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Student Ministry The minor in student ministry is designed to train student ministers who envision student ministry as a partnership between church and family, with the goal of developing students as maturing disciples of Christ. In addition to the foundational course in student ministry, the minor will train potential ministers in evangelism, discipleship, counseling, and communication. Students must take the following courses to complete the minor in Student Ministry: MIN3640 MIN4620 EVA2610 PHI4600 MIN4900 MIN4901

Foundations of Student Ministry Biblical Counseling Christian Growth & Discipleship Christian Apologetics Mentored Internship Mentored Internship II

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Theology The minor in Theology introduces students to the study of God and man. Building upon the Christian Studies major, the student is now introduced to Old Testament and New Testament Theology, as well as additional courses in selected doctrines, theologians, and eras. Students must take the following courses to complete the minor in Theology: HOI3510 BTI4600 BTI4700 Options

Seminar in Theology & Culture Old Testament Theology New Testament Theology Choose any three 3000+ THE electives

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