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Society to raise substance abuse help facility from the ashes P12





Mayor Lois Jackson calls for a 'mayor's summit' with stakeholders P5

SFPR intersections have committee questioning air quality report P6

Project Bloom showcases speakers' passion, dedication P10

Chamber puts a lid on Delta history with time capsule



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Little House, BIG hearts


Friday, March 11, 2011 South Delta Leader

Used drink boxes get made into toilet paper, lucky for us it isn’t the other way around

The drink box that your child takes to school is a polycoat container made up of three material types: paper, an aluminum lining, and a plastic coating.

Environmental You probably already know that all the containers that come into a Return-It™ Depot are diverted from the landfill and recycled. What you might not know is how the materials are recycled and what they become afterwards. Here’s what happens to two types of containers you’re probably very familiar with: drink boxes and gable top cartons. They’re known as “polycoat” containers because they’re made of more than one material. The drink box that your child takes to school is made up of three material types: paper, an aluminum lining, and a plastic coating. The gable top carton in your refrigerator is made of plastic and paper. THE DIS-ASSEMBLY LINE: From the Return-It™ Depot, drink boxes and gable top cartons are shipped to a factory where a hydra-pulper mashes them to a

pulp to separate the paper fibre from any plastic or aluminum linings. 75% of the weight of a typical polycoat container is recoverable paper fibre. The resulting paper pulp is then used to make cardboard boxes of all shapes, sizes and colours, as well as toilet paper. Thousands of tonnes of paper pulp are recovered in this process. For every tonne of paper pulp recycled, approximately 17 trees are saved. STILL MORE TO DO: Encorp Pacific operates one of the most highly regarded beverage container recycling programs in North America. And as impressive as the recovery statistics are there’s one statistic that motivates Encorp to work even harder: 13% of BC’s pop ulation admits to having thrown away a beverage container while commuting or doing leisure activities.



Just by recycling beverage containers in 2009:

Encorp Pacific (Canada) is the Industry Prod-

• You took the equivalent of 37,000 cars off

uct Stewardship Corporation mandated to

BC’s roads for a year. • You saved enough energy to light 65,000 BC homes for a year. • You contributed to the reduction of about 137,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent being released into British Columbia’s atmosphere.

KEEP ‘EM COMING In 2010 Encorp recycled about 82 million polycoat containers—drink boxes and gable top cartons. That’s 1,921 metric tonnes that didn’t end up in landfills. And it contributed to the reduction of about 7,385 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent being released into British Columbia’s atmosphere.

develop and manage a consumer friendly and cost effective system to recover end-oflife consumer products and packaging for recycling. Encorp’s Return-It™ Depot system recovers 79.5% of beverage containers sold in the province. When measured by weight that’s a recovery rate of close to 89% Product stewardship is an environmental management strategy guided by the principle that whoever designs, produces, sells, or uses a product takes responsibility for minimizing the product’s environmental impact throughout all stages of the product’s life cycle. Last year over 1 billion ready-to-drink beverage containers of all materials (plastic, glass bottles, drink boxes, cans and cartons) were returned to Return-It™ Depots and recycled into a variety of useful goods. Encorp is 100% industry operated and receives no government funding.

Learn more about Encorp Pacific (Canada) and find depot locations at ADVERTORIAL

South Delta Leader Friday, March 11, 2011 A3

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Friday, March 11, 2011 South Delta Leader

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South Delta Leader Friday, March 11, 11, 2011 2011 A5


Hearing adjourned Mayor's summit to promote dialogue on Southlands PHILIP RAPHAEL EDITOR


ark April 14 on your calendar. That's when the public will get its next shot at addressing the Corporation of Delta's proposed application to return the Southlands to the Agricultural Land Reserve. Mayor Lois Jackson set the date Monday night (March 7) as she unexpectedly adjourned the fourth night of public hearings on the controversial matter and announced the creation of a mayor's summit to discuss whether or not to develop of a portion of the 500-plus acre property which has sharply divided the community. "Since the public hearing was adjourned on Thursday evening (March 3) I have had time to consider what was heard, as I'm sure many council members have done," Jackson told the standing room capacity audience crowded into the Delta Council Chamber. "Having listened to the public it is very clear that there is no community consensus." Jackson added that what she heard most from the 90 or so speakers over the first three nights of the public hearings was a need for more discussion and exploration that could lead to a compromise on returning Southlands to a working farm. "How do we get there," Jackson asked. "It was suggested we could get there together. I heard there is a willingness of the parties to talk to each other." But the public hearing forum was not permitting that type of dialogue to take place. To assist with that Jackson said that during the adjournment period she will hold a mayor's summit, which will be closed to the public, on the future of the Southlands (for details on the summit see sidebar below). Majority property owner Century Group has proposed developing a third of the land for housing and has offered up the remainder for agricultural and recreational uses. The summit will be a forum for discussion and debate, Jackson said. "The objective will be to bring back a report that focuses on agriculture, but also considers the range

of any other perspectives heard as part of the public hearing to date." She added the adjournment will not terminate the public hearing process. "The speaker's list will be retained intact and the proposal to include lands in the ALR will continue to be the matter before council," she said. The report from the summit will be presented at the public hearing once it is reconvened. Stating the summit was an unusual step, Jackson added it was her duty as mayor to ensure council had all the information to make a thoughtful decision. "For the past 30 years the conflict on these lands has threatened to divide the community," she said. "It is my hope and my challenge that we no longer allow this to happen." Dana Maslovat, co-founder of Southlands the Facts, said he was surprised by the move. "In some ways I'm disappointed because the numbers have shown in the past the majority voice does want this agricultural land and have it protected," he said. "The fact that a public hearing with 100 speakers has shown something different still doesn't go against what a majority of the people want." He added that if the pending summit can come up with what the community wants he feels it would be a positive step forward. "I'm just cautious whether this will happen given the discussion we've had to date and the difference of opinions out there," he said. While he was also surprised at the move, Century Group president Sean Hodgins said he had the feeling Delta Council could not proceed with the way the public hearing was unfolding. "People would have just kept signing up (to speak) and it was going to be another unproductive week like last week," he said. Hodgins acknowledged that during the past three public hearing sessions his side was gaining support. "I was grateful for the people who came out and supported compromise," he said. "I think that's what people were saying." Some of those who have spoken at the public hearing on the Southlands issue were unsure about the

Crowds gather in the Delta Municipal Hall foyer after the unexpected adjournment of the Tsawwassen Area Plan public hearing. Philip Raphael photo role of and reasoning behind the mayor's summit. Longtime Tsawwassen resident Michael Anderson, who earlier in the public hearings had spoken against ALR inclusion on behalf of the Delta Chamber of Commerce, said the summit changes the rules of the public hearing process when it appeared those advocating against a return to the ALR were gathering momentum. "The public hearing process clearly showed two and a half to one against inclusion," Anderson said. "And I guess that's not the score they wanted to hear. So, they set up a committee so it's equal on both sides. I'm sorry, if you're the queen of Delta then you can do that. But as the mayor of Delta you have to live have by the rules of the public hearing process." Anderson added he is optimistic the forthcoming mayor's summit has a chance to make headway on the Southlands issue if it is not merely a political move. "If it is what they say it is, fine, but not if they are just trying to buy time." Local environmentalist Carol Vignale said the summit could make a difference, but favoured more public involvement in the process. "To have a private summit and a private dialogue it's not what we really need," she said. "And then to return to the pubic hearing right after is not adequate." The public hearing on the Southlands reconvenes April 14 at the South Delta Recreation Centre (1720 56 St.) at 7 p.m.

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The need for meaningful dialogue—that’s what is driving the forthcoming mayor’s summit focusing on the proposal to return the Southlands property to the Agricultural Land Reserve, says Delta Mayor Lois Jackson. While the first three nights of a public hearing resulted in a lengthy list of speakers, Jackson said for council to properly arrive at a decision on the contentious 500-plus acre of land in Tsawwassen further discussion needs



to take place among prominent stakeholders in the community. Jackson will chair the summit and has included CAO George Harvie and Coun. Ian Paton as the corporation’s representatives. Century Group will determine who will fill their three spots. And Jackson will select the two positions allocated to the ALR petition group and the farming and environmental communities which received one each. Jackson explained the selection process as the prerogative of the mayor. No timetable has been set to determine

how long the summit, which will be closed to the public, is set to run—although, a report from its proceedings are expected to be presented to council prior to the April 14 resumption of the public hearings. Former Delta Mayor Doug Husband, who presided over the last Southlands public hearing back in 1989 which stretched over 25 nights, making it one of the longest in Canadian history, said the idea of a mayor’s summit is novel and may be an efficient course of action that could avoid another set of marathon public hearings.

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“I am assuming Lois (Jackson), who was on council at the time of those hearings, is trying to learn from that experience,” he said. He recalled when the speakers list was getting low on numbers when the meetings stretched late into the night some people would arrive at municipal hall still in their pajamas to address council. “People used to also bring along their hot pots and have dinner right there because some of the meetings would start at 6 p.m. and then run as late as 11 p.m. or midnight,” Husband said.

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A6 South Delta Leader Friday, March 11, 2011 KRISTINE SALZMANN REPORTER


ow will intersections instead of interchanges along the South Fraser Perimeter Road impact air quality? It’s a question Delta’s Environment Advisory Committee has for the B.C. Gateway Program. Gateway’s original concept plan for the SFPR—a four-lane highway currently under construction that will connect Deltaport with major highways—included an intersection at 80th Street in Tilbury and an interchange near 96th Street in the Sunbury area.

Friday, March 11, 2011 South Delta Leader A6

Air quality concerns Committee questions impact of intersections along SFPR An air quality assessment was done in September 2006 based on that design. The most recent plan now includes signalized intersections at both locations—a change that has the committee concerned about the potential increase in air pollution. “Everybody I know of is aghast they are thinking of putting in intersections rather than i n t e rc h a n g e s,” s a i d Coun. Bruce McDonald,

chair of the Environment Advisory Committee. The committee has asked Delta Council to request a new, updated air quality assessment from Gateway based on the new plan. “ We w e re t a l k i n g about the impact it has if you put intersections where you have people decelerating, accelerating, idling, braking, et cetera, et cetera,” McDonald said. “What impact does that have on

Sprinkling ban?

this air model we’re supposedly working on? “I would think it would have a fair impact, just because blowing through on any kind of a motor that is running smoothly is not going to produce the same kind of pollutants and volumes of outputs as decelerating and accelerating.” The Delta Chamber of Commerce has also expressed its opposition to traffic lights along the SFPR.

It has stated the effectiveness of the SFPR could be “significantly c o m p ro m i s e d” i f i t opens with intersections in the Tilbury industrial park and Sunbury area. “Large commercial vehicles of 70 feet or more in length, especially when fully loaded, need dedicated acceleration and deceleration lanes to permit their safe operation in this system,” the chamber has stated. “Without those

Metro considers limiting lawn watering JEFF NAGEL



Evening water sprinkling may be a thing of the past as Metro Vancouver mulls tighter restrictions to preserve its water supply on hot summer days. Me t ro i s c o n t e m plating amendments to its Water Shortage Response Plan that would limit residential lawn sprinkling to just 4 to 9 a.m. in the mornings on three days a week—an increase of one from the current two-day limit during the summer sprinkling restriction period. C u r r e n t l y, l a w n sprinkling from June 1 to Sept. 30 is allowed from 4 to 9 a.m. and 7 to 10 p.m. on two permitted days a week. Evennumbered addresses get Wednesdays and Saturdays, while odd addresses can sprinkle Thursdays and Sundays. Under the proposed change, residents would also get to sprinkle on either Saturday or Sunday mornings, giving them an overall 15-hour window each week to green up their lawns. Me t r o Va n c o u v e r generally has plenty of drinking water but the system struggles to deliver enough water throughout the region at peak times in the summer. Me t ro p o l i c y a n d planning department senior engineer Stan Woods estimates the new measures would cut the water use rate at peak hours by 12 per cent and by three per

cent on peak days. Demand is lower in mornings than evenings and Woods said the change would spread lawn sprinkling demand out more evenly over the week. It would also be easy to enforce, with evening sprinkling banned outright. Woods points to the experience in Abbotsford, where morningonly sprinkling rules have been in effect the last three summers with "relatively few complaints." Most businesses and institutions have automated sprinkling systems that can simply be reprogrammed to the new times, his report said. They'd be limited to between 1 and 6 a.m. Watering of gardens, trees, playing fields and golf courses wouldn't be affected by the sprinkling rule change. The proposed changes still must be approved by the Metro

Vancouver board. And some directors are calling for a one-year delay before bringing in the new schedule. "It's too late in the process," Surrey Coun. Marvin Hunt said, adding most municipalities have already sent out their calendars and rules for sprinkling for the year. "Let's let this be an education year." Metro officials say an established lawn needs only an hour of sprinkling a week – if it doesn't rain. T h e re g i o n p l a n s to continue to urge residents not to waste water on their lawns, advising them to let their lawns go dormant in summer with messaging like "brown is the new green in lawn care." Conservation helps the region reduce water pumping costs and avoid the eventual need to build costly new major infrastructure, like new reservoirs.




The Delta Community Animal Shelter will become more accessible starting later this month. Next weekend (March 19 and 20) the shelter will host an open house at its new satellite adoption centre in Tsawwassen. The Tilbury-based shelter is hoping to increase its visibility as well as the number of adoptions in the community. "It's an opportunity for prospective pet parents to meet the cats, rabbits and dogs that are looking for permanent homes," shelter manager Sarah Lowe said in a media release. The satellite adoption centre will be in the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall mid-March through October, in a space donated by mall owner Century Group. It will feature information about the shelter's services, responsible pet ownership, bylaws, volunteering, dog license

sales, behavior and wildlife management. The open house, called the Meet Your Match Weekend, will run March 19, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and March 20, noon to 5 p.m. Future open hours will be posted at the centre (1299 56 St.) once they have been scheduled. "The goal for every adoption is to find a loving home for our animals," Lowe said. In the meantime, the DCAS has also been looking for a new home since learning the South Fraser Perimeter Road, a fourlane highway currently under construction that will connect Deltaport with major highways, will run past their current site at 7450 80th Street. "You can pretty much throw a rock at the trucks," said Lowe. She said high traffic and the noise that accompanies is a major disturbance for the animals. The Corporation of Delta has set aside funding for a new facility in this year's budget.

Business Improvement Association of Tsawwassen Annual General Meeting

MondAy, AprIl 11, 2011  6:00 pM at the Coast Tsawwassen Inn





Pet adoption

Shelter to become more visible

a new air quality assessment and the results were deemed unacceptable, McDonald said, “It’s just one more argument, one more arrow in the quiver, I guess. We’ve been agitating and advocating this not occur.”

features, which require an interchange configuration, the financial and environmental costs of businesses and the community most certainly will be higher than they could be.” When asked what the municipality would do if Gateway did conduct

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Ladner's Elizabeth Quinn is involved in this weekend's conference on food security in Richmond. Contributed photo

Food for all?

Ladner's Elizabeth Quinn helps make the connection between farm fields and the dining table


o have locally grown food be accessible to all—that's a lofty yet admirable vision. It's a common goal shared by the B.C. Association of Farmers' Markets and the Richmond Food Security Society, which have partnered to present "Working Together to Strengthen Our Local Food System." It's a three-day event (March 11 to 13) featuring two separate conferences, one by the BCAFM and one by the RFSS. Kristine Ladner resiSalzmann dent Elizabeth Quinn, manager of the BCAFM, says both groups share the same values. "We're bringing the two ideas t o g e t h e r : h ow farmers' markets provide local food to lots of people, and the RFSS is ensuring all people, and more low income folks, can have access to local food," she says. Quinn and her husband have lived in Ladner a mere month and a half, but are already immersing themselves in the local agricultural community. Quinn's husband, James Gates, is the farm manager at the small-scale organic Earthwise Society farm in Boundary Bay. They moved to Ladner after living a short period in Vancouver, but with their interest in agriculture Ladner was the goal when they left their home in the Kootenays. "I was involved with purchasing food from farmers in the Kootenays," Quinn says. "And we were growing food and doing very small scale farming. When we moved to the Lower Mainland I wanted to get involved with local food, and got involved with (the B.C.) Farmers' Market." She says farmers' markets are the public face of agriculture, and through

events like this weekend's conference hopes to get more farmers interested in selling directly to consumers. How to operate a farmers' market like a business and be successful— something the annual Ladner Village Market does well, Quinn notes—is one of the workshop topics, put on by Enterprising Non-Profits. The event also features "farmerguru" Joel Salatin, a third generation self-proclaimed "lunatic farmer" and owner of an organic farm called Polyface Inc. in Virginia. Quinn says Salatin will talk about how he develops relationships with people to make small-scale sustainable farming work. Brian Mullens, the co-founder of "Holy Crap" breakfast cereal will tell participants his success story—how he went from farmers' markets, to CBC's Dragons' Den, to millionaire. The Richmond Food Security Society's conference will focus on issues such as finding affordable food, making food security more inclusive, and including food security in community plans. Overall, Quinn says, the event will be a fantastic place to network with others who are passionate about agriculture, eating locally, and supporting the local economy. "With rising global food prices strengthening our local food system is even more important . . . Our farmers are more important than many of us realize," she says. "Working Together to Strengthen Our Local Food System" held at the Steveston Community Centre in Richmond (4111 Moncton St.) includes a reception March 11 with North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto, a dinner and dance March 12, and conferences by the BCAFM and RFSS over March 12 and 13. For more program details, ticket prices, or to register for either conference, visit or call 604-734-9797.

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Friday, March 11, 2011 South Delta Leader

Readerpoll Do you think the Mayor's summit will help resolve the Southlands controversy?


Jim Kinnear file photo

Last week, we asked: Should voters go to the polls ahead of the next fixed provincial election date set for May 14, 2013?

yes 30% no 70% Start

a conversation.

LETTERS Rethink proposal Dear mayor and council members, please rethink your recent proposal to put the Southlands back into agricultural designation, and your loss of control which may result. My school treasurer attitude of frugality impels me to write. It seems to me that wasting public money by imposing very high costs on Delta taxpayers, to develop farm-

Plan needs a closer look Delta Council, I am horrified and very disappointed at your unfair and high-handed bullying involved in trying to return the Southlands to the ALR.

Housing on the Southlands a mistake Fi r s t o f a l l , t h e Ce n t u r y Group must be congratulated for somehow convincing a substantial number of people that building almost 2,000 homes on one of the last prime farmland properties in South Delta is actually not a development. T h a t c a l l i n g i t “u r b a n agriculture” will make everything OK. But when the dust settles, and the buildings have been built, and

behind the scenes

Publisher Chrissie Bowker

Three days of public hearings on whether to include the Southlands in the ALR are temporarily giving way to a mayor's summit meant to open dialogue on the matter from both sides of the issue. The public hearing has been scheduled to resume April 14.

Comment online. Share your thoughts.

land dikes, irrigation, and drainage, and to fund further studies on the viability and negative probabilities of returning to farmland, when you have a wonderful Southlands development, that has been carefully planned by local residents, and that gives a huge park to the taxpayers at no cost, is a no brainer. Why does council not do what is best for all Delta taxpayers, instead of acceding to the "no," attitude of some Tsawwassen residents, which will result in a hefty tax increase for all Delta taxpayers, the vast majority of whom

will see no benefit. Residents including the naysayers will gain most of the area as a park, so the outlook will be largely as it appears today. The developer will be creating another valuable asset for Delta residents, as his father did before him, and our already heavy tax bill will remain as is. Since the farmland is very costly to farm due to its small size and isolation, the best answer seems obvious to me.

You are making this decision against all reason or benefits to Delta. On the contrary, returning the Southlands to the ALR does not solve the problem but opens up an entirely new can of worms. This decision could cost the whole of Delta millions of tax

dollars, resulting in an unsustainable, industrial scale farming operation which no Tsawwassen resident wants. For once, why don’t you look closely at the plan, and consider the long term effects of what you are trying to do.

some 5000 people have moved into the area, something precious will have been lost forever, and there will be no going back. You can call Century’s proposal whatever you like, and Sean Hodgins can charette and workshop this thing to death, but the fact is, Southlands is the last place in B.C. that this kind of development should be taking place. It’s a pity that Hodgins can’t see that the finest gift he could ever give South Delta—which has been so good to him and his family— would be to put the Southlands in a nature trust/agricultural preserve

of some kind and keep this area as wonderful and unique as it is now. People from other parts of the world that have made the same mistake Hodgins is contemplating look at this situation and wonder why on earth we would even consider building on Southlands. As for John Savage being against the ALR proposition, well, he’s a Socred retread, and will oppose anything put forward by the NDP purely out of instinct. A farmer against the ALR! Does that make any sense to you?

Advertising Jane Ilott 604.948.3640 ext.127 Collette Semeniuk 604.948.3640 ext. 121 Creative Sarah Kelloway

Editor Philip Raphael

Miles Adam, Tsawwassen

Diana Kent, Delta

Ted Laturnus, Ladner

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1 /

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Don't forget the political centre One of the bugaboos being thrown around is that premier-designate Christy Clark, a federal Liberal at heart, will move the B.C. Liberals to the left, thus reinvigorating B.C.’s Conservative Party. Unless Clark appoints NDP hardcore lefty Harry Lali as finance minister, this is unlikely to happen. Some pundits (mostly of the left-of-centre variety) predicted the B.C. Conservatives would impact some ridings in the 2009 election. While the Conservatives finished third in a few Okanagan-area ridings, they had no impact as the Liberals swept that region. The party has not much going for it other than a name—it’s had no leader for almost two years and has been plagued by infighting in the past. But to set the cat among the political pigeons, rumours swirled around this week that Delta Richmond East Conservative MP John Cummins was seriously considering putting both feet into the provincial conservative camp. He is already one of its advisors and would give the party more profile. To further muddy the waters, there’s also the B.C. First Party, led by one-time Conservative candidate and current anti-HST guru Chris Delaney. Also, to think Clark has a left streak is a matter of perspective. The B.C. Teachers’ Federation, remembering Clark’s tough approach from her previous stint in government, wouldn’t think so. And during the leadership race, Clark supported a mine proposal so bad that even Stephen Harper’s really right-wing Conservatives turned it down. In fact, the Liberals should be more interested in grabbing the political centre. Clark has a potential threat in Mike Farnworth who is seen as a moderate and is getting favourable polling numbers. Unfortunately, Farnworth is running for the New Democrats, who reacted to the turmoil created by Premier Gordon Campbell’s aboutface on the HST and subsequent resignation by toppling their own leader through some very public infighting. —Richmond Review

South Delta Leader Friday, March 11, 11, 2011 2011

Time for sober thought on the Southlands A9 should take place in our community. To proceed with the application at this time simply takes the discussion in front of the Agricultural Land Commission whose members are not elected by nor accountable to Delta residents. I believe this is consistent with mayor and council's often expressed desire to be the advocates on behalf of Delta residents about matters that affect our community. I look for ward to engaging in a productive dialogue to arrive at a mutual understanding and consensus with my fellow residents as to how best to meet the future needs of Tsawwassen.

The need is great. Harold Steves, the well-known Richmond Councillor with impeccable credentials stated on Thursday March 3, that Southlands has good farmland as proven by its history when it was a working farm. Delta citizens supported farmland on the Ipsos Reid poll to 63 per cent, we are told. Also there are 1,100 names on the petition to return Southlands to the ALR. I do not wish to contribute to higher food prices for my children’s future by reducing supply while demand for food will increase. A simple supply and demand rule. Two thousand houses with all the traffic, lights, noise, pollution and farmland degradation

that would bring is not a feasible vision for land that will grow good food. Not unless we expect our population to diminish and need less food. I am asking mayor and Delta Council to respect democracy accordingly. We must secure the food source for our children’s future. April 1 Weston Foods is increasing its food prices by five per cent. This is just the beginning, I expect. Delta must respect the contribution its valuable farmland can make towards a stable future for this region.

I am opposed to your (Delta staff ) proposal to request inclusion of the Southlands into the ALR. Please consider the following—in no particular order. Is this a way to get the council out of

a very difficult decision, by transferring responsibility to the ALC and especially in an election year? Should this plan have been created by your CAO George Harvie? Surely with the location of his residence this would qualify as a conflict of interest. In any case Mr. Harvie has come to this

position with only 30 requests to do so. I do not want to pay for the cost of the drainage etc. required to bring the lands to a proper farm-able level. Have you considered the cost to the community?


per person. Evening includes wines from a variety of wineries and distributors, gourmet hors d'oeuvres, live and silent auction and raffle prizes. Call 604-948-5157.

will go to the Little House Society. Tickets ($15) available at Cedar Park Church, Tuesday-Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. To reserve or for more info, 604-720-3392.



Dear Mayor and Council, In response to the Tsawwassen Area Plan Bylaw Amendments, I concur that it will be very important to encourage local population growth to support local businesses. I would add that there are other important facilities, such as neighborhood schools, which would also benefit from reversing the negative population growth trend for Tsawwassen. Therefore, I support the recommendations to increase building height in the town core and see this as an

Not business as usual Sitting through three nights of the public hearing of the Southlands inclusion to the ALR has been important. This is not business as usual anymore. As farmland becomes scarce in Delta, thanks to Gateway, the port and TFN developments, so does the intensity of pressure placed upon council to do the right thing. Surely Mr. Hodgins has felt it by the mighty campaign he has put forth and the average citizen by all of this. If we had ample farmland, cheap oil, a stable climate with average rains it would be business as usual. Unfortunately for us all, this is no longer the case.

ALR inclusion opposed

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The Rotary Club of Tsawwassen presents The Wine Room, an evening of wine tasting and great food. When: March 12, 7 p.m. Where: Beach Grove Golf Club. $75


Susan Hodges, Delta

Joseph Fernandes, Delta

Earthwise Society's Organic Master Gardener course will provide you with organic solutions to gardening challenges. When: Twice a week, Monday and Wednesday evenings, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., March 14 to May 4. Where: Earthwise Society's Boundary Bay garden. Offered in partnership with Gaia College. Course details can be found at www. Can lead to certification in organic land care from the Society of Organic Urban Landcare.


Reach Child and Youth Development Society presents a parenting workshop called "Sexuality: Preparing a Plan for Sex Education and Abuse Prevention for Your Child with Special Needs." When: March 16, 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Where: #3 3800 72 St. Cost is $20. Bring your own nut-free lunch. To register call 604-946-6622 ext. 343 or email


Local Celtic band Doghouse will play at the Tsawwassen Legion. When: March 12, Irish-themed dinner at 6 p.m. followed by music by Doghouse to dance the night away. Where: Tsawwassen Legion. Reserve tickets ($15) by calling 604-943-0232.

Dale Saip, Delta

Classical guitarist Ryan Enns performs at the next Ovation Performance Series concert March 13. Contributed photo former Ryan Enns returns to South Delta in his North American tour to perform in the Ovation Performance Series, along with violinist Patrick Ernst. When: March 13, 7 p.m. Where: Cedar Park Church. Proceeds

Metro Vancouver is trying to limit the spread of mega houses on farmland is urging the province to step in. Visit and click on the 'News' tab.


Spring is in the air and that means it's time for the Spring Art Show. When: Now until March 18. Where: McKee Seniors Recreation Centre in Ladner. Works will feature watercolour, pen and ink, oil, acrylic, oriental brush and tole painting. The free show culminates with an awards presentation March 25. For information on the art show call 604-946-1411.


The winners of the Water in Words writing contest for students in Grades 4-12 were announced recently. Visit and click on the 'Community' tab.

Calling time on waste

'Greening' the three Rs for a better environment


have an old Green- ask: Who wants to see a Peace button that natural beautiful landdeclares "No time to scape littered with the evidence of thoughtless waste." This phrase always consumption? As a teacher I rely on makes me smile as I think of the double the 3R’s schema with its meaning, an ultimate accompanying symbols spin. We really do have to educate: reduce, reno time to be wasteful use, recycle. This schema has been embedded now. In the Lower Main- in the recognizable triland the prospect of angle symbol. Recently, waste incineration to other R’s are being condispose of our garbage sidered that recognize still looms. As our metro the complexity of the population grows the challenge. They are ‘Rethink’ and option of Barb ‘Refuse’. incinerating Hinson For Rethink: our waste will when you be resurrectchoose a proded; even if we uct or service do manage to try to be aware divert more of the whole recyclables process that from the has gone into waste stream bringing that the garbage product to volume will m a r k e t . Fo r undoubtedly each product or service continue to grow. In the future, will there is a total ecologiwe have enough land- cal footprint to be confill space? Do we need sidered (for an on-line to burn our trash? It overview visit storyofis imperative we each or visit your continue to rethink our local library for a copy approach to consump- of the book by Anne tion to responsibly plan Leonard). For Refuse: if you for the future. For personal inspira- see a wasteful product tion I think of my for- or practice, speak up. mer days on kayaking Consider engaging in a journeys, on the water friendly “green” converand camping on remote sation with the product stakeholders (owners, lands for up to 10 days. On kayaking trips manufacturers, distribthere were no garbage utors, volunteer groups, dumps. You left your governments). Try to convince othcampsite clean. Whatever packaging you took ers being wasteful is not in, you took out. Since acceptable. Within your there is precious space community organizainside a kayak you were tions try to establish a very careful in selecting green policy or sustainability charter and try your “consumables." Fo o d i n b u l k y o r your best to stick to it. For inspiration excessive packaging was a no-no. We avoided r e m e m b e r a l w a y s , single-use containers. you are the ultimate No trash would be left stakeholder, and this is certainly “no time to behind. As an environmental- waste." Barbara Hinson is ist I wish everyone has a similar social respon- a resident of Tsawwassibility experience. It sen and an elementary tunes you in to nature. teacher in the Vancouver It makes you become public system. She is a covery aware of your con- founder of the discussion suming practices. It group GO GREEN Delta, forces you to sort your which meets monthly in waste responsibly into the Tsawwassen library, what can be composted, and a proud member of recycled or re-used. And the VESTA Sustainability it hopefully leads you to Committee. Going green

important incentive to create modest growth for Tsawwassen. With respect to the recommendation to include all agriculturally zoned lands within Tsawwassen in the Agricultural Land Reserve, I would ask council take more time to examine the implications of the loss of local control as I am concerned that some allowable agricultural practices enabled by The Farm Practices Protection (Right to Farm) Act could be ver y detrimental to our community. There has not been a community discussion with respect to any proposal for the land referred to as the "Southlands" and I believe that, before we proceed on any application to the ALC, this discussion


Friday, March 11, 2011 South Delta Leader

Project Bloom Celebrating the strength of women Local women gathered at the Coast Tsawwassen Inn on the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day (March 8) to hear from passionate, inspirational female role models—and they weren't disappointed. The third annual Project Bloom: Women in Business, hosted by The South Delta Leader and Kathie Madden Events, featured three speakers plus Global BC Morning News anchor Sophie Lui as the event's emcee. Ladner resident Laurel Middelaer told the story of her vibrant, fourand-a-half-year old daughter Alexa, who was killed by an impaired driver at in May 2008. She and her husband have since created the Alexa

Middelaer Memorial Fund with the goal of reducing impaired driving related deaths by 35 per cent between 2008 and 2013. Vancouver-based human rights lawyer and former Paralympic swimmer Carla Qualtrough, who is legally blind, shared her passion for inclusion and accessibility in sport. And Panorama-Surrey MLA Stephanie Cadeaux inspired guests with the story of her journey recovering from a car crash at age 18 to being asked to run for the B.C. Liberals and becoming an advocate for people with physical disabilities. Delta TV will air a clip from Project Bloom daily at noon, 12:30, 5 and 5:30 p.m. until March 16.

Above, back row (left to right): Host Kathie Madden of Kathie Madden Events, human rights lawyer and Paralymian Carla Qualtrough, South Delta Leader publisher and host Chrissie Bowker. Front row (left to right): advocate against impaired driving Laurel Middelaer, emcee and Global TV Morning News Anchor Sophie Lui, and Surrey-Panorama MLA Stephanie Cadieux. All photos by Rob Newell

"Thank you so much for putting on the amazing event today. I was so happy to have heard Laurel Middelaer speak and came away feeling an overwhelming combination of what felt like raw emotion and strength from her words. I enjoyed the food and, of course, the great ladies. Kudos!" —Joni Wright, CAPTIN Toyota Left: Global BC's Sophie Lui interviewed each of the speakers in what was dubbed an 'Oprah-style' setting. Below: Carla Qualtrough inspired guests with her passion and dedication to increasing accessibility to sport for marginalized groups. Bottom: Guests were given purple bracelets with the words 'Spirit,' 'Tenacious' and 'Love' in support of the Alexa Middelaer Memorial Fund.

Above: Stephanie Cadieux offered up 10 life lessons that were thoughtful, humourous and candid, based on experiences from living with a spinal cord injury since a car crash at 18 to public life as a politician.

Left: Laurel Middelaer gave guests insight into her tenacious, loving, spirited daughter, Alexa, which brought tears to many, and spoke about why her family has chosen to advocate for safer roads in B.C. Above: Middelaer also spoke about choice, and it seemed fitting one of the day's quotes included the above by author J.K. Rowling.

"I just wanted to thank you for extending the invitation to me to attend yesterday’s event. I had a really great time – what an amazing group of speakers! Truly inspirational women." —Tanya Corbet, Tsawwassen First Nation

South Delta Leader Friday, March 11, 11, 2011 2011 A11

Backing Alexa's bus Almost $1,500 was raised at this year's Project Bloom: Women in Business event for the Alexa Middelaer Memorial Fund's Back the Bus campaign. The campaign, which officially kicked off last week (March 3), is raising funds for five mobile blood alcohol testing units. They will be painted purple, Alexa's favourite colour, and feature a photo of the blonde, smiling toddler who was killed by an impaired driver in May 2008. At Project Bloom, Laurel Middelaer recalled how on the day of

We wrapped up the day with fabulous prizes donated by in kind sponsors

Alexa's death, she and her husband crawled under the comforter in Alexa's room, which their daughter had coloured with a purple marker. Though the comforter was now clean and white, they soon discovered Alexa had outlined her drawer handles in purple, her bedroom windows, and even Sponge Bob Square Pants' arm pits. The bright purple buses, which cost $250,000 each, will serve as an educational tool, a visual deterrent to impaired driving, and be an effective and efficient tool for police. For more details about the campaign, visit

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Friday, Friday,March March11, 11 2011 South Delta Leader



t wasn’t supposed to be this way. For families trying to cope with a loved one trapped in the self destructive cycle of substance addiction it seldom is. And it can often come as a surprise how far down someone has drifted before their problem surfaces. Jane—not her real name—was a gifted child. She went to private school, tested in the 97th percentile and took vocal lessons from a noted opera singer and played piano. “She was just this beautiful and bubbly girl, very charismatic,” says her mother, a Tsawwassen resident. On the surface there wasn’t a problem in sight. She’d always kept the family curfew. And often, when she was out at a friend’s home for dinner, she’d call in to tell her parents where she was. “We actually only found out she was a drug addict when she overdosed on cocaine and the Delta Police phoned telling me she was in hospital,” Jane’s mother says. “She had hid it very well. She got up every day for school and got good grades.” To her surprise, Jane’s mother later found out from her daughter’s school counsellor that school officials already knew she was a drug user, but because Jane was over the age of 14 there was a matter of confidentiality

take a Answers for puzzle #543 from the South Delta Leader March 4, 2011 issue

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that prevented relaying that information— which included the fact she had been dealing drugs a couple of years earlier when she was in Grade 10. What followed were numerous brushes with the police locally which led to her mother asking the police to arrest her daughter. “That way she could go into drug rehab,” says Jane’s mother. She decided to tell her story to help raise awareness of a fundraising campaign to re-establish the Little House Society’s expanded facility on 12th Avenue in Tsawwassen which fell victim to arson in 2009. The community-based non-profit organization has been serving the community for 27 years and its mandate is to promote and advance education related to substance use, abuse, and addiction, and abstinence-based recovery from addiction. Little House president Jim Stimson, who has been clean and sober for 39 years, said the organization’s mandate is to create a healthier, safer and more knowledgeable caring community. “The goal and objective of the Little House is not so much to hold these meetings—we can meet in other places. It’s to create this educational awareness, this increase sense of knowledge, understanding and awareness of substance use, abuse, addiction and recovery for families, early on," he said. Little House was originally run by RADAT (Richmond Alcohol and Drug Abuse Team) and used the building as an outpatient coun-

bre k

Society to raise substance abuse help facility from the ashes

seling service. That evolved into a meeting place for indi individuals and families in recovery which eventually became a non-profit society in 2004. Five years later the arson fire gutted the building and Little House has operated locally in rented space. Plans are to rebuild on the original site, and a fundraising campaign is underway to come up with the $225,000 needed. The response to date has been exceptional. One local on board is Tsawwassen Rotarian Leslie Abramson whose own life was affected by addiction with the loss of her son. “I told my Rotary Club that when this is all finished this community will be very proud of the Little House. To say that we did it,” says Abramson, who along with former Delta mayor Doug Husband are co-chairs of the fundraising campaign. “It’s (the fundraising campaign) quickly turned into a community based barn-raising,” Stimson says. “It’s recalling spirit of community which we usually don’t see unless there’s a serious calamity.” But there is a calamity, largely unseen in today’s society which often tries to cover up the problem of substance abuse and addiction. “The average age of first time use of substances in our province is 12. And it’s dropping right now to age 10,” Stimson says, based on anecdotal evidence from treatment agencies.

Little House Society's Jim SStimson and Tsaw Tsawwassen Rotarian Leslie Abramson (also on our cover) revie review a fundraising camp campaign brochure. A total of $225,000 is need needed to rebuild the facili facility on 12th Ave. in Tsaw Tsawwassen. Tyler Garnham photo

To deal with that scope of o problem the Little House board of directors has been expanded and an education advisory council struck to lengthen its reach into the community. For example, one of the programs scheduled to start soon is called The Heart of a Mother. “It’s for mothers and grandmothers in South Delta who have a child or grandchild who is caught up in some form of substance abuse and they don’t know what to do,” says Stimson, adding the 13 to 15 spots will likely be filled quickly. It’s a program that hits close to home for another local mom who had to deal with her daughter’s addiction. For Mary—not her real name—the future had looked bright. Her mother says she was always a smart, bright and sassy kid, full of life. “She was very good with horses, trained and rode them and was 12 when she entered high school.” That was when things started to go wrong. “She was suspended for three days in her first term for smoking pot in the bushes near the school,” says her mother, adding there were never any early indications of drug use. But that first incident led to others over the years and Mary’s grades began to drop and the drug use escalated. She started using crystal meth. “Since she’s left school (Mary is now 24) I found out she’s been using GHB (GammaHydroxybutyric acid) and heroin, something

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South Delta Leader Friday, March 11, 11, 2011 2011 A13 Top: Donations from have been flowing in from the community for the re-establishment of the Little House facility. Recently, (L-R) Murray Lott from the Delta Law Office, Holly Swenson, representing her longtime Westahm Island farming family, and pastor Paul Woehrle of St. David's Anglican joined Little House Society capital campaign co-chair Leslie Abramson (centre) and society president Jim Stimson to present their combined contributions. Plans are to have the new facility open by early 2012 to replace the building (below) destroyed by an arson fire in 2009. Contributed photos

she never did before. She’s living in Richmond somewhere, on welfare. “She’s in a really bad way.” Mary’s mother says beyond the principle concerns for the health and safety for her child comes guilt and misplaced shame for what is an illness—addiction. “We have to try and take the shame away,” she says. “Because when you have a child who’s an addict you feel shame. And you feel as if you’re being judged.” “That’s because the illness is not understood by the community,” Stimson adds. The toll can also be significant on the family of an addict. “If they don’t get into a healing process, they are four times as likely to have an emotional or physical breakdown than the substance abuser themselves will. Because the substance abuser has the distinct advantage of being numb during all the problems they are causing with the family,” Stimson says. “And the family is trying to deal with this on raw emotion, hold down jobs, keep mortgages paid and see their own flesh and blood as a child going down the tube.” For Jane, now 21, the help from Little House could have played a

significant role as she did enter rehab but relapsed just weeks after finishing her treatment. After being asked to leave the family home to help protect her younger brother from the negative effects of her behaviour, Jane has steadily spiraled downwards, said her mother. “She’s lived with addicts, lost a lot of weight, lost her teeth from the use of crystal meth (a physical effect where you produce less saliva and more acid in your mouth which can cause tooth decay, gum disease, bone and tooth loss), and she’s cut off welfare,” says her mother. “I hardly see her anymore. And finally the phone company have stopped giving her a phone. I still get calls from (drug money) collectors because she leaves my phone number. “But I have hope. She’s young. She’s been through several drug programs and when she’s hits bottom, whenever that is, maybe she’ll go back into recovery.” Both mothers believe a reestablished Little House with a broader mandate can be a valuable tool in the community. “It would be hugely beneficial,” says Mary’s mom, who knew very

little about the drug culture and didn’t know where to turn to for help. “I think that it’s just fantastic we can get out into the community and advocate on addiction,” says Jane’s mother. “You know, it’s not just that addict down on skid row with a needle in their arm. It’s your kid at the local high school. It’s that person in front of the liquor store panhandling. It’s that housewife using crystal meth just to get through the day. “If we can get that education out there and take away the stigma it will be fantastic.” The Little House Society’s goal is to have completed fundraising by June 4 and the building finished and operating by early 2012. For more information call 778-887-1828 or visit

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A14 Delta Leader Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011 South Delta Leader A14


Strength in numbers... Ultimate Flora Critical Care’s 50 Billion culture formula contains therapeutic amounts of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria to help create a balanced intestinal environment in both the small and large intestine.

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White Spot president and Ladner resident Warren Erhart says he is please with the recognition his restaurant chain has received after being named among the top 50 best managed companies. Contributed photo

Successful recipe White Spot named to top 50 businesses PHILIP RAPHAEL EDITOR


t’s a recipe for success Nat Bailey would have been proud of. News late February the White Spot chain of 119 restaurants has enjoyed remarkable success through what is considered the tail end of a recession probably would have been good enough for the legendary owner who started the business 83 years ago. But the fact the business was also named as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies would likely be the cherry on top. Company president and Ladner resident Warren Erhart said in a telephone interview the chain of fast and full service eateries had one of its best ever years as its figures showed a staggering 87 per cent of British Columbians who went out to eat in 2010 did so at a White Spot. “We’d have liked 100 per cent,” quipped Peter Toigo, Managing Director of Shato Holdings Ltd., White Spot’s parent company which has family roots in South Delta. “Being named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies is an exceptional honour as it further validates our deep commitment to our employees, guests

and partners,” said Erhart. The award was sponsored by Deloitte, CIBC, National Post, and Queen’s School of Business and recognizes Canadian companies for their success in developing world-class management strategies and protecting the value of their businesses. Erhart said an example of that at White Spot was its investment in setting up its Red Seal chef apprenticeship and certification program and the establishment of its 1,548 square-foot state-of-the-art culinary center at its home office in Vancouver. That commitment started in 2008 as a response to the shortage of trained labour in a red hot economy. Erhart said B.C. at the time was experiencing some all-time lows in unemployment figures and the strategy to lure and retain qualified workers was through offering the Red Seal program. The investment has also allowed the company to stay a “step ahead of where the market is going,” Erhart said, adding the culinary centre has given White Spot’s chefs the ability to work on developing menu items that cater to the customers’ demands for lower calorie and sodium counts.


Kitchen Cabinets



starting at


604.946.1022 �

Is Bikram Yoga for me?

bikram yoga south delta Bikram yoga is the single best form of yoga for the achievement and maintenance of perfect health, a healthy body, and a sharp mind.

10'x10' Kitchens

3 cm Granite Counter Tops sq.ft.

Cowry Kitchen Station CORP


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4916 Elliott Street, Ladner


The Bikram series is suitable for all ages and levels of ability. Bikram Yoga South Delta #36-1835 56th Street


Be prepared to sweat and have fun!


South Delta Leader Friday, March 11, 2011

Every day we make important choices about what we eat and how we live. Will it be a salad or a burger? Should I drive my car or walk? These days we are asking ourselves: should I choose organic? Organic products are gaining a lot of popularity worldwide, and for good reason. Not only do they offer much more nutritional value than their conventional counterparts, but they typically taste better too! With the rising demand for organic foods, it should come as no surprise that a demand for health supplements like organic whey protein is also climbing. Whey protein has long been used to enhance muscle growth and weight loss, but the benefits go beyond what you can see on the outside. It also helps to increase energy, improve brain function, strengthen bones, support the immune system and make it easier for the body to fight off illness. Introducing Progressive Organics Whey Protein, made from 100 per cent certified organic ingredients. The protein itself is from the milk of organically farmed cattle that are not given steroids, antibiotic or milk inducing hormone (including rBGH). They are also grass fed and pasture raised on small family farms without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Why is this important? Now you can experience the amazing benefits of whey from healthier cows without ingesting all of the "extras" from traditional protein products.

100% Organic Whey Protein Intro to Kundalini Yoga

Made enTireLy FroM:

This Sat March 12, 1-3pm $20

• Certified organic whey protein

Ayurveda: Done with Digestive Distress!

• Certified organic flavour • Certified organic fair trade cocoa

Sat March 19, 1-3pm $50

Yoga Retreat

• Certified organic stevia leaf extract

Bodega Ridge Resort Galiano Island May 27-29

BeneFiTs: • Improves immune function • Supports heart health • Assists in bone repair & formation


• Helps alkalize the body • Balances blood sugar levels and moderates appetite


unTiL March 31

wellspring health Tsawwassen 1248 – 56th Street | 604.943.1499 Ladner 4802 Delta Street | 604.940.8529



'Whey' the benefits of organic A15

Join in anytime with a Flex Pass 17 Classes per week with a wide variety of styles. NEW STUDENT PROMO PASS ONLY $30 FOR 2 WEEKS OF UNLIMITED YOGA & PILATES! 4880 Delta Street, Ladner Village Call 778.858.YOGA (9642)

Nominate a South Delta resident under 30-years-old for the Leader’s third annual 30 Under 30 edition, email editor@southdeltaleader. com with their full name, contact information, and why they’ve caught your attention.

Sale of Vancouver 2010 Winter Games Assets The Ministry of Citizens’ Services, Asset Investment Recovery branch is selling off remaining 2010 Winter Games assets and clothing. Items available include: Volunteer jackets, snow pants, long sleeve fleece t-shirts, fleece vests, torch relay uniforms, backpacks, assorted banners, furniture, kitchen equipment, AV carts, barricades/fencing, cell phones and smart phones, ice melter, survival kits and more. Select items are available at the following government warehouse locations: • Prince George: 3695 Opie Crescent, Monday – Friday 9:00am – 3:00pm

Sign up for the

1 month fitness challenge* in April.

If you succeed in attending 12 classes in the month of April, you will receive 10% off your first pass. *Joining fees will apply. New clients only.

Monday - 7:15pm Saturday - 10am Ladner Baptist Church Wednesday & Thursday - 7:15pm Monday & Thursday - 9:30am Fishermans Hall

• Surrey: 8307-130th Street, Wednesday – Friday 10:00am – 2:00pm • Victoria: 4234 Glanford Avenue, Wednesday – Friday 10:00am – 2:00pm

Contributed by Matt Taylor

You can also shop online at under the “Vancouver 2010 Assets” category.

Contact Janice Triffon, Instructor/Franchise Owner 604.813.3990 •


Friday, March 11, 2011 South Delta Leader

Preparing for your upcoming golf season ted Limi ts ticke le! lab avai day to Call erve! es to R


Voted South Delta’s BEST Golf Tournment

Thursday, June 9th Kings Links by the Sea Don’t miss out on Delta’s Premier Golf Tournament To register call 604 940 9695 or online at



Delta Fire Fighters Charitable Society



Par Length Brent Derrheim, Head Golf Professional Strokes Beach Grove Golf Club 604.943.9381


As you prepare for the upcoming golf season you may be asking yourself the following questions: do I Fairway need new equipment? Golf lessons? A golf membership? Golf fitness training? Here Sand are a few helpful tips to get started: Find a personal trainer Water that understands golf fitness: A good golf swing requires flexibility and strength. If oob you want to take your swing to the next level, you should L.balls consider the gym or a training facility. Professional golfers develGreen op their upper and lower


bodies in the gym to build power and stay flexible. The core is responsible for delivering the power of the golf swing – so build up the core of your body with exercises that work on the muscles of your front, back and sides. Ask your local gym or fitness training centre about what they can offer you for golf fitness training. Are your golf clubs properly fitted for your swing? Golf clubs displayed at golf shops and pro shops are built to standardized specifications. If you do not fit those specs, the equipment won't fit you. Without the proper club fit, you will have little chance of reaching your optimal performance. It is a necessity for golfers to receive a custom club fitting, from a trained and experienced club fitter, before making a golf club investment. Some important hints you should be looking for: shaft length, lie angle, shaft flex, shaft type, grip size, club head design, and set make up. It

is important to see you local professional to be fitted for the upcoming season. If you are an avid golfer that plays four or more rounds per month and have not yet become a member of a golf club, you might want to consider the benefits of membership: • unlimited use of the golf course. • use of club facilities like the clubhouse, locker room and practice facilities. • junior programs to cater to your younger future golfer. • “member only” tournaments and events. • member social events Now is the time to begin researching and exploring golf memberships. If you would like some professional advice on membership, please call me or visit me at Beach Grove Golf Club. Visit your local professionals! We can help you get the best results for your golf game. Have a great golf season!

Something for Everyone

great food, great service

A challenging Executive Golf Course intertwined around the Marina Garden Estates


The Pub at Captain’s Cove Marina

BANQUET FACILITIES with full menu available

CoME and join our

Golf ClubS!

LADIES CLUB APRIL 26 TO SEPT 27 Tuesday mornings MEN’S CLUB APRIL 14 - SEPT 29 Thursday mornings For more information please call Club House

dock dine play

604.946.1839 | 6000 Admiral Blvd, Delta |

Pub 604.946.2727 | 6100 Ferry Road, Delta

South Delta Leader Friday, March 11, 2011 A17

Not just a game …

Tee time

Hit the local links to raise charitable dollars for groups in our community Hole Par Length Strokes Putts Drive Fairway Sand Water oob L.balls Green

Delta Hospital Foundation 12th Annual Delta Health Golf Classic Kings Links by the Sea (3388 72 St.) June 9, 11 a.m. registration and tee-off at 1 p.m. All money raised goes to Delta Hospital. For more details or to register visit www. or call 604-940-9695. Delta Museum and Archives Delta Heritage Golf Classic Kings Links by the Sea (3388 72 St.) June 10, noon registration and 1 p.m. shotgun start. Help give heritage a future by helping the museum more effectively and efficiently share Delta's rich history with all residents and visitors. To learn more call 604-946-9322. Boys and Girls Clubs 20th Anniversary Invitational Golf Tournament

a lifestyle

Tournament Beach Grove Golf Club (5946 12 Ave.) June 24, noon registration, 1:15 p.m. shot gun start. Join the Chamber at its 23rd annual tournament for a day of socializing, networking and prizes. Visit www. to register or call 604-946-4232. B.C. Guide Dog Services and Autism Support Dogs Golf for Guide Dogs 2011 Beach Grove Golf Club (5946 12 Ave.) August 26, 1 p.m. shotgun start. This event raises funds for the work done by the Ladner-based B.C. Guide Dog Services and Autism Support Dogs. Visit, email guidedog@, or call 604-940-4504 for more information.

Kings Links by the Sea (3388 72 St.) June 20, 1 p.m. shot gun start. Texas scramble; 4 golfers per team. Invest in our future. Proceeds from this event directly supports after-school Club programs in Delta offering constructive use of time for children ages 6 to 12. Golfers or sponsors can call 604-591-9262 ext. 101 or e-mail

Beach Grove Golf Club’s

TrIAl memBerShIp progrAm IS BACK! • Full access to all club facilities SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMS AVAILABLE! limited space don’t miss out, sign up now!

 Par 71 Championship Golf Course  Fully stocked golf shop  Exciting junior programs NEW! Little Divots Junior program  Member tournaments  First Class Dining & Social Activities

BEACH GROVE GOLF CLUB 5946 12th Ave, Tsawwassen, BC V4L 1C7 Phone: 604-943-9381 |

Delta Chamber of Commerce Delta Chamber of Commerce Golf















$ 40,000










$ 40,000




Friday, March 11, 2011 South Delta Leader

Jump in


Foam pit fundraiser for Delta Gymnastics to kick off KRISTINE SALZMANN REPORTER

Andy Carter is waist-deep in Delta Gymnastics Society's latest fundraising efforts. The Tsawwassen Thrifty Foods manager is sponsoring the society's foam cube campaign, helping the organization raise money needed to fill two large foam pits at the new Delta Sport Development Centre currently under construction in Ladner. Starting March 15 until April 15, Thrifty Foods customers can purchase the five-byfive inch foam cubes for $2 each. Thrifty Foods will match donations up to $5,000, and in return one of the pits will bear the company's name. Carter says he is happy and proud to


support the new centre, scheduled to open mid-April, noting healthy eating and an active lifestyle goes hand in hand. "Healthy food, healthy eating, and healthy kids are really important," he said while up to his waist in old foam cubes at the current pit at the South Delta Recreation Centre. Young gymnasts and their families can also purchase foam cubes at the recreation centre for $5, and can sign a message on their cube. Before opening day, Delta Gymnastics will host a foam pit filling day where the society's gymnasts and Thrifty Foods staff will throw the thousands of cubes into the two pits. The organization is also looking for volunteers to help it move to the new development centre on April 9.

Room makeoveR until march 31/11

Style your space. Sell your place. Home Staging & ReDesign Company

Please call Elle at 604 512 2002 Member of the Canadian ReDesigners Association & the Real Estate Staging Association








submission grappling


women’s kickboxing


#107-5405 12th Avenue



The Canadian Brandowner Residual Stewardship Corporation (CBRSC), on behalf of the Canadian Toy Association and its members, have developed a Stewardship Plan outlining how the brandowners intend to collect unwanted electronic toys from the public and ensure that they are properly recycled and not sent to landfill. Go to to review the draft. Public meetings to accept comments will be held in:  Prince George: Coast Inn of the North Wednesday, March 9, 1 to 4pm  Kelowna: Ramada North Kelowna, Friday, March 11, 1 to 4pm  Surrey: Sheraton Guildford Tuesday, March 15, 1 to 4pm  Victoria: Sheraton Four Points Langford Thursday, March 17, 1 to 4pm Webinar will be held on Wednesday, March 23. Pre-registration is requested through or (604) 831-7203. Comments on the draft plan for Electronic Toys are welcome until the close of business April 25, 2011.

To learn more about Delta Gymnastics and how you can help, visit deltagymnastics or call 604-943-0460.

life in their shoes

The Hero In You® education program offers a series of FREE curriculum-linked lesson plans (grades 4-7) aimed to motivate children to find the champion within themselves. In addition, teachers can request a FREE classroom presentation delivered in-person by a Hall of Fame athlete!

Attention teachers:

Tsawwassen Thrifty Foods manager Andy Carter will match donations to the Delta Gymnastics' foam cube campaign at the store up to $5,000. Kristine Salzmann photo

If you are a principal, teacher or parent and would like to book a presentation for your classroom, call Michael Markowsky (604) 647-7449 or visit to download lesson plans.

South Delta Leader Friday, March 11, 11, 2011 2011 A19

local flavour Lil McVittie of the Celtic Treasure Chest in Tilbury displays some good old fashioned comfort food—Dublin coddle—which uses sausages and bacon from the old country. Philip Raphael photo

One pot warmth Traditional Irish dish chases away the chills Dublin coddle. Just the name of the recipe sounds welcoming and warm. And when you taste it, you’re sure to be brought to that special place all cozy and comfy. It’s a meal idea designed to chase away the rainy days and chills, and one Lil McVittie says is easy to prepare. McVittie, along with husband Steve, runs three locations of the Celtic Treasure Chest which imports specialty foods from the U.K. They set up their Tilbury store (#147550 River Rd.) about a year ago, mainly as a warehouse, but then decided to add a storefront which has proven to be very popular. “It’s been going gangbusters,” says Steve. “We’ve got people coming from Surrey, to and from their way to work in Tilbury. It’s been busy.” The Dublin coddle recipe is one of many they feature on their web site ( “We kinda lean towards the recipes with the sausages because they are

fantastic,” says Steve, adding the business routinely sells about 500 lbs. of them a week. The Dublin coddle is typical of a lot of the older Irish recipes because it’s a one pot dish, says Lill. “There’s Irish bacon, Irish sausages, potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic. You can use either cider or apple juice. And it’s easy to make and really good,” she says. “You’ve got to go back in the history. They (Irish and Scottish) used to sell all the good stuff and whatever they had left was thrown into one pot,” Steve says. Today, the dish calls for much better cuts of meat to make it much lower in fat. “The bacon and the sausages, they are both very lean,” says Lil, says. “The sausages are five per cent or less in fat.” “And there’s no additives or preservatives, MSG or nitrates,” adds Steve. —Philip Raphael

Dublin coddle INGREDIENTS 1 lb. slice Irish bacon 2 lbs. Dubliner sausage vegetable oil 2 large onions, sliced 2 cloves of garlic 4 large potatoes, sliced thick

2 medium carrots, sliced in rounds 1 bouquet garni (fresh herbs ties with string and black pepper) apple juice or apple cider (enough to cover the coddle) fresh parsley, for garnish

DIRECTIONS Brown the sausages, but do not overcook. Brown the bacon, but do not crisp. Pour a light layer of vegetable oil on the bottom of a cooking pot. Layer the sausages, potatoes, bacon, sliced onions, and slice carrots. Chop up cloves of garlic and add to layers. Insert garni in centre of casserole.

Cover with apple cider or apple juice. The perfect way to cook it is in a heavy casserole pot in a very low oven at 250F. A slow simmer for 1 1/2 to 2 hours allows the flavours to blend. When cooked, serve and garnish with chopped parsley. Variations can include adding turnips, parsnips or any other root vegetable.

Sacred Heart School Dedicated to educating the whole child, intellectually, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially.

We are currently accepting applications for

Preschool - Grade 7 for September 2011 Visit the school at 3900 Arthur Drive, Ladner

604.946.2611 › e:


Friday, March 11, 2011 South Delta Leader

History encapsulated Chamber collects artifacts to tell a tale of past and present PHILIP RAPHAEL EDITOR


he Delta Chamber of Commerce marked a bit of local history last week by setting a date in future history—100 years from now. That's when a time capsule, filled with items denoting the past and present, will be cracked open. Fo r m e r c h a m b e r presidents and chairs were on hand at the chamber office to fill the three-foot-high stainless steel cylinder with a host of artifacts, ranging from the framed original first minutes of the Delta Board of Trade's inaugural meeting on March 4, 1910, to a CD containing images of a local RV rental business. "Based on our current status of Delta, we have a contribution from Vicki Huntington, (Delta South) ML A, from the Corporation of Delta an annual report to show what's going on in Delta today and various other artifacts," said chamber executive director Peter Roaf. Opening day is set for March 2110. So, what will likely be the reaction when it's opened? "From 1910 to 2010 a lot happened," Roaf said. "Can you imagine what's going to happen between 2010 and 2110 in terms of technology and the community? "Let's hope that a lot of it's the same in terms of the community, but technology and the ways of doing things will be so different," he added. "There's so many things that stay the same over a period of time that maybe they'll draw some assurance that some of the problems they are facing at their time are ones we faced then," said current chamber chair John Appleby. "Transportation and farming issues, the river still runs through us. That's not going to change. The likelihood is that ships will be still be tying up somewhere and chances are there will be as many similarities as there will be differences." "Hopefully they will be excited when they open it," said former

same." Once the capsule's top is welded shut it will be placed outside the chamber offices and secured in a concrete base.

c h a m b e r p re s i d e n t Leslie Abramson, who was part of the committee responsible for Delta's centennial time capsule 32 years ago. "I hope they say more has changed. But I hope the lifestyle is kind of the


Right: Delta Chamber of Commerce presidents past and present were on hand to place items in a time capsule which will remain sealed for the next century. Philip Raphael photo


Frigidaire Mail-In Rebate



21 Cu.Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator (FGHT2144KF) Purchase at least 2 select Frigidaire Gallery or Professional appliances and receive up to

5.0 Cu.Ft. 30” Free-Standing Electric Range w/Convection



Frigidaire Mail-In Rebate


24” Stainless Interior Dishwasher (FGHD2455LF)

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• Auto Shut-Off • Quick-Pre-Heat (CGGF3056KF) other Combine with an ying item Frigidaire qualif ings! for additional sav

MSRP: $1599



Energy Star Rebate Program Purchase a select ENERGY STAR clothes washer, dishwasher, refrigerator or freezer and receive up to $50 per item in rebates! For more information about the Power Smart Rebate, visit


34445 Marshall Road (604-859-3373)

• 5-Button Dispenser • Quick Freeze (FGHS2342LF)


1-1315 United Blvd (604-540-2665)

We’re where the Builders Shop... and You should too!

other Combine with an ying item Frigidaire qualif ings! for additional sav

MSRP: $1799



NEW! The Power Smart Appliance Rebate program has just been expanded to include small and medium business customers! Visit


19495-56th Ave (604-530-1155)


8488 Main St (604-321-6644)

See us on-line @

ADVERTISING ACCURACY: We aim for the utmost accuracy in our advertising, but the occasional error can occur. Any error will be corrected as soon as it is recognized. Customers purchasing merchandise so affected will be advised immediately of correction. Frigidaire Affinity Laundry offers valid Mar 11 - 20, 2011. All other offers valid until April 4, 2011.

South Delta Leader Friday, March 11, 11, 2011 2011 A21


Delta Ice Hawks forward Cody Fidgett forces a save from Richmond Sockeyes netminder Aaron Oakley during PIJHL playoff action Tuesday night (March 8) at Ladner Arena. The hometown 'Hawks fell 4-3 in overtime and trail in the best of seven series 2 games to 1. Jim Kinnear photo

Consider Membership

Become a member - enjoy the benefits. Thursdays, 8:00am Royal Canadian Legion #61 Delta Street, Ladner

'Hawks fall in overtime Sockeyes battle back to take series lead in third playoff tilt PHILIP RAPHAEL EDITOR


he Richmond Sockeyes got back in the driver’s seat in their PIJHL playoff series against the Delta Ice Hawks Tuesday night at Ladner Arena (March 8) with a 4-3 overtime win. Richmond’s Jeremy Hamaguchi ended the ‘Hawks hopes for an edge in the seven-game series when he got the puck past goalie Nick Enegren at 7:03 of the extra period. The night started out well for the Ice Hawks who came into the night even at one apiece with the Sockeyes who had

the best record in the PIHL regular season. The Sockeyes took game one of the series with a 4-3 overtime result March 5 at Richmond Arena. The ‘Hawks battled back with a commanding 6-1 win March 6 at Ladner Arena. Delta’s Cody Fidgett opened the scoring for the home side Tuesday at 1:58 of the first period Tuesday. The Sockeyes replied quickly to even the score w h e n Bra y d e n L ow

found the back of the net at the 2:29 mark. Fidgett then potted his second on the night on the ‘Hawks powerplay with about a minute and a half to go in the period to restore the one goal lead. The middle frame was dominated by the Sockeyes on the scoresheet as they rattled off a pair of goals—Hamaguchi on the powerplay and Jake Roder on an even strength marker at 16:36. Ryan Cuthbert then pulled the ‘Hawks even

at 3-3 early in the third period to force overtime. The Ice Hawks had a chance Thursday night, after the Leader’s deadline, to even the series. And tonight (March 11) the two sides clash at Richmond Arena. Game six, if necessary, is set for March 15 at Ladner Arena. Game time is 7:30 p.m. Game seven is set for March 16 at Richmond Arena.

home Service Guide

LANDSCAPING ◆ Tree Pruning ◆ Hedge Trimming ◆ Fencing & Clean-ups ◆ Gutters & Rubbish

Since 1990

RAY VANDENBERG, local resident

cell: 604-760-8121


RaysGarden_Jan09.indd 1

• virus removal • web design • computer • mac & tune-ups windows Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall 113-1315 56th Street 604.940.2911

1/7/09 3:31:05 PM

Fast Friendly Service

NEW HOME IMPROVEMENTS Update Kitchens & Baths BUILD NEW HOMES •• Drywall • Garage 2-5-10 Year Warranties General Contractor Total Renovations & Additions • Licensed • Insured


HSG_0311.indd 1

• Roofs • Decks

• Driveways • Ashphalt • Concrete

3/9/11 2:53:30 PM

›HOT SHOT Paxton now a Mariner Ladner-raised pitcher James Paxton could soon be tossing strikes just down the I-5. On March 4, the highly touted left-hander was signed by the Seattle Mariners. Paxton, 22, was a fourth-round draft selection last June. In 2009, the Toronto Blue Jays drafted Paxton 37th overall out of the University of Kentucky, but couldn't sign the native Canadian. Now, the former University of Kentucky standout is expected to report to the Mariners' Major League camp as a non-roster invitee.

Please help keep 9-1-1 lines free for emergencies. Visit to find your local non-emergency number.

9-1-1 is for emergencies when immediate action is required.

If ever in doubt, dial 9-1-1. You may be referred to the non-emergency line.

For examples of when to call non-emergency, visit

A22 A22

Friday, Friday,March March11, 11,2011 2011 South South Delta Delta Leader Leader



t› t› 604.575.5555

f 604.575.2073 ›





Gay Phone Chat. FREE TRIAL. 1877-501-1012 Talk to or meet desirable guys in your area 24/7. Where private, confidential fantasies come true! 1-877-501-1012



CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE No Risk Program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Free Consultation. Call Us Now. We Can Help! 1-888-356-5248

HAIGH, Judy Bernice, nee Rogers, 62, passed away, Monday March 7 2011 at the Irene Thomas Hospice in Ladner, BC. Judy was born November 23 1949 in Vancouver and was an only child. Judy attended Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver. She then resided on the North Shore and chose to call Tsawwassen, Delta her home for the last 25 years. Judy opened her own accounting firm, JBH Professional in June 1987 and the business continues to be in operation today. Judy spent her free time gardening, travelling the world and sailing with her husband. Judy is survived by her nephew, Simon and his family as well as extended family. Judy is predeceased by her beloved husband, Keith, of 38 years, mother and father. A service and reception will take place Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 10am at the Delta Funeral Home, 5329 Ladner Trunk Road, Delta. In Lieu of flowers, donations in Judy’s name can be made to Irene Thomas Hospice (part of the Delta Hospice Society), Delta Animal Shelter or the Canadian Wildlife Federation. Judy, we will miss you deeply. You are forever in our hearts.





CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed Record Removal since 1989. Confidential, Fast, Affordable. Our A+ BBB Rating assures EMPLOYMENT \TRAVEL & FREEDOM. Call for your FREE INFORMATION BOOKLET. 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1866-972-7366). Dial-A-Law offers general information on a variety of topics on law in BC. 604-687-4680 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.565.5297 (Outside LM); (audio available). Lawyer Referral Service matches people with legal concerns to a lawyer in their area. Participating lawyers offer a 30 minute consultation for $25 plus tax. Regular fees follow once both parties agree to proceed with services. 604-687-3221 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.663.1919 (Outside LM).



DATING SERVICE. LongTerm/Short-Term Relationships, CALL NOW. 1-877-297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live adult casual conversations-1on1, 1866-311-9640, Meet on chat-lines. Local Single Ladies.1-877-8045381. (18+).

SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE FOR CASH!!! Our Guaranteed Services will Sell/ Rent Your Unused Timeshare for CASH! Over $95 Million Dollars offered in 2010! (800)6406886



SUNNY WINTER Specials. At Florida’s Best Beach-New Smyrna Beach. Stay a week or longer. Plan a beach wedding or family reunion. or 1-800-541-9621.



MECHANIC, MILLWRIGHT, Parts Assistant, Purchaser, Truck Driver, Welder. Amix Salvage has several openings in Surrey and Chilliwack. Our progressive co. offers great medical and dental. Apply with wage expectations at or email resume to

LEARN FROM HOME EARN FROM HOME CanScribe Career College offers online courses: Medical Transcription and Computers. Great work at-home opportunition LEARN SMALL Engine Repair. Hands-on training on ATV’s, Snowmobiles, personal watercraft. Excellent Instructors and training aids. On-campus residences. Write apprenticeship exams. GPRC Fairview Campus. 1-888-999-7882; LEGAL, DENTAL, Oil and Gas Office Administration Certificates. Go to your job interview with a specialization that will suit the employer. GPRC, Grande Prairie, Alberta. On campus residences, home town feeling, great instructors. 1-888539-4772; MISSED THE LAST Economic Boom? Be ready for the next one. Pre-employment Welder and Millwright programs at GPRC. 16 weeks and you’ll write the 1st year apprenticeship exam. On campus residences. Fall studies. 1-888-9997882; NOT SURE what kind of trade is right for you? Trades investigation program. GPRC Fairview Campus. 7 weeks workplace skills, safety training. 12 week work practicum in trade of your choice. 1-888-9997882;



Van Kam Freightways’ group of companies requires Class 1 Company Drivers and Owner Operators to be based out of our Surrey Terminal. Qualified linehaul drivers with winter and mountain driving exp. Above average rates, and an excellent benefits. Send a detailed resume and current driver’s abstract. (For owner operators, provide details of your truck) to: or fax, 604-587-9889 Van Kam is committed to Employment Equity and Environmental Responsibility.



BANNISTER GM requires Journeyman Automotive and Collision Technicians. Situated at the foothills of the Rockies, 1.5 hours to Edmonton or Jasper, Edson offers outdoor enthusiasts a great living opportunity. Signing bonuses, moving allowances and top pay for the right candidate. Contact MECHANICS REQUIRED: Ag and light duty at Maple Creek, the Sask. banana belt. Catch the boom! Fax resume to Koncrete Construction Group: 306-662-2718. Email: info@

108 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BE YOUR OWN BOSS with Great Canadian Dollar Store. New franchise opportunities in your area. Call 1-877-388-0123 ext. 229 or visit our website: today. Discover How To Get FREE Unlimited Cell Phone Service, & HUGE Residual Profits! Get complete details by watching our FREE informational VIDEO online .... ENVIRO MASTERS Lawn Care Franchise Opportunity! Home Based, PT/FT Repeat Business. Enviro Proven System. Protected Territory. Training & Support. Enjoy the great outdoors! CALL 905-5849592, FAMILIES EARNING MORE. Work from home part or full-time. No selling. No inventory. No parties. No large investment or risk. Visit Need more money? Want a career? Work from home! Use your computer! Free Training! School of Rock. Franchises Available in most areas! “The Country’s Preeminent Rock Music School for kids ages 7-17”- The Washington Post. 877-556-6184

109 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES GREAT CAREER OPPORTUNITY!!! Sprott-Shaw Community College is looking to hire ADMISSIONS ADVISORS. The candidates should have relevant sales and marketing experience with contactable references. The successful candidates will demonstrate strong communication and presentation skills as well as have a competent ability to network and promote the institute. All candidates should be team player orientated, accept challenges, work under pressure and have a positive winning attitude. We offer a very competitive package and an excellent team work environment. Please forward all cover letters and resumes to Sam:


Thank you for your interest however only those of interest to us will be contacted.


Optician Training *6-month course starts April 4th, 2011

Deliver RV Trailers for Pay! Successful RV transport company seeking pickup owners to deliver RV’s from US to Canada. Paying top rates!

BC College Of Optics

DRIVERS/OWNER Operators Wanted. Truck contractors need drivers with log haul experience and clean driver’s abstract. Owner operators needed with 6, 7, 8 axle log trailers. Visit: or call 1-800-661-5210 (ext. 8173).

WANT TO BE A Mechanic? Can’t get your foot in the door? General Mechanic program - GPRC Fairview Campus. Hands-on training in Heavy Duty and Automotive Technician. Write apprenticeship exams. On-campus housing. 1-888-9997882;

RTL-WESTCAN HAS OPENINGS for seasonal, rotational and full-time Professional Truck Drivers to join our teams in various Western Canada locations. Minimum 2 years Class 1 experience. B-train experience/Extended trailer length experience. Liquid or dry bulk product experience is an asset. Clean driving/criminal record. Pre-employment medical/substance testing. We offer: $1,400 weekly guarantee, Travel to/from employment location, Good Operations Bonus, Returning Bonus and more! Candidates for all positions apply online at under the Join our Team section. Alternatively, e-mail or phone 1.888.WBT.HIRE for further details. Committed to the Principles of Employment Equity.



CANADA’S ONLY FINNING/Caterpillar Technician Training College also offers certificate and diploma programs in Business, Early Childhood Learning, Teaching Assistant, Unit Clerk and more. GPRC, Grande Prairie, Alberta. On campus residences, home town feeling, great instructors. 1-888-539-4772; CANADA’S ONLY Harley Davidson Technician Training College also offers degree programs in Education, Music, Nursing, Science, Fine Arts and more. GPRC, Grande Prairie, Alberta. On campus residences, home town feeling, great instructors. 1-888-539-4772;

DGS CANADA 2 DAY FORKLIFT WEEKEND COURSE Every Saturday at 8:30am #215, 19358-96 Ave. Surrey NO reservations: 604-888-3008 Ask about our other Courses... *Stand up Reach *Fall Protection *Aerial Lift *RoughTerrain Forklift *Bobcat *WHMIS & much more. “Preferred by Employers INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. Locations in Alberta & BC. Hands on real world training. Full sized equipment. Job placement assistance. Funding available. 1-866-399-3853




YOUR LOCAL HANDYMAN Proven turn key franchise opportunity Prime Lower Mainland Areas CALL NOW 778-549-2135



ACCOUNTING & PAYROLL Trainees Needed now! Large & Small Firms Seeking Certified A&P Staff Now. No Experience? Need Training? Career Training & Job Placement Available. 1-888-424-9417 FLAGGERS NEEDED If not certified, training available for a fee. Call 604-575-3944 GREENHOUSE WORKERS needed. General crop work. Exp. not required. $9.81 - $10.52/hr. Ladner area. Perm. F/T position. Fax resume to: Westcoast Vegetables Ltd. 604-946-9660.




SHOWER DOOR INSTALLERS BC’s Leading Glass & Shower Door Company Rahul Glass Ltd. is looking for experienced FullTime Shower Door, Mirror and Shelves installers, Wood Closet Organizer Installers and Glass Cutters. Positions available in the Lower Mainland area. Very exciting packages will be offered according to previous experience. Contact 604-710-1581. Candidates can also fax their resume at 604-592-2690.

Need To Get Out Of The House, Talk To People & Create Extra Income?

MEDICAL OFFICE Trainees Needed! Hospitals & Dr’s Need Medical Office & Medical Admin staff! No Experience? Need Training? Local Career Training & Job Placement also Available! 1-888-778-0459



Outside Sales Representative for ACR GROUP-Western Canada’s leader in Rubber & Urethane Mfg. See website for details:


The first CCAPP accredited program in BC Online program – 10 months - Class work can be done from home - Constant instructor support - 6 weeks of on-campus labs required We also offer an Online Medical Transcription Program 9 months– starts monthly Financial Aid available for qualified students P.C.T.I.A. accredited college


SHOP FOREMAN/Lead hand required for heavy-duty truck and trailer repair shop. Journeyman and CVIP experience preferred. Send resume to 780-452-3499 or

JMP Marketing Services, BC’s most reliable demo company since 1979.

#208 - 10070 King George Blvd.




Available ONLINE, or at our Kamloops campus



F/T position available for heavy duty mechanic to maintain fleet of street sweepers. Hydraulic and welding experience preferred. Must have valid drivers license and own tools. Please email resume to: or fax to 604-294-5988.

Pharmacy Technician!

Call Today For Free Info Kit



Try a part-time job 4-8 days a month as a Product Demonstrator! Great for Seniors, Retirees & Mature Adults! Do you enjoy talking to people & know how to do basic cooking? This job is for you and is perfect for men & women. Must be available on both Fri & Sat from 11-5 or 12-6 (& some Sun). Requirements: As a Freelance Contractor, you must be a gogetter able to work on your own, be able to carry medium weight equipment into stores & own a car. Must be well groomed, be bondable & fully fluent in English. Pay starts at $10/hr. All day training provided in N. Burnaby. Call JMP Marketing at 604-294-3424, local 30.

BC College Of Optics


SALESPERSON required for Langley Company. Blueprint reading & experience in overhead door sales would be an asset. Fax resume to: 604-888-8828.


*6-month course starts April 4th, 2011



NEED A LOAN - BAD CREDIT? Has your credit prevented you from getting a loan? Buying a home or having your own business? We can help you get up to 1 million business or mortgage loan and up to 200K personal loan with interest rates starting at 2.9% APR. Bad credit ok. Apply now at: or call 1-877-500-4030

NEED CASH TODAY? ✓ Do you Own a Car? ✓ Borrow up to $20000.00 ✓ No Credit Checks! ✓ Cash same day, local office

604-777-5046 Own A home? Need Money? Get Mortgage Money Fast! Quick, Easy, Confidential No credit or income required 1st, 2nd, 3rd mortgages

Call 604-328-6409

Origin Home Financial Partners Matt Sadler -






ATTENTION DIABETICS with Medicare. Get a FREE Talking Meter and diabetic supplies at NO COST, plus FREE home delivery! Best of all, this meter eliminates painful finger pricking! Call 888449-1321


15+ years experience Bookkeeping, payroll, etc Helen Petre CPB

604 - 897 - 5771



AIRLINES ARE HIRING- Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783



DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member $500 LOAN, NO CREDIT REFUSED. Fast, Easy and Secure. 1877-776-1660 AVOID BANKRUPTCY - SAVE UP TO 70% Of Your Debt. One affordable monthly payment, interest free. For debt restructuring on YOUR terms, not your creditors. Call 1-866-690-3328 or see web site: GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. If you own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161.





LIDIA’S EUROPEAN CLEANING. Res/Com. Ins/Bonded. Specializing in detail cleaning. 604-541-9255



PLACING & Finishing * Forming * Site Prep, old concrete removal * Excavation & Reinforcing * Re-Re Specialists 32 Years Exp. Free Estimates.

Call: Rick (604) 202-5184




Resid., Commer., & Indust. ALL WORK GUARANTEED!

James 604-220-8347



x Office Administration Diploma x Computerized Accounting x Payroll Specialist x First Aid x Foodsafe x WHMIS

Flexible Schedule E/I Supported Training Financial Assistance may be available to those who qualify.

Register Today!

Richmond Campus: #200-6760 No. 3 Rd. (across from Richmond Centre Mall) 604-248-1242

South Delta Leader Friday, March March 11, 11, 2011 2011 HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES 260


YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899



FIREPLACE PROBLEMS? Smoking * Drafts * Oders * Damper Replacements. The Fireplace Doctor

604-596-6790 24 hours Over 30 years BBB





GET RESULTS! Post a classified in 123 newspapers in just a few clicks. Reach nearly 2 million people for only $395 a week - only $3.22 per newspaper. Choose your province or all across Canada. Best value. Save over 85% compared to booking individually. or 1-866-669-9222.



AFFORDABLE MOVING Local & Long Distance


SPARTAN Moving Ltd. Fast & Reliable. Insured Competitive rates. Wknd Specials. Call Frank: (604) 435-8240

Call Jerad for free estimate 604-313-5298



DON’S HANDYMAN SERVICES $25 PER HR no job too small. small plumbing repairs, tile setting, drywall patched any household job (604 200 0932)



FULL LANDSCAPING & YARD WORK ❖Rock Walls❖Paving Stones ❖Driveways❖Asphalt❖Pavers ❖Concrete❖Fencing❖Stairs ❖New Lawns❖Ponds ❖Drain Tiles❖

★ Reasonable rates ★

Call 604-716-8528 281


#1 Roofing Company in BC

All types of Roofing

Over 35 Years in Business

“ Call Now for Free Estimate”




D New Roofs / Re-Roofs D Repair Specialist D Free Estimates D Ref’s ~ WCB Insured

Jas @ 604-726-6345 New Canadian Roofing Ltd.

Running this ad for 7yrs

Here to help you with all your roofing needs. • WCB-Insured • Work guranteed • Repairs/Updates

3 rooms for $269, 2 coats

Free estimates & competitive rate


Residential/Commercial Window & Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing. Prompt, Friendly Professional service.



A-TECH Services 604-230-3539



From 1, 3, 5, 7,10 Ton Trucks Insured ~ Licenced ~ 1 to 3 Men Free estimate/Seniors discount Residential~Commercial~Pianos



Call 604-716-8528

(Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls Cloverdale Premium quality paint. NO PAYMENT until Job is completed. Ask us about our Laminate Flooring & Maid Services. MILANO PAINTING. Int./Ext. Prof. Painters. Free Est. Written Guar. Bonded & Insured. 604-551-6510



ALLAN Const. & Asphalt. Brick, conc, drainage, found. & membrane repair. 604-618-2304; 820-2187.



10% OFF if you Mention this AD! *Plumbing *Heating *Reno’s *More Lic.gas fitter. Aman: 778-895-2005 ASAP PLUMBING & HEATING. Local cert. service plumber. H/w tanks, boilers, gas, plug drains. Fair rates. Mem.of BBB. 604-220-9228 Precision 1 Plumbing & Heating Licensed ~ Insured. No HST Hot water tanks, service, renos. Contact Rick 604-809-6822

353 ROOFING & SKYLIGHTS AT NORTHWEST ROOFING Re-roofing, Repair & New Roof Specialists. Work Guar. BBB. WCB 10% Sen. Disc. Jag 778-892-1530





Roofing Experts. 778-230-5717 Repairs/Re-Roof/New Roofs. All work Gtd. Free Est. Call Frank.

SAVE ON ROOFING New Roofs, Re-Roof, Repairs. Free Est. Refs. * WCB * Fully Insured. 10% DISCOUNT !

Simar 778-892-1266




Haul Anything... But Dead Bodies!!



Serving The Lower Mainland Since 1988 TREE SERVICES

Home, Garden & Design Solutions

Get your trees or tree removal done NOW while they’re dormant

✓ Tree & Stump Removal ✓ Certified Arborists ✓ 20 yrs exp. 60’ bucket truck ✓ Crown reduction ✓ Spiral pruning ✓ Fully insured. Best Rates

604-787-5915, 604-291-7778 Info:

10% OFF with this AD

WCB • Fully Insured • 20 Years

One Call Does It All, Follow us on

B.C.’s Premier Full Service Home Renovation & Landscaping Company





PETS 477


BEAGLE PUPS, tri colored, good looking, healthy, males $500. (604)796-3026. No Sunday calls


Home, G H Garden & Design Solutions


Kitchens • Bathrooms • Renovations • Additions Outdoor Living Spaces • Suites • Custom Homes Flooring • Hardwood • Tiles • Laminate • Sundecks Patios • Arbours • Pergolas • Railings • Pillars • Gates Driveways • Masonry Brick / Block • Retaining Walls Pavers Cultured Stone • Roofing • Windows / Doors Framing Fencing • Complete Renovations • Handyman Services & More • Gardening • Landscaping (see our Gardening and Landscaping ad under section 281 Lawn & Garden)

WCB • Fully Insured • 20 Years

One Call Does It All, Follow us on

B.C.’s Premier Full Service Home Renovation & Landscaping Company




RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT AUCTION - Sat., March 19, 11am. 455 - 2306 Hwy 6 Vernon. As new, only 8 months old. For complete list view photos at 250-545-3259



SAWMILLS - Band/Chainsaw - Cut lumber any dimension, anytime. Build anything from furniture to homes. IN STOCK ready to ship. From $4190.00. 1-800-661-7747 Ext:400OT.


WANTED: used potato/carrot washer for market garden. Smaller model. 250-395-4042



WEED FREE MUSHROOM MANURE 15 yds - $115 or Well Rotted 10 yds-$130. 604-856-8877




• Leftover from Hotel Order • 800 Coil 3’’ Pillowtop • Original Plastic • Only 14 left • 10 year warranty Retail $1,499! Liquidation $560 incls. tax. Call: 604.807.5864




ARIZONA LAND LIQUIDATION Starting $99/mo., 1 & 2 1/2-Acre ranch lots 1 hour from Tucson Int’l Airport NO CREDIT CHECK. Guaranteed Financing, Money Back Guarantee. 1-800-631-8164 Code 4001


WATERSTONE Bright ★ Quiet ★ Spacious

1 & 2 Bdrm Apt Suites 3 Appliances, balcony, swimming pool, heat & hot water. Also 2 & 3 Bdrm Townhomes 6 Appliances Close to schools & stores. N/P.

INVENTORY CLEARANCE! New Quality Prefab Home Packages 50% OFF! 1030sf, Sacrifice only $13,975!! Originally $27,950 (other sizes) Factory Direct! Hundreds shipped! Spring/Summer delivery. 1-800-871-7089. WHOLESALE FACTORY DIRECT. Manufactured, Modular & Park models. Tremendous savings. Luxurious 1512 sq. ft home including delivery and installation only $ 109,950. Many other plans available. 877-976-3737 or 250814-3788



BANK ON US! Mortgages for purchases, renos, debt consolidation, foreclosure. Bank rates. Many alternative lending programs.Let Dave Fitzpatrick, your Mortgage Warrior, simplify the process!1-888-711-8818


Call 604-275-4849 or 604-830-8246


748 SHARED ACCOMMODATION ROOM AVAIL. in large house. in S. Richmond. $475 incl. shared kitchen, bath, lndry. & internet Avail. March 15 or Apr. 1. 604-722-7520.


OWN 20 ACRES Only $129/mo. ..$295/down near El Paso, Texas (safest city in America!) Money Back Guarantee, No Credit Checks, Owner Financing, Free map/pictures 1-800-343-9444 REGISTER NOW Saskatoon 55Plus Active Adult Large Ground Level Townhomes


Boston Terrier pups, 4 M, 2 F, vet checked, 1st shots, dewrmd, ready Mar. 18. $1,000. Call 604-868-0446 CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 604-856-4866 CKC Reg. soft coated Wheaten terrier pups, hypo-allergenic. Guarntd. Vet ✓ $1200. 604-533-8992 DOBERMAN PUPPIES, M/F $650/ea. 1st shots, dewormed. Ready to go. 778-893-0255 HAVI-POO puppy. Male, cream color, 10 mo. old. Needs a good home. $400. Call 604-504-3082 LAB Yellow X Golden Retriever pups. Family/farm raised. Vet ✓, shots, short hair, parents exc temper. $595. 604-835-0305. MALTESE PUP: 1 female, 1st shots, vet ✔, dewormed, paper trained, $800 firm. 604-464-5077. MIN PIN puppy. Purebred. 1 female. $500. 1st shots. Born Nov 29. Brown & black. ( 604)467-0505





Call 604-830-4002 or 604-830-8246

SURREY / Delta Border

MOVE IN NOW! Large 3 bdrm & den townhomes with inste storage. $1350/mo. 5 Appl’s, 1.5 baths, gas fireplace to relax by. Close to schools, shopping & transit.

Come visit our park-like setting Call NOW 604-591-1600


#1 FREE SCRAP VEHICLE REMOVAL ASK ABOUT $500 CREDIT $$$ PAID FOR SOME 604.683.2200 AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673

CLAYMORE APTS 1 & 2 Bdrm Apts Avail $200 Move-In Bonus!!



Autos • Trucks • Equipment Removal

FREE TOWING 7 days/wk. We pay Up To $500 CA$H Rick Goodchild 604.551.9022

Close to shopping & schools. Seasonal Swimming pool, and tennis court. 3 Appliances (fridge, stove dishwasher), blinds hot water and parking included. Carpeted throughout. Some pets welcome.


Minimum $160 for Complete full-size Vehicles

Serving the Delta Area since 1986 604-649-1627 or 604-946-0943

5374 - 203rd St, Langley

SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars, trucks & heavy equip. $4.00 each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Min. 10. Toll Free Call:1.877.334.2288

Call 604-533-9780

$0 DOWN & we make your 1st payment at auto credit fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. DLN 30309.


Older Home? Damaged Home? Need Repairs? Behind on Payments? Quick CASH! Call Us First! 604.657.9422

1997 VW GOLF 5 spd, anti theft, heated seats, a/c, power roof, white 240K $2995 1(604)826-2864 1998 HONDA ACCORD, 4 dr, 158K full power options, gold exterior, beige leather interior, $5500. T.K.T. Enterprises LTD. (604)278-4555 2003 HONDA CIVIC SI, blue, new tires & brakes, complete fluid change,145K,$7000 (604)820-6827 2003 Hyundai Tiburon. Red,V6, 5spd, man. trans, black leather, sunroof, new stereo. Approx 150, 000km. Winter & high profile tires incld. $7000 OBO Call 604-7929694 or 604-819-8501 2006 HONDA CIVIC 2 door, 5 spd manual, 80K, red, $6000 firm. Call: 604-538-9257. 2009 HONDA CIVIC, 4 dr, auto, 20,000 Km, burgundy, loaded, warr, fin. OAC. $13,300. 604-308-9624.





Private yard, carport or double garage. Located on No. 1 & Steveston, No. 3 & Steveston. Landscape and maintenance included.



1990 CADILLAC FLEETWOOD, 165K, Air Cared. Very clean. Loaded. $2495 obo 604-589-5950 1998 BUICK LASABRE V6, new tires & brakes. Supreme cond. Low km. Private. $5700. 604-593-5072 2002 OLDSMOBILE ALERO, only 84K, clean, auto, Air Cared, $6500 obo. 604-589-5950

2 Bedrm + Den & 3 Bedrms Available







A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1866-884-7464. DISCONNECTED PHONE? Phone Factory Home Phone Service. No One Refused! Low Monthly Rate! Calling Features and Unlimited Long Distance Available. Call Phone Factory Today! 1-877-3362274.

STEEL BUILDING SALE... SPECIALS from $4 to $11/sq.ft. Great pricing on ABSOLUTELY every model, width & length. Example: 30x40x14 NOW $7995.00. End walls included, doors optional. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers 1-800668-5422. STEEL BUILDINGS PRICED TO CLEAR - Holding 2010 steel prices on many models/sizes. Ask about FREE DELIVERY! CALL FOR QUICK SALE QUOTE and FREE BROCHURE - 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170.


Briargate & Paddock Townhouses

BIG BEAUTIFUL AZ LAND $99/mo. $0 down, $0 interest, Golf Course, Nat’l Parks. 1 hour from Tucson Int’l Airport Guaranteed Financing, No Credit Checks. Pre-recorded msg. (800) 631-8164 code 4057




Homelife Benchmark Realty Corp. Langley



CLAYTON HILL: 5 Bd & den exec Clayton acrge, 3.5 bth, lrg kit, pool, & hot tub. $3200/mo. 250-474-7743







100% Guaranteed Omaha Steaks SAVE 64% on the Family Value Collection. NOW ONLY $49.99 Plus 3 FREE GIFTS & right-to-the-door delivery in a reusable cooler, ORDER Today. 1-888-702-4489 mention code 45069SVD or CAN’T Get Up Your Stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift! Call 1-866-981-5991. FRIDGE: Crosley 15 cu.ft., exc cond, pickup only, $150. PIANO: Yamaha electric piano, 61 key, PSR-273, $50. Call 604-943-9265 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837



Own 20 AcresOnly $129/mo. $13,900. Near Growing El Paso, Texas (safest city in America!) Low down, no credit checks, owner financing. Free Map/Pictures. 866254-7755





HOME IMPROVEMENTS Makingno e Home RCome Dreams e! Tru






NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! Call 604856-3647 or NEWFOUNDLANDER pup, P/B. Ready in Apr. $1,200 (604)8191466 No Sun calls PITBULL Terriers, Purebred looking for great homes. Asking $500. For more info. Andrew (604) 798-1616 POM POO, black & tan, 2 yr. old male. Needs fenced yard & loving adults. $275 obo 778-988-6591 PUGS, fawn, 3 male, 2 females. family raised, vet chk’d, shots. $550. (604)799-1611 Agassiz YELLOW LAB pups. 8 weeks old, ready to go. Vet checked, 1st. shots. Parents on site. $500. 604-852-6176 Abbts



Complete Garden / Landscape Designs & Makeovers New Homescapes • Outdoor Living Spaces • Gardening Brick / Block • Retaining Walls • Pavers • Cultured Stone Railings • Pillars • Gates • Driveways • Masonry Lighting / Sprinkler / Drainage Systems Lawn Installations • Pruning • Weeding • Clean-Ups Strata/Commercial/Residential Maintenace Programs Fencing • Landscape Products • Home Improvements (see our Home Improvement ad under section 287 Home Improvement)


847 SPORT UTILITY VEHICLES 2000 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Laredo 4L, good cond, New tires, New radiator, Aircare for 2 years asking $5000 (604)826-6256 Bill 2003 HONDA CRV EX, Well maint. auto, A/C, clean, N/S., no acc, 210kms. $11,500. (604)556-7674 2006 LAND ROVER LR3 SE, dark blue, 40K MLS/64K KMS, no accid, lady driven, new tires, batt & brakes, immaculate @ $27,900. 604-943-0210.


1 & 2 Bdrms

Available Immediately Located in central Richmond, close to all amenities & Kwantlen College. Rent includes heat and hot water.Sorry no pets.

Call 604-830-4002 or 604-830-8246 Visit our website:

Auto Loans and Vehicles delivered to your door. Free Delivery BC/AB Best rates apply with us first. Always Approved Largest dealer group Apply online or toll free 1-888-635-9911 INSTANT AUTO CREDIT Buying a used car is hard enough without having to worry about financing! Get APPROVED for your car loan in minutes:


1995 PROWLER 5TH WHEEL 25.ft, slide out, fully contained, with shed, large deck and holding tank at Lakeview RV site at Nicola Lake in Merrit BC $10,000 Phone (604)826-6256 Bill 2006 FORD F250 super duty diesel, excellent cond, new tires, new brakes, tow pkg. Asking $20,000 Phone (604)826-6256 Bill 2008 FORD F150, pick up, 4x4, auto., V8, king cab. 26,000km. Gray. $13,000 firm. 604-538-4883


Friday, March 11, 2011 South Delta Leader

Great Savings. Great Prices. Look for your Safeway Flyer in the South Delta Leader!

Friday March 11, 2011  

View the March 11, 2011 edition of the South Delta Leader as it appeard in print.

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