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The Rebranding of Gloria Vanderbilt

Table of Contents

1.0 Research 1.1 Abstract 6 1.2 Client Brief 10

1.4 SWOT 14 1.5 Demographics 16

2.0 Creative Development 2.1 Design Research 20 2.2 Moodboards 24 2.3 Logo Concepts 32 2.4 Print Concepts 33

3.0 Style Guide 3.1 Logo Standards 46 3.2 Brand Standards 50

2.5 Digital Concepts 34

4.0 Final Designs 4.1 Print Designs 58 4.2 Digital Designs 60

5.0 References

Table of Contents

1.3 Brand Attributes 12

1.0 Research 1.1 Abstract 1.2 Client Brief 1.3 Brand Attributes 1.4 SWOT 1.5 Demographics

1.0 Research


The basis of this research is to evaluate how the Gloria Vanderbilt brand can maximize marketing opportunities and invent creative efforts to rejuvenate its competitive edge in the designer jean market. Research shows that the solution resides in the answer to several questions. Why isn’t the Gloria Vanderbilt designer jean as relevant today as it was in the 1970’s? What exactly was the inspiration behind pioneering the Gloria Vanderbilt designer jean epoch? There is one simple answer to these questions. It was Gloria’s sexuality that caught a renowned designer, Murjani’s

1.1 Abstract attention and ushered him into the creative apparel realm. This brand was relevant then, because it created an outlet for self-expression for women. In those times, “wearing such jeans was a status symbol. They openly expressed the adoration of conspicuous consumption that marked the decade” (What are designer jeans, n.d.). Gloria’s efforts in the early years paved the way for the many designer jean labels in existence today. Intense competition affords occasions in evaluating how consumers can distinguish GV’s brand from the others. A rebrand of Gloria Vanderbilt is recommended to add value to the

once popular brand. Further research suggests focusing on teenagers 1519 years old and young women ages 20-35 years old. As times change, so do the needs of consumers. Strategic thinking suggests assessing industry competition and what is being offered to the customer. This research will provide valuable information regarding the essential components of Gloria Vanderbilt’s history that contribute to its past and present success. Focus is also given to new marketing outlets, target audience needs, and brand visibility re-engineering.

2.1 Design Research



1.0 Research


Conclusion The Gloria Vanderbilt brand has proven its success in the apparel industry in the past, but what guarantees continued success today and in the future? Industry variations demand a constant assessment of the brand’s position and competitive advantage. Research has shown Gloria’s current brand position is not as effective as it can be. Over the years the advertising maneuvers have evolved making brand promotion more efficient. In an effort to return GV’s designer jeans to its iconic stature, a rebrand is recommended. The brand must prove to be marketable to a younger hip target audience of

teen girls and women. More creative promotions opportunities must also be explored. Currently, Gloria Vanderbilt is not being advertised on television, or in print and is being housed in department stores as opposed to having it a stand-alone retail store. Although the product can be found in search online, there is no consistency in brand location. Studies show that most teen girls, who now carry a great percentage of purchasing power, read magazines. The web is also a major vehicle for both teen and young women. Television is also a major asset to brand promotion in that it provides an avenue in which major

2.1 Design Research celebrity role models are able to utilize persuasive measures to relate with the consumer. Placing the brand in a stand-alone retail store will enforce the consumer’s confidence in brand specialization and increase brand visibility. Rebranding also calls for redesigning the logo and colors to visually appeal to the newly focused buyer.



1.0 Research


1.2 Client Brief

Title Grand Jeans

Project Synopsis: To Rebrand Gloria Vanderbilt by removing the brand from retail outlet and department stores and creating stand alone stores. To increase brand visibility toward a new target group

Primary Product(s) or Service(s): Designer Jeans

Competition: • Wrangler Aura for women • Chico’s

Tagline(s): • Style and Quality designed for you • Jeans designed with you in mind • The perfect fit increasing sales by 10%.

1.2 Client Brief Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Unique Selling Proposition Grand Jeans is a rebrand of the Gloria Vanderbilt brand which is the world’s first designer blue jean and is positioned as a classic apparel brand

differentjean styles to complement the woman whether it be casual, trendy, or classic.

Target Audience: • Teenagers ages 15 – 19 year old. • Women ages 20 – 60 years of age. • College students,

Goals: Grand Jeans goal is to give women the expression of confidence thru their apparel by providing

• Middle income, with a high sense of fashion and buy self expressive products.




1.3 Brand Attributes

1.0 Research

Brand Mission

to give women the expression of confidence thru their apparel by providing different jean styles to complement the woman whether it be casual, trendy, or classic.

Brand Vision

Offer quality trendy, classic, casual, modern and style jeans at a reasonable price

Create a jean that caters to every woman’s personality and fit Brand Personality

• Sophisticated • Casual • Trendy • Impressive • Stylish • Confident • Timeless

1.3 Brand Attributes

13 13

Brand Benefits & Features

• Variety of colors and finishes • Designed to give a slimmer look • Effortlessly fun and stylish • A merging of designer quality and affordability • A versatile yet classic look that attracts and connects with the modern sensibility of consumers of all ages


1.0 Research


1.4 Swot Analysis

1.4 Swot Analysis Strengths


• Product innovation abilities

• Below Average Marketing skills

• Good competitive skills

• Competitive disadvantages

• Customer Loyalty

• Hidden product visibility

• Design

• Advertisement

• Brand Name Recognition



• Faster Market Growth

• Growing Competitive pressures

• New Market Appeal

• Growing Buying power of customers

• Emerging technology developments introduce lower production and coordination activities

• Growing buying power of suppliers

• Low manufacturing and production costs in international markets

• Development of substitute products

• A Change in buyer’s needs and wants




1.5 Demographics

1.0 Research

• Women ages 20 – 35 years of age. • College graduate, • Middle income, with a high sense of fashion and buy self expressive products. • afraid of losing her identity and struggles with self-esteem. • constantly searching for reaffirmation. • fitness faithful •

uses apparel to add power to her stride.

1.5 Demographics


• Teens ages 15-19 years of age. • high School /college student • exhibits a strong need for individuality in self-expression • has a love for fashions of the moment • average salary of 20,000 • sometimes battles identity certainty. • exhibits main concerns of finding the right size. • uses apparel to express herself and also heighten her selfassurance. She is always searching for the “perfect” outfit.


2.0 Creative Development 2.1 Design Research 2.2 Moodboards 2.3 Logo Concepts 2.4 Print Concepts 2.5 Digital Concepts

2.0 Creative Development


2.1 Design Research

My campaign project is to rebrand Gloria Vanderbilt to “Grand Jeans”, to return GV’s designer jeans to its iconic stature and target a younger hip audience of teen girls and women which consist of: girls ages 15 – 19 women ages 20 – 35 Enhance brand recognition, visibility, and positioning. Sex Appeal/ Sophisticated narrative focuses on “Grand Jeans” designed to offer tasteful sex appeal and capture timeless elegance. A well-fitting pair of designer jeans adds personal

appeal or physical attractiveness.

Confident/ Impressive narrative focuses on “Grand Jeans” designed with something simple, elegant and suitable for you. A well-fitting pair of designer jeans makes you look confident and impressive.

Trendy/Stylish narrative focuses on “Grand Jeans” designed for you to express your personal style and use your creativity in making you feel confident in what you are wearing and being a trendsetter.

Colors My choice of colors for my campaign project was based on what would rally the most reaction from my target audience. Research shows, “people are physically, psychologically, and socially influenced by color. Color has been found to have connections to health and it can help set the mood through which your designs are seen” (Bradley, 2010). I have also learned that you have to be careful with colors as they do not communicate the wrong message to your audience or that they do not distract from the overall message of your media. An overall understanding of your audience also plays a vital role in design color choice. According to Steven Bradley, “it’s important to understand who your target audience is and how your audience attaches meaning to color” (Bradley, 2010).

2.1 Design Research Typography


Quality and Style Made Just for You Snell Roundhand

Jeans designed with you in mind Microsoft Sans Serif

The Perfect Fit Mistral

2.0 Creative Development 22

2.1 Design Research

The media assets in which Grand Jeans would benefit the most are Television, Promotional Video, Website, Social Media, and Print. Television Advertisement is vital to Grand Jeans in that it introduces “Grand Jeans” and builds product awareness. TV Ads have also been used to connect the brand’s target audience with the brand itself. Thus, “television advertisements are an effective tool to build brand awareness and recognition”(Balivada, 2012). Promotional Video tools such as YouTube, and TrueView are also used in the same form as television advertisements. Due to the shift in the technology industry, “more advertisers are moving to YouTube advertising in 2012 than ever before”(Tompros, 2012). My target audience is an audience that can be reached via

2.1 Design Research Media Assets media outlets such as YouTube and TrueView. Technology has advanced so that you are now able to configure these tools so that they only advertise to logged in users of the demographics of your audience. Websites represents a brand’s online presence. It exposes your brand enormously. A “website can help you strengthen your brand in all aspects while reaching out to millions and millions of users across the globe”(Aneja, 2009). A website would provide Grand Jeans with a web presence to provide my audience information pertaining to designer jeans. This is also a platform offered to my target audience as a retail outlet. Social media allows for direct advertisement to my target audience via specialty topic groups or focus groups. “The aspect of marketing to these

23 social connections followed quickly as entrepreneurs realized the power potential behind getting a community involved in their products or services. Thus, social connections were ‘targeted’ for their potential and special interests with information, advertising, recruitment and other forms of marketed offerings of a commercial nature” (What is the target audience for social media?, n.d.). Print advertisements allow for product promotion. “One of the oldest and most successful forms of advertising, print ad campaigns instantly give your brand a level of credibility that may take time to develop using other methods of advertising… Crisp photos, stunning graphics, and neatly organized content will help customers visualize how your product or service can work for

2.0 Creative Development


2.2 Moodboards

My focus in preparing my mood boards is to give my product the personality needed to reach spectators. I will use preliminary sketches to draft ideas for reaching my target audience of girl teens age 15-19 years in age and women ages 20-35. Initial planning will go into sketching ideas that will affect each age group and then concepts that would connect each age group and tie them to the same love for the designer jean. My prelims would consist of drawings of the average teenager before and after. My drawing would hone in on their problems, pressures, and moods. I would then draft up a drawing with a teen wearing a pair

of designer jeans and an escape from all of the problems, pressures, which creates the mood. I would then focus on women age 20-35 years old. With this age group, I am thinking of using the sketch of the teen and transforming her into the mature age group audience and then put focus on work, home, and family. Then, I will tie in designer jeans as being the escape from the every day bustle. Once, I have researched and sketched out similarities, and differences, it is now time to incorporate a mood board. At this point, with all of the research and preliminary sketching, a mood has already been created. My mood board would create an

atmosphere for my client. My mood board should relate to both target groups and give them common ground. My mood board should also be a conversational piece in that each client group should be able to relate.

Descriptive words for each mood board: 1st Mood board - Sex Appeal/ Sophisticated 2nd Mood board Confident/ Impressive 3rd Mood board


2.2 Moodboards


2.0 Creative Development 26

2.2 Moodboards

2.2 Moodboards

My tenets are Sex Appeal/ Confidence. I wanted to show a woman that could reach both age ranges of my target audience of teens ages 15 - 19 years of age and women ages 20 - 35 years old.  I wanted her to be confident with strong sense of self-esteem.  The colors I used represent strong colors.  I used to different shades of blue with each representing a calm boldness.  “Blue conveys importance

and confidence without being somber or sinister,…” (Bear, n.d.). I also used two different shades of brown to appeal subconsciously to the audience. “Brown can convey a solid and wholesome feeling” (Bradley, 2010).


2.0 Creative Development 28

2.2 Moodboards

2.2 Moodboards

Incorporating a celebrity that would appeal to both the target audiences of teenagers ages 15 - 19 years of age and also women ages 20 - 35 years old was the concept when creating this mood board. Rhianna is one of the top performers and so my audience will relate her success with the designer jeans. I chose mountains as a background image because they make an impression of height.  The images work together to give my audience a feeling of

being on top when wearing Grand jeans. I also chose to use the color red for my typography to make it bold and stand out. Let me know what you think.  “When it comes to design, red grabs attention. It’s not a wallflower background color, it shouts out from the page. It jumps out of photographs. You can be really bold and use it widely throughout the design, although a little bit can go a long way” (Farley, 2010).


2.0 Creative Development 30

2.2 Moodboards

2.2 Moodboards

With this moodboard I wanted to give a complete picture of a woman in stylish attire, which includes jeans. I wanted to include the frames as if the entire picture is being projected via television. I also wanted to give it the puzzle piece feel, where each

piece is needed to be coplete. So, the jeans are needed to complete the woman. I used the color red for topography to contrast against the colors used in the image and to draw the consumer’s attention.


2.0 Creative Development


2.3 Logo Concepts

When thinking about the logotype, I decided to go with letter mark in that this represents Gloria Vanderbilt. Gloria’s original logo was her signature with a white swan. I decided to not alleviate from her initial trademark. So, my logotype of choice is letter mark. The letter is always a unique and proprietary design that is infused with significant personality and meaning. (Wheeler 56) I decided to go with the colors of red and navy blue. The color combination balances each in that red is a warm color vs navy a cool color. “Blue is the most used color in advertising and branding. This is because the subconscious meaning of blue is linked to trust and loyalty�(www., n.d.).

2.4 Print Concepts Print advertisements allow for product promotion. “One of the oldest and most successful forms of advertising, print ad campaigns instantly give your brand a level of credibility that may take time to develop using other methods of advertising... Crisp photos, stunning graphics, and neatly organized content will help customers visualize how your product or service can work for them�(Antrobus, n.d.).


2.0 Creative Development

2.5 Digital Concepts


Storyboard Grand Jeans

Shot 1: Introduction of fashion trends Music: Selena Gomez “Love you like a love song�


Gloria Vanderbilt


Shot 2: Focus on designer jeans in different stylish poses SFX: transition - disssolve



Job #


Shot 3: Another stylish pose Music:

Shot 4: Another stylish pose

Shot 5: Another stylish pose

Shot 6:




Page 1

2.5 Digital Concepts

This Dynamic Media Storyboard’s theme is Stylish and Trendy. The first shot starts off with showing trendy items like shoes, hair, etc. The first shot is to gain the attention of my audience and what better way than through trendy fashion. Once I have gained their attention, I then turn the focus onto Grand Jeans and how they are stylish. Each shot shows different teens wearing jeans in a different stylish poses. I wanted to invoke a feeling of belonging with the trends while setting the trend with your own style. My intention is to

associate designer jeans with being trendy and stylish. My message is that you are not a part of the trend if you aren’t wearing Grand Jeans. My subconscious motive is to imply that designer jeans equal style equals trendy. I use of course different shades of blue to compliment designer jean colors. I add a color of black to the designer jeans to play around with the thought of there being additional colors available and to ensure that my audience doesn’t feel trapped by the same old designer jean blue. My choice


of font colors for this story board is Red. Being trendy and stylish makes bold statements and thus I needed a bold color. Also, to enhance the idea of trend, the red subconsciously implants associations such as lip stick, nail polish…etc. My music of choice is Selena Gomez’s “Love You like a Love Song”. I chose this music, because Selena is one of the best representations of today’s teen style. I also feel that the song fit the message I am imparting to my audience.

2.0 Creative Development 36

2.5 Digital Concepts

2.5 Digital Concepts

Jeans are a way in which women can express themselves. With the storyboards I focused on sex appeal and sophistication. some of the images do not include any faces, as I want my target audience to envision themselves in the different illustrations. The first images display a group of women standing together in different types of jeans. I am subconsciously relating to my audience in a way that makes them want to stand out from the crowd. I

then switch focus to “Grand Jeans” in an effort to connect standing out with the jeans. I shift to what wearing the jeans would make you look and feel like when wearing them. Even though the words “Sex Appeal” aren’t revealed in each image, the images target that theme to keep it as the primary focus in each shot. The music I used is runway music. When models walk the runway, their “primary purpose is to


sell the clothes and show everyone else how good they make you feel”(Fashion-Modeling-Online, n.d.). The colors used are different shades of blue as to stay as close to the color of designer jeans used in this storyboard. I also integrated a couple of hot colors of hot pink in the color with a little teal color included in an image to add sizzle.

2.0 Creative Development

2.5 Digital Concepts


Storyboard Grand Jeans


Gloria Vanderbilt



Confident/ Impressive

Job #


Shot 1: First shot focuses on the every-

Shot 2: This shot illustrates how every teenager wants to feel. Confident and Impressive

Music: Voice Over

Music: Selena Gomez - Who says bckgrd w/

Music: Selena Gomez - Who says bckgrd w/ voiceover

Shot 4: This shot illustrates a not so con-

Shot 5: This shot illustrate a designer jean fitting

Shot 6: This shot illustrates a confident look with “Grand Jeans”

Music: Selena Gomez - Who says bckgrd w/ voiceover


Music: Selena Gomez - Who says bckgrd w/ voiceover

day concerns teenagers face

fident teen in an ordinary pair of jeans


Shot 3: This shot introduces “Grand Jeans”

Page 1

2.5 Digital Concepts

Teenage girls face a lot of dayto-day struggles, like acne, peer pressure…etc. My focus is to connect with my target audience of teen girls ages 15-19 years of age by appealing to their emotions of wanting to escape. My next shot is an image of a confident teen with no worries. I then introduce Grand Jeans subconsciously indicating that these jeans are the solution to their problems. I then put the focus back on a teen that is not confident and her trying on a pair of Grand Jeans with the next and final shot

being that of a confident teen wearing Grand Jeans. The colors for the dynamic media storyboard #2 are pretty basic blue jean color with white emphasis. I plan to use a bold color of red for title and tenet placements throughout the dynamic video. The 1st shot will only have voiceover with the trailing shots having voiceover with background music of Selena Gomez – “Who Says”. I chose this song, because it is sung by a celebrity teen and the song is about making you feel beautiful.


Transition will consist mainly of cut. My overall goal is to persuade my audience that, “clothes make a big impression on what they say about you (ex. trendy, sophisticated, classic, retro, edgy, bohemianthe list goes on & on). But it’s you who decides what you feel most comfortable wearing”(Speller, 2011).

2.0 Creative Development


In designing Grand Jeans website sitemap, I used the colors of Red and Blue for a more patriotic look as to keep with the American feel. My sitemap reflect the thought I put into what users would be most interested when visiting the site. According to Cameron Chapmen, a site map is “a centralized planning tool that can help organize and clarify the content that needs to be on your site, as well as help you eliminate unnecessary pages�(Chapman, n.d.).

Website Sitemap

Website Sketches


2.0 Creative Development 42

Website Wireframes

Mobile Wireframes


3.0 Style Guide 3.1 Logo Standards 22 3.2 Brand Standards 26

3.0 Style Guide


3.1 Logo Standards

The logo creation process involved researching the designer apparel industry logos. A new logo representing the signature that is most notably used in the designer industry was created to breathe new life into the iconic logo as well as pay homage to the classic brand logo which remains prominent in its original form but the new logo adds a distinctive style for GRAND JEANS. To ensure the legibility of the logo, it must be surrounded with a minimum amount of clear space. This isolates the logo from competing else ments such as photography, text or background patterns that may detract attention and lessen the over all

impact. Using the logo in a consistent manner across all applications helps to both establish and reinforce immediate recognition of the GRAND JEANS brand. The provided signature must be used at all times To ensure a consistent and appropriate brand identity,a general set of guidelines for logo usage is outlined as follows. 1. No elements of the logo signature may be recreated, deleted, cropped,or reconfigured. 2. A minimum clear space must be maintained on the perimeter surrounding the logo signature. 3. Logo signature must be uniformly

scaled. Non-uniform scaling distorts the proportions of signature and the relationship between the letter forms. 4. Logo signature should always appear upright. 5. Logo signature should appear against a solid background to ensure maximum and proper contrast. 7. Logo signature may only be reproduced directly from a digital file. It should never be reproduced from previously printed materials. 8. Do not put a white box around the logo when placed on a dark background and do not reproduce the logo in colors other than those specified in these guidelines.


3.1 Logo Standards

Orig Logo

New Logo


The logo creation process involved researching the designer apparel industry logos. A new logo representing the signature that is most notably used in the designer industry was created to breathe new life into the iconic logo as well as pay homage to the classic brand logo which remains prominent in its original form but the new logo adds a distinctive style for GRAND JEANS.

3.1 Logo Standards

Proper Logo Usage


3.0 Style Guide


Logo Font

Logo Colors

Space between words


Simply Glamorous

Line Height Red



3.1 Logo Standards Improper Logo Usage

• Do not use on a background that reduces the legibility of the logo • The full color logo (blue and red) should be used on a white or very pale background • On dark backgrounds, the white monochrome version should be used. • Don’t change the logo’s orientation. • Don’t bevel or emboss the logo. • Don’t place the logo on a busy photograph or pattern.

49 49

• Don’t crop the logo in any way. • Don’t add “glow” effects to the logo. • Don’t present the logo on “vibrating” colored backgrounds. • Don’t place the logo on similarlycolored backgrounds • Don’t add “drop shadow” effects to the logo • Don’t stretch or squeeze the logo to distort proportions.

3.0 Style Guide


3.2 Brand Standards

3.2 Brand Standards Grand jeans

The Grand Jeans brand standards provide a guide for presenting the brand in a cohesive way. A unified approach to graphics fosters a strong and consistent image for both internal and external audiences. This section includes a description and use guidelines for the Grand Jean typography, color palettes, images, and product label specifications. The guidelines in this manual are to help guide in promoting the identity of Grand Jeans.

target audience

Teenagers ages 15 – 19 year old.

Women ages 20 – 35 years of age.

5151 brand specification

Media Assets


3.0 Style Guide

3.2 Brand Standards

Typography Topography research included researching font types similar to that of the logo signature font. The selected typeface also had to set the tone of high fashion. The mistral Typography was determined to be the best choice as it fit the signature style and was consistent in legibility. The choice for Microsoft San Serif for body copy was a huge benefit in that it provided a softer font type and reinforced the brand’s tone of fashion.




Microsoft San Serif

3.2 Brand Standards


Color choice was closely related to the designer industry and whaty each symbolizes. Grand Jeans’s message is one of Confidence, Sex Appeal, and Sophistication. The color selection include red, navy blue, silver, and tan. The color red is a vibrant color that commands boldness and is an attention grabber. Dark blue is notorious for it’s symbolism of “knowledge, power, trust and integrity”(Cousins, 2012).Silver although flashy, is used in combination with tan to provide an even balance.

CMKY Values C=3 M=99 Y=87 K=1 RGB Values R=217 G=0 B=0 CMKY Values C=79 M=65 Y=35 K=17 RGB Values R=49 G=63 B=102 CMKY Values C=35 M=25 Y=16 K=0 RGB Values R=154 G=159 B=178 CMKY Values C=14 M=16 Y=18 K=0 RGB Values R=196 G=187 B=183


3.0 Style Guide


Images Images should reflect models having fun wearing GRAND JEANS. Models should reflect the brand’s target audience of women ages 20-35 years of age and teens ages 15-19 years in age. All imagery should reflect the brand’s tone of confidence, sex appeal, sophisticated, trendy, and style.

2.1 Design Research

3.2 Brand Standards Product Label Specifications Labels are placed on all Grand Jeans apparel. A logo with the width and height specifications of 3.903 inches and 1.569 inches respectively is to be placed on all designer jeans apparel. The logo must not exceed the above specifications under any circumstances. The logo must be in white on a dark background and can be red or blue on a light background.

Width 3.903 inches

Height 1.569 inches

55 55

4.0 Final Designs 4.1 Print Designs 4.2 Digital Designs

4.0 Final Designs


4.1 Print Designs

4.1 Print Designs


4.0 Final Designs


4.2 Digital Designs

Social media allows for direct advertisement to my target audience via specialty topic groups or focus groups. “The aspect of marketing to these social connections followed quickly as entrepreneurs realized the power potential behind getting a community involved in their products or services. Thus, social connections

were 'targeted' for their potential and special interests with information, advertising, recruitment and other forms of marketed offerings of a commercial nature� (What is the target audience for social media?, n.d.).

4.2 Digital Designs


5.0 References


5.0 References

1. Women Jeans & Fun References womens-fashion/womens-jeans-indenimocracy-spring-summer-2013lookbook 2. Jeans with red shoes 3. Women in jeans playing the guitar

Image Sources brunettes%20women%20jeans%20 wall%20jojo%20leaning%20 1470x1196%20wallpaper_www. wallpaperno.com_79.jpg

img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/ derivatives/landscape_635/algskinny-jeans-jpg.jpg

6. Women in jeans with rocks in the background s1600/2ynkl50.jpg images/2012/09/-Brunettes-WomenJeans-Acoustic-Guitars-GuitarsRooftops-Diego-Rivera-Fresh-NewHd-Wallpaper--.jpg

7. Women against the fence

4. Women sitting in the woods wp-content/uploads/2010/10/ TL-WOMENS-HEALTH-JEANSFASHION.jpeg images/2012/09/-Blondes-WomenJeans-Forest-Models-Sitting-LogsFresh-New-Hd-Wallpaper--.jpg 9. Woman lying on the floor pulling up jeans

5. Woman sitting by the wall

10. half body with legs crossed in jeans thumbnails/detail/20121101/ polopoly_fs/1.119883.1313964563!/

11. Women in red jacket in jeans

12. Woman on the bicycle detail/20120805/women%20jeans%20 bicycles%20grass%20jordana%20 brewster%201600x1200%20wallpaper_ wallpaperswa.com_36.jpg 13, Woman on back cover of project book with hat 14. Women laying on bed wearing jeans

Image Sources


ashley-judd-tepe68-blog-3/http:||te pe68blog3*files*wordpress*com|2 012|03|ashley-judd-002*jpg/

585x4 18. images for Dynamic Media #1

html 22. Woman with shopping bags jumping

15 images for moodboard #3 pc/display/3024499 community/uploads12/2657/ shopping_girl/

19. legs on the wall with different jean colors

23. Gilrs with colorful jeans juergen_berlin/6034788688/ in/gallery-75451273@N0472157631562062769/ rob_birze/4420136059/in/ gallery-75451273@N0472157631530478567/ 16. images for moodboard #1 pc/display/3024499 17. images for moodboard #2 http://mountainseer.blogspot. com/2011/12/mountain-seer-ismoving-link-visit-new.html uploads/2012/02/Rihanna-jeans-

http://revistatopteen. com/wp-content/uploads/ multimedia/2012/08/Goodshoot. jpg 20. Two women shopping in mall wearing jeans photo_13709410_pieknadziewczyna-z-torby-na-zakupy-wsklepie.html 21. Girl holding shopping bags http://tenzine.blogspot. com/2011/05/brand-new-clothes. fashion/1007 24. Girl standing next to grafiti wall http://casualglamour.blogspot. com/2012/09/graffiti-alley.html 25. Denim texture uploads/2012/09/DenimTexture-1.jpg 26. Woman kneeling wearing jeans



5.0 References

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