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Mt. Merchant is an online retailer’s best friend. We help online retailers increase profit lift and reduce overhead by harnessing insights from their most loyal customers and existing customer data to optimize product recommendations across all channels. By pairing the power and efficiencies of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the brainpower and personal touch of humans in the loop, Mt. Merchant enables retailers to get the most out of their customer, product, and sales data. Mt. Merchant powers more than 4 billion product recommendations and 200 million emails on a weekly basis. Our platform has analyzed more than 100 trillion data points for customers that include Sears and Kmart, as well as a suite of brands such as Lands’ End, Craftsman, and La-Z-Boy. Contact us now to get a demo of the Mt. Merchant platform.


Let us help you boost revenues while delivering a personalized shopping experience that will have customers coming back for more.

You can look forward to... %


potential overhead REDUCTION



25-30 5-15 average revenue INCREASE

expected profit LIFT

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Sears Case Study Mt. Merchant Powers Personalized Shopping for 200 Million Online Sears Shoppers THE COMPANY Founded in 1886, Sears is a brick-and-mortar and online retailer that began as a mail order catalog company. It is the largest provider of home services in America, with more than 14 million service and installation calls made annually. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corporation, which earned $25.1 billion in revenue in 2015. THE CHALLENGE In 2007, Sears called on Mt. Merchant’s founders, then operating a retail integrations consulting business called COI, to answer the question that all brick-andmortar stores now ask: How can it compete with rapidly growing online-only retailers? For Sears, the goal was even loftier: How can we compete with the biggest online retailer? You might know the one.

THE SOLUTION Mt. Merchant created a system that goes far beyond standard analytics. It uses customer data to clearly see who is purchasing which products, when, where, and for how much. It then takes that customer and her purchase and viewing history, and compares her to other similar customers, those who similarly buy and view. The system then identifies the best bundle of “You Might Like” products to recommend, and delivers those recommendations via email, directly on the website, or within the Sears mobile app for each customer, in real time. Today, Mt. Merchant’s systemic solution is the largest component of, with thousands of servers working to provide customized recommendations to each customer. THE RESULTS Mt. Merchant’s solution resulted in the advent of a personalized shopping experience for 200 million customers and revenue and profit lifts that we can apply to your business. - 12-18% revenue lift on recommendation carousels - 4% profit lift


Shop Your Way Case Study Mt. Merchant Personalizes the ‘Shop Your Way’ Shopping Experience THE COMPANY Shop Your Way is a social shopping experience that enables members to earn points and receive benefits towards future purchases. Available via iPhone and Android apps and, the app also gives members access to exclusive sales, events, brands, and sweepstakes while letting users poll friends, ask for expert advice, create wish lists, and research products. Platform partners outside of the original set (Sears, Kmart and Lands’ End) include Burger King, Expedia, Fandango, and Uber, among others. THE CHALLENGE While Shop Your Way has an enormous catalog of products and vendors in its system, it lacked a personal touch when it approached Mt. Merchant’s founders. Its management team wanted to boost membership lift and personalize the shopping experience for new and existing members. THE SOLUTION Mt. Merchant used its expertise in data analytics and product recommendations management to give customers personalized recommendations, offers, and promotions based on their viewing and purchase histories. We updated Shop Your Way’s data intake by beginning to track orders, layaways, order status, and delivery, as well as what customers are viewing right now. Still in place, this system feeds triggered email offers and advertising that help convert window-shoppers and one-time customers into repeat customers. For example, if a customer is browsing appliances and exits the app, they receive an email offer based on what they viewed. Once the customer buys the appliance, he or she then receives an email offer for add-on or upgrade products. Nothing is one-size-fits-all; everything is personalized. THE RESULTS The personalization system that Mt. Merchant created for Shop Your Way not only provided a substantial revenue lift for the product, but also increased productivity in human operations as a result of automating email campaigns. -

25-30% revenue lift on email campaigns 75% decrease in human operations spending


Kenmore Case Study Mt. Merchant Boosts Kenmore Revenue by Up to 15% with Personalized Shopping

THE COMPANY Kenmore is a household appliances brand that offers everything from washers, dryers, ovens, and refrigerators to sewing machines, air purifiers, and television sets. The appliances are sold online and in-store by Sears and Kmart.

THE SOLUTION Mt. Merchant enacted a suite of solutions to boost Kenmore’s performance, including one we call “Mini Cart.” With this feature, customers are prompted to consider additional add-on purchases once they’ve finished checking out online. If a customer just purchased a vacuum cleaner, for example, she may receive a buy-one-get-one free offer for the purchase of vacuum cleaner bags to go along with it. Or perhaps the suggested item is simply a featured product, such as a microwave or even a necklace or bracelet from an unrelated, but customer-relevant brand or category on the website.

THE CHALLENGE Selling costly appliances online can be a tough business. While consumers are warming up more and more to the idea, there’s still a certain feeling that comes with spinning a washer agitator yourself or turning the knobs of that cooktop that could soon be yours. Kenmore came to Mt. Merchant’s founders to learn how it could increase revenue and profit lift, particularly since most Kenmore products are high margin items.

THE RESULTS Revenue lift on high margin items can be a huge boon for business. For Kenmore, the numbers made a substantial bottom-line difference. -

10-15% revenue lift on high margin items

This system works well across many online retailer sites, and it’s highly effective due to the ease of transaction that is built-in. It allows customers to check out again while on the same page, thus the name: Mini Cart. 5

Craftsman Case Study Mt. Merchant Reimagines Last-minute Checkout-lane Purchases for Craftsman Online THE COMPANY Craftsman is a brand of hand and power tools and lawn and garden equipment sold from within large retail chains, small hardware stores, and specialty military and racing stores. THE CHALLENGE Craftsman brought the Mt. Merchant team in with a general call to action: Help us increase revenue and profit lift.

or FBT Check Out, for short. For a minute, imagine the checkout experience at a brick-and-mortar store. You stand in an aisle, surrounded by candy, lip balms, mints, batteries, and other last-minute purchase items. You read a magazine, maybe stare down a candy bar and weigh the waistline-to-satisfaction ratio you could have if you dropped that chocolatey salvation in your cart. Online, that experience doesn’t exist for most ecommerce sites. We can create it, though. We brought those last-minute checkout-lane purchases to the online checkout experience for Craftsman. Whether it be the usual suspects -- batteries to go with a flashlight -- or larger items, such as a premium saw blade to go with a miter saw, Mt. Merchant FBT Check Out recommendations are on point.

Mt. Merchant clients come in all varieties, with very specific projects (email marketing or carousel enhancements, for example) or with general overarching business needs (increased sales and profits) in mind. In Craftman’s case, Mt. Merchant was given creative license to implement whatever methods THE RESULTS we recommended for boosted revenue and profit. This Craftsman campaign shows us that even small, last-minute purchases can make an impact on revenue, THE SOLUTION and that when we work with high margin items, even Mt. Merchant implemented a suite of solutions, greater returns are possible. but one we’d like to point out for this client is the - 1-2% revenue lift “Frequently Bought Together Check Out” solution, - 30% profit lift boosted by high margin items


Mt. Merchant Client Case Studies  

As part of a larger website redesign, Southern Swallow created this Client Case Studies packet for technology firm Mt. Merchant to showcase...

Mt. Merchant Client Case Studies  

As part of a larger website redesign, Southern Swallow created this Client Case Studies packet for technology firm Mt. Merchant to showcase...