crews, individuals and supporters who were all there for each other. We all simply got together to push everything to the next level. “Do you want the truth or something beautiful?” Not only an interest ing thought but the name of a remix Jonny L has done for Paloma Faith. In his usual st yle, drums are a monster (although he’s cleaned right up on this – a new product ion st yle for him perhaps?), that kick and snare let the vocals snake around them until the drop where the typical Jonny L march gets the grittiest bass and smashes this tune to ‘L’ land. Slamming beats, huge bass and freaked out distorted synths that sit aggressively yet quietly in the background making this classic Jonny L. BAD! Another huge favourite of mine is the Triad remix of the new Omar (remember him mid 90s kids?) record. Proper Autonomic st yle space that is one of the best marriages of a vocal (in remix context) that I’ve heard for this st ripped back st yle of d’n’b. Estelle is also on this and I’m not sure how I feel about her obvious ‘UK-ness’ throughout, but nevertheless the space bass that Triad uses, along with his eerie sonics make this one of those tunes that you can play for the next few years. Shouts to Nether/Jynx for being another purveyor of this st yle (and a local boy nonetheless). His 31Records offering and new bits that will start flowing soon will stand the test of time which, thankfully for d’n’b is a great place to be. Forget the throw away jumpup mash-up foolery, this is the music that you’ll be hearing for the future!



VARIOUS/RICHARD DURAND In Search of Sunrise 8: South Africa (405 Recordings/Stomp)

65DAYSOFSTATIC We Were Exploding Anyway (Hassle Records)

One of the more influential outfits of latterday post-rock, Sheffield’s 65daysofstatic have nevertheless consistently fallen short of the innate potential of their relatively unique approach to their genre. While a blend of IDM’s complex elect ro-acoust ics and post-rock’s otherworldly beauty would seem dest ined for success, previous 65dos albums like 2007’s The Dest ruction of Small Ideas have always been defined by prioritising cleverness and innovation over artist ic accomplishment and musical memorability. We Were Exploding Anyway is, in a way, the band’s attempt to transform this shortcoming into st rength and, for the most part, it works. Rather than progressing down a more aest hetically pleasing route of sophist icated melody and elect ro-acoust ic abst ract ion (a la Fennesz or Aust ralia’s Seaworthy), 65daysofstatic have largely forsaken melody in favour of jarring, angular rhythms and noisy, synthheavy textures. Opener Mountainhead st utters to life with aggressive, synthetic kicks and multi-layered percussion while the hissing synths of Dance Dance Dance ride atop the kind of pounding jackknife rhythm that could have sprung from a particularly complicated hardst yle single. Ironically, the band’s decision to forsake melody has created the most immediately accessible work yet – Weak4 is perhaps one of the most bracing and exciting singles of the year so far – though there’s st ill a few refinements to be made to the 65dos formula. The band’s shift in focus hasn’t neutralised their shortcomings so much as muted their impact. While the band have truly created an impressive work with We Were Exploding Anyway, they st ill lack the melodic finesse and compositional ingenuity to craft tracks as evocative as they are st imulating. If they ever manage to tackle that particular obstacle, though, they’ll be pretty much unstoppable. MATT O’NEILL


There’s all sorts of pressure attached to stepping up to a brand with as much heritage as In Search of Sunrise, especially when its former captain Tiësto has already deeply upset the trance faithful by daring to step away from his exist ing sound a little. And then, Black Hole Recordings did something as nervy as select ing Holland’s Richard Durand to take the reins, the one responsible for all those massive club bootlegs. Sacrilege! As it turns out though, the decision was more informed than any of the detractors would give it credit for. Th ings are on the right track immediately with First State’s opener on the fi rst disc, and it’s followed up with a slice of soaring vocal progressive from George Acosta that’s perfect ly in cue with the sun-kissed history of the series.

REPHRASE Taking On An Army (Rephrase Music)

For better or worse, fun trails badly behind sex, fashion and technology when it comes to the music of today. Smiling ceased to be cool but nobody gave Jaime Olsen aka Rephrase the memo. The Sydney producer throws caution, his pants, beer and anything else he can get his hands on to the wind in the pursuit of good times with his lightweight yet infect ious popfunk sound, equal parts A-Skillz, The Bamboos and Steps (well almost). Taking On An Army is Rephrase’s third album and is heavier on song st ruct ure and real musicianship than ever before as he brings on board a huge number of collaborators to join the party. Though flaunting a plethora of st yles, About That Time is the perfect example of where Rephrase’s head is at as Aussie vocalist Paula

From there it rises quickly into some gorgeous euphoria, though never losing the all-important emotive deepness. While he puts a foot wrong on a few occasions, when you’re packing progressive trance gold like As The Rain Falls, it can be easily forgiven. Durand lifts us even higher on the second disc, shooting for the stars in an attempt to craft a grandiose progressive trance journey that takes us to some breathless places. He doesn’t quite get there, but damn it, he makes a pretty good attempt. The enigma has been preserved, but smartly, Durand hasn’t sold out his own musical identity either. His general approach is st ill intact – big melodies, his trademark wry cleverness, as well as plenty of surprises. If trance fans wanna snub their nose, they’re only selling themselves out because this one is gold. ANGUS PATERSON

Baxter lets rip Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings st yle over the sax riff from Lonnie Gordon’s SAW-produced late ’80s pop dance smash Gonna Catch You. Audacious and inspired. It’s one of several tracks to go down this happy, uptempo soul path – Got It Good enlists the trumpeting of local jazz pioneer James Morrison, Winner co-opts raw, rave era breaks while Lost In The City is disco with a social conscience, all three dressed with the vocals of another local in Merenia. Hip hop is never far away. Keeping an eye and both feet on the dancefloor, Canadian MC Vandal gets loose on vaguely Latin rattle of Kick The Flow, the handclapping Best Of Both Worlds and superfunky Without A Second To Lose. Whereas the deep funk scene can be overly reverent, Rephrase barges in drunk as fuck, takes from it what he wants and puts on a party for everybody. DARREN COLLINS




Straight-up dancefloor fodder that makes no excuses for its feel-good, warm bassline, jacking Chicago-esque percussion, quirky 303 stabs and PIANO. I’m a sucker for a ’90s house st yled piano loop, and this is as good as it gets.

VARIOUS/SANDER VAN DOORN Trance Energy (Central Station Records)

Following bitterly disappointing compilations this year from both Armin and Ferry, that other smiling Dutchman has swooped in to save the day. It’s almost startling how quickly Sander van Doorn has been elevated into big-league status, but listening to his CD commemorating the recent Trance Energy event in Holland, it’s not hard to understand why. While recent adventures have seen him dabbling increasingly in techno and house, Trance Energy sees him steering back to his roots; albeit, in a fashion that shows just how many different faces there are to the genre. Opening with his recent clicky tech-trance anthem Daisy, he slides st raight into a slew of cruisy progressive numbers to warm things up,

peaking with Arnej’s rising They Need Us before cranking it up a notch with the massive chords of Rank1 & Jochen Miller’s The Great Escape. And that’s just the beginning, as it’s track after quality track, eventually slamming through to the furious euphoria of tunes like Simon Patterson’s Miss You, ensuring there’s plenty of grunt to be found in the tail end of the mix. There’s also the official anthem that van Doorn himself delivered for this year’s Trance Energy, Renegade. Lambasted on internet forums aplenty for not being “trancey enough”, it’s act ually a perfect example of the wide scope of ideas the genre should be drawing from. It says it all, and van Doorn has delivered one seriously kickarse mix here. The programming is absolutely cracking, and it’s a perfect calling card for intelligent trance of the future. One for the true afficanados. ANGUS PATERSON

DARREN EMERSON & JAMIE MCHUGH Gracelands (Christ ian Smith Remix) (Detone)

The fi rst release from Darren Emerson’s new label Detone is unremarkable cheese at best, but techno-turned-progressive house poster boy Christ ian Smith delivers a driving – if somewhat safe – remix guaranteed to feature heavily in the big guns’ sets. The trademark Smith rolling bassline, st ripped-back percussion and “techno for progressive house heads” sparkly melodies are all there, bookended by some unintelligible Portuguese vocal loops and st ring stabs, making for a track that’s not exact ly mind-blowing, but will ignite the bigger dancefloors.

TRUTH & BEN VERSE Under Current (Aquatic Lab Records)

Under Current is serious badness: crunchy, tight kicks hammer through metallic, heavily reverbed percussion (including an awesome blade sharpening sample), while a devastating neuro inspired bassline and sinister stabs take turns turning your brain to mush. ANDREW WOWK

COPTIC SOLDIER & MIRIAM WAKS The Sound Of Wings (Independent)

There’s much to like about this collaborative release by the Sydney duo of Coptic Soldier & Miriam Waks. Both artists have put their heads together after touring quite extensively. The Sound Of Wings stands out in many respects, most ly because this duo attempts to venture where many other artists dare not. We are introduced to the pair with the song Why Suffer, on which Coptic Soldier laces the heavy hitting beat with an exploration of music and its impact on people, in most cases by bringing them together. Liquid Company is a social commentary on the influence of alcohol on relationships, a soothing, mellow piano loop setting the vibe for this late-night story. On her solo track Skin Deep, Waks expresses a story of

heartbreak in a st yle that is very reminiscent of the late Aaliyah. Here Waks fi rmly cements herself as a solo artist. The standout cut here is the title track, which acts as a catalyst for the mood for the rest of the album. The track is memorable because its almost hypnotic vibe set by Waks’ vocals forces us to lose ourselves in Coptic Soldier’s poetics. Its effect iveness lies in its ability to take us away from the physical world and into the realm of imagination. The Sound Of Wings definitely has replay value as there are many ideas and concepts that can easily fly over your head during your fi rst listen. Check this out, you won’t regret it. L-FRESH

3DPLAYLIST 3D 1. The Masters Series: Parallel VARIOUS/HERNAN CATTANEO 2. Elect ric Wire Hust le ELECTRIC WIRE HUSTLE 3. /\/\ /\ Y /\ MIA 4. Sidetracked VARIOUS/LA ROUX 5. Bird 1 UNDERWORLD/DUBFIRE 6. Bust in’ INFUSION 7. Moderat MOERAT 8. Super Sweet SPACE INVADAS 9. Charge ELOQUOR 10. Further THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS


S T R E B O R SAM T? IRST SE YOUR F S A W HEN AND W E 12”? WHERE ic in 20 08. ). n ALL TIM hange (Day Edit a E P e IT L R t U C A O ’t V on A F W R YOU Tur – You WHAT’S lzger & Manuel JS? ue , a S n a URITE D m A b e D uq o O R UR FAV glia, Jamie Jones, O Y E R EHIND WHO A ge, Danny Tena Robbie Lowe. FROM B id d E SEEN Lee Burr Carlos Zarate an ’V U O Y , HING Vincenzo pants NIEST T nt of his HE FUN T ’S T A n the fro w o WH d r e n schoo CKS? THE DE a g uy pour a fu ll ot”. h d OT? I watche e music was “too ed U’VE G EST YO ile, a bouncer ask th U se Q u a E c R e b T d S co R ro O C THE W remix of ? WHAT’S ver Huntemann YOU DO li O g n ri WHAT F Du O K . itch THIN for Sexy B ARENTS YOUR P they loved it. O D T A id I sa WH e ly ing if I wou ld b

ST? EED MO SCENE N B U L C Y NE HE SYD DOES T a rt y ing! WHAT p rs u er-ho Y? More a ft TO PLA E CLUB IT R U O FAV e IG? or Spice. – Big Lov TIME G The Civ ic ST ALL y ing Pete Heller set. E B R U YO e pla n had WHAT’S Of You boat cruis ge, just as the su s ly, rid UP? G The Like the Ha rbour B rday 3 Ju th T COMIN house Hotel Satu otel Friday a e O rn G e d U n u AVE YO s Of You at A rt ch at the Civ ic H e GIGS H WHAT odzin at The Lik otel, Plus 1 Laun B nhoe H a MIX-AStephan Iv @ ct ’S THE uspe 6-8PM ODGIE H N Spice, S E N E O TS M IX NIGHT BET W M. R E B 2 Ju ly. O R AY .CO TO SA M AT UR D NDIF M LISTEN A DIO SHOW S NLINE AT BO R O N NAT IO DI F M 88.0 OR AU ON BON THEVEN CARINE Y B IC P


SYDNEY INTERNATIONAL FIFA FAN FAIL! “The Sydney International FIFA Fan Fest™ is the place to experience all the excitement of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™.” Th is is a direct quote from the website that promotes what is supposedly a great place to watch the World Cup – if not the place. Only four other cities in the world are host ing such an event. The point of this? For football fans to unite and enjoy the tournament that boasts a prize of the most coveted trophy in the world. A venue to provide screens big enough for people of all ages, all walks of life to be connected by the international language of football. That is the whole idea of this $7 million project. Instead, it is an abysmal, blatant money making circus with a transparent agenda of pillaging bandwagon jumpers who know nothing of football. The st inking website waxes lyrical of being all about the football, yet will mention at any given opportunity that official merchandise is available on site as well as extortionately priced low-st rength beer and food that is sure to induce violent illness. I went down to this atrocious event at 3am last Monday to watch Aust ralia’s fi rst game (stay tuned for an entirely separate rant on Pim Verfuckwitt) only to find that they had stopped letting people into the venue. I was st unned. Darling Harbour on any given year will reach a capacity of close to 200,000 people on New Year’s Eve. The exceptional folk who organised this joke of an event thought they would not only cordon off an area, but they would also limit capacity to 20,000 people. Now, I didn’t do math at school, but even I know that 20,000 is but a tiny fract ion of what the area can sustain. These muppets are entirely missing the point. You don’t EVER turn football fans away during a World Cup to watch an inch of a screen from miles back in two degrees cold! The place was set up like a fest ival, swarming with security guards who weren’t afraid to use force on those diehard fans trying to get into a free event. The whole operation defied what this special moment that only comes around every four years is all about. Th is is the time when people are friendly on public transport. Th is is when you talk football to people in the office you don’t normally like. Th is is a time for family members and friends to be closer and embrace in the warmth that is the football World Cup! SUZI KHAFAGI 36 3DWORLD

WHAT INSPIRED YOUR DJ NAME? Talking to Stu from Coupons one night, thinking of a DJ name for me, but then I was reading an article online and “circumstances” was a word in that article. It’s a lame story!

WHAT’S THE WEIRDEST THING YOU’VE SEEN IN A NIGHTCLUB? My mate put his head through a wall. Never laughed so much in my life! WHAT’S THE WORST BOOTLEG YOU’VE EVER HEARD? Kanye West rapping over H,B,F,S by Daft Punk. What was he thinking!

IN A NUTSHELL, DESCRIBE WHAT YOU PLAY? Dirty, grungy, distorted elect ro, but then sometimes easy elect ro. WHAT TRACK TURNS YOU ON RIGHT NOW? Haezer’s Dominator, Redial’s remix of Cullens Easily Impressed & Modern Eyes War.


WHAT MADE YOU START DJING? Audiokrunk (Ash) has been DJing for ages and he got me into it. Th rew a few tracks on at a party once and frothed!

THE MOST IDIOTIC REQUEST YOU’VE HAD AS A DJ? My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. Felt like throwing my headphones at her. I couldn’t believe it!

WHERE & WHEN: BLURRED! @ Plantation Nightclub Friday 25 June

KLUTE CHINESE LAUNDRY: 11.06.10 Week two of the busiest month of drum’n’bass in Sydney in a long, long time continued the quality, with Klute (everyone’s favourite ranga) returning to Chinese Laundry for the fi rst time in a few years, marking a resurrect ion of drum’n’bass Fridays at the Laundry. And what a comeback it was. Morphee & Vesper rolled out the party jams from 10pm, keeping the energy at just the right level for the evening’s guest with tunes from the likes of State Of Mind, High Contrast and Omni Trio. Klute took his cue from Morphee & Vesper’s last track – the excellent Barracuda by MIST – st arting off with some lush, deep liquid rollers occasionally punctuated by a cut-up jungle rhythm or st ripped back techy cut. Nymfo’s Bionic Fingers marked a shift in intensity about half an hour in, with the tunes heading towards rolling tech-step and neuro territory, characterised by deep sub bass, weird technoid sounds and clangy percussion. And it only got heavier from there. Tunes by Spor, Silent Witness and Break all reared their heads as Klute tore out the arse end of the Cave with some proper heaviness. Fresh from supporting London Elektricity, Linken & Vertigo nailed another closing set with the kind of ease that is going to earn them the

same kind of respect afforded to local legends like Ritual and Shuey in the coming years. Continuing the dark, techy vibes, and of course dropping the now customary minimum of one Spect raSoul tune per set, the duo kept steppers and d’n’b newbies alike raving till close. ANDREW WOWK

BEATPORT CHART 1. Tarantula PLEASUREKRAFT 2. Phuture (Joris Voorn Remix) HARRY CHOO CHOO ROMERO 3. One Night In Havana DJ CHUS, GONZALEZ & GONZALO 4. Apes From Space (Dirtyloud Remix) AAREN SAN 5. Is Mine JAY LUMEN 6. Devil Walking MARK KNIGHT 7. Rock The Disco (David Guetta Remix) ROBBIE RIVERA 8. Air Breaks KOEN GROENEVELD 9. Teenage Crime (Axwell & Henrik B Remode) ADRIAN LUX 10. My Feelings For You AVIICI & SEBASTIEN DRUMS

seeN, not herd. Sick of ‘death by dull’? It’s time to step up. Introducing Rukus by Toyota. Neck-snapping looks, spine-tingling 2.4L VVT-i engine and enough space to start a Rukus of your own. It’s a combo that won’t just tame the urban jungle, but devour it. Unleash Rukus on the streets. Visit

Valid: 7532 RU08169/SP/L


THE X FACTOR Reality TV is a cruel mist ress. Like an addict ion to cosmetic surgery, you think it’s going to improve your life, but in the end you just end up looking like an idiot. That’s why The X Factor tryouts seem like such a terrible idea. The public’s waning interest in watching reality TV has in no way impacted on the public’s desire to appear on reality TV. So the line for X Factor tryouts was full of what the people who act ually produce reality TV call “D4s”. The D stands for Delusional and the 4 represents the most serious delusions. These are the people whose only talent is their ability to stand in lines for hours in order to be publicly humiliated. I got sent along to the tryouts and I admit, when I saw length of the line and how slowly it was moving, I was horrified. I soon realised that the X Factor line was intersect ing with three or four different lines for other reality show tryouts. Once I established which was the line for the cooking show, the dancing show and The X Factor, I took my place. After an hour of standing around I realised that, even if I did happen to have The X Factor, I’d have a hard time bringing it after basically lying on a footpath like a piece of shit all day. Basically the whole process sucks and seems designed to break your spirit before you go inside to have your spirit broken again, on camera. By professional spirit-breakers. The line is the tenderising process. And it works. At least it worked on me. A lot of the talentless D4s around me, however, seemed blissfully unaware of how demeaning this whole thing was. I decided these schleps probably spend most of their spare time in lines like these. Good luck to them. I thought the whole thing was menopausal. But I am a professional. So I hung around at this BO fest ival, patiently waiting my turn. What happened next? Should you watch the show to find out? Um… probably best to just read my article here next week for the unvarnished truth about my X Factor tryout. You know how those reality shows spin st uff… DAVE JORY 38 3DWORLD

GIVEAWAY It’s been 15 years since Woody and Buzz first took to cinema screens in Toy Story, resulting in not only a generation of kids quoting “To infinity… and beyond!”, but a massive change to the medium of animation as we know it. Now, 12 years after the sequel, Toy Story 3 hits cinemas on 24 June, in 3D, and we’re not going to hold back from saying it’s the best of the three. Thanks to IMAX Darling Harbour, we’ve got three in-season double passes to Toy Story 3 to give away. For your chance to win one email with ‘TOY STORY 3’ in the subject line.



MARK MURPHY WHERE & WHEN: Jack at Oxford Hotel Friday 25 June


(Jus Born Records), 1984. It sounded like nothing else out there at the time. A mixture of elect ro/disco and house. The vocals are just fi lthy. A dancefloor masterclass.


(Trax Records), 1987. It was fi rst released by Jamie Principle in the early ‘80s and Knuckles reworked it into the absolute classic as it stands now. It’s just a beautiful end of night anthem that st ill works today.


(Trax Records), 1986. Apparently it was the fi rst house track to use a piano. Just an anthemic gem which was a prototype for house music everywhere. I can st ill remember dancing to this back in the day.

DANCE MUSIC HUB 1. Kids (Original Extended) ROBOKIDS 2. What Is Love 2K9 (Bodybangers Remix) KLAAS MEETS HADDAWAY 3. Music Sounds Better With You (Minist ry Of Funk WMC Extended) OLI VIBES 4. TNT DELGARDO FEAT GIGAHERZZ 5. Old Sunshine TIM GREEN 6. Devil Walking MARK KNIGHT 7. Come On Let’s Go (PH Elect ro Remix) SIDNEY SAMSON FEAT LADY BEE & BIZZEY 8. She’s A Nympho (Max Farenthide Club Mix) BERNASCONI & FARENTHIDE 9. Tarantula PLEASUREKRAFT 10. Insomnia (Chris Crime Infinity Remix) MIKE CANDY’S & JACK HOLIDAY






And a movie to wind down with after the big game? INVICTUS CLINT EASTWOOD (DIRECTOR) 2009 In which a black president asks a white football player to win the World Cup to help unite a divided nation. Aust ralia has a long way to go…



WEDNESDAY BEACH RD HOTEL The Filth presents Sideshow: MIDNIGHT YOUTH + MEOW KAPOW. Doors 8pm. Free. THE EASTERN, BONDI John Glover, Tenzin, Here’s Trouble, Cassian, U-Go-B, Steve Frank, Mistah Cee, Kavi-R. Doors 8pm. $10 after 9pm.

THURSDAY BEACH RD HOTEL Local Swell: MOJADA. Doors 8pm. Free. CRUISE BAR Salsa on the Rocks: Dwight Chocolate Escobar. Doors 8.30pm. Free. NORTHIES CRONULLA Arcade Thursdayz: Tobi V (LIVE), Matt Rossi. Doors 7pm. Free. OXFORD ART FACTORY, GALLERY Shakin’ Howls. Doors 8pm. Free. OXFORD ART FACTORY, LIVE ART SPACE Bird Automatic. Doors 8pm. $10. THE ALBION Gasworks: DJ Fresh and guests. Doors 9pm. Free. RICHARD IN YOUR MIND

SAPPHIRE Fridays: Arrnott Olssen + Resident DJ’s Kate Monroe, Chiller, Miss Match and Dave 54. Free. THE ALBION Gasworks: Nobby Grooves and DJ Karey. Doors 9pm. $10 THE COLLINGWOOD HOTEL Fridays on Fire: Asado, K-Note, the Fuego Band and Empress MC. Doors 9pm. $15. THE EASTERN, BONDI Circus: Mistah Cee, John Glover, Steve Frank, Bondi House DJ’s. Doors 8pm. $10 after 11pm. THE GLADSTONE HOTEL Purple Sneakers Official Cloud Control After Party: Richard In Your Mind DJs, Toki Doki, Chicks Who Love Guns DJs, Kill The Landlord, Kitty Munroe, Praline & Dick. Doors 7pm. $12. THE MARBOROUGH HOTEL Endless Summer Beach: Live band on ground floor, DJ’s on level one. Free. THE OXFORD HOTEL Jack on Fridays: DJs Mark Murphy and MadgaB. Doors 9pm. Free. THE WATERSHED Warped Retro: old skool night. Free.


FRIDAY BEACH RD HOTEL Dust Tones: The Nomad (NZ) with Oakley Grenell (NZ) & MC Rayjah45, DJ Abilitym Gabriel Clouston. Doors 8pm. CANDY’S APARTMENT Liquid Sky: LAZRtag (LA) Starfucker DJ’s, Vengeance, Moonchild, Itchy & Scratchy, Lights Out! SMS, SlipperyWhenWet, Tongue in Cheek, Show us it, the Multipliers. Live bands: Three Stripe Avenue, A message from the Sun, Emerald Street. Doors 8pm. $15. COHIBAR DJs from 5pm. Free. CRUISE BAR Johnny Vinyl + Strike. Doors 8pm. Free. JACKSONS ON GEORGE Four floors of entertainment and DJ’s. Doors 9pm. Free. KIT & KABOODLE Gameboy Fridays: The Gameboys, Free Swedes, NAD. Doors 10pm. $10. OATLEY HOTEL DJ Tone. Doors 8pm. Free. OPERA BAR After Work Session: Vermouth feat members of La Fiesta and Martini Club. Doors 5pm. Free. OPERA BAR, SWAT Live: SWAT DJ crew plus liveMusicians. Doors 8.30pm. Free. OXFORD ART FACTORY, GALLERY BhangLassi & Theodore. Doors 7pm. Free. OXFORD ART FACTORY, LIVE ART SPACE Hell City Glamours. Doors 8pm. $18.90 presale. PHOENIX BAR Void – UK Bass Special #2: Farj, Crooked Sound System, Swindle , Preecha, James Daak, Mark Pritchard. Doors 10pm. $10. Q BAR + 34B Sosueme’s 3rd Bday: Sosueme Allstars, We Go Bang Bang, Tin Can Radio, Sosueme DJs, Falcona Djs, Murray Lake, DJ sets from;Bluejuice, The Holidays, Bridezilla, The Protectors, The vines, Howling Bells, LITK. Doors 8pm. $10-$15.


BEACH RD HOTEL Rex Bar: DJ Mickey Morphingaz. Doors 9pm. Free. CANDY’S APARTMENT Ritual: Bloody Disco, Down ‘n’ Dirty, Jackpop, Teez, Digital Mayhem, Suda, Matthew Brunton, Suda. Doors 8pm. $20. CHINESE LAUNDRY Erphun (USA). Doors 9pm. $15-$20. COHIBAR DJs from 9pm. Free. CRUISE BAR Casa + Simon Neal (UK). Doors 8pm. Free. FAVELA Musik Matters: Ben Morris, Matt Cahill, Ryan Bond, Danny Lang, Emme, Jack Sword, Frankie Romano, Phil Hudson, Saywhut, Caz. Doors 8pm. HOTEL CHAMBERS Red Room: Old skool, nusoul and RnB Supermassive Deluxxe feat DJ Kitsch. Doors 8pm. $20. JACKSONS ON GEORGE DJs Lenno and Aladdin Royaal plus guests. Doors 9pm. Free. NORTHIES CRONULLA Khyle Frost (LIVE), DJ Ryzie Ry. Doors 6.30pm. Free. OPERA BAR Soulful House. Doors 8.30pm. Free. OXFORD ART FACTORY, GALLERY Betty Airs, The Jewel and the Falcon. Doors 8pm. Free. TIMMY TRUMPET

THE ALBION Gasworks: DJs Charlie and Jorgie Jay. Doors 9pm. $10 THE ANNANDALE HOTEL Wild Colonial Album Launch: Ozi Batla, The Last Kinection & The Tongue. $25. THE BELVEDERE HOTEL Greg Lines: Live acoustic sets from 8pm till 11pm. Free THE MARBOROUGH HOTEL Funkstar: Live band on ground floor, DJ’s on level one. Free. THE WATERSHED Sky Bar: DJ’s from 10pm. Free. PLANTATION Disconnected: Robert Hood, Ben Dunlop, Defined by Rhythm, Dopamine. $25

SUNDAY BEACH RD HOTEL Bondi Cultura: Samba Friends. Doors 6pm. Free. COHIBAR DJs from 6pm. Free. HOME TERRACE Spice: Simon Caldwell, Sweatshop Boys, Murat Kilic and YokoO. Doors 5am. NORTHIES CRONULLA Sunday Sets: Dave White Duo (LIVE), DJ Danny Simms, DJ Matt Rossi, Timmy Trumpet. Doors 2pm. Free. OATLEY HOTEL Sunday Sessions: DJ tone and friends. Doors 7pm. Free. THE ALBION Sundayze with Fresh: Jorgie and Adrian. Doors 6pm. Free. THE BELVEDERE HOTEL Mission Jones: FUNK, Soul, Jazz from 5pm till 8pm. THE WATERSHED DJs from 3-6pm. Free.




1. Hammerhead EP LEFT 2. Neeve’s For None EP WORST FRIENDS 3. Let’s Get Lost Volume 2 KZA 4. Out of Bounds EP TIGER & WOODS 5. Disco Deviance 14 THE REVENGE 6. This Is Happening LCD SOUNDSYSTEM 7. Scion A/V Remixes THE JUAN MACLEAN 8. The Other Man EP MICHA KLANG 9. Ol’ Dirty Vinyl MOODYMANN 10. More! BOOKA SHADE

In case you are not aware, the US is currently experiencing its worst oil spill in history – now known as the Deepwater Horizon spill. Right-wing nuts are trying to blame Barack Obama, centralists are trying to blame anyone but Obama and left wingers are trying to blame a CIA plot. Everyone’s finger-pointing and the world’s media and the net’s bloggers are watching the BP-made disaster’s big players’ every move. So, y’know, there are a few things these players should avoid doing when they really should be appearing to be concerned about this man-made fuck-up: 1. DON’T EAT THE CAVIAR Babow. In the weeks following the beginnings of the spill, US president Obama went on a fundraising blitz for a SF senator that included a $34,000-per-head dinner that had caviar on the menu. Ummm, the spill has hit Gulf Of Mexico working class fishing communities hard. If you’re gonna eat seafood at a time like this make it something from the affected area… and deep fry the bejeezus out of it. 2. DON’T GO YACHTING No one thought of telling BP CEO Tony Hayward that attending a yacht race on the weekend might not seem like the best idea. No amount of, “He’s spending a few hours with his family. I’m sure that everyone would understand that,” is going to pretty up this lapse in judgement. Hayward, your company is seen as stopping working class men from getting in their barely-seaworthy boats to make a living while you slowly get around to paying them compensation. But there you are gallivanting in oceans unsullied by BP, rubbing shoulder pads with the world’s yachting elite. DO THE MATH! 3. DON’T CHANT OUT LOUD The same conservative Republicans who are condemning Obama for ‘allowing’ this spill to happen because he didn’t act fast enough on elect ion promises to cut back offshore drilling are the same ones who supported VP wannabe Sarah Palin’s followers call for MORE offshore drilling, including opening up Arct ic wildlife refuges for drilling. Maybe next elect ion they’ll remember not to be fi lmed by news media around the globe chanting, “DRILL, BABY, DRILL.”



SWEATSHOP BOYS WHERE & WHEN: Spice at Home Terrace Sunday 27 June

@DIPLO im watchin the NbA finals in russian with a bunch of naked 80 yr old Korean dudes in a 168 degree sauna 41 minutes ago via web when did micheal rappaport play for the celtics? about 1 hour ago via web


i love to get demo emails that title “new hit song of the year” about 20 hours ago via web

(F Communications), 2000. For being the song of an Ibiza trip a couple of years ago and for Mr Garnier’s 25 minute rendition at Stereosonic last year.

shit... dropped a followee// i need to get back to 666.. who should I follow? about 21 hours ago via web in tokyo .. dunno why about 21 hours ago via web Just foresquared my ass @costco.. Th is place is way more hood then I remember 3:46 PM Jun 15th via UberTwitter oh shit.. w.t.f. am i doin sittin on this bench.. im supposed to go to korea..... 11:18 AM Jun 15th via web i think i can feel my laptop givin me prostate cancer 10:49 AM Jun 15th via web The dude @Borgore tried to use a clarinet in this drumstep track and the computer spit it out and crashed 9:12 PM Jun 14th via UberTwitter I’m startin an emo dubstep folk band called jilted rubber 10:40 AM Jun 14th via UberTwitter



(20:20 Vision), 2006. Ahh, one of the fi rst vinyls I ever bought, st ill love this track today for the same reason that I originally did – its originality and how fun it was to try and sing and explain this song to someone who hadn’t heard it.


(Phonetic Recordings), 2004. “Where is my wife?” ha ha – this was one of the few vinyls a mate’s older brother had, fi rst time I touched a set of decks.


Aust ralia was fi rst on the “WTF’s with Whitney” bandwagon. It all started with that Brisbane gig which was meant to be out-of-the-way enough for Ms Houston to treat as a dress rehearsal for her live comeback proper at home in the US later in the year. Reviews were savage, reporting the diva to be out of breath, disoriented and st ruggling to hit the requisite notes. The rest of her Aust ralian tour was a PR disaster – once the Murdoch press smelled blood they circled for the kill: papz shots of shattered Houston backstage; tales of punters wanting money back and talk of the tour being a financial disaster. For a while, though, diehard fans tried to overlook stories of, or their own experience of, how Houston relied on her backing singers to save her ass on her anthems in concert. In the Mrs Brown days she got away with that kind of behaviour in backwaters like ours. But during the time she spent on hiatus (ummm… yeah, that’s an attempt to be polite) the internet came along. What happens in Bris Vegas no longer stays in Bris Vegas. A bad review no longer disappears the day after it’s folded into gak wraps. It hangs in cyberspace… linked to Facebook pages, re-tweeted, emailed to BlackBerries and made the basis of comical iPhone apps – there is probably even someone out there with a ringtone of Houston’s onstage coughing fit from the Brisbane show. But that’s not news. Nor is it news that her attempt to make the Down Under debacle seem nothing more than a bad hallucination by playing in the UK was misguided. (The Guardian described

her as “wheezing and grating” in Birmingham, then blaming the air-con for voice problems in London and eventually just ditching the troublesome Greatest Love Of All from her tour set.) Now her gigs are international train-wreck mythology. It’s almost as if people are snapping up tickets just so they can have a guilt-free night of heckling; so, the boss chewed you out for being late – go scream abuse at the woman who has never had to be on time in her life… and yet she got to smoke her millions away. “Get orf st age, ya minger!” Cathartic, isn’t it. Well, the news is, it was recently Denmark’s turn. Perhaps it was all that pent-up anger the Danes were experiencing after host ing this year’s Eurovision, only to have their dreams of back-to-back wins dashed by that (a)cute(ly) self-aware German waif. So they were in no mood for Houston shenanigans. At the last count, according to the LA Times, “a couple of hundred” ticket holders walked out of a Copenhagen show. Well, that made them feel better about losing Eurovision. But what about those pre-World Cup jitters? Houston was just asking for that ‘zero st ar’ review in Berlingske Tidende, Denmark’s oldest newspaper (and one of the top three market leaders according to their Google-translated website). The same review added, “She looked and sounded like a person who doesn’t have many years to live.” Now that’s a world tour: Brisbane, Birmingham, Copenhagen, Forest Lawn Cemetary.


YOUTUBE OF THE WEEK The story behind the clip for Down By The River – the fi rst taste of the forthcoming Bliss N Eso album Running On Air – is as interest ing as the track itself. The exact details are sketchy but we know a Victorian hinterland mansion, American BMX champions and rifle shooting in Bumfuck USA are involved…

MY BAD FAGGOTINO OK. I’m totally gay. But, I’m not as faggy as some. When I came out to my mum six years ago, the fi rst thing she said was, “As long as you’re safe.” Then she added, “You’re not going to change the way you speak are you?” I was hoping not. And no, I didn’t. Then after my “coming out” convo, Mum said to me, “Darling, what’s the difference between a queen, fag, poof, or gay?” I really didn’t know the answer then. But, after what I just experienced, I think I know. I was invited to the opening of a new shopping complex, which was like a blacked out West field. Yes, black. Literally, everything was, er… black. Its called MidCity. When we arrived, we were led down a black carpet and pushed into the food hall area with black curtains covering up the Oporto and KFC logos. Probably the most random thing is that they flew Nicole Richie in to open the place. Yes, Nicole fucking Richie. Her dad was famous for dancing on the ceiling. She is famous for wearing denim overalls and shoving her arm down a cow’s ass with Paris Hilton. All she had to do was walk in, say a few words, and talk about her favourite Aust ralian designers, who are – surprise, surprise – “Ksubi and Sass & Bide”. Please, what has changed in ten years? Weren’t they our hottest exports in 2000? BORING! Our fashion PRs have some work to do. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the fags. It’s quite embarrassing watching these guys trying to get noticed by hanging onto bloggers, journalists and social wannabes with their Vidal Sassoon helmets. It makes me feel sick to fuck guys, ya know? Fuck, sometimes I just wanna smash their faces in with my champagne glass. Or just give ‘em a good slap. Is that bad? I’m so not a fag. Oh, shit, maybe I am. But, I’m not a faggy faggot. I’m just totally gay. Faggot. It’s almost like maggot. Clinging onto anything that’s famous and screaming at each other in Kath & Kim voices. Drinking all the free champagne and trying to get their pics taken with Nicole Richie, who was desperately trying to avoid them. Every time they asked for a pic with her she would say: “How bout I just take a pict ure of you instead?” That was pretty cool to watch. They, of course, didn’t say anything in return and just smiled for the camera. Their own camera. After all that wanking off. My partner, who’s the st raightest gay man in Sydney, looked at me and rolled his eyes. That was our cue to exit stage left and go get a kebab. ROO

TUBETIME The incredible world of television with 5SPROCKET

Dog Squad (Channel 7) is a New Zealandbased reality TV show about dogs on the police force. I came out of this program disappointed - it wasn’t the team of high tech super-intelligent canines I was expecting. The dogs seemed disinterested in solving crime. They have had the motivation to make it through first year of dog cop academy, but have since become complacent. None of the dogs discovered clues, developed criminal profiles, or even shook hands. The show could very easily be improved by: 1. Having more dog close ups. 2. Having more dogs, in different varieties (such as cool, fat, ethnic minority). 3. Give the dogs weapons. 4. Have subtitles so we can see the dog’s thoughts - or if the budget can stretch digitally manipulate their mouths so it looks like they’re talking. We have the technology. 5. Dogs walking on their hind legs pretending to be people. Instead of watching the similarly themed alternative Send In The Dogs (Channel 9), I will give it time to develop into the show of my fantasies, which includes intense chase sequences, dogs driving cars, dogs on two way radios and frequent puns about being a dog cop, such as ‘throw me a bone’ or ‘I’m just a dogtect ive’. Have you ever wanted to know how the magician made the toothpick disappear? Neither have I. Secrets Of The Magicians Code (Channel 7) is a program that continues to marginalise magic by demonstrating its extreme st upidity. The greatest mystery about magic is how anyone could possibly make a living out of wearing a gimp mask and putting women in a box. “Here’s a trick to impress your friends with,” says the voice over, speaking direct ly to the lone six-year-old boy who will throw away his future to become a failed magician/ person, becoming a point of ridicule within his extended network of friends and family. Remember kids, magician is not a profession, it’s a reason for divorce. Commercial of the week: ‘BEADOS’ Colour and Create Studio - a shortcut to popularity and acceptance for any bullied seven-year-old girl. Cool kids (identified by sunglasses) make bead versions of simplist ic animal images in less than three hours! How could your social abusers resist the charms of a bead-lion or a bead-hat? 44 3DWORLD


TOY STORY 3 Pixar continue their unbroken run of smash hits with Toy Story 3. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since the original Toy Story introduced us to Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), but Toy Story 3 embraces this by growing older alongside the fans – Buzz and Woody’s owner Andy is about to head off to college and hasn’t played with his beloved toys for years, but reluctant to throw them away, he packs them in the attic. However, his mother throws them out by mistake. The two toys, along with their stalwart mates like Jessie (Joan Cusack), Rex, Hamm, Slink and even a rogue Barbie doll find themselves donated to the Sunnyside daycare centre, where the toys are presided over by Lots-O-Huggin Bear (Ned Beatty). But there’s a sinister side to this place where toys get played with daily – and our heroes’ tale is about to get a little dark as they realise their days may be numbered. The CG, voice cast and plot are absolutely top-notch here, and the script by Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine) succeeds remarkably

well in delivering a cascade of poignant emotional beats. Th is isn’t just a story about toys. As the toys seek a scenario where they’ll be played with day after day, rather than be content to be banished to the oblivion of the attic, they’re tapping into our fear of mortality, our wish to live on – all of which makes a little vinyl cowboy and plast ic space ranger very human, very relatable charact ers. It’s a remarkable achievement, and a pitch-perfect cap on the trilogy. Let’s hope they have the good grace to leave things here. WHEN: Screening in cinemas 24 June


LEGION Dear oh dear. Angels with guns and awesome big spiky weapons ought to be super-cool, but sadly, Legion doesn’t quite deliver the goods. The action takes place in some shitheel, backof-beyond American roadhouse in the Mojave desert, run by Bob (Dennis Quaid), and staffed by his son Jeep (Lucas Black) and pregnant waitress Charlie (Adrianne Palicki). Archangel-with-aconscience Michael (Paul Bettany) shows up with some news: God has finally had it with Mankind and is sending the rest of his angels to eliminate every man, woman and child on the planet. Michael reckons this is a tad Old Testament in its extremity and

has decided he knows better than the Big Fella, so he’s come to protect Charlie’s unborn baby (surprise surprise), the saviour of humanity. Much fighting ensues. Th is is all tremendously silly st uff but it’s not helped by a lack of internal logic, and a script larded with cliché. Effects-wise, writer/director Scott Stewart is an old visual effects hand, so as you’d expect, things on this front are solid and occasionally impress. Quaid struggles along with what he’s got, but it’s fantastically difficult to get invested in any of the other characters st randed in the roadhouse, a select ion of two-dimensional cannon fodder who richly deserve everything they get. As the Archangel Gabriel, wonderful character actor Kevin Durand is batting well below his average here. Legion is just a case of nothing new, nothing original, nothing spectacular. WHEN: Screening in cinemas now



LOMO SPINNER 360° Not so long ago in a galaxy much like this one, amateur photography was a far more hit-andmiss affair. The digital era means that anyone with a $250 budget and a reasonably keen eye can capture a moment, and if you don’t capture it first time round you can try, try, and try again until the moment is saved to perfect ion. But for the point-and-shoot hobbyist those holiday happy snaps/social photos used to be a far more random affair, and you never really knew what you were going to get until the developed photos came back from the lab. The Lomo Spinner 360° takes that old-skool randomness and ramps it up a notch. It’s the latest addition to a long and decorated line of “toy” cameras from an Aust rian company which has taken its name and inspiration from a device originally designed by Russian Professor Radionov for use during the Cold War. Originally built for use by Russian spies, its image quality, shape and size was deemed unsuitable for its initial purpose, but the slightly distorted photographs it took caught the interest of Aust rian art st udents Wolfgang Stranzinger and Matthias Fiegl in the 90s and a company was born. Espousing a “shoot from the hip” ethos, the Lomo brand has a dedicated legion of hobbyist and professional photographer followers, with the Supersampler (which exposes four separate horizontal images onto a standard photograph using four lenses shooting milliseconds apart) and Act ionsampler (which uses the same principle but with lenses in a square formation) probably the most recognised products of an evergrowing range. The Spinner 360° is more pull-and-shoot than point-and-shoot. Utilising standard 135 roll fi lm exposed through a 25mm lens, the lack of a viewfinder means you really have to trust your inst incts when lining up a shot. And rather than working at the push of a button, the Spinner 360° requires you to line up a target, pull a drawst ring back a little under a foot, and pray you’ve nailed your target as the

camera body spins in a complete circle and exposes between four and five standard frames at a time (you’ll get around eight shots on a standard 36 shot roll of fi lm), fi lling the whole width of a 35mm fi lm roll – sprocket holes included. If your hand is steady enough it’s possible to capture the perfect panorama, with two aperture settings giving you the option of shooting under perfect sunlight or overcast conditions. As far as pract ical applications go, this would be the perfect way to shoot that interest ing band bio shoot you’ve always dreamt of, particularly if your band has a line-up of a sizeable nature. But from an artist ic viewpoint the possibilities are almost endless, const rained only by how quickly you can move your camera hand any which way as the Spinner does its approximately half-second revolution. Although it seems at times to fall just short of the full circle spin its name implies, the Lomo Spinner 360° is yet another successful addition to the brand’s esteemed product line – and despite its affordable $220 price tag, in the right hands it’s much more than just a toy. Product supplied by Lomography Aust ralia/NZ.


SOUNDADVICE Gear reviews with DAVE DRI


VUVUZELA VIDEO REMIXING While South Africa is busy getting their plast ic horn on, the rest of the world has responded with a flurry of fi ltering techniques to keep the vuvu drones from our ears... BUZZKILL Audio nerds the world over must love soccer, because there’s been a huge outpouring online of ways to fi lter out the drone. Create Digital Music have done a pretty great round-up of these (, tackling everything from EQing with onscreen TV controls (get rid of 233, 466, 932 and 1864 HZ if you can), free VST plug-ins for Mac and PC, acoust ic engineers explaining the science of why vuvuzelas are annoying (I act ually enjoy the medieval carnival/ sacrifice kinda vibe they add), vuvuzela orchest ra (yes, really), vuvuzela radio (uhuh), and how to re-route audio signals using JACK or Soundflower into another application that has better audio fi ltering and VST capacities. AUDIO RE-ROUTING Wormhole2 ( – allows routing of audio between machines on a network. Now you can make use of all the processing power in your st udio. For example; set aside a machine for complex inst ruments or eff ect s, route audio out to it, then back into your favorite DAW. Or route audio between your PCs and Macs to get the best of both worlds. Or share audio between laptops on st age. Soundflower ( – a Mac OS X (10.2 and later) syst em extension that allows applications to pass audio to other applications. Soundflower is easy to use – it simply presents itself as an audio device, allowing any audio application to send and receive audio with no other support needed. Soundfl ower is free, opensource, and runs on Mac Intel and PC computers. Is often used for podcast ing to combine two diff erent audio st reams, or to combine/skip interview voices etc. Jack (the Jack Audio Connect ion, – a low-latency audio server, written originally for the GNU/Linux operating syst em, and now with Mac OS X support. It can connect any number of diff erent applications to a single hardware audio device; it also allows applications to send and receive audio to and from each other. Jack is diff erent from other audio server efforts in that it has been designed from the ground up to be suitable for professional audio work. Th is means that it focuses on two key areas: synchronous execution of all clients, and low latency operation. 46 3DWORLD


Headphones are in the class of microphones, monitor speakers and fi rst dates – difficult to compare, easy to spend hours st ressing about, and easy to settle with second best. Thankfully, the years have pushed forward some st rong contenders and manufact urers like Pioneer and Sennheiser have been championed in the DJ and st udio arena where the mix of cost, performance, reliability and comfort changes for specific needs. Two great examples of this are the Sennheiser HD 202 for the sub-$100 niche, and the classic and robust Sony HDJ-1000 in the mid-$200 range. SENNHEISER HD 202 The Sennheiser range has long been a favourite of DJs and producers, having crossed over from the audiophile market with a killer range of releases including the HD 202. The closed back design fits lightly and securely, although the adjustable earpiece allows for one-ear wear during monitoring or an onstage chat with an overly st imulated fan. The light const ruct ion may pose an issue, but the sheer number of these units seeing daily service in st udios and weekly service on stages in live act and DJ rigs, indicates that the simple build belies a clever use of high quality materials. The act ual sound quality is worthy of the Sennheiser logo, and deceives the low price for a dynamic presence that makes the overhyped competition seem poor by comparison. The HD 202s may suffer only in that the balanced audio quality, and certainly the attention to the even dynamic response may find competition in an overenthusiast ic monitor, causing the overall volume to draw up in compensation. Likewise, the comfortable fit attenuates a fair amount of external sound sources, but the level of bleed will be a contributing factor for those living more in the DJ booths and less in the home st udio environment. For the price, however, there is little to no competition for sheer audio quality.

PIONEER HDJ-1000 No st ranger to the DJ, the Pioneer HDJ-1000 is built like a tank, even if it can also sound like one. The fans of these cans are feverish in their passion for the hyped bass, the incredible volume that they can be pushed to, and the invincible build. More than a few touring acts are holding veteran HDJs together with gaffer tape and perspiration. Not that you need to worry, unless your passport and fl ightcases are equally as beaten around. For the working DJ, the HDJs will be an investment for years to come, with a comfortable configuration of swivels for any number of monitoring positions, sweatresistant pads, and a space-saving foldaway design. The trade-off here is that the tough build does come at the cost of balanced audio quality. These are not audiophile cans, with the boosted bass allowing for better monitoring in high-SPL DJ booths, and the slightly muted dynamics to protect your ears while monitoring at inevitable high volumes. Having said that, these are intended design features that excel in the club, but one would certainly have another set of phones for home listening or those long fl ights to headline at Ibiza. IN COMPARISON Given nearly $200 of difference here, and the different niche markets, there is no direct comparison between the HDJ-1000 and HD 202. Instead, they should serve as an exciting reminder of how far DJ culture has come. The HDJ-1000 is a perfect example of a solution for high volume, frequent use monitoring – with an emphasis on performance and less on music appreciation. The HD 202, at the other extreme, couples affordability with audio quality, and while it can certainly excel on stage or in the booth, it’s native environment is the home st udio, the infrequent club show or the third day of that week-long psy-trance rave that you hope no-one at work sees the Facebook photos of. The other benefit, there, is that you’re only out $60 if you lose them somewhere in the forest. Gear for review supplied by Lightsounds.






It’s been said that many male designers seem to make clothes with young boys in mind – and with the chestless, fleshless models they tend to send down the runways, it doesn’t seem too far off the mark. However, Alexander Wang seems to take it a step further with his womenswear being described as masculine. Really, you’d call his “fall” 2010 line masculine?

CONVERSE The Star Player


Home to 20 of Australia’s best fashion talents including Willow, Alannah Hill, etc (And yeah, there’s Sass & Bide and Ksubi too. Don’t panic!). The Intersection Paddington is Australia’s number one destination for cuttingedge designers when looking for that must-have item. With the launch of The Intersection’s trend blog (, fashionistas can now stay in bed for daily updates on the latest stock drops in store, international style tips and tricks as well as designer and stylist advice. The blog also reveals who has been shopping at The Intersection but unfortunately doesn’t give you CCTC access to who has attempted to shoplift there. Those responsible for the site are blogger Montarna McDonald and Life Without Andy photographer Mitchell Ross.



Nu + Nan Is the go-to quirky label for fashion junkies looking for edgy pieces that pack a punch. The store features Nu + Nan’s current winter collection along with the much loved denim line Fursome. Online store attractions include top-selling items, bargain buys and, for a limited time, free shipping throughout Australia.


SWEET HEART STOPPERS It’s enough to take Homer Simpson’s mind off past-its-use-by-date ham. Sweet Infinity offers a stylish selection of handmade cakes and pastries that glisten (mmm… glisten) behind their glass facades, stopping passing sugar addicts almost-dead in their tracks. Sweet Infinity at Woolloomooloo 53 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo 9331 2448 Sweet Infinity at The Strand Shop 18, Ground Floor, The Strand Arcade, 412-414 George Street, Sydney 9231 0472 sweetinfi


Okay, so we love Flux’s ‘Fucking skinny midnight stretch’. But we REALLY love the PR pick for the pants. Give us a sexy snail trail image and we’ll publish it any day. We are quite transparent like that.

THE FINAL RED BULL RECIPE. Taurine, glucuronolactone, caffeine, B vitamins, sucrose, phenylalanine and glucose.

RANDOM NOTES. We are told that Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world and no wonder when it goes so well with vodka. It’s great to drink at festivals too, as usually there are hordes of people lined up at the bars while the Red Bull kiosk queue is orderly and fast-moving because most punters rarely click you can get vodka with your Red Bull. Aaah – stupid punters. It also takes us back to bacchanalian days spent in Ibiza where they serve this drink in pitchers (warning: six pitchers between four folk can lead to forgetting to pay your bill – that was not a runner!).

DID YOU KNOW? Red Bull is supposedly based on an old Thai energy drink. It has been banned in France. Last year batches of Red Bull Cola were found to contain traces of cocaine.

V RECIPE. Taurine, carbonated water, sugar, guarana extract, caffeine, B vitamins, food acids and caramel colouring.

RANDOM NOTES. While Red Bull dominates the global market, V is the energy drink of choice in Australia and New Zealand. We discovered in the process of our energy drink research that it does mix well with Berocca. We were attempting to create the ultimate hangover cure and instead created the ultimate office odour – we had to clear the floor and take early lunchbreaks. The smell cleared mid-afternoon (or, at least, that’s the time we told our bosses it took).

DID YOU KNOW? V comes in berry and lemon flavours.

MONSTER RECIPE. Carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, taurine, sodium citrate, panax ginseng root extract, l-carnitine, caffeine, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, niacinamide, sodium chloride, glucuronolactone, inositol, guarana seed, pyridoxine hydrochloride, sucralose, riboflavin, maltodextrin, cyancobalamin.

RANDOM NOTES. Having only been around since 2002, we like how the logo has a werewolf vibe about it (hey, we liked werewolves before Twilight). Our laboratory tests revealed that Monster goes well with Red Rock’s Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar potato chips but not so well with sweet chilli-flavoured Grain Waves.

DID YOU KNOW? In 2009 the makers of Monster petitioned Rock Art brewery to stop using the name Vermonster on one of its beers. Luckily for the makes of the fi lm Monsters Inc, they got their fi lm out a year before Monster hit the marketplace. 52 3DWORLD







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ABSOLUTE VALUE! For Sale! Fantastic Sounding AKG K701 Headphones, Brand New with original packaging, manual and warranty card. Bought $900, will let go for $700. You don’t wanna miss this occasion, don’t you!? Email me on or just phone: 0449672435. First Come, First Serve! iFlogID: 5059

LITTLE MUSIC SHOP IN THE LANE Have YOU been to our shop. Sales / Repairs / Hire / Service / Rentals / Trade –Ins / Tuition. We also deal in Pre-Loved equipment. OPEN Monday to Saturday - MUSIC CAVERN - JOHN LANE , Beenleigh - 3807 5688 iFlogID: 5234

IMMORAL FASHION - Some of Australia’s best and cheapest alternative fashion and footwear for guys and gals. New Rock, Demonia, Funtasma, Tripp NYC, Alchemy Gothic, Beserk, PurPur, Dusk Moth and more... iFlogID: 5418

PA EQUIPMENT HEADROOM SOUND Using; P Audio, B & C, JBL and E.V. Top quality drivers in all our custom built bins. Top boxes, mids, subs, wedges to spec. This online pic is our new folded horn with one 18inch challenger, putting out 137db – 140+ when coupled. Call us for a free quote. 0414355763 iFlogID: 3098

MUSIC SERVICES BAND MERCHANDISE ON LINE BOOKING AGENCY Australia’s first online booking agency with a difference!!!! For Artists & Promoters iFlogID: 3466

BOOKING AGENTS CALLING ALL DJS & ARTISTS Are you a budding bedroom DJ busting to get your BIG break? Are you struggling to get work in this economic climate? Do you want to stand out? If you’re going to get the

attention of the media, labels, promoters, clubs, agents or just about anyone else in the music industry, you’re going to need a professional artist promotional pack. A promotional pack or website is your introduction to the world and these promotional tools should always put your BEST foot forward. Let’s face it... Times are tough these days and we know what it takes to get you noticed without having to spend a fortune. We can tailor a package deal that will help get you one step closer to your first gig or your next big step in the industry. For more information please contact us on +61 449 729 009 or email iFlogID: 5005

CALLING ALL DJS & PRODUCERS Are you a budding bedroom DJ busting to get your BIG break? Are you struggling to get work in this economic climate? Do you want to stand out? If you’re going to get the attention of the media, labels, promoters, clubs, agents or just about anyone else in the music industry, you’re going to need a professional artist promotional pack. A promotional pack or website is your introduction to the world and these promotional tools should always put your BEST foot forward. Let’s face it... Times are tough these days and we know what it takes to get you noticed without having to spend a fortune. We can tailor a package deal that will help get you one step closer to your first gig or your next big step in the industry. For more information please contact us on +61 449 729 009 or email iFlogID: 5008

EP RELEASE RAPPERS / MC’S / HIP HOPPERS Stately Manor Productions – Sydney’s newest Hip-Hop Production House are offering MC’s, Rappers and Hip Hop Artists recording, custom beats, songwriting, production, mixing and mastering to release quality at affordable prices. for details. iFlogID: 4510

HIRE SERVICES PA HIRE. COMPETATIVE RATES Expirienced operators will make your next event a success with professional quality sound production. Krank Music 0414 72 44 73 iFlogID: 2859

PA/OPERATOR FOR HIRE For as low as $100, you get a PA system with a sound mixer, complete with a human operator as well to set it up for you for the evening. You can play your own music through it, sing, talk, do a disco, small function, etc, etc, etc. Contact Chris 0419 272 196. iFlogID: 3721

MUSICIANS FOR FUNCTIONS/VENUES Are you thinking of hiring quality musicians that bring an audience ? Do you have a function/event and considering live entertainment ? For a limited period, we are offering a Venue Promotions Package featuring favourite entertainers. If it is about raising your venue profile or just great entertainment you want, contact us now. Chris 0419 272 196 http://infovisionproductions. iFlogID: 5076

PA SYSTEMS, LIGHTS , STAGES We have the gear and have the people. From small to BIG - give me a call for a quote - PA SYSTEMS from $110 - CALL MATT on 0424 399 801 iFlogID: 5236

LEGAL/ACCOUNTING SEX SAX TAX. WHICH ONE SUX? If you said TAX, then maybe you need to call me! Accounting & Tax Services for the Entertainment & Arts Industries. Great rates, fully qualified registered Tax Agent. Dave Elliott 0434 979 269 or iFlogID: 2937

MASTERING MASTERING BY PAUL GOMERSALL Trust your next mastering project with Paul who’s been working with major international artists for over 25’ll probably find his name on CDs you own.....For a limited time song transfers through the ATR100 - the worlds finest 1/2” tape machine - is absolutely FREE!! (Worth up to $100 a song)...So for only $88 per song you can get the results you want at the price you can afford..-..-Post - Upload, or call in......For further details visit --- --- Call Paul 0407 488 697 iFlogID: 2857

MATTHEW GRAY MASTERING - $99 $99 per song +gst for online mastering via our secure servers. Analog chain, digital chain, mix evaluations, online mastering and attended sessions - we ensure your mastered product sounds amazing. iFlogID: 3422

THE BEST IN MASTERING Viking Lounge mastering provide the best in personalised service and attention to fine detail. Paul Stefanidis will take your project to the next level! Credits include a national number one by Shortstack and top producers Craig Porteils, Lee Groves and Trevor Steel! For more details see www. and www. or call Andy om 0424 656 973 iFlogID: 4864

DOMC MASTERING - $95 PER TRACK Domc Mastering is a dedicated mastering suite located just outside of Brisbane. We specialise in getting your next audio project ready for the public. DOMC work with you to get you the ‘sound’ that you are chasing. iFlogID: 5710

OTHER WANT TO PERFORM OR TOUR? Do you want to perform or tour? Need help sourcing $ for? There are government grants closing soon. For help contact: or 0439 620 526. Professional, down to earth, affordable grant writing and music/tour booking iFlogID: 3637

TIME FIXING / AUDIO EDITING Hi, do you have a track that is ready for mixing? do you feel it could do

For a limited time. Free online andprint classifieds Book now, visit

with a little something extra? I love pulling apart multi-track sessions and moving audio clips to achieve great natural feeling grooves in a song. I use cutting edge industry standard software to create natural feeling drum parts and time correct other instruments, or I can work with the drum parts you already have. Send me your song components and hear the difference. Nick 0416 203 468 iFlogID: 3859

GET IN THE KNOW! From the people who brought you comes two new free news resources, The Daily News Feed and Velvet Rope; the only source of music business and industry news you will ever need! Each morning the Daily News Feed posts crucial music business news, helping you stay current with Aussie and overseas breaking stories. Velvet Rope is brought to you via Door Bitch and is a weekly news column that keeps you up to date on the happenings of the music biz. From job opps, news, events & a bit of back room gossip, Door Bitch has it covered. It’s out every Friday at noon. Check out the new news at www.TheMusic. iFlogID: 5089

MARKETING AND PROMOTION A rockin’ salute from the Team at Clk Click Publicity! Clk Click Publicity is a music and entertainment publicity company that specialises in providing excellent quality management, marketing and PR services in order to promote music, film, arts and events in Australia. We have an introductory offer that will blow your mind, and keep your pockets full! For a limited time Clk Click Publicity can whip you up a professional Bio and Press Release for only $100. We can also organise band photos and logo creation for a very reasonable price. If you’re interested in finding out about our full range of publicity services, we’d love the opportunity to have a chat with you and put together a proposal for your next release, event or tour. For further information please shoot us an email at or visit our website at We look forward to working with you! iFlogID: 5312

WE LICENSE YOUR MUSIC! And you get paid! Pressplay Media seek music licensing opportunities for Independent Artists and Labels for various uses of copyrights, including: Synchronization/Placement into Film, Television, Commercials & Games AND the Reproduction of their music to be played in venues and businesses within the Hospitality and Retail industries. We are constantly seeking new artists which enable us to continually strengthen our database of songs. Any artist or label wanting to register should fill out the form provided on our web site for “Music Owners”. Go to: We look forward to working with you! iFlogID: 5652

PA/AUDIO/ENGINEERING HEADROOM SOUND AUSTRALIA Using; P Audio, B & C, JBL and E.V. Top quality drivers in all our custom built bins. Top boxes, mids, subs, wedges to spec. This online pic is our new folded horn with one 18inch challenger, putting out

137db – 140+ when coupled. Call us for a free quote. 0414355763 iFlogID: 3102

Very reasonable fixed rates. Phone Dave 0412 106788 iFlogID: 3817

Mobile: 0431 556 746 email: iFlogID: 4154



PA Hire & Experienced operator, Pubs, Clubs, Corporate & Private Events plus more. Contact Matt 0412474551 iFlogID: 4089

Sydney’s Live Music Photography specialist with over 5 years experience in the industry. Artists include Moby, Groove Armada and festivals such as Soundwave, Good Vibrations plus many more. Cheap and affordable for local artists. Go to or email for a quote. iFlogID: 5595


DAN NASH - SOUND GUY MIXING-$100 per track,RECORDING-$450 per day (with studio),MASTERING-$50 per track,LIVE SOUND MIXING-$100 per night (available for touring). I have 10 years experience, 100s of bands under my belt, check out to hear some samples. Contact Dan - M: 0423406010 E: iFlogID: 4362

TOP US MIX ENGINEER PAUL LANI Get one of the best mix engineers in the US to mix your single or album! It costs less than you may think! Credits include Beyonce, Robbie Williams, U2, Snoop Dogg and a cast of thousands! See www. for details or ring Andy 0424 656 973. iFlogID: 4862

LIVE AUDIO ENGINEER Take your band to the next level with old school high end engineering form a veteran with 28 years experience! Credits include The Next, The Vandolls, The Art, Eskimo Joe, KIlling Heidi and many, many more! For more details see www. or ring Andy on 0424 656 973. iFlogID: 4866

HEARTICAL SOUND SYSTEM HIRE From small PA to large high powered rigs. Crystal clear custom built mids and tops cabs with heavy duty bass bins. Suitable for indoor and outdoor events. delivered, set up and operated. Call Derek for quotes on 0423979396 iFlogID: 5135

PA SYSTEM 3200W FOH FROM $300 Band PA system for hire. 3200w FOH, 2 x 2x15 cabs with subs, 1350w FB, 4 wedges on 2 sends, 16 input desk, FX, mikes/ stands,DIs, icolor lighting. Experienced operator, many satisfied clients. From $300 p/night. Best value for money. Chris 0432 513 479 iFlogID: 5402


PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHY AND MERCHANDISE Music/Band Photography and Merchandise by well known published Rock and Panoramic Photographer Visit myspace. for portfolio. Live or Band portfolio shots and unique merchanise. Photos on Metal Magnets, Mugs, Tshirts, Print on to Glossy Metal Plates, CD Insert Photo’s etc. A performing musician and artist who knows how to capture those performing moments!


I’m a professional Music Producer and Sound Mixer who has worked with internationally renowned artist such as Seal and De La Soul, and I’m offering private tuition in Mixing and Production. Bring your own session (Logic or Protools) or use one of mine, and I will show the tricks that they do not teach you at school, I work from my home setup (Surry Hills) only, $65 per hour. iFlogID: 4776

Dane specialises in providing highquality creative images to a diverse range of clients. Contributor to Rolling Stone Magazine and Street Press. iFlogID: 5606


POSTERS ILLUSTRATOR AVAILABLE NOW! Professional illustrator available for any project. Book covers, children’s books, album art and much more. Based in Melbourne, drawing world wide! Excellent rates. -Phone: 0403 996 129 or email iFlogID: 4701

RECORDING STUDIOS SINGERS & SONGWRITERS Get your song recorded with a music producer/multi-instrumentalist in a relaxed and creative studio. Real drums, bass, guitar & keyboards plus programming for all styles of music. Experienced in arrangement, composition, performance & production. Call Greg 0425 210 742 iFlogID: 3313

AFFORDABLE SYDNEY PRODUCTION Stately Manor Productions – Sydney’s newest Hip-Hop Production House are offering MC’s, Rappers and Hip Hop Artists recording, custom beats, songwriting, production, mixing and mastering to release quality at affordable prices. for details. iFlogID: 4508

$$ ATTENTION ALL STUDIOS $$ Want to become an agent for Valleyarm? Valleyarm are a global digital music supplier and are seeking studios and producers Australia wide to be official agents, you’d be responsible for signing new bands and artists to add to our catalogue and getting paid to do so. If you ever have bands asking how they can get their songs on iTunes then this is the perfect chance to bring in extra revenue with excellent monthly bonuses available! Training and point of sale is available to get you started straight away. Email or Call 03 9525 5589 iFlogID: 48416


VIDEO/PRODUCTION Panoramic Video create interactive 360 degree online videos that are a unique addition to any website, putting your fans and web viewers virtually there with you. We can add in hotspots into the videos too so that you can direct users to other web sites for ticket or music purchasing, and with the ability to be embedded into other pages such as blogs etc, a Panoramic Video is a perfect choice for viral marketing.. Our videos keep the interest and by their nature keep users and fans on your website for longer than a standard video. It’s cool, and it’s unique, and a great option if you are looking for something different and innovative.. Costs will vary depending on where you are and what we do for you, but our rates are very reasonable.... We are a new innovative business in Melbourne and looking to help promote local bands and artists with our interactive videos.. so give us a call for a great deal. Check out some of our samples at then give us a call on 03 9457 7600 today.. We would love to hear from you! iFlogID: 2774

MUSICIANS WANTED KEYBOARD SKILLED KEYBOARDIST WANTED to complete lineup of new show. Ability to cover orchestrations and excellent sounds to match a must. High quality show with good pay. Contact: onemoreguitar@yahoo. iFlogID: 4323




Ableton certified trainer and author of Ableton video training for Groove 3 (USA) Craig McCullough is available locally in SE Qld for private Ableton and music technology training. Video training is also availble from

Melbourne bassist seeking RELIABLE, DEDICATED, CONFIDENT, CREATIVE musicians to form pop band. Influences: Faith No More, INXS, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, GnR, Soundgarden, The Police, Godflesh, Icehouse, M.I.A, Depeche

Mode, Pantera, Genesis ect listen to demos at and call Mike on 0424 838 782 iFlogID: 5226

KEYBOARDIST REQUIRED Singer-songwriter requires keyboardist for gigging. Own gear and transport essential. Think Wilco, Decemberists, Flaming Lips. We rehearse in the inner west. www. iFlogID: 5383

HEAVY PROJECT SEEKS SYNTHS Unique heavy project seeks Synth player ASAP to begin Live shows followed by recording. Must be commited and ready for a different band experience. Located in Belmore, Sydney. Call Phil 0424304618 iFlogID: 5529

KEYBOARDIST AVAILABLE!!! I am looking for a job that is musically related, preferably performing or something along those lines. Studying a B. Music (Performance) at AICM. mobile number: 0435544916 email: Thankyou iFlogID: 5531

KEYBOARDIST WANTED For 50s & 60s RocknRoll Band Make New Mates, Have Fun & Play Gigs Practice in Osborne Park (WA) Area Mike - 0438 935 031 Leave a Msg if No Answer iFlogID: 5666

Want a logo to differentiate yourself from other bands? We can make you stand out from the rest! Boggleworks are currently offering a special price of $250 (RRP $349) for your very own custom designed logo. Visit for more info. Be sure to enter the promotional code “IFLOG” for the special discount! iFlogID: 2808

GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES MYSPACE - WEBSITES - ALBUM ART - POSTERS - LOGOS - PROMO - TSHIRT DESIGN - Graphic Design services for everything in the music industry. Website packages start at $449 Custom Myspace $899 WE KNOW YOUR BUSINESS Email for a free quote/consultation paul@ or vist the website www.cattanachdesign. iFlogID: 3643

100 COLOUR POSTERS ONLY $80 100 Full Colour A4 Gloss Posters = only $40 100 Full Colour A3 Matt Posters = only $50 100 Full Colour A3 Gloss Posters = only $80 and many more options to choose from Posters • Flyers • Handouts • Business Cards We can print a sample for you while you wait and complete the job within the hour. www.blackstar. iFlogID: 4552



100% devotion to music and the packaging it comes in. Pi (Paul Ikin) has a Complete Design Studio aimed at album cover design, packaging and Band Websites. Based in Melbourne Central Complex its easy to get to. Some of the services include * Art Layout design for CD’s/Digipack/Gatefolds, * Vinyl Sleeves 12” & 7”, and professional Band Websites. Feel free to visit our site to find out more about our services iFlogID: 4626



Attention all Techno, Dance, Electronica bands, DJs and producers! Valleyarm Digital are releasing an Aussie Electronic compilation album called “Technically Australian”. The album will be exclusive to iTunes and will released and promoted worldwide. Submit your track (1 per band) and bio to info@ now to secure a spot. We’ll also be offering a $5000 online marketing and global digital distribution deal to a “Stand Out” act that we think has what it takes...this could be you!! iFlogID: 5514

With over 20 years experience, ACE Design & Print has gained an unequaled reputation as a reliable supplier of quality printing with exceptional service and competitive prices. Our print services are designed for fast production and fast delivery within your budget. Here are some prices for your consideration, let us know your specific requirements and we can quote & deliver! 100 A4 Posters printed in full colour onto 150gsm gloss = $40 250 A6 Leaflets printed in full colour onto 150gsm gloss = $50 250 Full Colour Digital Business cards onto 300gsm gloss = $50 100 A3 Posters printed in full colour onto 150gsm gloss = $80 1000 Business Cards in full colour 2 sides with plastic coating = $160 1000 A5 Flyers printed in full colour onto 150gsm gloss = $210 1000 A4 Letterheads printed in full colour onto 100gsm bond = $230 1000 A4 Flyers printed in full colour onto 150gsm gloss = $300 500 A2 Posters printed in full colour onto 150gsm gloss = $490 1000 A5 Booklets 8pp printed in full colour onto gloss = $735 500 Presentation Folders printed in full colour on white board = $795 iFlogID: 4914


ELECTRONIC MUSICIANS WANTED Electronic musicians wanted to form a live act. Preferably using Ableton & with some hardware. Influence :- Groove Armada, Bent, Justice, Faithless, Röyksopp, Nightmares on Wax, Thievery Corporation, Air, Bonobo, Cassius. Tell me a bit about yourself & preferably send some links to your soundcloud : Also Want to hear from other musicians that would like to colaborate on this type of project. iFlogID: 5522


MYSPACE LAYOUTS 200$ Create your Myspace page with us. Prices starting from 200$. Send an email for more information: iFlogID: 5566

For a limited time. Free online andprint classifieds Book now, visit

3D World Issue #1016  

3D World has been serving the electronic dance music and hip hop community of Sydney and surrounding areas since 1989, recently racking up 1...

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