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Saddle Pads

Cutter Work Pad Colors: Black, Chocolate, Tan The Cutter Work Pad is made with a heavy cotton canvas top and a maize fleece bottom. Closely quilted with a 1” Wool felt filler and finished with suede wear leathers. Great for cutters and working horses. 32” x 32” RP32 $69.99

Contoured Comfort Cutter Colors: Black, Navy The Contoured Comfort Cutter has a natural top line for an instant fit. Made with a brushed fabric top and a 100% Merino Wool fleece bottom with a 1” Wool felt filler and suede wear leathers. The contoured channel along the spine will add extra comfort. 32” x 32” NE25 $115.99

Contoured Tough Felt Pad Built with Diamond Wool’s “Ranch Tough” 1” Wool Felt. Contoured spine has a wither relief notch and is reinforced with genuine distressed leather. CR21 $89.99 Contoured Tough Felt Pad with Fleece CM21 $124.99

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STT Correct Fit Saddle Pad The Correct Fit saddle pad helps with hard to fit conformation, high withers, narrow shoulders, asymmetrical muscle development and poor saddle fit. The Poron provides a protective shield that absorbs up to 90% of force, protecting from pressure and relieving strain and soreness. The uniquely designed build-up evenly aligns horse, pad and saddle for a Correct Fit. 1” X1755 $119.99


Iconoclast Felt Pad with Fleece Bottom Iconoclast pads keep your horse’s back comfortable without pinching or creating excessive heat. They distribute moisture across the underside of the pad, are contoured along the spine and withers, have rounded corners with wear leathers and cutouts for cinch fit. Because of our wool felt and fleece quality our pads will last and perform in any condition. 31” x 31” Cream ICON5100 $150.95 Black ICON5100BLK $169.99


Impact Gel Felt Pad The Impact Gel Felt Contour Pad is designed for maximum fit. The two-piece contour design fits snug over the spine, cut out at the withers and under the rigging for a perfect fit. The internal base layer allows close contact to lock down your saddle and protect your horse under the most extreme conditions, allowing extended riding. The contour is 1 inch thick. 1” C4F30B $232.95

Won Pad Color: Black The original neoprene backed felt saddle pad! This high quality synthetic felt is backed with scuba quality neoprene. The Won pad will help to prevent saddle slippage and promote sweating which will keep your horse cooler. Three vent holes down the spine of the pad. 30x32 ½” WONPAD-.5 $114.99 1” WONPAD-1 $129.99


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