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M.Div. with Worship Leadership The Worship Leadership track will prepare students to provide leadership in worship ministries in the local church. All general admissions requirements for the Seminary must be met. An undergraduate music degree is not required, though a certain proficiency in music is required to complete the degree. At the time of admission, the student’s proficiency in music will be evaluated by the faculty for the purpose of recommending an individualized program of study. Entering M.Div. with Worship Leadership students will be required to take placement exams in the following areas: Theory/Harmony and Conducting. If competence is not demonstrated on the placement exams within the first semester after admission, the student’s advisor will recommend the appropriate courses to address deficiencies. Students must also complete a piano certification, which is included in the requirements of the required course PMN 6541 Worship Leadership. Class piano is available to prepare for certification.

Degree Requirements In addition to the M.Div. Core, students specializing in Worship Leadership must complete the following courses:

Worship Leadership HEB6500 or GRK6500 Biblical Hebrew OR Greek Syntax & Exegesis THE7510 Doctrine of Worship PHI6540 Christian Faith & the Arts PMN6540 Ministry of Worship PMN6541 Worship Leadership (This class fulfills the supervised ministry requirement.)


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Recommended electives include: To develop music ministry competencies: MUS5570 Music Ministry and Its Administration MUS5572 Music Ministry with Children MUS6572 Music Ministry to Youth and Adults MUS6570 Orchestral Instruments in the Church MUS7673 Music in Missions MUS6575 Technology in Music Ministry MUS5510 Congregational Literature MUS5502 Keyboard & Instrumental Arranging MUS6521 Choral Conducting Vocal lessons and/or Ensemble participation

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To develop pastoral competencies: THE7810 Doctrine of the Church BCO5500 Biblical Counseling PMN6500 Pastoral Ministry PMN6720 Education and Administration in the Local Church

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To develop expository preaching competencies: PRS6500 Sermon Delivery PRS6510 Expository Preaching PRS6530 Engaging the Contemporary Audience PRS6520 The Pastor and the Preaching Ministry

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2012-2013 Academic Catalog  

The official Academic Catalog of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

2012-2013 Academic Catalog  

The official Academic Catalog of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary