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“But you’re meant to be a Christian!” To your friends and family, YOU are the fifth Gospel. Forget Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You are what the people are reading. So what’s the deal with the bad jokes and choice language? Are you really imitating Christ when you join in with all this stuff? OK… so maybe you’re just a bystander. Living your life on the periphery deliberately making a point of not disagreeing with the stand that your mates are making.


In school, college and work, we are often forced to put aside religious conviction and get on with the job in hand. This is 2010 and the people around us are often intolerant of Christ and subsequently of the Christian too. But if we as Christians are the salt and we lose our saltiness, how will we ever impact those around “If we as C us? Even if we need to be selective about are the sal how we express our our saltin faith, we should never lose the values that are will we ev learned as a Christian those aro

As a Christian you are called to be pure, but its just not that easy! You CAN choose who you hang around with. Even the Bible encourages us to not socialise with those who live their lives in a way that is openly not compatible with that of a Christian.

(or even what has been taught to us as children).

When you buy batteries for a remote, you never mix a new battery with a duff battery. The duff battery can only pull the new one down. In the same way, especially where you may have weakness, it really won’t be too long before you get pulled down as a

As a Christian, it really is not about winning every debate in class or browbeating our peers into becoming believers. It is important to remember who we are serving. This will make the real difference, and it will be noted. Actions must precede the words. If we

If we know its wrong to fiddle a time sheet or wrongly sign a chart to say that work has been completed, who are we trying to fool?


A fresh start and a new look at the 3Rs, purity and living a Christian life with no compromise in our standards...

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