Sophisticated Living Louisville Jan/Feb 2021

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BETTER TOGETHER Fine jewelry pieces that play well with others Compiled by Bridget Williams

Clockwise from top left: Miro necklace with reclaimed white diamond from Meadowlark Jewelry ($1,117; Vessel pendant from Pamela Love ($240; Jade Trau Loop necklace ($3,650; Medium Marianne necklace from Brent Neale (price upon request; John Hardy Asli Classic Chain Link Transformable Necklace ($1,695; Bea Bongiasca Baby Vine chain bracelet with Corundum ($652;

Clockwise from top left: Case Joaillier Joujou diamond C band ($600; cayejoaillier. com). DRU Stacking Square ring with diamonds (from $695; Recycled gold and platinum bands with ethically sourced diamonds from Cathy Waterman ( Diamond enamel stack rings from EF Collection (from $556; Diamond eternity bands from Ashley Zhang (from $4,600;


Bracelet, rings and necklaces from Uncommon James (