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PHI6520 Christian Faith and Contemporary Culture A Christian analysis of modern popular culture and mass media, including film, TV, Internet, popular magazines, fiction, music, art, comics, and advertising. 3 semester hrs. Every 2-3 years.

PHI6530 Christian Faith and Science A review of the history of scientific thought and implications for Christian faith. 3 semester hrs. Every other year.

PHI6540 Christian Faith and the Arts A philosophical analysis of the classical and contemporary arts (including modern media and popular culture) and an evaluation of the interrelationship between biblical faith and various art forms. 3 semester hrs. Every year.

PHI6550 Problem of Evil A philosophical, theological, biblical, and historical study of the problem of evil, with particular reference to Christian theism. 3 semester hrs. Every year. Prerequisite: MA (Philosophy of Religion) or professor approval.

PHI6630 Study of Selected Philosophers A study of a selected philosopher, classical, or contemporary, Christian or non-Christian. The philosopher to be studied will be announced with the publication of the course schedule. 3 semester hrs. Every 2 years.

PHI6640 Philosophers: Francis A. Schaeffer and C. S. Lewis The juxtaposition of the philosophical/apologetic works of Francis Schaeffer and C. S. Lewis. 3 semester hrs. Every other fall.

PHI6961 Bible Land Studies in Christian Apologetics A guided lecture tour of the Bible Lands with special attention given to the philosophical and cultural aspects of biblical hermeneutics and to the historical and contemporary manifestations of theistic religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. 3 semester hrs. PASS/FAIL COURSE.

PHI7500 Metaphysics A study of the nature of reality, including discussions on personal identity, free will, cause and effect, and the nature of time. 3 semester hrs. Every 2-3 years. Prerequisite: MA (Philosophy of Religion) or professor approval.

PHI7510 Epistemology A study in the theory and nature of truth, the grounds for justification of belief, and the nature of Christian truth claims. Application will be made to the phenomena of both special and general Christian revelation. 3 semester hrs. Every year. Prerequisite: MA (Philosophy of Religion) or professor approval.

PHI7550 Critical Thinking and Argumentation for Theological Discourse An introduction to critical thinking skills, formal and informal logic, and the elements and function of an argument, with attention given to critical analysis as well as to effective argumentation within a theological context. 3 semester hrs. Every year. Prerequisite: MA (Philosophy of Religion) or professor approval.

PHI7610 Philosophical Theology A study of the use of philosophical methods in developing, articulating, and analyzing theological concepts, particularly within the Christian tradition. A survey of the history of philosophical methods and concepts in theology. An intermediate study of philosophical elements of Christian doctrine. 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: THE6110 and PHI5100.Every year.

PHI7620 Worldviews and World Religions A study of the major world religions from a worldview analysis comparison with orthodox Christianity. It constitutes an intensive study of key issues in how Christianity relates to other religions. Attention is given to pertinent biblical testimony, historical developments, and contemporary perspectives on these issues with a mind to critiquing various perspectives and constructing a suitable Christian theology of religions. 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: MA (Philosophy of Religion) or professor permission. Every other year.

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