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CED6812 Missions in Student Ministry An examination of national and international missions for students. Attention will be given to the development of a local evangelistic emphasis on the public school campus as well as the planning and promotion of national and international mission trips for youth. 3 semester hrs. Occasional.

CED6813 Missional Student Ministry A study of the principles involved in creating a missional student ministry focus, including job descriptions, staff development and relationships, legal considerations, and leadership issues involved in building a Great Commission student ministry. 3 semester hrs. Summer.

CED6814 Special Issues in Student Ministry A study of issues that may arise in student ministry which demand special consideration. 3 semester hrs. Occasional.

CED6815 Current Issues with Students A study of personal and social problems, value systems and thought styles of high school and college students, with special attention given to the defense of absolutes in a youth culture. 3 semester hrs. Fall semester in even-numbered years.

CED6816 Youth Problems A study of the personal and social problems of adolescents in America. The resources for guiding youth are examined with special emphasis upon the home and church. 3 semester hrs. Spring semester in odd-numbered years.

CED6817 Ministering to the Middle and High School Student A study of the conceptual traits and cognitive growth of Middle and HS students with special attention to biblical training. 3 semester hrs. Prerequisite: CED 6810.

CED6818 Internship in Student Ministry A supervised field experience at an approved student ministry site. The student will spend 200 hours of on-field training and experience during the semester. 6 semester hrs. Occasionally.

CED6821 Foundations for Collegiate Ministry A study of the biblical and theological foundations and basic philosophies of and methodologies for collegiate ministry in the local church and on the university campus. 3 semester hrs. January odd years.

CED6850 Family Life Education An introduction to the biblical model of the family and the practical application of ministry to the family in a local church environment. 3 semester hrs. Spring semester in even-numbered years.

CED6890 Developmental Issues Across the Life Span A study of the developmental process from birth through adulthood. Application of theories of growth and development will be made in education, leadership, counseling, and discipleship contexts. 3 semester hours. Fall semester.

CED6891 Child and Adolescent Development A study of the human growth developmental process of children, birth through seventeen years. 3 semester hrs. Spring semester.

CED6900 Statistics for Educational Settings An introduction to the use of the scientific method to engage in research through appropriate research design methods, sampling, and statistical tests as well as quantitative strategies. The course will stress analysis and interpretation and provide students with the basic tools of research. 3 semester hrs. Summer term.

CED6901 Tests and Measurements An introduction to psychometric theory, with special emphasis upon different types of tests for aptitude, achievement, and prediction. Use of tests for educational, clinical, and research purposes will be examined. 2 semester hrs. Summer term.

CED6961 Practicum in Personal and Church Renewal A field study examining the complexity of church health and renewal. (This course may fulfill the supervised ministry component for the MACE degree program.) 3 semester hrs. Occasional.

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