April 2017

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The small towns that survive will be the ones that are open to new ideas BY: BECKY MCCRAY

Photo by Deb Brown

Can you make a small town more open to new ideas? Yes, and it may be the most important thing you can do.

In a world driven by frenetic change, which small towns are going to thrive? We know rural people play a key role in our society, so some small towns will have a future. Some small towns are innovative and progressive. Other small towns are stuck in the past. Is there anything that tells us which towns will survive and prosper? The key factor is openness to new ideas. Openness to new ideas is an advantage for rural areas addressing change, a Christian Science Monitor article said, pointing to work by Dr. David Peters, Iowa State University, and Dr. Linda Lobao, Ohio State University. Small towns that are open to new ideas will be the best positioned to thrive no matter what change comes their way.

Great. Now what? How do we make our towns more open to new ideas? There are three parts to making your rural community more Idea Friendly.

Southern Oregon Business Journal