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SOUTHERN UTAH BRIDE Letter from the Editor

5 Congratulations on your engagement! Doesn’t it feel phenomenal?! We are awed by the kudos and excitement thus far on the feedback we are hearing about the first issue of “Southern Utah Bride Magazine”. It inspires us to continue to strive for excellence while building a content driven publication. We understand that you might be overwhelmed by the amount of planning you have ahead. You want it to be the most incredible day of your life. We look forward to sharing this journey with you through step by step, jam packed ideas that will make the planning process easier from the engagement all the way down to the honeymoon! We have compiled some of the most trustworthy businesses in the region that will do whatever it takes to make sure that your day will be nothing short of, well - phenomenal.   If it’s inspiration you need read on, as these pages will nudge you in the right direction. You might even find the exact detail of an invite, just the right shoe or a mouth watering menu entree. We’ve got layers of gorgeous photos to help you dream of your wedding day. We especially love the “Real Weddings” featured in this issue. Each one showcases personal style—from a bride who created a magical forest wonderland, to a couple that used the Southern Utah desert as their ceremony inspiration. The one commonality among these celebrations is each couple’s goal- and that is to give friends and family a truly memorable event. They infused their day with a little wit, a lot of cleverness, and every bit of themselves. Of course, it didn’t hurt that they had some of Southern Utah’s best wedding professionals on their side.

We look forward to sharing this phenomenal journey with you. Happy planning!


Jimmy Bishop Editor in Chief


37 33 On the Cover: Photo by Gideon Photography. Setup by Forevermore Events. Flowers by Bloomers. Cake by BK Designer Cakes. Hair and Makeup by Jaclyn Lameroux. Dress by Vera Wang, courtesy of Alta Moda Bridal. Props provided by Urban Renewal. Inside: All photos unless otherwise noted are courtesy of Gideon Photography



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Amazing foods to get your taste buds tingling

When it comes to the mouth watering food to be served on your wedding day...

By Lindsey Madsen Culinary by Basila’s Mediterranean Steak and Seafood

Gone are the days of simplistic choices like chicken or fish, pillow mints and nut cups. As weddings and wedding receptions move toward the more personal, more eclectic, and sometimes more DIY, so too does the wedding reception food. Brides and grooms are using this once in a lifetime opportunity to show off their love of food by incorporating exotic dishes and worldly flavors into their wedding menus. Wedding themes are becoming more individualized, colorful and unique, and what better way to wow your guests than by taking them on a trip around the world through unique hors d’oeuvres and one of a kind entrées? By mingling a luxe color palette with Southern Utah’s vivid landscape, you will transport your guests to the warm Mediterranean.

When it comes to delicious Mediterranean dishes you shouldn’t have to look too far outside of our picturesque Southern Utah. Talented local chefs and caterers can provide you with a variety of entrees and foodie friendly flavors perfect for your upcoming event. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Hummus Stuffed Grilled Artichoke Hummus is a local and crowd pleasing favorite! A delicate puree of chick peas, tahini (a paste made from ground sesame seeds), olive oil and Mediterranean herbs, served in grilled artichoke and complimented with crispy grilled pita bread.

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2. Gorgonzola Salad Gorgonzola, similar to blue cheese, is rising in the ranks of delicious crumbly cheeses. When it’s combined with sun dried tomatoes, house-glazed walnuts, dried cherries and served over a mix of spring greens it becomes the perfect first course for a luncheon or reception dinner. 3. Sweet Basil Citrus Cup Truly the nectar of the gods, this fun little cup of fruit is both beautiful and refreshing. Inside is fresh ruby grapefruit, naval oranges, strawberries, and blue berries infused with fresh sweet basil asheppie sauce.


4. Greek Salad                  A perfectly portioned Greek salad made up of a mix of fresh spring greens, carrot slivers, green onion, chunks of imported feta cheese along with kalamata olives, all wrapped in a sweet cucumber shell and topped off with delicious Greek dressing made with imported spices from the entire Mediterranean region.



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5. Grilled Snapper Move the boring fish wedding entrées aside and offer your guests fresh snapper grilled to flaky perfection and served over a creamy orzo pilaf garnished with a grilled garlic clove.



6. Flat Bread and Black Olives A perfect hors d’oeuvre for the guest at leisure. Aromatic imported black olives, extra-virgin olive oil and garden fresh mint served along side crispy grilled flat bread. Simple and filling, a perfect snack for the cocktail hour! 7. Grilled Tomato and Basil Pesto Soup This is an exotic and flavorful dish that can either be served as an individual appetizer or as a main entree. This comfort food is taken to a whole new level. Half grilled garlicky tomato soup, and half basil pesto soup. It may seem to have a split personality but it’s loaded with perfectly balanced Italian flavor. 8. Rack Of Lamb Your guests will go ga-ga for a perfectly cooked rack of lamb. Teased with Turkish spices and grilled to perfection, these large lollipops of lamb are served nestled among velvety garlic mashed potatoes then drizzled with burgundy demi-glaze and a sprig of rosemary. 9. Bread Pudding                             Greek styled bread pudding may be more traditional but is still a fan favorite and far from ordinary! Overflowing with candied walnuts, yellow bing

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cherries and served spilling from caramelized pear. Then drizzled with buttery caramel sauce…. absolutely heavenly! 10. Mile-high Key Lime Cheesecake Give your guests the perfect sweet and sour dessert before you say your final farewells. Gourmet key lime cheesecake, stacked in dragon fruit (imported from Asia) and splashed with a reduced raspberry sauce. It is the perfect way to end a flavorful meal. Offering your guests exotic flavors and unique entrées is not


a new idea, but it is one that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the wedding scene. Our biggest suggestion when it comes to braving a gourmet menuleave it to the professionals! Many recipes do not easily translate for the masses, but skilled chefs and caterers can easily offer your guests’ unique hors devours, individually proportioned tasting menus, finger-foods and tapas as well as family styled buffets full of flavorful entrées. However you serve it, make sure to take a “time-out” during the eventful evening and enjoy your fascinating feast…. Your inner gourmand will thank you!

Check out recipes to create these dishes at:


SOUTHERN UTAH BRIDE With the beautiful Zion backdrop, this decor is full of inspiration for a fabulous warm winter wedding.


e m e h T a ream


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i Bo ograp By Jam Gideon Phot

s can exture t d n a lors, war m ing in iles, co t g x n i e t r t al B . gh ine flor erence n f The ri i f i m d e f e ll th ight make a ng with the r an war mth alo urb fabrics brought this pe into a c s s e t l n b ta eleme themed . e n i l u c ion mas perfect g n i z i l a tant s:



Design: Forevermore Events Floral: Bloomers Photography: Gideon Photography Cake: BK Designer Cakes Hair and Makeup: Jaclyn Lamoreaux Dress: Vera Wang courtesy of Alta Moda Bridal Props: Urban Renewal


“Find whatever it is that speaks to you and run with it... remember to take into account the time of year in which you are tying the knot.”

In today’s wedding world brides are not only tying the knot but they’re doing it in styles all their own. This new way of creating weddings is attractive to couples that are looking to make their wedding day 100% personal and completely unique. Although planning a wedding is a lot of work, the extra thought put into the details of curating your most fabulous event will prove worthwhile once the bouquet is tossed and the last picture is taken! Start with the basics…. Pick a theme This may seem like a daunting task, after all, there are so many different directions you can take. That’s the beauty of themes but couples should choose something cohesive that compliments their personality while still remaining classy and appropriate and not too overly stated or cliché. For this shoot, the theme was based on the warm comfort of days gone by with elements found in grandpa’s library. The cohesive textures, colors, and elements brought together a unique warm wedding theme in a fun and tasteful way. Find whatever it is that speaks to you and run with it. Remember to take into account the time of year in which you are tying the knot. Your nuptials are something to be remembered and choosing a theme that is appropriate to the season will help you map out the rest of your details and bring everything together.

EMBRACE the season of your wedding by bringing in warm rustic elements


Choose an interesting color board Liven things up with the right colors! The right color pallet is important to consider when visualizing how you see your big day and how others will remember it. If yellow is your favorite color, try pairing it with gray, and a pop of green. If you’ve always pictured purple as your staple color combine it with a little black and a touch of silver. Use different colors of blues or pinks to add depth and variety. Our grey and brown color scheme, with touches of green and red brought the warmth and masculinity to this theme. If you are really feeling creative, don’t shy away from incorporating interesting fabrics and paper prints. Wear something that has “You” written all over it A beautiful dress makes all the difference! With so many options, it can be a bit overwhelming as you venture out to find the right dress specifically for you. You might look great in a short T-length dress or a string of pearls which are growing in popularity. If, after looking through your favorite bridal boutiques, you still haven’t found the dress that speaks to you, don’t be afraid to venture off to one of our larger sister cities. If you know exactly what you want and still can’t find it, have one custom made. Give unconventional a try! Dress your groom in some neutral trousers, a button up colored shirt, and finish off the look with some simple black suspenders and a blazer! Also, don’t forget your bridal party! The days of matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses are a thing of the past. Not everyone needs to wear the same thing, so have some fun with your colors and get creative by using different length, color, or style of dress! Remember your theme and continue it through the detail of the wedding apparel.



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add a twist to classic traditions incorporate unique details with a touch of personality

Décor and more The centerpieces on your tables along with all the details that surround your guests while they mingle at your reception, are not to be forgotten! If your wedding is eco-friendly perhaps you could use recycled goods, such as stenciled tin cans, different sized organic candles and fun earthy greens to decorate the tabletops. For the vintage inspired bride, try incorporating your grandmother’s old jewelry into your table décor and floral arrangements. Attach an heirloom locket to the base of your bouquet to add even more sentiment. If you’re event has a carnival theme, purchase big balloons in your wedding colors and have a single big balloon at the center of each of your tables weighted down by your favorite childhood juice box or a small vase of circus peanuts. Also, don’t forget the details that your guests will first see when they arrive at your venue. Sometime before the reception, perhaps during your engagement shoot, have your photographer take a picture of you and your man pointing in the direction of your reception, blow it up to life-size, and use it as a unique way to greet your guests as they arrive! Don’t forget the guests Your guest list will likely have both young and old. To keep the kids entertained, create simple fabric wands they can play with

all night, and keep as your gift to them! If you have extra fun fabric that didn’t get used on the tables you could always use it to cover hula-hoops that can act as props around your reception and can also be used on the dance floor! As parting gifts and a way to say thank you to all your guests, give regional wedding favors to show support to the community you live in. A small bag of tasty cake-bites from one of Southern Utah’s local bakeries could be the perfect detail to top off your unforgettable wedding! Whether you’re hoping to create a never before seen event or just add a twist to classic traditions, incorporating unique details with a touch of personality that coincide with a your special theme will make for a day both you and your guests will never forget! For more ideas to keep the ball rolling with all your wedding plans visit Southern Utah Bride Magazine online at Be sure to check out wedding inspiration blogs for more tips on how to create DYI inspired details and get a glimpse at how brides are keeping their weddings completely unique and totally personal.

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435.215.8935 15


Introduce the theme of your wedding in your engagement photos

Engagement Fashion By Haley McCormick

your chance to shine

Amidst all of the chaos of planning for the perfect wedding day, many brides forget to give enough attention to another big part of the wedding—engagement pictures. Your engagements are sometimes the first opportunity family members and friends will have to see you and your fiancé together, so treat your shoot like the official debut of you and your future hubby. You’ll continue showcasing these pictures for your wedding decorations, sign-in albums, and so on… creating the perfect look for your engagement shoot should be a high priority in the wedding planning process. Here are a few tips to give your engagement shoot the attention it deserves:

Prepare ahead of time. Don’t stress yourself out by waking up the day of your engagement session and realizing that you have no idea what to wear. Plan a few weeks in advance so you have plenty of time to shop for anything you might need to complete your look. Consult with friends, bridesmaids, and most

importantly your photographer if you still aren’t sure what will look best in front of the camera. In regards to your photographer, make sure you are in good hands. Hire someone you can trust with years of experience in making every couple shine!

Plan according to your overall wedding

theme, vibe, or feel. If you are going for a certain vibe in your wedding, introducing your theme in your engagement shoot is the perfect opportunity. For a vintage-classic wedding, wearing your favorite little black dress and deep red lipstick while leaning against a ’32 Ford coupe lets guests know what to expect. If you aren’t going for a specific theme or feel for your wedding, you can still choose to have an urban, dressy, or retro look for your engagement shoot. However, be cautious of wearing anything too trendy or overly theme oriented—you will want to display these photos for years to come! Classic pieces such as pea coats, pearl necklaces, and pencil skirts are timelessly chic.

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Think of your engagement fashion as a complete look

Don’t be afraid to help your man with his outfit. Think of your engagement fashion as a complete look—you, your fiancé, and the setting. Often the best route to take is nailing down what you’re going to wear, then planning his outfit to complement it. Your wedding color scheme are a top-notch palette to choose from, but keep in mind, gone are the days of just wearing matching sweaters. One idea is to dress your fiancé in a solid-colored shirt and jeans while you wear a patterned dress or cardigan with a similar color scheme. Accessories can make your look feel

put-together…. but don’t overdo it. A bold statement necklace or classic headband can add that little extra flare to complete your outfit. Beware, however, of anything that will be visually distracting. The focal point of the engagement photo should be you and your fiancé—don’t let a bulky, graphic scarf steal your spotlight! Give thought to what shoes you will wear as well. For a rustic outdoor wedding, engagement photos of you in a light summer dress with a pair of well-worn cowboy boots pulls everything together.

Wear something that will make you feel comfortable. Ultimately, feeling at ease in front of the camera will make for the best and most flattering photographs. Be sure that what you and your fiancé are wearing make you feel beautiful and confident. Don’t be afraid to snap a few pictures ahead of time on your own camera to make sure that what you are wearing not only looks good, but makes you feel good too. Your style speaks volumes about your personalities, so use your engagement photo shoot as an opportunity to show off how perfect you look together as a couple.


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Don’t be afraid to help your man with his outfits



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{ Pick the Perfect

Wedding Shoes


to Tickle Your Toes

By Lenni Stratton

You’ve scored the perfect gown, the dress of your dreams. Each of your bridesmaids is adorned in a frock of the perfect hue. Now it’s time to decide what goes beneath the hems of those perfect ensembles. That’s right; the shoes. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing bridal shoes. Gown style, overall theme, personal style and comfort, even your choice of venue can come into play when you are choosing how to adorn your feet--and those of your bridesmaids--on the most important day of your life. The first thing to think about when choosing your bridal shoes is the formality of the event. From there, you can decide on heel-height, color, and adornments to help your footwear fit your wedding day style. Is yours a formal ballroom affair: black-tie, seated dinner, full




Bridal white is not the standard anymore use your wedding colors band? Opt for a satin or silk-covered shoe. Or maybe you’re having a simple garden fete. Don some stylish yet simple ballet flats. Or pair sets of bedazzled gladiator sandals with those Grecian gowns your bridesmaids have fallen in love with. Bridal white is not the standard anymore: use your colors. With shoe retailers from around the world at your fingertips online, it is easier than ever to find shoes in hues to perfectly match your day. Try one of the local bride shops, where not only do they have couture options, they offer dye-able options in dozens of styles and shades so you can find your perfect fit. Or is something a little funky more up your alley? Couple your wedding day frock with a set of Chuck Taylor’s that match your wedding colors. Go a little green and do a good deed at the same time by matching up a set of Toms with your bridal attire. Both of these lines offer a variety of styles and colors to match all the other wedding day details you’ve worked so hard to plan. Don’t forget about comfort. Remember, not only are you going to be wearing these shoes down the aisle, you’ll probably wear them during photos, throughout dinner, and when busting a move with your honey on the dance floor. If you never wear more than a twoinch heel, don’t choose a five-inch stiletto for your big day. High heels don’t necessarily equal high-fashion; you can be equally as fabulous in a kitten heel or flat. No matter what choice you make for your bridal footwear, put as much thought into this decission as you do all your other wedding day choices. Don’t let this aspect of your day fall by the wayside. Make your shoe choice a reflection of you and your personal style. Whether you’re in a pair of red-soled Christian Leboutin’s or a simple set of ballet flats from your local shoe store, remember that you are beautiful from head to toe.

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What makes Southern Utah the most beautiful place on earth to get married....its spectacular views and tranquil weather. Having a wedding at sunset not only makes for a magical ceremony but also provides a beautiful backdrop for photos. Anytime is a great time for a wedding in Southern Utah. Your invitations should have an earlier start time -- roughly half an hour before you actually want the ceremony to begin. If you want things to get going at 4:30 p.m., simply invite the guests for 4:00 and let them enjoy the views and the moments. Our Southern Utah climate chart shows the average monthly high and low temperatures as well as, sunset times for each of the next 6 months in Southern Utah. This weather information will help you plan the best time for your Southern Utah wedding. Check out what time the sun will set and what the average temperature may be on your wedding day!
























































For year round sunset times and daily temperature averages check out


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Liza and Dave were history buffs looking for adventure before they settled down into married life, but they found so much more. A great itinerary took them to the places they had read about, and a twist of fate changed the whole scope of the trip. While they were exploring the Italian Riviera in northeastern Italy, they spent a day in the Cinque Terre region. While enjoying a delicious meal of bruschetta and pasta in a quaint café, their friendly server noticed the spark between Liza and Dave. She assumed they were in the area to see the very special place for lovers around the world. When the young woman asked the couple if they were here for the historic Lover’s Walk they wondered what she was talking about. The server shared what sounded like folklore, but it turned out to be a very real place with a long romantic history.


A quick reset of the GPS took them on a scenic walk to the “Via dell’ Amore” (Lover’s Walk). Along the trail were several gates, chains, and even a tunnel that was covered in love notes, graffiti with sweet messages, and most importantly, with all kinds of locks. There was even a plaque with a tribute for the 40th anniversary of the classic Beatles album, Abbey Road. Dave and Liza wondered what that had to do with this little gem of a place, but once they read the tribute that included the famous lyrics “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” The couple was so moved by what they were seeing. People had shown their love for each other by affixing all types and sizes of locks along the Lover’s Walk, many had even thrown the key over the edge into the sea. Right then and there Liza and Dave didn’t just change

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their GPS for that day but they also changed the course of their wedding theme. These locks symbolized something more than a sweet tourist stop. They meant security, commitment, forever. Life is truly a journey; nobody knew that better than Dave and Liza. They had been down the road of sacrifice to obtain college degrees and start careers. Before they met they had each determined not to “settle”, but would the right one ever come along? Tired of the dating scene, Liza decided she would set her sights and go after what she wanted, not just accept any man that came along. Dave was feeling similar things and stopped looking for the right woman. Instead he worked on becoming the right man, hoping that would attract the right person to him. That is when the stars aligned and these two met. After many long walks filled with conversations about short and long-range goals they knew this was the real deal.

After their European vacation they started researching the Lock idea. Surprisingly, it led them around the world and right back to their own backyard in Southern Utah! Love Locks are now being locally made and locked on the gates at 231 S. Main in St. George and also in Springdale. They were ecstatic to realize they could incorporate it into their celebration, and asked their wedding planner to help them accomplish it. They purchased locks for each other and wrote sentimental messages to hang on the Main St Gate. It was truly a unique way to show their loyalty and commitment to each other as they added their own personal lock to the others in a public place. They can always revisit in the years to come and share this memory with their posterity. On their wedding day they were so excited at the prospect of having their very own “Hearts Together” Love Lock tree which they and their parents all put locks on as part of the ring ceremony. It was such a meaningful gesture for the both of them, and is something they will keep close and treasure forever. True love can never be broken!

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Vendor Tip Sheet

You sit down to dinner, and even when your food takes far too long to be served and your water cup is never full, you still leave a tip for your waiter at the end of the night. How much more important then is it to show your appreciation to those involved with making the biggest day of your life everything you had dreamed of ? These amazing wedding vendors give their all to make your day go off without a hitch. When giving final payments, why not let them know just how much they meant to you by giving a little extra. Just follow this simple chart!

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experience Entrada

Your destination wedding... even if it’s not

Red cliffs, ancient black lava beds, cascading waterfalls - Your destination dream wedding awaits you at Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club in St. George, UT. Entrada is a private golf resort that offers access to its event facilities that will accommodate any wedding imaginable. Our talented staff of culinary professionals can create a menu that is both artistic and tantalizing. Entrada provides a personalization and service that will ensure your wedding gives you memories for a lifetime. The Inn at Entrada offers the perfect setting for your out of town guests as well as the bride and groom’s honeymoon suite. Our concierge can arrange Groom Golf Packages as well as Bridal Party Spa Packages. Escape to Entrada for your destination wedding, without the flight!

27 435.634.7104 |

By Lindsey Madsen

something sweet to nibble on . . .…

Move over cutesy cupcakes, and candy bars… and make room for the current wedding trend doughnuts! These sweet, golden rings of colorful comfort food are perfect for your upcoming event. Easy to order and loaded with personalization possibilities, what better way to send off your guests after a long night of dancing, than with something sweet to nibble on… and seriously- who doesn’t love doughnuts? If you are ready to dive into the doughnut sensation but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few helpful tips and guidelines to keep in mind- that will help insure your sugar covered dream comes to reality- perfectly! CHECK WITH THE PROFESSIONALS First, talk with your wedding coordinator and/or event caterer to see if this is a service that they


already provide. It could save you hours of running around, phone calls and money in the long run. If they do not offer this service, check to see what they would charge to “man” the Doughnut Station during the evening, as well as the cost to provide beverages to compliment the sweet pastries such as; coffee, hot cocoa or ice-cold milk. PERSONALIZE YOUR ORDER If you will be ordering the doughnuts yourself, contact local bakeries at least 3 weeks in advance to place your doughnut order. Talk with them about flavor options as well as ways that you can personalize these sweet treats. Colored icings, chocolate glazes, sprinkles, nuts and candy chips are just a few of the ways that you could further your wedding colors and theme. Once the order is placed make sure to inquire about delivery and pick up options. It may be worth a few extra dollars to have

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the Yummy Yummy Donut

the bakery deliver them to the reception site, and relieve you of one more wedding day errand. GET CREATIVE WITH THE DISPLAY When arranging the donut bar have fun and get ready to be creative. Try putting the assortment of donuts in antique drawers, on vintage dessert stands, in baskets or even painted produce crates. You can also have individually boxed doughnuts at each place setting, for the perfect finishing touch. Use the style and location of your wedding as a guide, and remember that the favor bar is a great place to show off your personality as a couple. For the ambitious Brides, plan ahead and have your photographer take a picture of you and the groom enjoying doughnuts or possibly holding a “thank you” sign- then frame the print and place on the Doughnut Bar. Cute signs and photographs are a great way to pull the whole look together.


TAKE IT TO-GO Last, but not least, don’t forget about a way for your guests to take their “favor” with them. Many guests will have a hard time waiting to sink their teeth into the glazed goodness, but several wedding go-ers may want to savor their doughnut the next morning. Small boxes, paper sleeves, cellophane bags even small lunch sacks would all be appropriate when packing up the pastries. Most items can be found in a variety of colors, but even a simple white lunch sack can be simply personalized with a monogrammed label, or custom thank you tag. However you decide to “wrap it up” your guests will be grateful for the goodies, making the doughnut bar a memorable, inexpensive and overall delicious wedding trend.

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By James Ramsay

What to do about the music? There’s always plugging in the iPod into the auxiliary jack and letting your brother-in-law go at it. Perhaps there’s something ironically endearing about the sound of that little wheel clicking as he thumbs through your collection of Dave Matthews albums. On the other end, you could shoot for the moon and hire your dream act. Though of course, every band has a price. For example, the Niemen Marcus catalog offers an hour-and-a-half performance by Elton John for a cool $1.5 million. If that’s a stretch, perhaps your roommate’s band will play a three hour set for two pepperoni pizzas and a room at the Courtyard Marriott in St. George.



You want a song that’s sentimental and unique to your relationship Whether you decide on a band or a DJ, the important thing is to make sure it’s a personal experience. That is, it’s your wedding, not their show. With the accessibility of music technology having expanded so much over the past decade, you shouldn't have a problem finding the perfect DJ and or band to play some great tunes, and keep your guests smiling. Most likely, a professional DJ will be the best fit, since they tend to have more wedding experience and their fees should be lower since it’s just one person, with a limited amount of equipment. Still, having an experienced band, especially one you’re familiar with, makes for a fun, interactive experience. Be sure to go for a professional act that comes well recommended. If you’re scouring the Craigslist page for “Female Seeking Wedding DJ”, you may want to reevaluate some things. Because the DJ/MC is the person


whose job it is to make the event what it’s supposed to be- a celebration of your relationship and love for one another. The music should only be a factor to the extent that it keeps things focused in the right direction. From start to finish, consider the following: Live music during the procession will affect the emotional vibe of the ceremony. A nice acoustic guitar, a violin, or even a whole orchestra will compliment the maturity and significance of the situation. Always use a professional Dj for your ceremony sound. Your guest have traveled from all over to be part of this special time. They want to hear every single word. The right music and sound duo make all the difference in pulling your event together

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SOUTHERN UTAH BRIDE Come the reception, it’s imperative that your first dance is filled with emotion. You want a song that’s sentimental and unique to your relationship. Googling the “top 10 first dance songs” might not have the same effect. You want everyone focused on the genuine love between you and your spouse- when the song begins, all conversation in the room should immediately stop. The best way to make that happen is with a moving first dance. The first dance is often the first moment you will have to really enjoy each others company as a married couple. Take advantage of the time, cherish each others embrace, and don’t ruin the moment with meaningless conversation. That said, don’t be afraid to pump up the jam immediately after. You want to get everyone dancing before people start to leave. However,

when I say “jam”, I mean David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, or even Talking Heads’ “Wild Wild Life”. I’m guessing the top five club bangers on iTunes these days don’t exactly speak to a celebration of monogamy. If your mother-in-law doesn’t feel comfortable dancing to the playlist, then neither should you. If being tasteful means pretending you’re from two generations ago, so be it. This should all be intuitive. The music should be exciting but not discomforting. The band or DJ should have a personal touch. We’re talking about the soundtrack to one of the most important days of your life, you’re making a commitment to the one you truly love. The music choices should only enhance that. This is your wedding, all eyes will be on you. If your shaking it on the dance floor, everyone else will too, and the celebration will follow!

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boy meets


after he'd been on his knee for a few minutes,

he reminded me it was probably a good time to say yes or no By Marlee Hernandez Photos: Gideon Photography

If there ever comes a time when someone idea of what was to come. Tyler and I hands you a piece of paper that reads

had entered Southern Utah Bride’s


contest with no expectation to actually


win. We hoped, naturally, but with so

might find your eyes suddenly filling with

many applicants and so many great

salt water. I did, and I would hardly say

stories submitted we figured our chances

I’m the emotional type. Wedding

were probably slim. A whirlwind of

daydreams previously dismissed becauselet’s face it-money doesn’t grow on trees,

emotions hit us the day we received that news, and not only did we feel

suddenly resurfaced, along with a new Surf Today


he asked asked me me to to marry marryhim him

arles in his living room Ch y Ra to ing nc da re we we ...I am a dairy lover and ice-cream ADDICT

I sometimes eat the stuf f for breakfast lves at Tyler and I find ourse Picnics are something th the weather's nice doing pretty often when

we had to sleep in a church, had almost no money, and it was hand s down one of the best weekend s of my life

I never wanted anyone else


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I'd never loved anyone like that before

and knew that he made me happier than I'd ever been unbelievably lucky and blessed for winning, but for the road that got us to that point.  We saw each other for the first time at a wedding reception. I say saw instead of met because we didn't

“We wanted that uniqueness to carry on to our engagement photos, and were so excited at the prospect of taking them in St. George and Springdale”

actually meet until a few weeks after that. All strategic, according to him. He made me nervous and curious, the kind of curious that made it hard to mask my ridiculous excitement when he finally did introduce himself and asked me to dinner. There were many more dinners after that, along with late night walks, and concerts together. It didn’t take long for me to learn that he was passionate about law and political science. It didn’t take long for him to learn that I was passionate about literature and writing. We dated for five months, until it came time for

him to spend a summer in Ecuador with a non-profit. I spent those four months missing him and letting my skin go brown in the summer sun. We wrote letters to each other, and I wrote music about him. I thought I was smitten then, but when he returned was when we really fell in love. It was better than anything I'd read in books or seen in cheesy chick flicks. We soon said those three little words that are so often uttered cavalierly, but taken so seriously by both of us: I love you. I’d been saving that

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phrase my whole life-never to waste on the wrong personand was glad to finally say it with complete meaning.   While dancing to Ray Charles in his living room on March 11 he got on his knee and asked me to marry him! It was so spontaneous and I was so excited that I actually forgot to answer him. I went right into muttering nonsensical phrases while my heart beat to a faster rhythm. Without me knowing he had picked a little pearl ring out, all on his own, and had been keeping it in his pocket for the right moment to give it to me. We’ve never been conventional, and I loved that both my ring and our proposal were so unique and true to us.   We wanted that uniqueness to carry on to our engagement photos, and were so excited at the prospect of taking them in St. George and Springdale. The old Judd’s ice-cream parlor, a orchard just beginning to blossom, and an afternoon with nothing to do but eat treats with Tyler could not have sounded better. The parlor pictures are totally representative of our relationship for a few reasons...first off, I am a dairy lover and ice-cream addict. It's probably not a good habit, but I sometimes eat the stuff for breakfast. A break like that was much needed too, with him having just finished his law school applications and me in the midst of finishing my winter semester. The images completely blew us away when we saw them afterward. We knew right away that if we were going to have a problem in the process, it would be settling on just one image to send out with our invite.   Literally every single day we talk about how excited we are about our upcoming day, and how thankful we are for everyone involved with it. We talk about how this is really just our start, and how we’ll never understand what we did to deserve this. We’re lucky our love came so easy, that we don't have fights like other couples, that we got to know one another across the country and in letters, that we have more fun with one another than anyone else, that it never gets old and we never feel bored, and that we both are our own people and love each other for exactly that.

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Chaos To Couture By Lenni Stratton

Floral by The Flower Market

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and you want it to be perfect. You’ll spend hours pouring over bridal magazines and blogs, searching out the perfect vendors, and finding the perfect elements for The Big Day. Why would you risk any of those beautiful details by not planning accordingly? Hiring a wedding coordinator can save you time, money, and--most importantly, loads of stress! Most couples in Utah are marrying for the first time. They’ve never planned a wedding and have absolutely no idea where to start. They don’t know how long in advance to book the venue, to order the stationery or to choose the bridesmaid dresses. And, why should they? Unless you’ve been heavily involved in the planning of your friends or family’s weddings, there is no reason why you should know exactly what to expect. Most couples planning their wedding will greatly benefit from the expertise offered by a wedding coordinator. Many people think hiring an event coordinator is an unnecessary expense. However did you know that they can actually save you money? Think about it: an event coordinator plans weddings all the time. They know all the best sources and vendors, and often get better prices on things simply because of an ongoing relationship with various vendors. Think flowers, musicians, rental companies and venues; all of these vendors benefit by being able to work with a knowledgeable and efficient coordinator to help you pull off your perfect day. These vendors are often willing to pay for the luxury in the form of discounts and incentives. Beyond mere budget savings, a coordinator will save you even more when it comes to stress and worry. Not only will a talented coordinator keep plans, meetings and appointments running smoothly leading up to the wedding, they will also make life on the day of your wedding equally as smooth and stress-free. You--and your groom and your mom and your sister and...--won’t be worrying if the caterer gets there on time, if the flowers are Surf Today



exactly the right shade of pink, or if the groomsmen all remembered their suits. Your planner will do all of that for you, leaving you to focus on relaxing and enjoying the happiest day of your life. Chances are, you’ll never know if the caterer was late or not. Those little problems (that you shouldn’t be stressed about anyway) will be handled before you even know that there was a problem to begin with. Still think hiring a full-time coordinator might not be exactly your cup of tea? Consider bringing one on for just The Big Day. Most coordinators offer

this option as an alternative to full-service wedding planning and coordination, at a fraction of the cost. They’ll work with you during the week (or month, depending on the coordinator) leading up to the wedding to get up to date on all the plans you’ve set in motion--vendor lists, colors schemes, alternate weather plans--and then make sure that all runs smoothly. You get all the freedom of planning the day exactly how you want it, in your own way, and then you hand the reigns over to the coordinator on the Big Day so you can sit back and enjoy enjoy your champagne and hor d’eourves.

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Lauren & Tai

The French Connection

Elements of the French Countryside meet a magical forest By Addison Parker

Dixie State College stadium may not be as prestigious as Wrigley Field or as prominent as Yankee Stadium, but to Lauren and Tai it holds far more value. The couple were introduced during a Rebels baseball game, and continued to attend each game together through out the season. The team may not have scored big, but Tai and Lauren sure did, as they fell in love over and over again while cheering side by side. The couple continued their romance over the year and when it came time for Lauren to interview for grad school, decisions had to be made. Tai


joined Lauren on her interview trip to Pittsburgh. While visiting the “steel city” they decided it would only be appropriate to see the Pittsburgh Pirates game. Halfway into the game Lauren looked up and saw “Lauren and Tai together for time and all eternity.” To Lauren it was more than just three little words, it was a promise of things to come as well as a reminder of what they both wanted together. All of this being displayed on the Jumbotron! Tai brought along a special box of cracker jacks with the

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the ballroom was transformed into a secret garden having to stand in a monotonous receiving “Lauren and Tai were able to infuse their favorite color blue line. The ballroom was transformed into a secret garden of sorts, as lush floral into the reception, from blue arrangements filled with blue hydrangeas sugar encrusted glasses, to and ivory blooms encompassed the room. blue flowers, and even sweet Lauren went with the recommendation little blue birds eggs.” from her florist, Kathy at Bloomers Flowers, and was ecstatic with the French ring tucked inside, and as they say “the inspired accents and depth of detail put rest is history.” into each individual arrangement. With After seven months of planning the help of their wedding planner, Laura and anticipation the day finally arrived for at Forevermore Events, Lauren and Tai Lauren and Tai to be married for ‘time were able to infuse their favorite color blue and all eternity.’ The sealing was held in into the reception, from blue sugar the St.George LDS temple. Lauren looked rimmed glasses, to blue flowers, and even flawless in her drop waist ivory gown, sweet little blue robin eggs. Each draped in silk petals by her favorite performed a traditional Polynesian dance designer Melissa Sweet. for one another. It was a sweet way to The reception took place in the honor Tai’s Polynesian heritage while also romantic Sun River Ballroom. The guest providing entertainment for those in list included over 400 of Tai and Lauren’s attendance. Topping the evening off with friends and family. “I know four hundred music and celebration the two were sounds like a lot,” Lauren said, “but I kept whisked away as they left in their get away running into people and wishing we had car. With stars in their eyes and sunshine invited them, so we did!” The pair on their mind they made way for their decided on a buffet dinner for two hours exotic honeymoon the following day. to accommodate their guests and alleviate

Southern Utah Resources Floral Bloomers Wedding Planner Forevermore Events Photographer Gideon Photography Ceremony St George LDS Temple Reception Venue Sun River Ballroom Caterer Marvellous Catering Cake Designer Icing Cakes by Design Dj/Entertainment Polynesian Cultural Center Photo Booth Funnyface Photo Booth Invitation Hey Hay Designs

Lauren chose an ivory dress with a ruched bodice, and petaled mermaid train from Alta Moda Bridal in Salt Lake. Tai complimented the wedding colors with a dapper, dove grey tux from Mens Den.

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Hanna & Chris

Colors of Love

Hanna and Chris are proof

“absence makes the heart grow fonder” By Annie Frandsen

After eight years of being together, Hanna and Chris were thrilled to tie the knot among the giant willow trees, friends, family and the beautiful mountains and canyons of Zion National Park. Talk about breathtaking!

relationship over emails, letters and expensive long distance phone calls. Over the next several years their love flourished and they decided to make it official with the search for the perfect ring. Hanna grew up in Israel and nine years ago had the Chris is a self proclaimed inept gift giver, so Hanna opportunity to spend a summer in Los Angeles. After decided that if she was going to be wearing a ring for life, meeting Chris at a mutual friends house she was quick to it was best if it wasn’t one of Chris’ infamous surprises. recognize a good thing when she saw it. That summer The couple opted to skip the traditional diamond in favor soon turned into fall. The two were inseparable until of something more unique and together designed a Hanna had to return for mandatory military service in spectacular pink sapphire ring. Chris held on to the ring Israel. They are proof that “absence makes the heart for a full six months before formally proposing. Both grow fonder” is not just an age old saying but a testament being culinary lovers, Chris thought it appropriate to play of their two year long distance romance they endured off of that shared love to propose. He hid the ring in a before being reunited. The couple developed their


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Being nature lovers they decided Zion National Park was the perfect outdoor setting cloud of spun sugar on top of a decadent chocolate mousse following a full seven course meal. Hanna and Chris had talked for years about being married in an exceptional place that would be special not only for them, but also for their cross culture of family and friends traveling from Israel, Peru, and Los Angeles. Being nature lovers, they decided the red rock canopies of Zion National Park was the perfect outdoor setting. While scouting out the area they both agreed on a great restaurant called The Switchback Grill, which is known for its fantastic food and stunning vistas. Once they had the location locked down, Hanna & Chris got to work collecting various glassware from flea markets and thrift stores to help create a vintage motif. They felt it was important to incorporate some of their own eclectic style and personality into the wedding details by purchasing and creating several DIY elements. Hanna wanted her wedding to have a “no fuss” feel, and Forevermore Events was responsible for bringing each and every sweet personal element into cohesion. Bursting with personality, bright pops of colored

Southern Utah Resources

ribbons, tissue paper flowers, and paper pennants brought it all together. It was important to Hanna and Chris to be able to relive each and every moment of their whimsical wedding day over and over in the future. They were obsessed with the style and feel of Gideon Photography’s pure eye candy photos. They knew they were in good hands when it came to capturing not only their jaw dropping surroundings, but the emotions of the day, and infusing their own individuality and style. Out of respect for the various cultural backgrounds and traditions of their families and guests, Hanna and Chris decided to keep their respective faiths to a minimum. They chose to be married by a Navajo Shaman as a way to focus on nature, each other, and commitment to their new life. They added a traditional Jewish canopy and a Peruvian Inca rug as a way to pay tribute to their roots. Finishing off a dazzling day filled with dancing, joy, and a whimsical array of sparklers, the couple journeyed into the night as husband and wife.

Photographer Gideon Photography Wedding Planner Forevermore Events Officiant Lorenz Holiday Navajo Shaman Ceremony & Reception Switchback Lawn & Grill Dj/Entertainment Festival Sound Photo Booth All Events Photo booth

The red rock canopy and awe inspiring canyons of Zion National Park made for the perfect backdrop on Hanna and Chris’ whimsical wedding day.

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