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confident, connected youth through outstanding outdoor experiences, that embody our three pillars:

YOUTH DEVELOPMENT Nurturing the potential of every camper

HEALTHY LIVING Promoting health and well-being through activity, nutrition, and the building of strong relationships


ibilit l Respons rwood e ia c h o t S e d N n e a ing Bruc t of Camp iden Vice Pres re YMCA South Sho

Giving back to the community and preserving the environment 1







No child’s financial situation prevents them from participating in programs at Camp Burgess & Hayward. These include our Overnight Camps, Adventure Trips and Outdoor Education programs.



As we prepare to launch the campaign for our future, we invite you to join us in support of these critically important improvements.

$4 - $7

We anticipate the renovation and improvement costs will range from $4 to $7 million over the next 3-5 years, funded by a combination of grants, asset

In our effort to ensure a stronger, secure Camp for tomorrow, our vision includes:



• An updated lodge overlooking Spectacle Pond

• A new dining hall to accommodate up to 600 campers and staff

• A new welcome center/ administrative offices/ health center

• An updated, centrally located health center

• Additional cabins

• A climbing tower on the top of Adventure Mountain, complete with a tree house and zip line, spanning across Spectacle Pond to Camp Hayward

• Expanded bathhouse • Year-round equestrian center




relocation and philanthropy.

• A nature center to allow for additional diversified programming

• A “makers” barn providing experiential education




With these planned additions and expansions, Camp can continue to enhance campers’ experiences. Our current facilities and programs include: • A traditional overnight residential brother-sister camp, allowing for the single-sex and co-ed experiences

• A year-round retreat and conference center offering customized programming

• A year-round teen adventure trip, service-learning and leadership facility

• An international residence and staff development site for seasonal employees, boasting Counselor-in-Training programs;

• A year-round outdoor/ environmental education center providing team-building and experiential learning

• A farm yielding fresh eggs and organic crops harvested on-Camp, made available in our dining halls and at local shelters

• Diversified community volunteer opportunities 6



amp Hayward taught me from a young age the power of

making connections with all sorts of people, and just how much I

could learn from those around me ... I have found that when you keep an open mind, many doors are opened to new and exciting opportunities, and the extent of my personal knowledge and growth is quite possibly endless.�

KATIE RUP CEO Rup Designs / Camp Burgess & Hayward Friends & Alumni Council Member




here’s that moment every summer when my mom drives

me off the main road and I go onto that dirt road into Camp and I breathe and I know that I have arrived.”

CAMP HAYWARD CAMPER Interviewed at 2013 Alumni + Friends reunion 10


By investing in and strengthening our facilities, we are embracing the opportunity to continue shaping lives for good; we are ensuring Camp Burgess & Hayward will be poised to broaden the reach of its mission for generations to come.


hy does camp stay with kids their entire lifetime? Because

it is a place that they feel like they belong to.�

BRUCE NETHERWOOD Vice President of Camping and Social Responsibility, South Shore YMCA 12

SOUTH SHORE YMCA CAMP BURGESS & HAYWARD 75 Stowe Road Sandwich, MA 02563 Phone: (508) 428-2571 Fax: (508) 420-3545 |

Together, let’s preserve our traditions and embrace our future. For support opportunities and to schedule your tour of Camp, please contact Meghan Hill, Director of Development & Alumni Relations at (508) 428-2571, ext. 101

Camp Burgess & Hayward Capital Campaign  
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