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Xbox 360 Care Guide / Tips If you want to enjoy gaming on your Xbox 360 for a long time, it's essential you take care of it well. Follow my Xbox 360 Care Guide below and do the same for your Xbox 360, so that you minimize your risk of paying money for repairs. Xbox 360 Console Location 1. Place your Xbox 360 in a clear, open space. 2. Do not place your Xbox 360 console in the area below: -  On a soft fabric surface, as over time, the heat generated by your console might leave a hole on the fabric - On top of another device that also generates heat. - Nearby an air-conditioner vent, as the process of hot and cool air produces condensation inside your unit. Imagine water generation in your Xbox 360 motherboard and you will surely know the consequences. 3. Your Xbox 360 power brick should be placed in an open area with proper ventilation as well. Do not cover it or place it behind your console. Xbox 360 General Tips / Care Guide I'd recommend placing your Xbox 360 in a Horizontal position as I do. The stability factor comes in place here. In Horizontal position, you will reduce the risk of your Xbox 360 falling and damaging the internal components. There not much difference in the air flow whether placed Vertically or Horizontally, but you minimize the risk of knocking it to the floor. Do not move your Xbox 360 console position while a game is running. Your Xbox 360 does not have any mechanism to hold the disc in place. By moving the console about, you increase the chances of your disc getting scratched. Over time, your disc might become unreadable. Try to keep a soft, clean cloth nearby your Xbox 360 console. Use it to clean up any dust and debris that are stuck on the ventilation panels. Use the Xbox 360 Repair Guide to open up your Xbox 360 and clean the inner area of the ventilation as well. Make sure your Xbox 360 is switched off before cleaning it up.

You also choose to buy a small desk fan and provide some cooling to your Xbox 360. However, do not place it at the area where the hot air flows out, as it will only disrupt the flow and cause more Overheating to your Xbox 360. Xbox 360 Internal Care Guide I'd highly recommend you to buy the Xbox 360 Ultimate Care Kit to clean the inner part of your console. The kit contains the following: -  DVD Laser Lens cleaning disc -  Disc Repair Kit, includes a soft cleaning cloth and disc repair fluid -  7 Realistic fully 3D animated screensaver Using the Xbox 360 Repair Guide step by step guide, you can open up your Xbox 360 console and wipe away dust on the motherboard, heatsink and fans. You could also use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust. Xbox 360 Game Care Guide -  Always place your games disc into a case. If you leave outside, the surface will collect dust, which will then add dust and debris inside the Xbox 360 DVD tray. With this, you will also prevent Disc Error message, as your disc is always clean in the case. -  Try not to lend your disc around to your friends. Trust me, friends will return your disc back in proper condition. If you subscribe to my newsletter, I will teach how to copy your game disc and sell it to your friends for cheap. You can start making money with this method as well, which will fund for your next game purchase.

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==== ==== Click Below to Own Your Xbox 360 ==== ====

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