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Move made family feel right at home RHIANNON and husband Matt Orr recently moved to Capel Sound from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs in search of a slower paced, more sustainable, mindful lifestyle. “Matt is a carpenter/project manager and I am an interior designer and we have two small children and dog,” Ms Orr said. “After 8 months of actively looking for the perfect location and a home to renovate, we found our 1960s beach house that was destined for the wrecking ball. “At first we were feeling a little unsure about moving further south than we had our sights on, and into an area where we had done little research. “We had spent eight months looking without quite finding the particular house we were after: something modernist, mid-century that had not already been renovated and which meant that we would have to re-do it the way we wanted it.” Finding what they wanted in Capel South the family “packed up our lives and moved down to this little town”. “Now we can’t imagine setting up life anywhere else,” Ms Orr said. “We walk the trail to the beach daily and are growing and sharing produce with our neighbours. “We look forward to enjoying our first summer here and watching our kids – and our business – grow in this wonderful environment.”For more information and a copy of the brochure – go to capelsound.3940.org Details: Ms Barton, Seawinds Community Hub, call 5982 2204 or 0418 974 994 or email: heather.barton@ seawindscommunityhub.com.au

Getting to know you: Rhiannon Orr, with children Jos, Bobby and dog Dougie, talk to Capel Sound advocate Terry Wright. Picture: Yanni

Journey of discovery in a familiar land HOW many people really understand what they have in their township – virtually on their doorstep – or, indeed, how their community really works? Seawinds Community Hub CEO Heather Barton was speaking about the launch of Discover Capel Sound – an initiative aimed at encouraging residents to develop a Pride of Place in their suburb.

“Most of us have a narrow view of our local community, often shaped by limited experiences and long-held habits,” she said. “With the renaming of Postcode 3940 from Rosebud West to Capel Sound last year, the Capel Sound Community Group – formerly known as Rosebud West Action Group – is backing the push to help residents and holiday-home owners

understand and appreciate what they have in their local area, and encourage them to get out and enjoy it.” The Discover Capel Sound initiative will be kick-started over the next few weeks with a brochure going out to letter boxes at every property in Capel Sound. Titled 21 Good Things To Do in Capel Sound it covers the spectrum of local experiences: ranging from

enjoying the sunsets, sampling what the village has to offer, exploring the wetlands and reserves and getting involved in the many volunteer groups that Ms Barton says are the “keys to a strong community”. There is also a list of 10 good things for kids to do, too. “It’s now up to each of us to help shape our new identity and build a community that cares for itself and

for its special environment,” she said. “A good way to do this is to get out and discover what we have, to enjoy it, and help make it even better. “If each of us does just one thing we don’t normally do, Capel Sound will be a better place. Why not see how many you can manage to do?” Stephen Taylor

Southern Peninsula News 7 November 2017


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7 November 2017  

Southern Peninsula News 7 November 2017

7 November 2017  

Southern Peninsula News 7 November 2017