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semester but must maintain continuous enrollment to avoid being dropped from their program of studies. MA Continuous Enrollment is billable for three hours each semester. Not for degree credit. Repeatable.

IND7500 Bibliographical Research Under the supervision of one's Major Professor, as the initial research requirement of the M.A. (Philosophy of Religion) and M.A. (Old Testament) program, an original, extensive bibliographical report is prepared surveying the most significant of Southeastern's library resources (including AV and computer resources) in the field and especially in the degree specialization the student has chosen. 3 semester hrs.

IND7510 MAIS Project in Ministry

12 semester hrs. ***For Registration, contact the office of Dr. Al James***

IND7531 M.A. Guided Research Under the supervision of a Major Professor, a M.A. student completes a 40â&#x20AC;&#x201C;60 page research project. Students who fail to complete IND7531 M.A. Guided Research, must enroll in IND7000 Continuous Enrollment every semester until the completion of their research project. 3 semester hrs. <p>Upon request with approval of supervising professor.</p>

IND7540 M.A. Thesis 3 semester hrs.

IND7550 M.A. Field Based Research Project 3 semester hrs.

Missions MIS5000 Introduction to Great Commission Studies An introduction to the biblical, theological, and practical aspects related to the practice and fulfillment of the Great Commission. Special attention is given to contemporary methods of doing missions and evangelism. 3 semester hrs.

MIS5100 Christian Missions: Principles and Practice A course designed to introduce the student to the biblical, theological, historical, and practical bases for Christian missions. Special attention is given to contemporary issues in missions as well as current ways to do missions. 3 semester hrs.

MIS5551 North American Church Planting Field Exercise A field study which exposes the student to North American church planting, through participating in foundational church planting activities in a 10 - 13 week supervised internship with a church plant or a church planting church. 3 semester hrs. With approval of supervising professor.

MIS6510 Introduction to Linguistic Theory A basic introduction to the structure of language with an emphasis on how to master more efficiently any languages which may be encountered on the mission field. 3 semester hrs.

MIS6520 Anthropology for Cross-cultural Understanding Selected insights from the field of cultural anthropology are surveyed and applied to cross-cultural ministry. Social structures, customs, thought forms, and social change are studied in light of the missionary's change-agent role. 3 semester hrs.

MIS6530 Bible Storying A course designed to introduce the student to the creation of oral Bible stories, the development of an oral Bible story set, the use of music and drama in effective storytelling, and practice in delivering oral Bible stories in classroom and field settings. 3 semester hours.

MIS6535 Orality Theories

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Official 2013 2014 academic catalog  

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