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Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Issue #14

Official Newsletter: This is the official member news publication of the Southern Ohio PGA. Go to: thesouthernohiopga. com for more association news & information.

PEPSI SIGNS MULTI-YEAR DEAL WITH PGA PepsiCo signs multiyear contract with the PGA of America. New opportunities for SOPGA Professionals, Facilities, and the Section. What it means for you. PALM%BEACH%GARDENS,%Fla."–"The"PGA"of"America"and"PepsiCo,"Inc." (NYSE:"PEP)"have"renewed"their"longstanding"partnership"with"a" new"mulEFyear"contract."PepsiCo,"maker"of"iconic"beverage"brands" such"as"Pepsi,"Mountain"Dew,"Gatorade,"Lipton"iced"teas"and" Aquafina,"has"served"as"the"official"nonFalcoholic"beverage"provider" of"PGA"Professionals"since"1993. PepsiCo"provides"unparalleled"support"as"your"total"beverage" expert"including"quality"brands,"reliable"service,"NaEonal"Account" Fountain"Pricing"incenEves,"Fountain"and"BoVle"&"Can"incenEves," beverage"merchandising"and"profitability"educaEon"and"one"stop" shopping. Program'Details • $2.00"per"fountain"gallon"of"post"mix"products •


Details"to"qualify"for"Program" The"PostFMix"products"that"generate"incenEves"are"as"follows: •

All"Pepsi"brands"including"Diet,"Pepsi"Max,"Pepsi"Next"and" Caffeine"Free*

All"Lipton"brands"including"Brisk,"Lemonade,"Sweetened," Unsweetened"and"Flavored*




Dr"Pepper"and"7Fup"DO"NOT"generate"incenEves"through" the"PepsiCo/PGA"Program


What"do"I"need"to"do?" Call"your"local"boVler"today"to"sign"a"new"PepsiCo/PGA" Program"NaEonal"contract.

When"does"the"new"program"go"into"effect?" Immediately"upon"your"facility’s"execuEon"of"a"new" agreement"with"PepsiCo.

As"a"PresenEng"Partner"in"Golf"ReErement"Plus™,"PepsiCo"offers" you"the"opportunity"to"earn"$0.50"per"gallon"on"postFmix"products" and"$0.35"per"case"on"Gatorade"readyFtoFdrink"product. PepsiCo"will"provide"your"facility"with"appropriate"fountain" dispensing"equipment"to"be"used"exclusively"for"dispensing"Pepsi" postFmix"products,"along"with"a"water"filter"and"iniEal"water"filter" cartridge."Legal"Etle"to"the"equipment"will"belong"to"PepsiFCola." PepsiCo"will"also"pay"your"facility"$2.00"per"gallon"on"postFmix" products"and"$0.75"per"case"of"boVle"&"can"product. Your"facility"must"sign"a"5"year"or"7"year"contract"with"PepsiCo."A" minimum"brand"set"of"Pepsi,"Diet"Pepsi,"Mountain"Dew,"Sierra"Mist" and"Lipton"BRISK"Lemonade"or"other"Lipton"brands"is"required. PGA"SecEons"also"earn"incenEve"dollars"through"The"PGA"of" America,"based"on"the"number"of"gallons"of"postFmix"products"and" cases"of"boVled"&"canned"product"purchased"by"PGA"Professionals" staffed"faciliEes"and"golf"ranges"within"their"PGA"SecEon. Who'do'I'contact?" PepsiCo/PGA"program"line:"1F866FPEPFGOLF"(737F4653)" Hours"of"OperaEon:"Monday"–"Friday"8:00"a.m."ET"to"5:00"p.m."ET" Closed"on"Holidays Click'here"for"the"2012"PepsiFCola"postFmix"Products"NaEonal" Account"Pricing. Click'here"for"the"qualified"boVle" &"can"PepsiCo"products.



The Course Scioto Reserve Country Club was selected to host the 2012 SOPGA Foundation Pro-am. Located to the North West of Downtown Columbus, Scioto Reserve has hosted numerous Section & Chapter events over the years. Special Thanks to Andy Montgomery and Jeff Olson.

Scioto Reserve’s 18th Green

SOPGA Foundation Pro-Am sets Goal to be Premier Charity Event of the Year Inaugural Event

Vision The Southern Ohio PGA will impact and enhance the lives of

The SOPGA Foundation is pleased to bring this charity

individuals utilizing the game of golf - a gift for a lifetime.

golf competition to the Greater Columbus area.

The Foundation will achieve its vision and mission

Proceeds from the event will support current and

through fundraising programs and golf programming

proposed Foundation initiatives like the Jr Ryder

targeted at improving people and communities.

Cup Academy, H.O.PE. and a new Diversity


Scholarship. The tournament will serve as our

The Southern Ohio PGA Golf Foundation's priority is to

primary fundraising opportunity for 2012. Please join us for the inaugural event at Scioto Reserve Golf & Country Club. Click Here to View Event Fact Sheet.


grow the game of golf while using the game and its core values of honesty, integrity, respect, self-assurance, courtesy, and perseverance to enhance the quality of life for all people.





Fore Cancer On Monday the Lakes hosts the Fore Cancer Research ProAm.

Boys Hope On Monday the Boys Hope Girls Hope Tournament returns to Kenwood CC.

August 30th Time is running out. Register your team for the 2012 Pro-am.

That’s a Wrap 2012 Season Comes to a close. Great Season! Great Clubs! Thank you SOPGA Pros.


JR TOUR 2012

SOPGA Jr & Futures Tours Wrap-up 2012 Season In its fifth season, the 2012 SOPGA Junior Golf Program experienced small growth in both the number of rounds played and overall Tour membership. The tournament schedule again included of 26 Junior Events, with the addition of two more 2-day competitions recognized by Junior Golf Scoreboard at Weatherwax Golf Course and Reid Memorial Park. One major change implemented this season was allowing distance measuring devices on the Junior Tour. This proved to be a success and aided in the pace of play. The Junior Golf Committee will meet next week to discuss plans for the 2013 Tours, stay tuned for Junior Golf updates in October member news. Championships were held this week at Troy Country Club and Urbana Country Club. Six Junior Tour Members earned Player of the Year Honors in

Special Recognition The Southern Ohio PGA would like to thank all of our facilities that hosted Jr & Futures Tour events in 2012. We also want to recognize the efforts of our summer interns. Mike Sarap, Haley Larson and Anthony Morris did an outstanding job this summer. We wish them all the best as they head back to college soon.

Kirran Magowan 2012 Male Player of the Year


their respective age divisions. These player include: Kirran Magowan (B14-18) of Loveland; Miranda Greene (G 14-18) of Bellbrook; Zach Crawford (B 12-13) of Vandalia; Katie Hallinan (G 12-13) of Loveland; Austin Greaser (B 10-11) of Vandalia and Natalia Sompolvorachai (G 10-11) of West Chester. We would like to thank the following PGA Professionals: Bob Belliveau, Ben Stewart, Jana Dalton, Rick Towle, Tom Bach, Luke Bowersock, David Baril, Ken Corliss Jr., Steve Marino, David Tieman, Jeff Franco, Justin Armour, Lauren King, Steve Lambert, Matt Cole, Tom West, Brad Reid, Steve Marino, Pat Delaney Ă‚Â and Nate Combs for their hospitality hosting an SOPGA Junior Golf Event in 2012. We would also like to thank all SOPGA Professionals who promote the Tours and volunteer at events!


Mid-Season Review & Tune-Up The"month"of"July"is" upon"us"and"it's"hard"to" believe"the"season"is"at" the"halfway"point.""The" winter"months"of" anEcipaEon"and"the" spring"months"of"preparaEon"and" implementaEon"are"behind"us"and"we’re"in"full" swing"now.""For"many"parts"of"the"country,"this" has"been"an"extremely"hot,"recordFbreaking" summer"that"has"added"to"the"stress"levels."At" Emes,"it"seems"so"busy"we"have"liVle"Eme"to" think,"plan"or"evaluate.""But"effecEve" professional"managers"make"Eme"to"do"all" these"things. An"insighoul"review"of"the"season"so"far"is" important"to"ensure"success;"if"this"is"a" tournament"round"you"are"making"the"turn," you"look"at"the"score"and"make"any" adjustments"needed."In"a"golf"operaEon," obvious"places"to"start"are"the"financials," comparing"revenues"and"expenses"to" projecEons"and"budgets"to"evaluate"how"you" are"doing.""The"most"successful"professionals" are"evaluaEng"on"a"monthly,"weekly"and"in" some"cases"a"daily"basis.""Careful"analysis"will" idenEfy"trends"and"areas"of"strength"or" weakness"poinEng"toward"areas"in"need"of"

aVenEon."IdenEficaEon"and"swir"acEon"to" address"problem"areas"ensures"they"have"a" minimal"negaEve"impact"on"your"operaEon. The"season’s"midpoint"should"also"be"the"Eme" to"review"your"performance"and"that"of"your" staff"through"a"midseason"performance"review."" While"it"is"suggested"that"a"wriVen"format"be" used"to"maximize"the"effecEveness"of"the" review,"pracEcality"suggests"that"may"be" difficult.""At"minimum,"schedule"meeEng"Emes" with"each"staff"member"allowing"adequate" Eme"to"review"their"performance"in"a" distracEonFfree"environment."Let"them"know" how"important"they"are,"make"sure"to" congratulate"and"affirm"them"in"areas"of"strong" performance"plus"idenEfying"areas"needing" improvement.""In"those"weak"areas,"clearly" define"not"only"where"they"need"to"improve" but"also"make"suggesEons"for"how"to"improve." Define"an"acEon"plan"for"improvement"and"a" followFup"date"to"see"how"they"are"doing.""


I"will"have"some"addiEonal"suggesEons"for"your" midFseason"tune"up"in"the"next"arEcle"of" Employment"Briefs… Tom"Kendrick"is"a"PGA"CerEfied"Professional" and"Employment"Consultant"for"the"PGA"of" America.""He"can"be"contacted"at"(513)" 738F9943"or"by"eFmail"at"

Congra t David A ulations llan, PS Champ #2

PS #2, Event Summary Special Thanks to Steve Marino and entire Yankee Trace Staff for hosting Players Series #2. David Allan & Tom Bach tied at 5-under par. David won on the second playoff hole. SOPGA would like to thank the PGA Tour for supporting the competition. Congrats to the Kingman on his Sr Div. win. Larry Fired 2-under.


19TH HOLE Birthdays, Congrats, Upcoming Events & More Cincinnati Reds Game (9/8/12) We need your help! The Southern Ohio PGA Section & the Cincinnati Reds are teaming up on Saturday, September 8th for a growth of the game event at Great American Ball Park. As with most GOG events, we need volunteers to give golf lessons. Buy tickets, bring friends and family. Proceeds from ticket sales go to Folds of Honor. Please contact Amanda Lambert for more information and to signup to help.

Good Luck Bob & Doug The Southern Ohio PGA would like to send best wishes and safe travels to Bob Sowards and Doug Wade our representatives competing in the 2012 PGA Championship at the Kiawah Island Ocean Course next week.

SOPGA Team Match Play Champ Congratulations to the teams winning their second round matches in the SOPGA Team Match Play Presented by the PGA Tour. An updated bracket is available on the event’s page at Just a reminder, the next round of matches must be completed by Friday, August 24th.

Apprentice Tour #5 & Orientation The final Apprentice Orientation for 2012 is scheduled for August 29th at Sycamore Creek Country Club in Springboro, OH. The Apprentice Committee will be conducting a session on basic Club Repair (regrip, reshaft, length, loft & lie

measurement). The orientation will begin at 9:30 AM with golf to follow at 11:00 AM. Register on our website or call the Section Office at (937) 754-4263.

August Birthdays

Congratulations! Gene Powell, New Director of PGA Member Education.

Kirk Howard 8/1, Sean Kenily 8/2, Donald Shoemaker 8/2, Randy Neufarth 8/5, Kenneth Kaiser 8/5, Garay Goecke 8/5, Ed Sneed 8/6, Tim Fritsche 8/6, Al Effler 8/6, Andrew Kitchen 8/7, Lloyd Faulkner 8/8, James Townsend 8/8, Mark Welage 8/10, Peter Samborsky 8/10, Steve Messerschmidt 8/11, Michael Fee 8/12, Bob Kearney 8/14, Kevin O'Sullivan 8/15, Jana Dalton 8/17, Steven Chandler 8/17, Geoff Hensley 8/17, Cory Luke 8/19, Gary Howlett 8/19, Andrew Thielman 8/20, Mark Jensen 8/20, Kenneth Gibbons 8/20, Timothy Walton 8/21, Rick Dodd 8/21, Jim Brown 8/21, John Caruso 8/22, Brian Larson 8/22, Lawrence Price 8/23, William Gooch 8/23, Dennis Appel 8/24, Joel Suggs 8/26, Todd Nemenz 8/27, Kevin Miller 8/28, Robert Blevins 8/28, Brendan Burgert 8/28, David Bahr 8/29, Jeffrey Olson 8/29, Keith Crutcher 8/29, Dennis North 8/30, Jeffrey Radatz 8/30, Michael Pharo 8/30, Ken Green 8/31, Matthew Wakefield 8/31.

Voting Opens for Publication Name Go online to the Section Website to participate in naming this publication. We received six entires. Take a look at the

Upcoming Events


SW Chapter Sr Match Play Champ Various Sites - July 6, 2012 - August 24, 2012

• Jimmy Logue on his recent engagement. • Dean Prowse representing at SR Open. • Doug & Tracy Wade on the birth of their baby boy, Andrew.

Boys Hope/Girls Hope Charity Pro-Am Kenwood Country Club - August 6, 2012 Fore Cancer Research Pro-Am The Lakes Golf & CC - August 6, 2012

2012-12 Awards Nominate someone you know to be considered for a 2012-13 Special Award. Click Here to View Nomination Form


contenders and vote for your favorite. The contest closes at 5pm on August 15th.

Golf Range Magazine Offer Golf Range Magazine's Summer Issue is completely digital, free, and fun! Now every range, public, private, standalone or resort can send a digital link of the 64page summer issue to everyone in their database at absolutely no cost. The GRAA is committed to providing better tools to make every range at every facility more successful, and this consumer issue is the next step in that process. Now you get to show your customers that your facility is cutting edge, and at the same time get them excited about visiting their favorite range more often. It is simple to do, your database remains completely confidential and under your control, and no software downloads are required by consumers. Click Here to view Copy

MBR NEWSLETTER Southern Ohio PGA 66 South Central Ave. Fairborn, OH. 45324 P: 937-754-4263

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