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BOOZY BRUNCH ALL YOU CAN DRINK BRUNCH - {NYC EDITION} Ahh the boozy brunch. Who doesn’t love it? Why is it so great?! Well, for those of us who are done with the clubbing-every-weekend scene but still like to get our buzz on and light-work stunt, it’s the perfect place to do so - especially in great afternoon weather. Engage in conversation with great people, look great, feel great and BE GREAT, all while chowing down on some bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash, or maybe some chicken and waffles if you’re feeling a lil frisky! (shouts from the audience) “Come on somebody!” It’s for the after church crowd in their Sunday’s best, the stayed out all night and just woke up crowd, the group of friends who need a major catch up, the new classy birthday celebration...Let’s not forget the lovers who want to continue the night before’s romance and happenstance. Ladies, if he replaces the morning after “walk of shame” with a morning after unlimited mimosa/sangria/bellini brunch, it’s so you know it’s real! Soul Society 101 put together our list of the best boozy brunches in Brooklyn & Manhattan to make sure that you don’t waste a dime while you’re out dining fine. OVER 30 SPOTS IN BROOKLYN & MANHATTAN WITH UNLIMITED BREAKFAST DRINKS LIKE MIMOSAS, BELLINIS, SANGRIAS, BLOODY MARYS, SCREWDRIVERS, MARGARITAS AND MORE!

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WHAT IS SOUL SOCIETY 101? Out of frustration of traveling to different cities and not finding the right places to go and things to get into, and also running out of things to do and places to go in my own city, SoulSociety101 was born. I envisioned a site that cut through the clutter of other city guides and laid out suggestions that would particularly be of interest to me and people just like me. I also thought of the community that this could build – a network of the cool people sharing their favorite hot spots and keeping other like-­minded members of our community in the know. Through my experiences, travels and the help of my trusted friends around the country, we compiled a go-­to guide of entertainment – restaurants, nightlife, shopping, sites and recurring events in the top cities, that come personally recommended from someone like you. You’re never going to agree 100% with the opinions of any city guide, but I bet that you that won’t find one that you’re more in synch with than us. Every city has some soul! We’ll tell you where to find it. Whether you’re itching to try something new in your neighborhood, or hoping to live like a local on vacation, SoulSociety101. com is the friend in your pocket who’s going to show you a good time. Soul Society 101’s mission is to improve the quality of lifestyle within Black communities and inner cities by developing a plaform that both entertains and informs our people with our particular interests and social activities, in our own voice. Though we reach our audience with entertainment and lifestyle content, the larger mission is the uplifting and progression of Black people through community and positive activity. Rondel Holder – Founder, Soul Society 101 @KingRonTheDon @SoulSociety101



UTS VENDORS SPRING 2012: Accessory Remix (17) Adorn New York (21) A Life Balanced (13) BJewel, Inc (23) C'est La Vie Boutique (14) Chronic Pearls (28) ChuChuLyn (3) Chouchounette (20) Cousin & Co. (9) Created By Fortune (52) De-JĂŠ NYC (42) Crush & Glam (41) Dirty Razkal (33) Dream Cloth (54) Duggie Fresco (37) Dvyne Peaces (12) Elan Regime (6) Eldenwa Designs (43) El Salonsito (27) Embellish Cosmetics Co. (8) Everything Girls Love (7) Fast Life (50) Finishing Touches Accessories (45) Heirport Apparel (59) Inspire The Brand (32) Intrepid Genius (35) Jey Free (19) Just Pieces Brand (53) KWeb Kollects Vintage (38) Lady's Love Desserts (15) Life Kit (1) Louis B. (44) M.A.M Couture (51) Maylani Jewels (30) Nneka Saran (29) Nomad*ness Travel Tribe (2) Per Diem NY (40) Pretti Me Boutique (26) Revolution Of A Monarch (34) Rewynd Vintage (22) Royal Love (11) Sacred Heart Collections (31) Scarfi Designs (10) Selah Monet Boutique (25) Studded Staxxx Accessory Boutique (36) Styledentity (24) The Wild Life Reserve (39) Unusual Star Jewelry (5) Vintage Shaun (4)


COMPLIMENTARY SUITES: Barber Shop (49) d.i.d Nails (47) Gaming Station (56) Ketta Vaughn (48) Nature's Products Naturally (46) SPONSORS: UTS Photo Station (58) Soul Society 101 (55)

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THE ULTIMATE PHOTO CHALLENGE #utsphotochallenge Choose any one of the below challenges and share with your Instagram followers now!! The winner will be selected by having the most "likes" on their #utsphotochallenge pic Challenges to choose from: 1. Your entrance 2. Your favorite brand/vendor 3. Your entourage (or you) 4. Your choice of beverage 5. Shoe game (yours/someone else's) 6. Something that made you say "Niiice" 7. Most coveted item (gift/purchase/wish-list) 8. Look what you missed... 9. Your favorite UTS Crew member (style/ personality) 10.Your palate’s reaction to #drunkenfruit? Winner will be announced live at the Ultimate Trunk Show and via @clb_uts Instagram at 7:45pm Note:  All photos must have #utsphotochallenge hash tag

Branding \BRAN-ding\ [noun, verb] The difference between a company that disappears after a year and one that lasts for generations.

We’ll help you build, develop and expand your brand! @CGBranding

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Enovia Bedford is the brain and creative engine running Accessory Remix*. She has worked in the fashion industry for 7+ years in all aspects of the business. Starting as an office assistant scanning and sending samples to buyers she felt there was a talent within her waiting to get out. She started creating pieces with discarded parts, beads and broken samples. While attending The Fashion Institute of Technology she soon left her job of 3 years and accepted a position as a design assistant at a prestigious fashion jewelry company. Another opportunity arises for this young designer, a product development and merchandising position . She jumps on the opportunity to finally create pieces to be sold in mainstream stores. Teamed up with a merchandiser their main accounts were Guess, Wal-mart, Candies for Kohls, Torrid, Target, Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, Jc Penny, White House Black Market, Mandees, Pac Sun, Aeropostale and most main stream department and accessory retail stores. Her passion for jewelry and fashion lead her to branch out and start her own line. As an accessory designer her joy was in using none conventional items and “remixing” them into fashionable items such as her chalkboard earrings which are a huge hit. She has a knack for making items interchangeable, necklaces that become a bracelet and necklace set, double sided earrings that can be worn on both sides she is always thinking of innovative ideas to get more for your buck. Enovia decided that making and selling wasn’t fulfilling enough so she began to teach. She is now the Senior Designer of a jewelry company and leads workshops she affectionately calls Accessory Remix It! She covers everything from simply fixing your broken pieces to helping you complete a mosaic table top.You can visit her website to get DIY tips from her blog and the Workshop schedule.

Enovia Bedford


A woman can be anything, to anyone, at anytime. She is a true chameleon and in all things is always beautiful. Designs by ADORN NEW YORK were made for her. Whether she’s being serious, silly or sexy there is a design that goes perfectly with her mood. Each accessory is handcrafted with care and a unique essence with the use of various materials from suede, beads, leather, crystals and precious metals and stones. Careful consideration to each design is based on the everyday woman who must wear multiple hats and own multiple roles daily -- the businesswoman, head of household, sister, lover, matriarch, and so much more. These women are true chameleons. They are diverse and can evolve into whatever the situation calls for them to be, and that is something that makes all women beautiful. Raqquyah celebrates every success of ADORN NEW YORK, no matter the size, and is always humbled by the genuine compliments and encouragement given her by every customer. “When I see the faces of women light up after seeing my designs, I am amazed,” She says. “ADORN NEW YORK has helped me see myself as a created masterpiece and I hope it does the same for the women who encounter ADORN NEW YORK and all that we stand for.” ADORN NEW YORK continues to sell accessories at street fairs and other events throughout New York City and on the Internet at www.adornnewyork. com. ADORN NEW YORK accessories can also be found at Chouchounette Independent Designer’s Boutique in Brooklyn, New York.


BJewel,Inc. is your “Ultimate Accessories Source”, providing Exclusive Luxury Accessories at an Affordable price!! Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, High Quality Costume Jewelry, Fabulous Handbags, Vintage items and more! We feel that every woman should look and feel Glamorous without breaking the bank!!

Website: Phone: 908-688-2285 Facebook: Email:


C’est La Vie Boutique is a Brooklyn-based fashion accessory company established in January 2011, by Belinda Charles. Belinda had a desire to change the “corporate-look” with a spicier and fashionable approach, and so C’est La Vie Boutique was born. C’est La Vie was created to be a one-stop shop for all fashionista’s, and those alike, who love to look fabulous from the boardroom to the nightlife. C’est La Vie’s pieces are designed for the modern day woman and can compliment any style. C’est La Vie’s quality necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, exquisite handbags and silk scarves will definitely fit anyone’s budget and remain timeless.

Information Press Website: Instgram:cestlavieboutique Facebook:!/cestlavieboutique Twitter:@2011cestlavie Phone: (917)833-2974


Carmela Wingfield is an explorer, jewelry designer, music lover, and odd soul. inspired by her explorations, carmela’s jewelry line—Chronic Pearls--is a collection of rare objects and mixtures of vintage combined with her awkward and eccentric point of view. All of the peculiar pieces in the Chronic Pearls collection are carefully crafted and one of a kind.

Company Name: Chronic Pearls Contact information: Founder: CarmelaWingfield Website: Email: Phone: 202.681.8291


Lynette Silver Artist/Owner 347-678-4493


Better-priced line of Contemporary Leather Handbag Company Contact info: Undra Twitter/Cousinco Facebook: Cousin & Co 2010 Tumblr:


Created by Fortune was literally just that- Created by Fortune, (Melissa Fortune.) While earning her B.F.A. from from the prestigious Pratt Institute, Melissa Fortune interned for Fila USA, honing in on her sporty aesthetic while continuing to learn and be highly influenced by high fashion art and couture. It was then that she knew this would be her market and something that became a part of her being. Established in 2009, this brand delves into an underground and hidden market: Edgy-Glam. Not only a designer but an innovator, Melissa’s vision is to bring highly coveted and unique pieces to the fashionistas of the world looking for creative staple pieces to add to their wardrobe. From your rocker musician whose wardrobe down to his/her underwear has studs on it, to your prim & proper businesswomen, this brand has a piece for everyone. The Fortune’s signature style can be described as a rebel with a feminine twist. So whether your style is dirty, grungy or pretty, there is always something uniquely special for you here.

Company name: Created by Fortune Contact Person: Melissa Fortune Instagram:@createdbyfortune


De-Jé (pronounced day-jay) is an independent brand based in NYC. Heavily influenced by sugar skulls and dia de los muertos, De-Jé offers both quality goods and solid designs, as well as custom made to order kicks. De-Jé provides a fresh new perspective in street wear by fusing different cultural aspects through its usage of bold colors and graphics. De-Jé embodies a positive lifestyle in the pursuit of creativity and most importantly, individuality.

Website Twitter @dejenyc Instagram @dejenyc Facebook De-Jé


Founded in 2011 by designer Jamal Momon, Dirty Razkal™ specializes in extremely soft tees with timeless vintage, and trendy designs. All pieces are cared for and inspected on a piece-by-piece basis to ensure top quality with a hint of grunge. Many of the items go through a garment wash and nick & grinding process to achieve an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, “Dirty” look and feel. Dirty Razkal™ also sells varsity jackets, snapbacks, and reversible silicone wristbands.

Owner: Jamal Momon Website: Email: Twitter: @dirtyrazkal Instagram: @dirtyrazkal Facebook: BLOG:WWW.DIRTYRAZKAL.TUMBLR.COM


DREAMCLOTH Clothing is an elite luxury street wear brand from NYC with cut and sew items. We are quickly making our mark on the fashion industry. As a limited brand we are able to create fashionable clothing that reinvents the traditional and basic styles of clothing. We aim to inspire and lead the street wear revolution. Recreate Yourself Company’s Founder Niro Lucas facebook: DREAMCLOTH DREAMCLOTNYC1@GMAIL.COM


DvynePeaces was officially founded on September 16, 2011 by Saresa Cooper. DvynePeaces is a line of inspirational accessories for inspired people. Each piece is representative of some type of inspiration that we all can draw from. The pieces are unique and beautifully crafted, that is why the line is dubbed DVynePeaces as each piece can divinely inspire and or explain each one of us. Whether it is a piece from the Calvary collection or the Madison&Marysol collection there is a piece for each of us. There are currently five collections in total each of which can be bought online at The site attracts those from all over the world and the company is looking to expand into a physical boutique not just online. DVynPeaces is dedicated to providing excellent service for its clients and to serving its surrounding communities.

Contact info:


About Us EGL Lifestyle brand is a place where femininity rules. Here at EGL we personify the phrase “Girl Power”. We strive to be that special place women can come to for fashion, information, comfort, and empowerment. EGL Boutique personal style is about being bold, different, and unique. It’s about standing out from the crowd, and making a lasting impression. Here at Everything Girls Love we strive to provide the “extras” that turn “That Outfit” into a “WOW Outfit.” We offer something different for the consumer looking for a brand where every piece is a classic and a “must have”. Our designs give consumers the option to use cutting edge designs to revamp their old outfits, modernize a vintage piece, or personalize a new trend. To us Fashion is a Fine Art, our bodies the canvas, and the sense of style we develop along the way is simply the masterpiece. True fashion is simply an expression of one’s identity. Everything Girls Love is where you can find all the tools to help you perfect your masterpiece and showcase your identity.


Élan Regime was established 2008 in Atlanta, Ga by Jamel Runcie & Simeon Whitehead. Élan Regime started off as a concept character by the name of Élan, a young woman in her early twenties that conquered the fashion industry by establishing a family built on respect & trust. That character later developed into a fashion line. In late 2009 Jamel Runcie moved back to New York City to share his vision & launch the brand. Our mission here at Élan Regime is to bring inspiration and innovation to the fashion industry by being a fashion authority as well as a fun destination to shop. Ladies we welcome you to Élan Regime where we present to you “Sexy Attitude With Style.”

Jamel Runcie CEO / Founder Élan Regime Facebook Fan Page: Élan Regime Twitter: Élan Regime Instagram: Élan Regime.


The FastLife brand is defined by its Co-CEOs Larry Charles & Anthony Johnson as a three-headed monster, dominating in music, clothing and entertainment. FastLife is a “Custom- Tailored Fashion Company”. Designed with those in mind, who Live Life Fast. The FastLife brand can be defined by the average college student, working young adult, party promoter and “go-getter”. FastLife is “the way of life” for these individuals. People who are on-the-go, with a heavy agenda from the time they open their eyes, until their head hits the pillow later that night. For people who study hard, work hard and play harder. It is our goal to expose our brand to people who embrace our lifestyle, to provide them with music that they relate to, design clothing marketed for them and deliver memorable entertainment. We intend to have the word FastLife on the tip of everyone’s tongue.You will be exposed and embrace our world, through our upcoming online store and social media. Through these two facets we will be expanding to the skater scene and female clothing. FastLife aims to have you become part of the movement and a strong supporter pushing our brand in Philly, NY, Boston, NJ, VA Beach (757), DC and Atlanta with our supporters who Live Life Fast.

Website: Email: Address: PO Box 2149 NewYork NY 10027 Marketing & Sales: Sai Foster- Music Operations: Larry Charles- Social Media & Promotion: Anthony Johnson-


Finishing Touches was established in 2006 by a group of girlfriends, all college students, who share the love of fashion and accessories. Today, best friends and business partners, Alyse Foy-West and Simone Gittens, now own Finishing Touches Accessories. Their mission is to keep their customers satisfied by presenting women of all ages and cultures with special pieces that would dazzle up your world! Their selection is a mixture of exclusive, individual pieces that will define your style and image while also satisfying your fashion crave. Finishing Touches Accessories’ pieces have been displayed in fashion shows, TV shows and events such as “The Trend,” a photo shoot with Miss Universe, a music performance with Katie DiCicco and so much more. Finishing Touches Accessories sells bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and sets. They have expanded their collection by selling hair accessories, handbags, clutches and wallets as well! Each piece within their collection is a selective fashion accessory item of their choice. Prices range from $10 to $200.

Company Name: Finishing Touches Accessories Website: Contact: Owners, Alyse Foy-West and Simone Gittens Email: Twitter: @FTAccessories Facebook: Finishing Touches Accessories Instagram: @FTAccessories


Inspire the Brand (ITB) was founded in May of 2011 by Karen Osorio, and Manuel Suero. From childhood friends to entrepreneurs and business partners, Osorio and Suero have always dreamed of transforming the fashion world with a shoe collection inspired through the arts, culture, and metropolises found across the globe. What started off as a dream has now come into fruition through hard work and persistence. Karen Osorio, a Venezuelian native, arrived to the United States at the age of 8, and Manuel Suero arrived from Dominican Republic to the United States at the age of 4. Their cultural upbringing is what has inspired them to travel the world, make their dreams come true, and transform those ideas into a shoe collection. Their goal is to bring fashion rich cultural vibes and dynamic customary practices into the fashion industry. After being friends for over 10 years, in 2011, Karen Osorio, and Manuel Suero decided it was time to make an impact on the fashion world by using their passion and experiences to create a brand. Their passions for culture, arts, and fashion, have become the foundation of Inspire the Brand. And just as they have been touched through various life experiences, they hope that ITB would prove to be a gift and an inspiration for people around the world.


JustPieces has been created and established by, Janae Rogers, guided to deliver pieces of useful everyday lifestyle gadgets to shape a image of what life is made of. Established in February 2010, JustPieces was been created to give a wide range of what life can be like from different aspects such as : lifestyle, advice, reality, sense of style, and sound. While creating JustPieces, with an eye for style and an ear for music, they were able to deliver what the audience needs. Stay tuned with your ears and eyes wide open dressed in style and ready for what JustPieces can deliver. Starting with just a button, we have pressed to seem together shirts, hoodies, and accessories to brand our audience and market our online magzine and lifestyle website. Experimenting with fabric, colors, and designs with such enthusiasm, JustPieces launched a line called Pieces By JustPieces. With a small selection of items by popular demand, they decided to mass produce.

Company Name : JustPieces @Janae_Raquel @JustPieces


Business Name: KWeb KollectsVintage Contact Name: KhalilahWilliams-Webb Email: Website: Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: @kwebimageinc


Louis B was created by Owner & Buyer Simone Gittens after learning she was having a son. She found that there was such a high demand for cute and fun boys clothing, shirts that didn’t include a trunk, monkey or car, or sweatpants. After doing muchresearch Louis B was created. Each brand is hand selected and allows parents to satisfy their style cravings in the boy’s department. After all, Boys have Style too!

Company Name: Louis B Contact Person: Simone Gittens,,, Facebook: Louis B,Twitter: @Louisb_, Instagram: LouisB_


MAYLANI JEWELS pronounced (may-la-nee) is a fashion jewelry company that focuses on creating the ultimate customer experience by specializing in custom design and jewelry pieces that are interchangeable. Maylani also offers a wide variety of handcrafted jewelry pieces that are limited issue and one-of-a-kind. Our stylish jewelry items are easy to coordinate with your wardrobe and help you embrace your individual style. The inspiration behind the designs is the founder, Melanie Walker. She has a quirky yet sophisticated, energetic, but unforgettable personality which she uses to create the jewels. The same excitement and love she has for creating the jewels is the same feelings we want to create while wearing MAYLANI JEWELS!

Customer Email: Website: or Facebook: Twitter: Blog:


Nneka Saran bags are handcrafted and made in limited quantities They speak to women who own their sense of style, those who love to make a statement These funky eye catching bags have caught the attention of numerous celebrities like June Ambrose, Jennifer Lopez, Tichina Arnold, Marsha Ambrosius, Keyshia Cole, Eve, and Vivica Fox to name a few. Nneka Saran handbags are an ideal compliment to any fashionista’s wardrobe.

Nneka Saran LLC Tagline:‘for the fashionista at heart’ Phone: 973.380.5305 Email: Web: Facebook: Twitter:


The Nomad•ness Travel Tribe is a place where like-minded individuals can gather to show why they are nomads. Presently functioning as a Closed Facebook group, the Tribe, is approaching 2000 members, and houses the stories, resources, and photos of international travelers. With an active demographic that skews towards women travelers, of color, the Tribe is a tangible answer to the myth that people of color don’t travel. In the Tribe, members post their own stories, photos, videos, and travel plans so the group can help aid each other in support of an alternative travel lifestyle. This includes the Tribe’s own group trips and Meet Ups in countries such as Panama, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, England, and China. There’s two criteria to get access into the group. First, you need at least one international stamp in your passport. Those without passports need not apply! Secondly, you have to find the group. Stop by our booth to learn about the freshest and most innovative movement in the world of travel.

Business name: Nomad•ness Travel Tribe Website: Twitter: @evierobbie


Per Diem (Latin for Per Day or For each Day) Per Diem NY has re-emerged. The premiere brand for worldwide urban fashion and culture unveils the brand’s spring 2012 collection; Life, Liberty & The Pursuit… available online Per Diem NY speaks to a new American -- urban, always cosmopolitan; as downtown as is uptown; cultured and multi-cultural; black, white, Latin and Asian and always on the edge of fashion, culture and entertainment. The brand represents a new, original voice on the racks, a voice that Speaks to a generation of people from diverse cultures, upbringings and interests. Not just a clothing line satisfied with taking, we give back! For every item bought with a Per Diem NY label 25% is donated to The Per Diem NY House charity BOROUGH {}. The charity and brand’s mantra are one and the same; Inspire, Educate, Promote and support young creatives. We are dedicated to the social and economic growth of the inner city youth.

Company Name: Per Diem NY Tagline: How can you call it a lifestyle, if you don’t live your life in style?! Contact: |


Pretti Me Boutique is an e-boutique specializing in affordable high quality, stylish accessories and clothing fit for all styles and pockets. Our concept is you don’t have to break the bank to indulge in good quality products. As Coco Chanel said “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”. Here you will find what’s stylish in today’s social fashion world. If you exude confidence, love to be bold, classy or just in between Pretti Me Boutique is your one stop shop. At Pretti Me you know you will stand out in a crowd while displaying a sense of style. Our accessories are cutting edge and provide nothing but an upgrade to any wardrobe. Our clothing selection comes from up and coming designers who’s pieces will make you the center of every conversation. And of course we didn’t forget the men we do carry a few items for that special guy too. Shaleena “Goldy” 347-470-7759 Instagram: @prettimegoldy


The name R.o.a.M. in essence stands for Revolution Of A Monarch. Although it may appear to be few words thrown together to sound Intellectual, it’s so much more. At R.o.a.M., we strongly believe in creating change and stimulating ideas that were once seen as impossible or irrational but now achievable. That is where the Revolutionary aspect of the brand comes in. We want to stray from the norm, what is considered acceptable, what is considered the future and embrace change. No matter what type of alifestyle you live; whether it’s professional, some one in the streets, a student, rapper, couch potato, fashion lover or anything under the sun, you still have one thing in common and that is the drive to be the best at whatever it is you do. The urge to do what it takes, to achieve an elevated status, and to surpass your peers in your walk of life is what everyone hopes to do. That is the perspective that we strived to accomplish with Monarch side of the brand. Everyone is royalty in their very own right and my brand exhibits that All in all we want to create a change in fashion and show the brand’s higher being that lives in everyone. This isn’t something that will happen overnight or within a short time span. It’s going to take time and a lot of effort but we’re working on creating a Revolution. For any additional information, please email

Roam Clothing Social Media Instagram: RoamClothing


Royal Love is a company of honorable love. A company designed just to give. Starting the company in 2008 selling jewelry & expanding to clothing & fashion accessories for both men & women, the owner Kim Reed Kim started designing her own clothing, jewelry & accessories in 2010 & quickly grew quality clientele. Royal Love now services you even more with your very own personal shopper & amazing deals for other designer websites & our very own jewelry & clothing line. We give you the true style in the world of fashion. Royal Love searches for the unique style in clothing, jewelry & accessories for both men & women. We also love a good discount so we give you those too! The best prices we could find at all the cutest places. It’s like reaching in your favorite closet & getting everything in your size. Hence the motto “Making Our Closet Yours” Check Us Out @ www. & On All Your Favorite Social Networks


In 2008 Brandi Russell established Sacred Heart Collections a clothing line that takes a page from her personal stylebook and is inspired by style icon, Coco Chanel. Sacred Heart Collections was brought to life not only as the culmination of her dream but to bring fun and flirty, confidence back into the mainstream design. As a social butterfly, Brandi and her friends found themselves wanting to stand out in a crowd, but not have to sacrifice sky-high NYC rent as a result. The birth of a chic, unique yet affordable clothing line was born. The young, independent, carefree women that make up the collection’s target audience have adoration for the cohesive and interchangeable; comfortable and sexy; affordable and uncompromising pieces. Every garment is tailored to a woman’s natural curves, while leaving just enough to the imagination. The color combinations, trims, and details are key ingredients that make each style special. Since it’s original conception, Sacred Heart Collections embodies the same belief as the late Coco Chanel, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Sacred Heart Collections styles have been seen on the likes of Keri Hilson, LeToya Luckett, Keyshia Cole, Lydia Hearst, Kelly Rowland, Meagan Good, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and my more young Hollywood stylistas..Celebrity gifting suites, fashion shows, product placement on national network television and national magazines all bring more attention to Sacred Heart Collections. Working day and night, Brandi continues to independently fund and operate Sacred Heart Collections.

Sacred Heart Collections 800.317.0273 twitter: @sacredheartco


Former Educator and Studded Staxxx owner, Koereyelle DuBose launched the online accessory boutique in January 2012. Originally from Joliet, IL Koereyelle currently resides in Atlanta, GA. The Staxxx jewelry collection came to life when she began designing and creating bracelets for herself and people quickly took notice. Since the launch, she’s expanded her line to include necklaces and anklets for men, women and children. The Staxxx label is all about being a creative rebel and being fashionable in a unique way. Staxxx creations have been described as “colorful, creative, jazzy and unique.”The Staxxx motto, ‘Xplore. Xperiment. Xpress.’ reminds you to always live to XPRESS and not to impress.

Media Contact:Tasha Shepherd 312-479-0146 Owner Contact: Koereyelle DuBose 404-354-3538 Company Address- 898 Oak St. SW #3216 Atlanta, GA 30310 Email address- Sales & Purchasing Contact: Callaya Haywood Website- Social media names- Twitter: @StuddedSTAXXX


Styledentity was started in 2011 by Ashley “MsFashionAsh” White. The brand name is centered around the message that “Style is the Armor in the Battle for Identity.”Your style is your first line of defense when showing who you are, so why not let your armor stand out and be unique? I pride myself on providing one of a kind pieces that allow you to express your individuality; your Styledentity.

Company name:“Styledentity” Tagline: Style is the Armor in the Battle for Identity Website : Blog: Facebook Page: Instagram: Styledentity Twitter:




Within the last six years I’ve been to Vegas three times. Each time I’ve gotten into completely different things and had a great time three different ways. 1) A Double Couples Vacation – the sweeter side of Sin City. 2) Buzz Light Year – nightlife and the least sober, word to Hangover 3. And 3) Doing it Grand – The Grand Canyon, amusement Parks on top of skyscrapers and the best show, ever! With all of this under my belt, I can finally say that I feel like I have conquered Las Vegas. (I guess third time’s the charm.) Does that mean that I should have just had a twoweek long vacation in Vegas to get my full fix? Absolutely not. Vegas trips should be short and sweet. But it does mean that there are so many options for what to do once you touch down in “Sin City,” that you could get lost in the sauce if you don’t know what to get into. Because I am a great person, I outlined all the must-do Vegas activities and all my tips - from the best hotels to how to save hundreds of dollars - to make sure that you can have the time of your life in Vegas on the first try!


Selah Monet Boutique specializes in the most fashion-forward styles in women’s clothing, jewelry, accessories, and handbags. Our store is constantly filled with new treasures and our style is always one step ahead of the trend. Selah Monet Boutique has its own charm which means you’re sure to find something special and unique at our store! Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. About The Founder: Born and raised in brooklyn,The owner Shante Walker has always had a strong flare for fashion. Her playful attitude and knack for eye-catching outfits and hair made her the fashion guru amongst her friends. She first started her love of fashion in 1992 at Sarah J. Hale High School doing hair and styling her friends in her mothers livingroom. Through out the years her unique style and selection quickly caught the attention of many loyal fashionistas and this quickly blossomed into a full time engagement that needed her complete dedication. She decided the pursuit of her passion was most important than her 9-5 job so in 2009, Selah Monet Boutique was born and the rest is history!

Contact Us Telephone: 1-631-455-0556 Email: info@selahmonetboutique.comi Mailing Address: 840Wilson Blvd Central Islip, NY 11722



Facebook!! Twitter! @getyournailsdid!

most call it polish. d.i.d. calls it paint. a higher calling for fingertips and toes. a collection of color. a reflection of you, bottled up. purposeful. whimsical. memorable. and true.!

City Guide for the Young Urban Elite

From NY to Paris, LA To Tokyo, we’ll show you where the cool kids are! Twitter: @SoulSociety101 Instagram: @SoulSociety





It's Adult Candy


Drunken Fruit™, is a new twist on food preservation and adult confection. Drunken Fruit™ is sure to please the gourmet palate with its distinct versatility and can be used as a dessert topping, an  aphrodisiac, an ingredient for any meal, a great party starter, or  whatever you desire.

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Soul Society 101: Volume 1 - The Ultimate Trunk Show  

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