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M.Div. Core Curriculum IND5000 HEB5110 HEB5120 OTS5110 OTS5120 GRK5110 GRK5120 NTS5110 NTS5120 BTI5100 HIS5110 HIS5120 HIS5130 MIS5100 EVA5100 THE6110 THE6120 THE6130 PHI5100 ETH5100 PRS6100

Introduction to the Cooperative Program Biblical Hebrew I Biblical Hebrew II Old Testament: Pentateuch and Historical Books Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry, and Prophets Biblical Greek I Biblical Greek II New Testament: Jesus and the Gospels New Testament: Acts, Epistles, and Revelation Hermeneutics Church History: Patristic, Medieval, and Pre-Reformation Church History: Reformation and Modern Baptist History: Identity, Heritage, and Polity Christian Missions: Principles and Practice Evangelism: Nature & Practice Christian Theology I Christian Theology II Christian Theology III Christian Philosophy: Worldview, Western Thought, and Apologetics Introduction to Christian Ethics Bible Exposition

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Suggested Sequence of Courses for M.Div. Foundational Core Studies The faculty advises students to take introductory level courses early in order to prepare for upper-level electives. Students are also advised to focus on track requirements for their chosen track toward the end of their degree programs. This suggested sequence is provided as a guidance tool for academic advisement. Students are permitted to take courses out of sequence if necessary. Short-term classes (such as those in January and summer sessions) may be taken and are encouraged so that students may reduce their academic load during regular semesters.

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