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Written by Joy Yascone Elms MA

Happy birthday Scorpio & Sagittarius! Eclipses are harbingers of change, and we have two coming in November and December: a lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19th and a solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4th. Full moon lunar eclipses generally represent endings or a culmination of events, while solar eclipses represent new seeds planted or new beginnings. Read on to see how the eclipses might bring change to your stars! ARIES






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The lunar eclipse will bring about a change in your earned income sector. You may leave a long-term work situation or welcome a new income-earning opportunity or job. Lunar eclipses tend to be more emotional than their solar counterpart, so perhaps the change is retirement or a mixed feeling departure. However, at the solar eclipse, you'll find yourself ready to embark on a new adventure which could include distant travel, higher education, or a unique opportunity involving publishing.

With a full moon lunar eclipse in your sign, you'll want to take it easy and stay straight and narrow to see how things play out. This eclipse could bring about an engagement, marriage, or other change that impacts your entire life. Be vigilant at this time and consider minimizing risk-taking within four days before or after this eclipse. On December 4th, plant seeds of financial investment that Could result in a financial windfall for you shortly.

The full moon lunar eclipse falls in your 12th house of solidarity, spirituality, and solitude, so use this time to take care of your health and wellbeing. Meditate, take your vitamin C and D and turmeric and keep your mind, body, and spirit well. At the new moon solar eclipse, you'll welcome an exciting and enticing business partnership and/or get engaged or married.

At the lunar eclipse, you may depart from a longheld board assignment or humanitarian cause to pursue a new one that more closely aligns with your ideals. You'll welcome a new job opportunity at the solar eclipse and start a winning fitness routine that you will stick to and achieve desired results.

You'll experience significant changes related to your career with the lunar eclipse. You may step down from a role or career path to pursue your truest passions and talents and/or welcome a new position or opportunity. A new creative path and/or project awaits at the solar eclipse, which may also bring a new romantic relationship if single or more romance and fun if coupled up. If you're pining for a bundle of joy, the solar eclipse may bring welcome news that you are expecting or have an adoption approval.

A potential long-distance relocation or move for higher education, publishing, or simple adventure coincides with the lunar eclipse. Instead of moving, you may be dealing with people from a distance in a negotiation or other project. Due to the nature of full moon lunar eclipses, it is best to hold off on traveling during one, which would be four days prior and roughly five days after. At the solar eclipse, you should celebrate some excellent family news and/or find and win a bid on your new dream home or investment property.

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November 22nd – December 21st

December 22nd – January 19th

With the full moon lunar eclipse in your finance house, a hefty financial obligation may be due. Not very exciting, Libra, but it can also signal financial commitment paid to you, such as a refinance, loan, or inheritance. Excitement arrives in December, with the solar eclipse signaling a start to a new communications project or exciting news regarding your siblings. This time can trigger a negotiation or contract that beautifully impacts your future.

Potential changes in a business or personal partnership coincide with the full moon eclipse. With the solar eclipse, you'll welcome a new life-changing job or new income-earning opportunity.

As the lunar eclipse falls into The full moon lunar eclipse will impact your health and fellow earth sign Taurus, it wellbeing, so it's best to will help ease an otherwise prepare by taking good care emotional full moon lunar eclipse. You may see a of your health and being change to your romantic mindful. As they say -"an ounce of prevention is worth status or news about a a pound of cure." As the creative endeavor. If you are solar eclipse is in your sign, hoping to adopt or desiring you'll have your Sagittarius to get pregnant, you could hear news now as well. At superpowers working for you, and everything you the new moon solar eclipse desire will turn to gold! in Sagittarius, you'll embark Therefore, it's imperative to on a wellness journey that know what you would like will be life-changing! to accomplish so you can manifest it.



The lunar eclipse will impact you in regards to home and family. You may close on a property or sell one at this time. Instead, a parent or another close family member may ask you for help. This eclipse could also trigger the completion of a family goal or real estate project. At the solar eclipse, you'll welcome a new exciting project involving social media or technology.

The close of a communications project or other contract will come to fruition with the lunar eclipse. Alternatively, a sibling may request assistance in some way. At the solar eclipse, you'll welcome life-altering career news that will see you celebrating!

January 20th – February 18th

Sophisticated Stars Astrologist Joy Yascone Elms MA is the author and founder of The Power of Divine Timing; an annual sign by sign guide based on astrological timing helping readers to find and nurture their blessings and starve their challenges! Joy also offers Divine Timing coaching programs that help clients stay accountable to manifesting their goals and dreams based on their personal divine timing. Visit for more info or email Joy at


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