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HTH9720 The History and Theology of Spiritual Awakenings A seminar focusing on the history and theology of revival movements in the modern era. Particular attention is given to the social context of key historical awakenings, as well as theological and methodological concerns related to various revival movements. 3 semester hrs. Spring even years.

HTH9900 Seminar on a Selected Theologian An intensive study of the theology of a major Christian thinker, classical or contemporary. The theologian to be studied will be announced with the publication of the schedule. 3 semester hrs.

Individualized Study IND9400 Specialized Ph.D. Research Subject to the counsel and evaluation of one’s Major Professor, a Ph.D. student may petition for the opportunity to do specialized research under the direction of a recognized scholar outside the Seminary’s faculty. The course of study must be approved by the Graduate Studies Committee. The reading and writing requirements generally should exceed that of a normal graduate seminar. (Open only to approved Ph.D. students.) 3 semester hrs.

Christian Leadership LED9310 Understanding the Research Process This is the first course in a series of two research seminars designed to develop research proficiency. In this seminar, students will gain an understanding of the research process including the identification of a research problem, the development of a literature review, the design of research study, the analysis of data and the process of reporting research findings. 2 semester hrs.

LED9320 Biblical Foundations for Leadership This course seeks to lay a proper biblical foundation for the study of leadership by surveying the relevant material of leadership in Scripture. 3 semester hrs.

LED9335 Leadership Management and Organizational Theory This course provides a review of theoretical approaches to leadership, management and the development of organizations. It includes an analysis of worldview assumptions associated with each leadership theory, as well as scientific merit and potential contribution to leadership and organizational development. 3 semester hrs.

LED9340 Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Data Analysis This is the second course in a series of two research seminars designed to develop research proficiency. In this seminar students will gain an understanding of the use of quantitative and qualitative methods in the analysis of research data. This course will also provide students with an opportunity to produce the first draft of a dissertation prospectus. 3 semester hrs.

LED9345 Personality and Developmental Theory This course is designed to provide a review of major personality and developmental theories. It includes an analysis of each theory’s worldview assumptions, scientific merit, and potential contribution to the practice of leadership instruction methodology, and spiritual formation process. 3 semester hrs.

LED9350 Contextualized Leadership Development This seminar explores the process of contextualization as it applies to leadership development in varied social‐cultural contexts. The course examines how leaders are developed and how the cultural context impacts the process and methods of leadership training. 3 semester hrs.

LED9355 The Personal Life of the Leader This course will cover ethical issues in the area of leadership, discuss a leader’s spiritual life, and address other relevant issues in the personal life of a leader including his family life, setting of priorities and time management. 3 semester hrs.

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