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STRINGS GOAT STRINGS The eye of every Racer™ string is constructed using a special process that keeps it from turning. Perfect sized eyes, hand sewn rawhide burners, 100% nylon and treated with a specially formulated wax that penetrates deep into the string fibers and results in a super string that is fast, snappy and has a great feel. Length: 6-1/2’.

RGS3 MSRP $12.99 STT $11.99

MSRP $18.99

STT $16.99

BLUERACER Blue Eye® Sm 1/4” Lays: S, SM, M, MH

MSRP $18.99

RBGS3 MSRP $15.99 (Soft Only) STT $14.99

STT $16.99



Red Eye® Lays: S

Nylon cord and lightweight pulley with built-in slipnot. CRJLPCT MSRP $21.99

STT $16.99


XSm (3/16”)

Square braided body with adjustable knots and sliding honda.

Blue Eye® Sm (1/4”) Lays: S, SM, M, MH, H

CRNRSQ MSRP $37.99 STT $34.99

Black Eye® Sm Full (1/4”) Lays: SM, M, MH, H Purple Eye® Lays: M, MH, H


Novice (S): The softest feeling string in the line for the ultimate beginner. Junior (MS): Designed for beginning goat tyers. Easier for smaller hands. Original (M): Precise blend between firmness for snappy ties and suppleness for controllability. Ideal string for goat tyers looking to add speed to their ties. Pro (H): Offers optimum speed without sacrificing security. A truly fast string. Boys’: The perfect blend for fast ties, with a manageable length for tying goats.

REDRACER Blue Eye® Sm 1/4”

Lays: SM


Designed by renowned clinician and champion goat tyer Lynn Smith. Three-ply construction for optimal hold. Four variations of stiffness for increased speed and control. Colors: Assorted. Lays: S, MS, M, H 3-Ply Goat String 52” Boys’ Goat String 60”


Med (5/16”) Red Eye

Blue Eye

Black Eye




48 strand poly sleeve material and braided nylon core. Now with a tighter weave and a deader feel. 19-1/2’Long x 7/16” Diameter CRPJL MSRP $46.99


Purple Eye


Ranch Ropes Cactus El Caporal CoreTX Ranch Rope RANCHCAPORAL $44.00 and up to $20 in gift cards

Top Hand Ropes Ranch Hand Rope TH-RANCHHAND $42.99 and up to $20 in gift cards

Dub Grant Aged Nylon Ranch Rope 3 Strand. Size: XS 7/16”x40’ DG-NRR $46.00 and up to $20 in gift cards

Willard 3 Strand Poly Calf Rope 3 Strand treated and cured for the feel that calf ropers demand. 28’ Sizes: 9.5, 10.0, 10.25, 10.5 WR-3POLY $39.00 and up to $20 in gift cards

Willard 4 Strand Poly Calf Rope 4 Strand gives the rope more weight and a smoother feel. They have far less stretch than the 3 strand. 28’ Sizes: 9.5, 10.0, 10.25, 10.5 WR-4POLY $43.00 and up to $20 in gift cards




Calf Ropes Dub Grant Gold Poly Calf Rope Treated 4 strand poly, is fast becoming the calf ropers choice for its great durability, less stretch and the construction of 4-strand allows the rope to close fast on a calf. Sizes: 9.0, 9.5, 10.0, 10.2, 10.5 DG-4GP $44.00 and up to $20 in gift cards


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South Texas Tack - Spring 2019  

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South Texas Tack - Spring 2019  

South Texas Tack - Spring 2019 Apparel Cover