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PHB TYPE HIGH BACK PRESSURE FOAM MAKERS The PHB Type High Back Pressure foam maker is designed to deliver fully aspirated foam for fire extinguishment through the product, directly onto the fuel surface. Fully aspirated foam provides the most effective performance, resulting in quick, efficient control of an incident. PHB Type High Back Pressure foam makers are classified as Type II discharge devices in accordance with NFPA Standard 11. When used with properly expanded, fluoroprotein type, low expansion foam, these foam makers can provide application of the foam through the product directly onto the fuel surface with a minimum of fuel pick-up and saturation of the foam bubble. Using PHB Type High Back Pressure foam makers with fixed discharge outlets has the added advantage of directing the entire flow to the hazard area, regardless of weather conditions, for the most effective utilization of foam resources. The PHB Type High Back Pressure foam maker produces foam by introducing air into the foam solution stream. The solution inlet of the foam maker is fitted with a factory installed orifice, designed to control the flow rate and create a reduced pressure area to draw air into the foam solution stream. Air is drawn into the foam solution through an air inlet hole located on the foam maker. To prevent obstruction, the air inlet is protected with an air inlet strainer with a stainless steel screen. A turbulator tube aids in the mixing of the air into the foam solution to provide the proper foam expansion. The aerated foam is discharged directly into the product at the base of the tank or the product supply pipeline to the tank. The PHB Type High Back Pressure foam maker is designed for easy, low cost installation on Cone Roof storage tanks. The foam maker can be installed for injection of the foam directly into the base of the product storage tank(s) or for injection into the oroduct pipeline supplying the tank(s). PHB foam makers can be located a greater distance from the hazard than most other types of foam makers because of its efficient design, which allows it to effectively operate against back pressures of up to 40% of the inlet pressure. In addition to subsurface injection to cone roof tanks, PHB foam makers are often used for dike protection in the event of a product spill. The PHB foam maker is also suitable for use in marine applications for protection of specific areas and under docks. Applications where existing discharge devices, that do not incorporate foam makers, can also be supplied with expanded foam using PHB Type High Back Pressure foam makers. The foam makers can be supplied from a fixed foam proportioning system or from portable foam proportioning equipment, such as, mobile fire apparatus. The foam makers can be furnished in a portable configuration for applications using mobile fire apparatus. Installation shall be made in accordance with applicable codes and standards. For applications using sub-surface injection, fluoroprotein type foam concentrates must be used. For all other applications they are compatible with all types of foam concentrate; protein, fluoroprotein, AFFF, and AR-AFFF. PHB-10A TO PHB-30A FOAM MAKERS




RUPTURE DISC SUBSURFACE INJECTION National Foam rupture discs are designed for sub-surface applications where expanded foam is injected into the product, either at the base of a product storage tank or through the pipeline supplying product to the tank. Foam lines are normally open to atmosphere and require a positive barrier to prevent product from entering the foam supply line. The check valves normally installed in the foam supply line cannot assure a positive barrier against product leakage into the foam line. Product leakage into the foam line may result in a product spill outside the dike area. Installation of the rupture disk insures a positive method to prevent leakage into the foam line. FEATURES • Easy installation even on existing tanks. • Assures positive shutoff of foam line. • Ease of maintenance. APPLICATIONS • Foam systems using sub-surface injection for application of expanded foam.

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TSI Training Specialties, Inc. 2015-2106 Catalog  
TSI Training Specialties, Inc. 2015-2106 Catalog  

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