19 February 2019

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Leading role for beach cleaner AT just seven years of age, Harrison Daley is a little boy with a passion. He helps clean-up Mornington beaches and is always keen to educate beachgoers about environmental dangers posed by litter. This dedication has been recognised with Harrison being named Mornington Peninsula Shire’s first and youngest recycling ambassador and unofficial recycling champion. It’s a job he can’t do alone and the shire wants more volunteers to become recycling champions. This team of champions will support the shire’s efforts to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill. The mayor Cr David Gill said it was “more important than ever to ensure we place recyclables in the correct bin”. Eye spy: Harrison Daley, the shire’s first and youngest recycling ambassador, collecting rubbish at Mothers Beach, Mornington.

Recycling goes ahead if separation done right MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire’s infrastructure services manager Jessica Wingad says recycled waste from the peninsula is still going to China and other global markets. She said extra processing here was ensuring “compliance with these markets”. New recycling markets are expected to open in Victoria in the future.

“While the [Chinese] policy shift hasn’t banned recycling, it has limited the level of contaminated accepted in recycling sent to China,” Ms Wingad said. “Clean, sorted recycling is still being accepted, so it is extremely important we continue to separate our waste from recycling and place only accepted recyclable items into our recycling bins,” she said.

“Overseas policy changes have limited the level of contamination accepted in recycling,” he said. “Putting the wrong items in your recycling bin could mean the whole bin is sent to landfill instead of being recycled, which is bad news for our environment and local wildlife. “Through the recycling champions’ initiative, we’re empowering the community to get involved and get active.” Anyone aged over 18 can become a recycling champion. The champions will learn more about recycling. No prior knowledge or experience is required – just a passion and willingness to share ideas. Recycling champions will be provided with training, recycling resources and ongoing support from the shire’s waste education officer. They will help out at events, distribute flyers and posters, and talk to various groups about recycling. Details: mornpen.vic.gov.au/recyclingchampions

Clean up day

“We need everyone to do their bit to ensure the correct items are placed in all kerbside and public recycling bins,” Ms Wingad said. “[These] are sent to a materials recycling facility where contractors sort items into material types.” The shire’s website lists items suitable for kerbside recycle bins.

CLEAN Up Australia Day is on Sunday 3 March. Mornington Peninsula Shire is calling on residents to take part. Those interested can check out litter hotspots in the neighbourhood and challenge friends and family to take part in keeping the peninsula clean. Details: cleanupaustraliaday.org.au

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20 February 2019