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LED9360 Issues in Organizational Leadership This course examines trends, issues and relevant topics that are shaping the practice of Christian leadership. Seminar content includes a study of group theory, team dynamics, the change process, the role of power and authority in leadership, and the process of conflict resolution. 3 semester hrs.

LED9365 Educational Leadership This course provides an understanding of learning and the process of instruction for educational practice and leadership development in both formal and non‐formal educational contexts. It focuses on the major theories of learning and relates them to the design of curriculum, discipleship, and leadership training. This seminar also examines the role and practice of education administration and leadership as they apply to churches, church related organizations, denominational entities and institutions of Christian higher education. 3 semester hrs.

LED9370 Church Leadership: NACP & Renewal This seminar will examine church leadership in its biblical-theological framework and practical outworking, with an emphasis on discipleship, teaching and leading church plants and revitalized churches in North American contexts. 3 semester hrs.

Missions MIS9610 Models for NA Missiology An examination of the historic and cultural models for church planting and renewal. This course will focus on providing theological, historical, and practical critique of current models, and on contrasting new models for the multiple North American contexts. 3 semester hrs.

MIS9620 NACP & Renewal Practices An examination of the various stages of church planting and renewal, as well as many items of practical implementation. The course will function as an extension of the fourth seminar, enabling students to work through the implications of their conclusions in that seminar. 3 semester hrs.

MIS9700 Seminar in Missions and Theology A research seminar in the mutual influences and relationships of Christian missions and theology from New Testament times until the present. 3 semester hrs.

MIS9800 Seminar in the History of Missions This seminar will help the students understand the history of missions, focusing on the patristic and modern periods. Of the topics to be addressed, such as ecumenism, colonialism, and paternalism, particular attention will be given to church growth and contextualization. 3 semester hrs.

MIS9820 Southern Baptist Foreign Missions: 1845–1945 A critical assessment of the missiological models, methods, and trends of the SBC’s Foreign Mission Board from 1845–1945. 3 semester hrs.

MIS9900 Missions Strategy I: Theory This seminar slows the student to make an assessment of various dimensions of missions strategy, It will cover church planting, contextualization, and leadership training both in their historical and contemporary forms. 3 semester hrs.

MIS9910 Missions Strategy II: Practice A continuation of Missions Strategy I: Theory. This seminar provides a forum for the students to (1) discuss, analyze, and critique current missiological strategies of Great Commission agencies, and (2) work together to build strategies for the new millennium, particularly in relation to evangelism and discipleship in a cross‐cultural context. 3 semester hrs.

MIS9950 Missiological Foundations This seminar will help students to discern (1) the biblical‐theological foundation for missions, (2) how missiology is shaped by biblical studies, systematic theology, hermeneutics, epistemology, anthropology, and sociology, (3) how these factors have shaped missiology historically and how they should shape it in the future. 3 semester hrs.

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