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of Thanks and Giving

the 12 Months of Christmas

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the fine art of

Entertaining Bring the rich and fantastical into your home this holiday season with friendly feasts, festive tea parties, and smart soirees.



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Editor’s NOTE At this time of year, our thoughts naturally turn to those of a reflective nature. This year, I have something new to reflect upon. After a series of false starts and second guesses, I took a deep breath, then blessed and released the inaugural issue of SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta. Hopeful that it would be embraced by the community it celebrates, I sat back and prepared myself for the response. I was overwhelmed, and admittedly taken aback, by the feedback. Almost immediately, I was contacted by people – strangers with whom I only share a connection of place – who passed along their well wishes and encouragement. Happy to see their beloved City get the spotlight she deserves, they offered story ideas and support. So to each of you who have reached out, thank you. And to those who are my tribe (you know who you are), thank you for all you do and for all you are. You have proven Downtown Marietta to be the City of Southerly love. May blessings shower down upon you and yours this holiday season.

be Southerly,


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Of Thanks and Giving

More than 8,000 people gather on the Marietta Square each Thanksgiving morning for the annual Gobble Jog benefiting MUST Ministries. Learn more about this organization and all the good they do the other 364 days of the year.


The Fine Art of Entertaining

'Tis the season for sharing special times with friends and family. Making your guests feel right at home is sometimes easier said than done. Fret not. We have ideas.



The 12 Months of Christmas

Can a year-round Christmas store be successful in the months outside of November and December? The owners of Ye Olde Christmas and Candy Shoppe say so. Learn about what keeps them on Santa's Nice List.


Go Forth Prospers

Meet Nathan Martin, owner and CEO of Go Forth Goods, a Marietta-based company dedicated to inspiring people to do good. Learn what sets his products, and his company, apart from the rest.

“That boy is your company. And if he wants to eat up that tablecloth, you let him, you hear?” ― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

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ABOUT THE COVER: Sourced right here in Downtown Marietta, this simple yet thoughtful arrangement of seasonal flowers in an antique gravy boat is ready to take center stage. Think outside the vase for your floral needs. The use of the unexpected can be your best asset as you open your home for the holidays.

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decade of doing As I sit here reflecting on over a , I am overcome by business on the Marietta Square

in our patrons. Pride pride. Pride in our staff. Pride in the spirit of this place.

I realize that Yet I remain humbled by it all. And t... or do it wrong. every day is a chance to do it righ day we have to Because today might be the only better. make a person’s day a little bit

e a pint with me. So for all who read this, come hav eat some great Let’s listen to some good music, food, and enjoy ourselves for a bit.

Gary Leake, Proprietor Johnnie MacCracken’s 15 Atlanta Street; Marietta, GA

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Wanderlusting Jeff Waters

Talking Turkey Katie & Micah Pfister

Roam. Wander. Explore. Discover the magic of The Golden Isles this holiday season.

Impress your guests and your taste buds with a picture-perfect turkey that looks as good as it tastes.

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A thinker with a pen and pad of paper on the nightstand, Amber Byrd is an idea gal with a passion for writing and the arts. Her love of the Marietta Square runs deep, as she met and married her husband in Downtown Marietta. Southern raised, her early teen years were filled writing poetry and going on “photo hunts” with her camera. Now she helps small businesses, authors, artists and designers with social media, marketing and PR efforts. She has contributed to a variety of lifestyle magazines and art publications across the country. photo credit: Vasil Vasilev

Melanie Crissey •

Melanie Crissey fell in love with her hometown when she moved back to Marietta in 2010. A web developer by trade, Melanie writes for fun. She is intentional about supporting local businesses and thrilled to contribute to SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta.

• Justin and Rickelle Hadley

HADLEY(s) Photography is the result of the combined effort of husband and wife, Justin and Rickelle Hadley, specializing in conceptual/narrative portraiture and theatrical production photography. They do as much as they can to help support the local art scene. They take pride in their collaborations with local musicians, visual artists, and theatres, and believe they have a responsibility to support and respect fellow creatives both as artists and as businesses.

Emily Ryals •

Local freelance artist and community organizer, Emily is passionate about arts, community and culture in Downtown Marietta. Emily is a “Jill of all trades,” dabbling in writing, photography, design and motherhood, among other things. Formerly the Director of Education at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art, Emily attended Pratt Institute and holds a BFA in Painting from SCAD-Atlanta. Any given day you might find her working in downtown Marietta for Marietta Square Art Walk, Artists Market or at dk Gallery.

• R. Scott Stewart

With a broad spectrum background encompassing everything from forensic analysis to heavy machinery, Scott offers a unique perspective on just about any topic. Born in Florida but growing up near Marietta, he has traveled to and spent time in almost every state. Scott has become a mainstay on the Square these last few years. If you see him out and about, pull up a stool and let it all out. You are guaranteed to get a viewpoint that is unexpected. Be prepared though; it could carry into the late hours. SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta is produced with local talent. Interested? Drop us a line at SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 9

Preparing beds at The Elizabeth Inn; a volunteer serves a MUST client. Opposite: Former client AliMae Hartley returns to volunteer for MUST.

of Thanks and Giving



'Tis the season for traditions. And for many local families, lacing up their shoes on Thanksgiving morning is the annual precursor to a tryptophan-induced slumber. The annual Thanksgiving Day Gobble Jog is as much a Marietta tradition as turkey and pie. Now in its thirteenth year, the race is now America’s eighth largest Thanksgiving Day race and supports MUST Ministries as their largest fundraising effort of the year. But the work of this prolific organization doesn't stop on Thanksgiving Day. So we sat down with Ike Reighard, President and CEO of MUST Ministries, to learn what MUST Ministries does the other 364 days of the year. “Georgia has led in the growth of suburban poverty. It is very, very real," says Reighard. "We are unique because we are a suburban ministry. Poverty was usually thought of as an urban problem rather than suburban. That’s where the Gobble Jog comes in as an integral part to meet this need.” More than 8,000 people come together to support MUST Ministries on their Thanksgiving Day

10 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

race, many in teams. Reighard’s family laces up for the race each year for their family team jokingly named “The Fruitcakes.” Neighborhoods, families, friends, and businesses form teams in an effort to end poverty in our community. “When those runners are running the Gobble Jog they are helping to feed people, house people, give clothing to people – they are helping people to get jobs,” Reighard said. A staggering 65% of MUST's clients are children age 18 or under. Sadly, Georgia is among the top 10 states for food insecurities in children. Three out of every five children in our area schools are in a free or reduced lunch program. Perhaps there is no better person who can attest to the full scope of how MUST Ministries changes lives than a child once helped by the organization, now giving back to other children in poverty. Consider the story of AliMae Hartley. She was just a baby when her mother abandoned her and her two siblings. With no support from their father, they moved to Georgia to be with their grandparents. When their grandparents passed away, life became a struggle. AliMae, her brother, and her sister went to school hungry every day. Their only meals were the lunches in the cafeteria. Behind the scenes, cafeteria employees would give them double helpings and would often bring them canned food so the children would have something to eat at home. But when summer break came, they could no longer rely on the assistance of the cafeteria staff. They didn’t know what to do. AliMae heard of the MUST Ministries Summer Lunch program, and she went to see what it was all about. The volunteers at MUST Ministries had sack lunches ready for them that day, and every day that summer. It was a lifechanger, and a life-saver, for little AliMae and her two siblings. Since that time, AliMae has grown up to be a blessed young lady with amazing adoptive parents and an excitement for life without poverty or hunger. Today, she volunteers at the MUST Ministries Summer Lunch program. The hand that was once helped is now helping. She understands firsthand how important the fight to end childhood hunger is. Reighard

proudly said, “She is one of the greatest ambassadors for MUST. She embodies what our mission is all about. She has overcome obstacles and is embracing the opportunity to encourage other people. We are very proud of her.” The Summer Lunch program has given out an astounding two million meals in the program's 20 year history. In addition to the Summer Lunch program, MUST Ministries also provides shelter, food, clothing, and employment services for individuals, families, and children. For nearly 45 years MUST has helped in so many ways. One of the most special programs is the Christmas Toy Shop. This time of year is full of excitement for the little ones who are anticipating Santa’s arrival. But for the children and families being helped by MUST Ministries, the holidays can be a time of sadness rather than joy. MUST Ministries knows that giving the gift of excitement and wonder to children on Christmas morning is a gift you can’t see, but you can certainly feel. That’s why they opened their Toy Shop. Available for those who can’t afford to purchase gifts, parents are encouraged to pick out special toys to put under the tree. Last year MUST helped 3,800 families with Toy Shops in two stores, and they will help even more families this year by expanding to a third store. The Toy Shop is stocked with donated toys and truly gives the gift of Christmas to children and families in need. Our community has been blessed by the helping hands at MUST. So this holiday season, consider donating anything you can – time, talent, food, money, toys – to help these families in need. And don’t forget to create a team for the Gobble Jog. Registration is easy at And as an extra special treat, stay after the run and skate on the new Marietta Square ice rink; all proceeds on Thanksgiving Day benefit MUST. Join the more than 6,000 volunteers who are continually helping MUST Ministries achieve its goal of being Georgia’s most respected servant-leader. Together, let's break the cycle of poverty. We MUST. We can. ★

More than 8,000 people gather on the Marietta Square each Thanksgiving morning for the annual Gobble Jog. The yearly proceeds now exceed $500,000 and continue to benefit MUST Ministries, one of Georgia’s most respected servant leaders.






How does your

garden grow? SPOTLIGHT ON:

Spreading Oaks Farm Kenneth and Patti Cook have always had large gardens. In 2009, along with their son Jason, they began Spreading Oaks Farm with full-time vegetable and egg production on their 17-acre farmland. Utilizing six high tunnels for optimal planting, growing, and crop protection, they currently have four acres dedicated to vegetable production along with 150 cage-free laying hens. The farm offers Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs in addition to their market participation at the Marietta Square Farmers Market every Saturday. With nature at the core of what they grow and how they grow, the Cooks take pride in offering fresh, naturally grown foods. They truly love bringing the pure flavors of nature to the tables of Georgia families. Nature's Helping Hand


We are striving to produce healthy alternatives for our local community. Our produce is harvested within 24 hours of the farmers market and travels less than 25 miles. The only way to have it fresher is if it comes out of your own back yard.

Everything grown on the farm is Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), a peerreviewed certification program with similar guidelines to an organic certification. Farm practices such as crop rotation, using natural predators for pest control, and watering from a deep well to avoid groundwater contaminants are some of the ways Spreading Oaks grows their crops. The use of high tunnels on the farm helps the Cooks begin growing crops earlier in the spring and allows them to continue growing later into winter. Everything is grown from a seed; they use two tunnels for growing seedlings and hardening plants before planting them into the ground. These large tunnels are not temperature controlled, but they do provide some protection from mild frosts by creating a slightly warmer environment inside the tunnel. Crops inside the tunnels are grown in the ground, and on warmer days the sides of the tunnels are rolled up so the inside temperature is the same as the outside temperature.

Sustaining Growth The diversity of crops grown by Spreading Oaks is vast, and the efficient use of their farmland is incredible. Many of their farming practices have multiple uses such as planting buckwheat as a cover crop to feed the soil as well as attracting bees that then pollinate plants. The use of cover crops and the spacing of planting come together to create sustainability for Spreading Oaks.

GROWING NOW | kale, collard greens, carrots, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, radishes, sweet potatoes, Bok Choi, arugula and eggs. SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 13


Salted Caramel and Chocolate Meringues Makes 8 servings

INGREDIENTS • 150ml eggwhites (approximately 4 eggs) • 1 cup superfine sugar • 1 teaspoon white vinegar

• 2 tbsp dulce de leche or caramel sauce • 1 cup chocolate (½ cup melted, ½ cup shaved) • Sea salt flakes, for sprinkling

INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat oven to 300°F. Place the eggwhites in the bowl of an electric mixer and whisk on high speed until stiff peaks form. Gradually add sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time, waiting 30 seconds before adding more. Once all of the sugar has been added, whisk 6 minutes or until stiff and glossy. Scrape down the side of the bowl, add the vinegar, and whisk for 2 minutes or until glossy and combined. Draw a total of 8, 4" circles on 2 large pieces of non-stick baking paper to fit 2 large baking trays, allowing room to spread. Divide the meringue between the circles and top each with 1 teaspoon dulce de leche or caramel sauce. Using a palette knife, swirl the mixture and spread to the edge of each circle. Sprinkle with sea salt flakes and reduce the heat to 250°F. Bake for 30 minutes or until crisp to the touch. Turn the oven off and allow the meringues to cool in the oven for 30 minutes. Once removed, drizzle with melted chocolate and remaining dulce de leche or caramel sauce. Top with chocolate shavings. STOCK UP | All ingredients can be sourced at the Marietta Square Farmers Market and downtown shops. Buy local. Eat better. 14 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

Call for recipes:

The Southerly Kitchen

Have a favorite recipe you would like to share with our readers?

Submit your best family recipes to for a chance to be included in our cookbook, available this holiday season.

Spinach & Smoked Gouda Quiche

Honey Barbecue Finger Lickin’ Chicken

Granny ’s Devilish Eggs

Mention this ad to receive 10% off your next purchase. 101 Church Street •

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 15


Q&A Interview the Southerly

First things first. Is it Alexis or Lexie? It’s Alexis, but many call me Lexie — happy to answer to either. Lexie, it is. And as we understand the Whitlock Inn would not be here — literally — without your family's efforts to save it. Yes. The home was scheduled for demolition. My family purchased the property and worked tirelessly to restore the home back to its original glory. In 1994, we opened the Whitlock Inn as a bed and breakfast. So clearly, preservation is a passion of yours. I actually have a degree in history. So this is a natural fit for me. The home was originally built in 1900, and restoring it was no easy task. It took a lot of love and a lot of elbow grease. And we continue to maintain it, but it is truly a labor of love. Everything here is beautifully maintained. The attention to detail in the home, and throughout the gardens, is evident. We're guessing that is a big part of the undeniable charm of this place. It might be an overused phrase, but we really do want people to feel at home when they are here. We never take for granted that people are choosing to spend some of the most special times in their lives with us. Whether it is a bride or a business owner, we enjoy creating memorable experiences that will endure and become part of the history of this place. This month marks the 13th Annual Gobble Jog benefiting MUST Ministries. Rumor has it you started it. I did, along with a dedicated committee who worked tirelessly to see it come to fruition. We really didn't know what we were doing, we just knew it needed to be done. I remember stuffing goodie bags in the ballroom of the Whitlock Inn. Now they have a truck deliver them. It's been amazing to see its growth and how it has been embraced by the community.

Meet Alexis Amaden. She is the keeper of the Whitlock Inn. She is also a keeper of tradition.

Why do you think that is? As we gather around our tables on Thanksgiving Day and give thanks for all of our blessings, many of us realize how many people in our community don't have food on their table on Thanksgiving Day – or any other day. The Gobble Jog offers a great opportunity for families to come together, bring the strollers and the dog, and establish a tradition of giving... and get a little exercise before we stuff ourselves.

Hosting more than 9,000 guests annually, this modern, southern belle takes the cake when it comes to entertaining. We sat down to learn more about Alexis and the history of the Inn, both fascinating. And in true Southerly style, we were made to feel welcome and - dare we say it - right at home.

So what's next for the Whitlock Inn? Weddings are a huge part of our business. And they have become more creative and personalized than ever. It has been fun trying new trends and playing with ideas found on social media sites like Pinterest. Creating unique events keeps us growing.

Inn Good Company

MOVERS. SHAKERS. DIFFERENCE MAKERS. | Tell us who we should sit down with next: 16 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

visions of SUGAR PLUMS


in their heads

Put a Fork in it! Desserts TM




SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 17

images by Hadley(s) Photography

the FINE ART of ENTERTAINING foreward by Melanie Crissey

Whoever speculated that folks are having fewer house parties than previous generations has not met our friends.

Here in the South we’re in the midst of a hospitality Renaissance. We can hardly pass a weekend without languishing around a board of charcuterie in a neighbor’s dining room or spending an evening with friends around a fire pit, wrapped in blankets and sipping on cider. Heralding hosts are looking back to traditional tenets while letting go of the strictness of etiquette that can make formal entertaining such a chore. We’ve seen the humble art of DIY turn to its own form of competitive excess. Now we’re craving a simpler kind of entertaining that’s part homespun and mostly full of joy. As we wax expectant for the holiday season, let’s dream up friendly feasts, tea parties, and smart soirees that bring the rich and fantastical into our family homes.

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 19

Pot pies: Paul's Pot Pies. Roasted chicken with raspberry sauce, rice, bean salad: Kiosco. Fresh bread: Australian Bakery and Cafe. Cheese straws: The Local Exchange. Wine and wine holder: Marietta Wine Market. Cotton arrangement and linens: Church Street Market. Table setting and servingware: Katie Mae's Klassy Flea and Antique Mart. Table - Chairs - Furnishings: Windsor Pine Woodworks. Original Art: Shelley Minchew. Shot on location at Windsor Pine Woodworks.

A FEAST FOR THE SOUL Perhaps nothing says "welcome" more than a Thanksgiving table. And as much as we love turkey and pumpkin pie, there are other ways to bring bird and pie to your table. Shake things up and consider serving a roasted chicken and a flaky pot pie. Try rice instead of dressing. A vegetable salad instead of green bean casserole (okay... maybe in addition to the casserole). Whatever you choose to serve, do so with a mix of new and old pieces. Mix fine silver trays and heirloom china with retro glasses and post-modern vintage vessels. Because your guests are ultimately coming to spend time with you, not just your food. Let your personality shine, and break bread with a smile.

20 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 21

22 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

TEA FOR TWO ... OR MORE It's a shame, but few of us have sat down for a proper tea service in... well, a while. There's something about slowing down and enjoying the company of fine friends, fine conversation, and fine china. But don't think it has to be a finger up fuss. Serve nibbles on fun holiday tableware. And don't be afraid to mix tea cups and saucers. It allows your guests to choose the set that best complements their personality (plus, it's a handy way to keep track of which cup belongs to which guest). Offer a mix of sweet and savory, as many of your guests will be coming before or after other engagements. And make sure you can enjoy the time with your guests, as well. Prepare as many items as you can ahead of time so that you only have to heat up and plate up before guests arrive.

Food and tea service provided by The Vineyard Cafe. Sleighbells provided by Dupre's Antique Market. Table accessories provided by Doodlebugz. Shot on location at The Vineyard Cafe.

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 23

24 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

SWEETS & SPIRITS There's just something about a New Year's Eve party. The evening is ripe with anticipation as we let go of any unfinished business and focus on the possibility and promise of the new year. And who can have a bad time when bubbly is involved? This year, pull out all of the platters, plates, and serving dishes that sparkle, and load them up with sweets that are sure to delight. (After all, resolutions start tomorrow.) Cakes, tarts, fudge... tonight, you can be as decadent as you want to be. And when the clock strikes midnight, make sure your eyes are shining as bright as the bling on your buffet.

Lemon meringue tarts with toasted meringue and candied lemon: Miss Mamie's Cakes and Cupcakes. Put a Fork In It Desserts and cake wih buttercream icing: SugarPlum Visions. Assorted fudge: Ye Olde Christmas and Candy Shoppe. Decor: Dupre's Antique Market. Champagne: Marietta Wine Market. Shot on location at Dupre's Antique Market.

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 25

Rare Carpets Architectural Elements Custom Projects + Designs

& Decor

Authentic Cleaning Repair & Restoration Appraisal + Assessment



26 WINTERS STREET, SE | MARIETTA, GA | 404.219.7070


Nothing says Southern like hospitality. Make sure you're doing it right.

Of Space and Place

Mind Your Manners

Provide fresh starched cloth napkins, but skip the

Phones are the enemy of conviviality. Solve this problem by

decorative napkin rings. Whether silver-plated roosters or

helping people with their coats and designating a friend

herbs hand-tied together with twine, those napkin rings

to take photos. The coat room means folks will be more

are just going to end up in a heap in the middle of the table

likely to leave phones in their purses or coat pockets and

while everyone enjoys their dinner.

the roaming photographer ensures that they’ll stay there.

Skip towering table centerpieces and opt for photo-worthy

Whether you send bespoke paper invitations or a group text,

sideboards or mantels instead; this makes for easier eye

make sure you have a plan for parking or transportation.

contact across a table. If you'll be hosting a large crowd, give your neighbors a Designate places for coats and purses; always have more

"heads up" with small hostess gifts.

than enough clean drinkware; stock the powder room with all the niceties.

Oh, and... Plan your playlist ahead of time. Consider queueing up a classic holiday movie on mute as ambient background entertainment. Games are back! Have a family game night, or keep cards or classic boardgames out where folks can start their own play. Take advantage of the South's mild winter weather; plan outdoor activities – just have extra mittens and blankets handy. Will your event be kid friendly? Let people know ahead of time! There's nothing worse than showing up with a gaggle of kids who have nothing to do or planning for an adult's night out and spending it consoling a moody toddler.

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 27

WARM UP FROM THE INSIDE Coffee has become as important as sweet tea. And in the land of skinny-this, triple-that, heating up a pot of coffee just seems lackluster. So allow us to present a few options to warm your guests from the inside out. Always start with a quality coffee. In addition to the standard creamers and sugar, try stocking your bar with the following accoutrements: Whipped cream • Chocolate shavings • Crushed peppermints • Grated cinnamon or sticks • Assorted flavor shots such as caramel, hazelnut, amaretto, butter pecan, coconut, or vanilla • Chocolate-dipped spoons or flavored coffee stirrers

Coffee with a Kick Gingerbread Irish Coffee

All Jacked Up

• 2 oz. Baileys Original Irish Cream • 4 oz. fresh brewed coffee • 1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice Suggested garnishes: whipped cream and shaved nutmeg

• 1 oz. Kentucky bourbon • ½ oz. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey • 6 oz. fresh brewed coffee Suggested garnish: Bourbon Whipped Cream*

Just Clause

* Bourbon Whipped Cream:

• 1 oz. Irish Whiskey • ½ oz. hazelnut liqueur • ½ oz. chocolate syrup • 8 oz. fresh brewed coffee Suggested garnishes: whipped cream and chocolate shavings

• 1 cup heavy cream • 3 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar • 1 tablespoon bourbon • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Just prior to serving, beat cream with sugar in a medium bowl with an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Add bourbon and vanilla and continue to beat until stiff peaks form.

Butterscotchy Scotch Scotch • 6 oz. fresh brewed coffee • 1 oz. butterscotch schnapps Suggested garnishes: whipped cream and caramel sauce

28 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 29

Show us what it means to ##beSoutherly in Downtown Marietta. We’ll share some of our favorites on Instagram and in the next issue of

30 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |










photography by Emily Ryals

30 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

from the

Farm to your Table

Just as Micah and Katie Pfister, owners of The Butcher The Baker, are moving into their own farmhouse-style home just off the Marietta Square, they were gracious enough to plate up a feast for our Southerly family. Wiping flour from her nose, Katie (the baker) made sure we had everything we needed for the shoot. Micah (the butcher) came over to lift the heavy bird out of the roasting pan and plate it up for us before turning his attention back to his torchio (we had to ask; it is a pasta extruder). Everything served in their farm-to-table restaurant is house-made, so we asked them to share some tips for our readers. Be sure to visit for Micah's tips on the perfect preparation for turkey, as well as Katie's recipe for corn muffins. SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 35

Marry Christmas

17 WHITLOCK AVE | 770-428-2667

Monday to Saturday 10-6 ~ Sunday 11-6

34 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |


12 MONTHS of Christmas by Amber Byrd

Although a countdown of the "days until Christmas" sits outside the doors of Ye Olde Christmas and Candy Shoppe year-round, we have officially entered the season where the reminder is needed. But can a year-round Christmas store be successful in the months outside of November and December? Owners Bill and Dianne Murphy say so. Since they opened the doors to their first location in 2012, they have already expanded to a larger location on the Marietta Square and added more to their ever-growing inventory. Learn about what keeps them on Santa's Nice List.

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 35

Choosing downtown Marietta as the home for the Ye Olde Christmas and Candy Shoppe was an easy choice for the couple, who operate the business with their daughter. “We chose downtown Marietta because of the neighborhood feel," said Dianne Murphy. “A small town square is a great location for a year-round Christmas shop – and a great location for a chocolate fudge and candy shop.” The shop's original location was on Church Street, just off the bustling Square. “Before we knew it, we came to a crossroads. Our business was flourishing and we were growing out of our space," husband Bill says. So the couple packed up and moved to North Park Square. "We have been happy with our new location; it puts us right in the middle of the Marietta Square.” Yes, they carry a near overwhelming selection of Christmasthemed gifts and memorabilia, but upon entering the red, green and white facade, you come to realize that this is more than just a Christmas store. It’s an experience. In addition to Christmasthemed items, homemade fudge is made on-site. Chocolate covered graham crackers, Oreos, and pretzels are hand-dipped in the finest Belgian chocolate. Chocolate novelties are joined by candy and caramel apples during apple season, made with apples purchased from the Marietta Square Farmers Market held outside the shop's front door. With the rich aroma of fresh fudge (which is impossible to refuse a sample of ), the shine of candy apples, and the colorful rows of candy displays, being here takes you back to the time of being a kid. Nostalgia never tasted so good. Walking past the temptation of sugary pleasures, you’ll find your way to the back room where you will find tree after tree dressed to the nines. The trees are simply stunning. Dianne once worked as an interior designer decorating homes for the holidays, and she works her magic with every installation. Each tree is decorated with a theme in mind, showcasing the wide variety of products the shop carries. Particularly popular are the collegiate-themed ornaments; make sure to check out the “Go Dawgs!” tree. To sum up the experience of the back room in one word, it would be “transported.” Yes, you will feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland, transported to a new world, dipped in twinkling lights and full of new things to discover. As you might expect, there are some extra special treats in store during the holiday season. Santa’s right hand man, Mr. Elf, will be greeting the kids for weekly storytime mid-November through December. The shop will have a mailbox for children to send their very special letters to Santa. But don't think it's just for the kids. Dianne says, “My favorite part of the shop is seeing the delight in the eyes of those young and old. We have such a great time sharing stories with our customers about our nostalgic candies and Christmas traditions.” Indeed there is something special here. Maybe it's the spirit of Christmas that lingers year-round. Maybe it's the feeling of being a kid in a candy shop. Whatever it is, it is undenaible. And we sure are glad this family is making life sweeter for us all. ★

images by Hadley(s) Photography 36 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

For those who wish the magic of Christmas could last all year, you're in luck.

3 meals. ★


24 hours.

Life is delicious. Eat it up.

Whether celebrating the season with friends and family or celebrating the everyday, 'tis the season for yum. From sweet and savory to luscious and scrumptious, these warm dishes will hit the spot. Make a day of it and enjoy what these three eateries have in store for you. And since you are spending the day shopping for others, you really should treat yourself to dessert.

belgian waffle

black forest ham & fig panini

gamberi picatini


12:00 noon


Sugar Cakes Patisserie 101 N Park Square

Pressed Panini Bar 30 S Park Square

Piastra 45 W Park Square

The Belgian waffle has come a long way since its first American appearance at the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle. And downtown Marietta's Sugar Cakes Patisserie serves up the best one around. Sprinkled with a dusting of vanilla powdered sugar and warm syrup, you’re in for a treat. Pair with seasonal fruit and either crispy bacon or sausage, and start your day off right. We contend calories don’t stick when you have a day of holiday shopping ahead, so dig in with no guilt and all pleasure. ★

Pressed for time during your holiday shopping? We have the perfect solution. Drop in and refuel at Pressed Panini Bar. With about a dozen panini varieties, you are sure to find a perfect palate pleaser. Allow us to suggest the Black Forest Ham & Fig. Layered with swiss cheese, figs, arugula and black forest ham, this toasted French hoagie is sure to hit the spot. And don't forget to add one of their three house-made sides to the mix; quinoa salad, pasta salad, or corn & edamame salad. ★

Debuting on the Square earlier this year, Piastra has opened to rave reviews. The cuisine is Italian, and the offerings are spot on. Take the Gamberi Picatini, a play on Shrimp Scampi and Picata. Shell-on jumbo white gulf shrimp are marinated in garlic and herbs, grilled, served with house-made semolina Picci pasta, then finished with a grilled lemon slice and fried capers. It's a mouthful, alright. And one that you're sure to enjoy. Finish the meal with Dolcetto di Angelo: toasted Angel food cake with macerated local blueberries, chantilly cream and almond brittle. ★

other offerings, taste-tested to make sure your mouth stays happy: Southern Style Crab Cakes Quiche Lorraine Trout Almondine Tahitian Vanilla Crème Brulee

Turkey Brie Apple Melt Steak and Green Chile Panini Peanut Butter and Banana Honey Panini Chow Chow Salad

Zucchini Grigliate Salmone Bollito Fredo Prosciutto e Rucola Tiramisu Classico

THE DISH | What’s your favorite 24-hour culinary adventure in Downtown Marietta? Let us know: 38 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |



Marietta Square Food Tour The Marietta Square Food Tour takes participants on a 3-hour guided journey of 7 locally owned and operated eateries. Our walking tour allows you the unique ability to explore Marietta, all while gaining knowledge about its history, culture and architecture, at the same time savoring the appetizing culinary selections available on the bustling square.

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-736-6 or CALL 866

recommended on

34 Powder Springs Street • Marietta, GA 678.365.0535 •

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 39



hat's better than wine? Mulled wine. Warm, spicy, and fragrant, it's the perfect drink to get you in the spirit of the season. This crowd favorite is surprisingly easy to make and warms up a room instantly.

MULLED WINE 1 (750-ml) bottle red wine 1/4 cup brandy (optional) 1/4 cup honey 2 cinnamon sticks 1 orange, zested and juiced 4 whole cloves 3 star anise Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan, and bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. Reduce heat to medium-low, and let simmer for at least 15 minutes. Ladle into heatproof glass, garnish with cinnamon stick and serve. 40 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |




hillings is like two restaurants in one. Choose from elegant, but casual dining upstairs, or classic pub-

like atmosphere downstairs. Our eclectic menu offers something delicious for everyone.


ON THE SQUARE 770.428.9 520


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Shillings Ads init.indd 1

7/29/08 8:16:40 PM

MADE FRESH DAILY IN-STORE 10 Mill Street Marietta, GA 770.428.6092

ON THE SQUARE 770.428.9520


w w

2750 Jiles Road Kennesaw, GA 678.247.8901

ONLINE SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 41


tuff a little fun and fabulous in their stockings with these unique downtown Marietta finds. From jewelry to jacks, there’s something for everyone on Santa’s list. Even Fido is covered. Make it a holiday to remember with these unique gifts perfect for giving and receiving.

42 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |


to Give & Receive stocking stuffers for boys and girls of all ages

top row, left to right: Retro Jacks, available at Lizards & Lollipops ★ Handmade necklace with Swarovski elements, available at Sweet Melissa Records ★ Pacifica roll-on perfume, available at Doodlebugz ★ middle row, left to right: NuMe Natural Soap, available at The Local Exchange ★ Teddy Bear by JellyCat, available at Doodlebugz ★ Beautiful Briny Sea Salt, available at The Local Exchange ★ bottom row, left to right: Custom designed ring, available at Nobles Metales ★ Gingerbread Old Fashioned cocktail mixer by Bittermilk, available at 200 Mill ★ Suavecito Pomade Bay Rum After Bath, available at Lenny’s Hair Salon

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 43

MEET THE MAKER LOREM IPSUM: Insert captions here. Insert captions here. Insert captions here. Insert captions here.

Left: Nathan Martin, owner and CEO of Go Forth Goods. Above: select products available in the Go Forth Goods product line. Below: inside the workroom of Go Forth Goods. Facing page: the Gunnar Tote.

Go Forth Prospers

Passion and craftsmanship combine to create a product line as practical as it is beautiful. Focusing on a steadfast commitment to quality, Go Forth Goods offers hand-made products that look good, feel good, and do good. by R. Scott Stewart


It has been said that a wise man makes more opportunities than he finds. That could be no more apropos than the story that led to the formation of Go Forth Goods, a Marietta-based company dedicated to inspiring people to do good.

44 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

Meet Nathan Martin, owner and CEO of Go Forth Goods. A native Floridian, Nathan moved to Georgia at the age of seven. While living in Kennesaw, he met Sarah, his wife of 16 years and a lifelong resident of Marietta. After two years together, they relocated to Marietta to reside in what was once her grandparent's home. Nathan and Sarah have six – yes, six – wonderful children in the statistical anomaly of boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl order. When preparing for a vacation to Disney World, Nathan began the daunting task of packing up his family for the trip. As he picked up his bag, the handle snapped off. Understandably aggravated and disappointed in the quality of his luggage, Nathan began to contemplate designing and making his own bag. A product of high quality craftsmanship constructed with durable, natural materials would be well worth the investment, he thought. He felt he couldn't be alone in his frustration with the options readily available. He couldn't have been more right in his thinking. And just like that, the seed of a new company was planted. For the past 14 years, Nathan has been at the helm of NRM Creative Marketing. The company prides itself on simple communications, fresh ideas, and good business sense. These pillars seemed a natural foundation for his new venture, but Nathan knew designing and manufacturing quality leather goods would be no easy task.

Deciding that the best approach was to start off with a simple construct, Nathan purchased a high quality leather hide and the tools he needed and set out to make his first product – the single wallet. The flagship product of the line, Nathan still carries that first wallet. He shared his creation with some friends and, much to his surprise, he suddenly had ten custom wallet orders to fill. From there everything seemed to fall into place. Requests for additional products came in, and the product line quickly evolved to include belts, briefcases, key fobs, and garment rolls. Eventually the Avery totes and the Gunnar and William duffle bags, each signature pieces in the line, were introduced. Steadfast attention to detail anchors the simple, rugged product line. Each item is handmade from start to finish and carries a lifetime guarantee. The process begins with a hide of leather from which all pieces are hand cut. The pieces are grooved and hand-stitched with a needle and waxed thread. Then any hardware, handles, or straps are applied.

We believe everyone has an innate desire and ability to do something bigger than themselves, to inspire people and to bring out the good in others. SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 45


Nathan finds a great deal of fulfillment in providing a skill-laden, handcrafted product. He loves receiving messages and letters from buyers stating how much they enjoy his products. “To be able to do this kind of work and still pay my bills is very rewarding,” Nathan states. Loyalty, passion, and a hard work ethic resonate strongly with Nathan, a belief that is easily identified in the products that he makes. And he has big plans: "I want to grow Go Forth Goods until it becomes a household name. I want to employ others and teach them the skills of design and the trade, as well as the inner workings of running a successful business.” He plans to grow strong people, too. He desires to enlist youth with a great work ethic, a desire to learn, and a passion for creativity – ones that might not wish to pursue the traditional route of higher education. Nathan believes they can grow with him and, in time, he can transfer his business knowledge, professional experience, and craftsman's skills to them as the company's needs become larger. "People who start this journey with me will be the first to have a head start up the company ladder," he stated. A man of strong faith and conviction from his Christian roots, Nathan's personal motto of "Go Forth and Do Good" seems to have played a pivotal role in his achievements both professionally and personally. "The phrase always spoke to the core of who I am,” he stated to me during our conversation over lunch. And he is a man of his word. Nathan and Go Forth Goods are adamant about giving back. Nathan is working to bring awareness to several non-profit charities. Grateful for his success and blessings with his family, Nathan and his wife give back to the community in a number of ways. He is currently involved with the charity Sixty Feet, an organization that helps rescue captive and imprisoned children in Africa. Ten percent of all Go Forth Good profits go to assist the organization with their mission to provide medical, educational and mentoring services, in addition to working to bring their captors to justice. As Go Forth Goods continues to grow, Nathan would like to shine a brighter light on organizations doing good works here and around the globe. Despite marked success in his many endeavors – entrepreneur, artisan, mentor, husband, father, philantrophist – Nathan's feet remain firmly planted on the ground. He is easy to talk to. He has that vibe that makes you want to be your best. He is laid back yet passionate about his world and the future of things. And I, for one, cannot wait to see what the future holds for Nathan – both personally and professionally – as he continues to go forth and do good. ★

Sparky’s Revenge Heather Shirin Acrylic & mixed media on birch panel Portrait of Sparky the electric eel, the gallery’s fabulous pet and mascot





Square Threads | 77 Church Street | Downtown Marietta

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 47


the most


time of the year

this holiday season is extra special in Downtown Marietta. Check out these fun, festive activities designed to bring out the kid in each of us.

Ice Skating

November 20 - January 4


The Marietta Square presents its first open-air ice skating rink, located on the southwest corner of Glover Park. Open Monday - Thursday 4:30pm 10pm and open late on Fridays until 11pm. Skate during the weekends Saturdays from 10am - 11pm and Sundays Noon - 10pm. Extended hours are offered during school breaks. Open on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. $12 includes entry and skate rental. ★

Christmas Royal Tea and Grand Yuletide Ball December 12, 13, 19, & 20


Enjoy High Tea with Christmas Royals Prince Goodtidings and Princess Joy at the Earl Smith Strand Theatre. Children are encouraged to dress up for the special occasion and will learn royal dances at the Grand Yuletide Ball. Guests will receive a gift bag of goodies, including an autograph book to commemorate the afternoon with Christmas Royalty and new friends. Tickets are $15 for children and adults. ★

Tree Lighting & Santa's Arrival December 3


Join Santa Claus for the kickoff to the holiday season Thursday, December 3 in Glover Park on the Marietta Square. The festivities will begin at 5pm with performances by local school choruses. Santa will make his grand entrance at 5:20pm and light the giant Christmas tree at 6pm. Entertainment will follow while Santa visits with children in the gazebo until 8pm. ★

EVERYDAY PLAY | Make sure to stop by Santa's workshop in the Square, open throughout the holiday season. 48 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

Other radiology centers might treat kids, but they don’t treat them the way we do. At Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, our technology and protocols allow us to reduce the amount of radiation your child is exposed to by up to 50%. That’s a big difference, and another reason why we’re dedicated to all better. Learn more at


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Letters From The Front

8:30pm. This event is open to the public at $10 per person and is free for museum members.

Theatre. Cobb Idol is for participants 16 and over; Cobb Idol Jr. is for those under 16.

Gingerbread House Competition & Showcase and Breakfast with Santa

Cherokee Heights Arts Festival

November 4 - December 6

Marietta's New Theatre in the Square presents a three-act dramedy unlike any other. Letters from the Front is the only play to interweave actual war correspondence written by servicemen and women and their loved ones during WWII into a story. This dramedy honestly reflects the personal themes found in the letters themselves. It is a story that is as relevant today as it was over a half century ago.

Veterans Day Parade November 11

The annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown Marietta will begin at Roswell Street Baptist Church at 11am and will march up towards the Marietta Square and back down Lawrence Street. Grand Marshal and Keynote Speaker will be Major General Stayce Harris, Commanding General of the 22nd Air Force based at Dobbins. The theme for this year's parade is "Never Forget.”

Martinis & Music November 13

Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art hosts a fun evening of fine art, live music, light refreshments, and a cash bar during the popular Martinis & Music from 5:30pm -

November 13 & 14

The Junior League of Cobb-Marietta hosts its inaugural Gingerbread House Competition & Showcase at the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel and Conference Center. The Gingerbread Gala is Friday, November 13 at 7pm with a gingerbread house competition, silent auction and dinner. Gala tickets are $50 each. The morning of Saturday, November 14 brings the first annual Breakfast with Santa from 9am - 12pm. This special breakfast time with Santa includes crafts, games, songs, and storytelling for the children.

Cobb Idol & Cobb Idol Jr. November 14

The area's most talented singers will come together on the stage of the Earl Smith Strand Theatre for a chance to show off their pipes and compete for the chance to take home the title of 2015 Cobb Idol. Contestants will compete for a judges award and an audience award. All proceeds go to support The Earl Smith Strand

November 14

Cherokee Heights Arts Festival is a downtown Marietta neighborhood festival showcasing local art. A music stage will feature free performances throughout the day. A children’s art booth with sand art and face painting is the highlight of the festival for the kids. Artist booths will be placed along Etowah Drive, between Freyer Drive and Seminole Drive.

Gobble Jog November 26

In what has become a Thanksgiving tradition, thousands of people converge on the Marietta Square to run or walk to raise money for MUST Ministries. Over 8,000 runners and walkers pour into the Marietta Square every Thanksgiving morning to kick off their family day with the fun and excitement of a great event for a great cause: breaking the cycle of poverty. The race offers a 10K, 5K, 1K and Tot Trot fun for the whole family. Be sure to stick around for ice skating on the Square, as all proceeds Thanksgiving Day go to benefit MUST Ministries. SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 51





A Christmas Tradition

be a magical evening of dining, music, and dancing. The location for this year's Gala is First Landmark Bank. Tickets are limited and available for purchase online at

Sleighbells on the Square

December 4-20

This winter, The Earl Smith Strand Theatre will be bringing back everyone's holiday favorite, A Christmas Tradition. Each weekend in December leading up to Christmas, the theatre opens its doors for this very special holiday show. Tickets are on sale now. Special pricing for groups and senior/student/military is available online and through the box office at 770.293.0080.

Tree Lighting and Santa’s Arrival December 3

Join Santa Claus for the kick-off to the holiday season Thursday, December 3 in Glover Park. Festivities will begin at 5pm with performances by local school choruses. Santa will make his grand entrance at 5:20pm and light the giant Christmas tree at 6pm. Entertainment will follow while Santa visits with children in the gazebo until 8pm.

Marietta Pilgrimage Gala December 4

On Friday evening, December 4, from 7:30pm - 11pm the Marietta Pilgrimage presents "The Marietta Pilgrimage Tour Gala," a glamorous black-tie party. It will 52 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

Marietta Pilgrimage December 5-6

Go behind closed doors as Marietta puts on its holiday finery for the 29th Annual Marietta Pilgrimage Christmas Home Tour. The tour features six private, historic homes in the Church/Cherokee Historic District, lovingly restored, filled with antique collections and decorated for the season. Tickets for the tour of homes may be purchased online or in person at the Marietta Welcome Center or Cobb Landmarks & Historical Society.

A Christmas Carol December 10-27

A timeless story comes to life on the stage of Marietta's New Theatre in the Square. Ebenezer Scrooge, obsessed with solitude and greed, collides in a nightmare with his own youth and his lost love. Scrooge is visited by the spirits of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yetto-Come in scenes that flow rapidly from one to the next, activated by the setting.

December 12

The 15th Annual Sleighbells on the Square 5K race, sponsored by the Cobb County Bar Association, is a festive run to raise money for the Children's Emergency Fund. The fund assists Cobb County School District and Marietta City Schools students and their families with emergency financial needs. Jingle bells on shoes are encouraged! This rain or shine race is a Peachtree Qualifying Race, USATF certified, and will begin at the Marietta Square.

New Year’s Eve on the Marietta Square December 31

The Marietta Square will ring in the New Year with two celebrations; one especially for families with young children and a second, traditional midnight celebration. Visitors will enjoy family festivities throughout the day, ice sculpting, and live music. The smallest visitors will be included in a special Children’s Ball Drop at 7pm. Visitors without a curfew can stay out late for a one-of-a-kind Midnight Square Drop in the heart of the Marietta Square. Local restaurants and venues will stay open late, and live musical entertainment by Whiskey Gentry will continue throughout the night. For more information visit

Dynamic Ceramics Raku Pottery by Ann Wallin Show Opens Friday, Nov 6, 5-9pm

390 Roswell Street | Marietta, GA 30060 Tel: 770.427.2459 Fax: 770.427.2446 follow us on Twitter | like us on Facebook

Gift Shop • Facility Rentals • Annual Events

Your Modern Day General Store • 130 South Park Square Downtown Marietta

Original Gone With The Wind memorabilia on display from the private collection of Dr. Christopher Sullivan.

All Things Local

Handcrafted Provisions • Farm Fresh Milk, Eggs, and Meat • Natural and Organic Body Care • Craft Beer and Not-So-Local Wine • Books • Art and Artisan Home Goods • Gifts and Gift Baskets

Open Monday - Saturday 9am-6pm and most Sundays 1pm - 5pm the

MONDAYS - SATURDAYS 10am - 5pm Closed Sundays 770.794.5576 SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 53


Ongoing EVENTS

Marietta Square Artists Market

Lumière Lounge

Pay homage to the days of old with a silent film inspired piano bar and lounge. Share a plush couch or café table as classic silent films flicker in the background while a live pianist plays. The Lumière Lounge features specialty cocktails made with local Hometown Honey in addition to a full bar. Held on the second floor lounge select Friday and Saturday nights from 7-11pm. Open Mic nights on select Thursday evenings.



Held the 2nd and 4th Saturdays April through November from 9am to 2pm, this open-air juried artists market showcases the best of local art. The market is held on Mill Street, adjacent to Glover Park.

Wine Tastings

The Marietta Wine Market holds weekly Wine Tastings every Wednesday 5-7pm and Saturday 2-4pm. Each week benefits different local charities. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres are served. A $10 donation is suggested.

Marietta Food Tours

The Marietta Square Food Tour takes participants on a 3-hour guided journey of seven locally owned and operated eateries. This popular walking tour allows participants the unique ability to explore Marietta – gaining knowledge about its history, culture and architecture – all while savoring culinary selections available on the bustling Square.

54 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |


Walking Ghost Tours

Walk the streets of our haunted city by lantern light, guided by one of the tours' talented storytellers. The tour is approximately 90 minutes, and the walk is less than one mile. Tours are offered Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.

Marietta Square Farmers Market

The market has an average of 60 plus vendors on Saturday and 25 plus vendors on Sunday. Market customers have a wide variety to choose from including heirloom tomatoes, fruits and vegetables that are rarely, if ever, available from the grocery store. Stock up on amazing cut flower arrangements, local honey, herbal soaps, whole grain breads, fudge pies, jelly, jam and preserves. And for the dog lovers, all natural and organic dog biscuits. Customers can also take home many live garden, yard and culinary herb plants. Saturdays, 9am-12pm; Sundays, 12-3pm.


Open Bluegrass Jam

Join in the music circle inside the Australian Bakery Cafe, or pick in one of the several bluegrass groups that have blossomed under the oaks out front on the sidewalk for Open Bluegrass Jam every Tuesday night on the Square from 7-9pm. All skill levels are welcome. Come in to play or just to listen.


these dates

Opening Night: Academia and Aesthetic Vision January 9

Two amazing exhibits open at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art. Academia: A statewide juried exhibition of current Georgia art professors and emeriti, and Aesthetic Vision: American style northeastern works from the museum’s permanent collection of 19th and 20th century works. 6pm-8pm, including light hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar.

SAVE THE DATE Saturday, November 14 Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center

Driving Miss Daisy January 7-10, 14-17

Miss Daisy is an elderly widow living in Atlanta of the age and health that she can no longer drive. Her son hires a black man to be her driver. Set in her prejudicial ways, she refuses at first, but slowly she is won over by his politeness and an unlikely, yet beautiful friendship ensues.


The Meeting with Dr. Martin Luther and Malcolm X

January 21-23 A Harlem hotel sets the scene for this imaginary meeting in 1965 between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X, taking place in the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

Pop-In For Pop Culture

January 12 and February 9 A special exhibit series exploring the world of pop culture and its effect on our community. The first series – “BOOM" – features the toys and joys of the Baby Boomer Generation. Activities include game night, comic book night, trivia contest, guest speakers, music/dance events, and more.

Girls Night, The Musical

Breakfast, games, crafts, picture and more!

February 3-7

See the Off-Broadway sensation at the Earl Smith Strand Theatre. Share the fun and laughter in this hilarious, feel-good comedy as five girlfriends re-live their past, celebrate their present, and look to the future on a wild night out!

SPACE IS LIMITED. Purchase tickets today at

Martinis & Music February 12

Enjoy an early Valentine’s date with an evening of the arts, martinis, and musical entertainment by Alex Guthrie at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art. 5:30pm - 8:30pm including light hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar. SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 55

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Poetry Reading and Artist Talk Award-winning poet Anya Silver and artist Jeanie Tomanek joined creative forces with a collaborative art event at dk Gallery in Downtown Marietta. This was not the first time the two creative power players have worked together. Silver has published two books of poetry, including I Watched You Disappear, featuring the works of Tomanek. The gallery crowd enjoyed the ambient sounds of experimental musician, Jeff Stonehouse, who was inspired to write a new song after seeing Tomanek's painting titled, "Become, Becoming and Shall Be." Event coverage provided by Thomas Spravka

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 57



Chalktoberfest The Marietta / Cobb Museum of Art presented Chalktoberfest, a weekendlong celebration of the arts, October 10-11. Renowned chalk artists created their masterpieces on the streets of Downtown Marietta at this highly acclaimed chalk art festival. This year's theme was "Patriotism" and featured nearly 60 professional chalk artists from across the country. Florida artist Nate Baranowski won the People’s Choice Award for his piece titled, “Migrant Mother” based on the photography of Dorothea Lange. Event coverage provided by Craig Houdeshell

58 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |



MA R K E T I N G . A DV E R T I S I N G . B R A N D I N G .

W W W . Z E N I T H D E S I G N G R O U P. C O M


Come Comefor forthe the convenience. convenience. Stay Stayfor forthe the CONNECTION. CONNECTION. time better. Youngfamilies familiesseeking seekinga ahigh highquality quality It’sIt’s time to to livelive better. Young filling Marietta’s urbancommunities communitiesdotting dotting of of lifelife areare filling Marietta’s urban downtown. Miles trails linkactive activeresidents residentsfrom fromquaint, quaint, downtown. Miles of of trails link safe neighborhoods bustlingareas areasofofthe theSquare. Square.New New safe neighborhoods to to bustling residents calling Mariettahome homebecause becauseofofthe thesmall-town small-town residents areare calling Marietta feel, combined with a centralizedlocation locationtotoeverything everythingmetro metro feel, combined with a centralized Atlanta and northwest Georgia has to offer. Atlanta and northwest Georgia has to offer. Marietta cares residents. yearlocal localvendors vendorsatatthe the Marietta cares forfor itsits residents. AllAllyear Square’s farmers market offerseasonal seasonalfarm-to-table farm-to-tablefare. fare.The The Square’s farmers market offer city embraces local culture by showcasing public art, multiple city embraces local culture by showcasing public art, multiple galleries & museums and monthlyartartevents. events. galleries & museums and monthly

connected. BeBeconnected. Contact Marietta’s economic development team. Contact Marietta’s economic development team. 770-794-5717 770-794-5717


DTC After Dark On the brisk evening of October 9, Double Take Cafe hosted its inaugural DTC After Dark. The halloween-themed event offered a pairing of candlelight and Chef Stoney's decadent desserts. Five tasting courses of delectable treats included Rose and Vanilla Mousse with crystalized rose petals and dark chocolate soup with spiced merlot ice cream. The next DTC After Dark is scheduled for the evening of December 12. The Winter Holiday Edition will consist of 5 tasting courses of favorites including Chef Stoney's twists on sticky toffee pudding and s'mores. Be sure to inquire early, as the inaugural event was a sellout. Note: this is an adults (18+) only ticketed event with limited seating available. Event coverage provided by Thomas Spravka

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 61





SOLID CONTRACTS Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, our goal is to craft the best deal for you. With substantial inventory and unmatched proficiency, we guide you through every step of the process, including contract negotiations. because we realize that every property is an investment property.

Contact us today. let's talk real estate. 678-591-7949

22 Mill Street; Marietta, GA 770.590.9047 62 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

buy. sell. invest. relocate.




An Artful Exploration

Animous Shelley M. House Marina Marina 19 Powder Springs Street

Hiawassee Christmas Lee Bonsper Marietta Square Artist's Attic 120 S Park Square

64 | SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta |

Morning Susan Easton Burns dk Gallery 25 W Park Square

Designer Snow Palma Rhoades Red Door Art Gallery & Studio 48 S Park Square

Skaters on Duck Pond J. Vance Miller Avery Gallery 390 Roswell Street

Coal, Smoke, Snow David Gildersleeve 2 Rules Fine Art 85 Church Street

Roberts Horses Jenny King Red Door Art Gallery & Studio 48 S Park Square

Silver Lining Sherry Alana Wade Marietta Square Artist's Attic 120 S Park Square

SOUTHERLY: Downtown Marietta | | 65


According to Southerly

GATHER Pub Theology

We should all go down to the pub. The night begins where we gather for fun. We all mix together like cocktails. Our tastes inherently different; our goals fundamentally the same. We allow our deepest thoughts to seep through into drunken conversations. We have all come here seeking a liquid education. A whiskey soaked cobblestone classroom where we learn who we are. We should all go down to the pub. Life begins when we gather as one. - by Gaines M. Kerr

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Offering Three Productions for the Holiday Season







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November 4 - December 6

















































December 13-30

December 10-27

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MEMORIES It’s the door where you hang the wreath, the window where you place the tree, the fireplace that holds the stockings. It’s where friends and family gather and create memories that last a lifetime. It’s where the holidays happen – it’s home. Let us help you find it.





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