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D | Western Saddle Pad


Heat & inflammation in red & yellow

7 Weeks:

Significant reduction of inflammation

E | Hock Boots with Holes

Study by Joanna Robson, DVM, Napa CA

Airy mesh covers a layer Welltex® fabric: thin ceramic fabric offering full protection. Double chest buckles, bell surcingles, tail flap and leg straps. BOT-TMS $249.00 Sizes: 72”, 75”, 78”, 81”

B | Therapeutic Quick Wraps Easy on/off leg wraps reflect horse’s body warmth, reduce swelling without liniment or poultice. Use after a strenuous ride or leave them on overnight. Great for shipping too. BOT-TQW $93.00 Sizes: 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” Sold as a PAIR; Measure length of

Back on Track’s Therapeutic Hock Boots are a great choice for dealing with arthritic or capped hocks. Neoprene exterior, with Welltex® fabric interior. Velcro™ straps allow you to adjust the boots’ fit. 31/4” diameter hole. Sold as a Pair. BOT-HBH $79.00


TOP: BOTTOM: @ 5” above @ 61/2” below center of hock center of hock Small 14” 11” Medium 15” 12” Large 16” 13”

Baseline 3 days: Circulatory disruption Equalized circulation.

Study by Joanna Robson, DVM, Napa CA


C | Therapeutic Back Brace The Therapeutic Back Brace is comfortable to wear, even when bending over or sitting down. BOT-TBB $62.00


25 Minutes: Significant increase in circulation

F | Therapeutic Knee Brace with Strap

If you suffer from knee pain, whether from arthritis or injury, our Knee Brace may help reduce discomfort. Smooth and thin, it’s comfortable when worn under clothing. BOT-TKB $33.00 • Small Thigh 16 1/2” • Medium Thigh 17 1/2” • Large Thigh 18 1/2”

• Small Waist 26”–32” • Medium Waist 33”–38” • Large Waist 39”–44”


Typically, Arab sized horses take a Small, Quarter Horses a Medium and Warmbloods a Large.

Study by Joanna Robson, DVM, Napa CA

A |Therapeutic Mesh Sheet

Back on Track’s Therapeutic Western Saddle Pad is designed to be used under your regular saddle pad to help your horse’s back muscles cannon bone to determine correct size. Wonderful for loosen, relax, and warm up quickly. horses with cold or sore backs. BOT-WSP $69.00 Measurements: 29” spine x 16” drop at wither, 14” drop at center and 15” drop at end of pad.

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South Texas Tack - Spring 2019  

South Texas Tack - Spring 2019 Apparel Cover

South Texas Tack - Spring 2019  

South Texas Tack - Spring 2019 Apparel Cover