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How to Make any Man Obsess Over You and Then Make Him Fall Madly In Love with You

How to Make Any Man Obsess Over You

How to make any man obsess over you discussion points : Work on your self-confidence Make him feel masculine Be unpredictable (spontaneous) Make him chase you Tell him you like him Take a step back so you can move forwards Drive him crazy in bed (find that word that makes him nuts and keep whispering it) How to make him fall madly in love with you: Do as many activities together as possible Let him think the relationship is his idea Make eye contact Why touching men is a smart move Seduce him (by NOT seducing him) 1/53

Let him invest time and energy in you Share your opinions with him Look attractive Laugh at his jokes (even when they’re not funny) Mirror his movements Flash some flesh Have in-depth conversations Show interest in him Do not tell him you love him Play with his jealousy a little bit Tell him what kind of men you like Shower him with attention (and then not) Be mysterious Flirt with him Show that you care Let him fall in love with 36 questions Keep him happy in bed How to make him think of you even when he’s not with you In this article you will learn: Why self-confidence makes it ten times easier to make a man crazy about you. How to drive a man crazy in bed…do this and he can no longer stay away from you. … a total of seven simple tips to get a man crazy. How do you make a man crazy about you? I recently received a very extensive story via email. At the bottom of the e-mail was this question: “How to make a man go crazy for you?” Now this is of course a huge question, which I can write a whole book about, but for the sake of convenience I will limit myself to these seven tips to make him want you… 1.

Work on your self-confidence

To make him crazy about you, it is first and foremost necessary to have your own life in order. Self-confidence plays a major role in this. One of the best ways to make him go crazy for you is to show off how self-confident you are. Men are crazy about a woman with self-confidence and especially when the self-confident woman shows interest in them. 2/53

So work on your self-confidence. Most insecure people don’t do much of anything to better themselves at something and they hope a relationship will miraculously make everything better for them. Watch out for this pitfall. Being in a relationship will not fix all your problems for you. It is never a good idea to start a relationship at a time when you are not happy. If you are very happy at the moment and you are self-confident, in that case you can safely proceed to the next tip. But if that is not the case, then it is first of all important to ensure that you have a fun and interesting life. When you have such a life, you automatically increase your self-confidence. So make sure you have a nice group of friends that you do things with that make you happy and that you continue to develop yourself. The moment you actively engage in doing things with other people your self-confidence increases. You will notice that you automatically get more attention from men and that those men when you go out on a date with them will be crazy about you.


Make him feel masculine

If it is something that makes men wild, it is a woman who makes him feel good about himself.


Regardless of how the following may sound, a man can only feel good when he feels “the man”. If you can give him this feeling, he will automatically find you a lot more fun. This alone can already ensure that he cannot get enough of you. Making him feel masculine is therefore a very simple way to make him crazy about you. You may now think how can you make him feel masculine right? Relax, this is a lot easier than most women think at first. The best ways to achieve this: Ask for his help Let him solve things for you. Exactly, it can be that simple. So the moment you come from the supermarket and you have a heavy bag, ask him if he can carry the bag for you. At that moment he immediately feels the male (and strong). The fact that you can carry the bag yourself does not really matter that much, it’s about giving him the idea that you need him. Because look… He wants to be seen by you as a real man The moment you do everything yourself and never ask him for help, this feeling is missing and he may feel inferior. The consequence? He does not feel comfortable in your relationship and therefore automatically finds you less fun. Do not get me wrong, it’s great if you’re an independent woman who can actually do it all by yourself. But it is also true that most strong women (even though they can do everything themselves) ask a man for help, for the simple reason that this is a good way to win him over to them. So the most important thing to make a man crazy about you is to ask him for help and have him fix things for you. With this you simply give him the feeling that he is the man. 3.

Be unpredictable 4/53

In the world of relationships and dating, predictably is another word for BORING. And I can imagine that neither of you want a boring relationship either, do you? I know, rhetorical questionJ In order to make him desire you more, it is therefore important to interrupt your routine (if you have one) from time to time. What you often see happening is that in the beginning a relationship between a man and a woman is very exciting and varied. But then there comes a time when both of them become complacent and do very little in the relationship to keep it fresh and alive. They think: I do not have to bother because we are in a relationship now. Just between you and me‌ This is the fear of every man For a woman to make less effort once they are in a relationship is like death for men That is why it is so important to be unpredictable at times, especially at the beginning of the dating phase. That way you make him curious, simply because he never fully knows exactly what you are up to. So do not always go to the same place to drink something, but surprise him occasionally by taking him to the zoo (or use whatever other creative dating ideas you can come up with) A sure-fire way to make a man desire you more is to make sure he does not always know where he stands with you.



Make him chase you

You hear me saying it again and again, men by nature are hunters. If a man does not have to chase you, then it is almost impossible for him to be attracted to you. So when you respond to all his messages within five seconds and say “yes” to all his requests, for him the fun is quickly gone. You see the same thing happening with a lion hunting a gazelle. As soon as a lion sees a gazelle is injured, he will immediately stop the hunt, for the simple reason that there is no challenge. Men sometimes are just like lions Because if in his eyes he sees you as easy prey, he loses interest. By this I do not mean that you must always play “hard to get” and behave like an ice princess. No. What I mean is a woman who says: Yes, I like you, but do not think it’s that easy. Shouldyou want to win me over to you, then you will have to put in some effort for me. When you convey this message to him clearly, you will make him crazy with desire If, for example, he asks you on a Tuesday evening at 22:00 if you would like to visit him, say something like: 6/53

Sorry, but I’m not the type of woman who visits men at such a time. But because I think you are a nice man, we can meet for something to drink on Saturday afternoon. With this you let him know that you are no easy “prey”. … And even if a man does not say so, this is the kind of thing that make him obsessed with you. In addition to the above example there is something else that will make a man crazy for you, namely:


Tell him you like him

We already mentioned that it is good to have a man put in some effort for you. But you have to let him know you like him, because if a man is not entirely sure if he stands a chance with you, chances are that he will not bother with you. Some men have suffered a bloodbath of rejections. For that reason you want to let him know that you like him, because he thinks: Gosh, I’m taking a chance with her. And once a man realizes this (and he likes you too), very little is needed to make him crazy about you. 7/53


Take a step back so you can move forwards

Men hate it when women do this to them; most guys however acknowledge this tactic works very well. What does “take a step back so you can move forwards” mean? It means you will have periods in which you have a lot of contact, followed by periods where you have little contact. When a man initially gets a lot of your attention and then all of a sudden not, he gets confused. And in all people it works so that when we randomly receive a reward, in this case a lot of your attention, we would prefer to get that. As soon as it becomes obvious to a man that he has your attention, you quickly becomes less interesting to him. But when he only receives attention from you in a random fashion, you can literally make him addicted to you. This same principle is reflected in every form of gambling. Think about it, why do you think so many people have a gambling addiction? The reason for this is because you win an arbitrary number of times in gambling and lose an arbitrary number of times. As a result, those who dare to gamble only want more “reward”, and before he knows it he is addicted to gambling. Anyway, you are not here to discover why someone is being addicted to gambling. You are here to discover… How to make any man obsess over you This is especially crucial in the dating phase. No contact whatsoever for two or three days is an infallible way to make a man want you more. He’s going to like you much more. He will do more for you. He will do his best for you. And before you say something like: “I do not want to play games with him” or “What if he meets someone else in those two days?” I fully understand where you’re coming from, but fact remains that everything is kind of a game when you are flirting with someone. 8/53

A man (even if he does not say so) wants to make an effort for you, and taking a step back as suggested here is an effective way to achieve that. 7.

Drive a man crazy in bed

It is no secret that a good sex life contributes to a better relationship. And if you can make him go crazy for you in bed, he will automatically find you more pleasant than he already does. Well that sounds very logical, but to make him want you in bed is not easy. In fact, it is something that many women are insecure about. Someone just happened to ask me this past week if I perhaps have any “make him obsessed with you in bed tipsâ€? Before you can drive a man crazy in bed it is essential to know what the things are that turn men on in bed during sex. You can read more on turn ons in bed, but a few of those things are: Talk dirty Be open-minded Be submissive Call him by his name Tell him what you like, etc. These are the kinds of things that can cause a man to go crazy for you in bed. Great sex does not necessarily mean he loves you. You have however fallen in love with him and now you want to know‌


How to make him fall in love with you You know he likes you, but you also know that he is not in love with you. And this is by far the most asked question I get from women. They ask, “How to make him fall in love with me?� They want to hear about some magical solution which will make a man fall in love within a few minutes. In this article I give you 23 different ways to make him fall in love with you. They are not all smart tips, perhaps, but they work.

1: Do as many activities together as possible What I mean by this: Try to participate in as many different things as possible with him in as many different locations as possible. 10/53

This gives the illusion that you have known each other for some time, for example: Exercise together. Attend an exhibition in the city. Take a trip to the local zoo. Visit his and your friends with him Make sure you make as many different memories together as possible, not only will he get the feeling that he has known you for longer, but he will also find you a lot more fun to be with. After all, you are the one with whom he experienced all those crazy adventures and because of this he will want to do more things with you. Bonus tip: If you really want to give him that butterfly-in-the-belly feeling, then take part in an activity in which a lot of adrenaline is released. Research shows that this drastically strengthens the connection. Go bungee jumping for example, even playing a game of twister may already do wonders.

2: Let him think the relationship is his idea You have been dating for a while now and you start to think it’s time for the next step. Although it can be tempting to tell him this‌ 11/53

Do not do it. You can give him a few subtle hints, but give him time and do not put him under pressure. A man wants to think that a relationship was his idea. There may be several signals that he has actually fallen in love with you, but as soon as he senses that you are trying to force a relationship, he will think that you are desperate. So give him the space and time, especially in the initial phase. If it feels to him that the relationship was his idea then he will not let you go, and you, by giving him the space and time to realize his true feelings will prevent him from suggesting the two of you should take things more slowly.

3: Make eye contact I continue to find it funny how the impact of eye contact is underestimated. It is simply a great way to induce (sexual) tension in a man. You can literally seduce him with eye contact without even saying a word to him. There are however a number of do’s and don’ts you should adhere to when you use this technique; you obviously do not want to come across as a weirdo.

How do you do it in a good way? Make eye contact and then break it again Start out by looking at him nonchalantly until he gives you attention. It may take a while, but wait until he looks back at you and then SLOWLY look away. Do not look away as if you were caught, but do it quietly. Smile as you look at him Do not take it very seriously or do not try to be overly sultry, just give him a little smile. This makes you look much warmer and more attractive and you keep things light. Third time does the trick Do not assume that men will understand it the first time. We may think that it is coincidence or that you are looking at someone behind us. If you have ever had a relationship with a man you know how bad men are in interpreting hints. So try at least three times in a row. Do not go winking Do people still do this? It does not look attractive and there is a good chance that he may laugh and you look like a crazy person. When you break eye contact, break it by looking down 12/53

When someone breaks eye contact, our body unconsciously interprets it as contempt. So you come across as unfriendly. When you look away to the side, we see this as a sign of boredom or disinterest. That is not the signal you want to give. When you break eye contact, look down. This is a sign of respect and appreciation. This makes the man feel safer and more confident and his interest will be peaked.

4: Why touching men is a very smart move Touching him is so incredibly important that it would simply be stupid not to use it. You do not have to believe me… In 1991 a study was conducted to show that you are found more attractive, nicer and estimated higher when you touch someone. “Results showed that touching typically conveyed more composure, immediacy, receptivity/trust, affection, similarity/depth/equality, dominance, and informality than its absence.” Source: I mean touches such as: Put your hand on his shoulder when he jokes. Give him a playful push when he makes a lame comment. When you do this he starts to feel more confident when you occasionally touch him. 13/53

You also create the idea in his mind that he stands a chance with you; basically giving him the green light to fall in love with you.

5: Seduce him by not seducing him Huh? How do you do this? Well, look, it’s like Fanelli says: “Rather than spending your time trying to lure him in, remember that people who are comfortable with themselves are interesting because they are happy, and that’s very attractive.” Dr. Joe Fanelli What we can learn from this is that having an interesting life filled with fun will make you more attractive to him. You can apply all other tips in this article, but if you do not have a fun and interesting life, then he will refrain from getting involved with you. To make sure that you have a fun and interesting life, do the things you have always wanted to do (but that your mum may have forbidden you to do). Not only will he find you more attractive because of this, but your own mundane life will simply become more fun. A win-win situation.

6: Let him invest energy and time in you This may be a little tricky, because when you are in love you want to see him as often as possible. Understandable, only there is a problem: 14/53

This very quickly gives the impression that you are “easy”. And that men find very unattractive even if he likes you. If you want a man to fall in love with you, then you have to let him put in some effort. Make sure he invests time and energy into you. This will make him regard you more valuable as people generally appreciate things more when they have to work hard for it. In addition, there is also a drive in men to perform, so it is important. Some of the simple things you can do to ensure that he puts time and energy into you Ask him for advice, for example about something that happened at your work. Even though you do not really need his advice at all, questions about it yield bonus points. Let him solve a problem in your house, for example, let him change a lamp. I do not mean that you have to be helpless and weak, but it is nice to let him work for you a little bit. You also want to prevent him from seeing you as “too easy”. When he proposes you meet him at his place at say 10 o’clock one evening you immediately tell him you’re not that kind of woman and propose meeting him somewhere on Saturday where you can do something fun together. In short. Let him put a lot of time, energy and effort into being with you.

7: Share your opinions with him 15/53

We already mentioned it in the previous tip, asking him for advice is a nice way to make him fall in love with you. But this does not mean that you have to suddenly ask for advice in every situation. This is counterproductive. Men fall for women who sometimes dare to share their opinion. One of the biggest turn-offs for men is a woman without an opinion. So if he asks you: “What do you feel like?” Then do not say: “I do not know…” Just say what you feel like doing at that moment. In other words, do not forget to give your opinion from time to time.

8: Look attractive The male brain reacts differently from a woman’s brain to visual stimuli. It turns out that the brain of a man reacts much more strongly to the display of sexually tinted places. The superficiality of men is here confirmed for the umpteenth time. Now we can do two things: Complain about the superficiality of men. Accept it and put this knowledge to good use. The second option has my personal preference and I’m glad you think so. Looking good? Take care of yourself I really do not mean that you have to starve yourself and plunder the clothing stores with your credit card. What I mean is: Put on nice clothes. Smell nice. Take the time to put on some make-up. Spend time in the gym every week. It does not have to be all that extreme, as long as he can see that you spend time on your looks and in general take good care of yourself. This is a good way to make a man more aware of you and in his mind he thinks: “Gosh, she has made a lot of effort for me, maybe I stand a chance.” If you want to make him fall in love, then taking real good care of your appearance is crucial. 16/53

9: Laugh at his jokes (even when they’re not funny) Studies and surveys show that women like men with a sense of humor. And that’s pretty funny, since men are looking for women who they can make laugh. As if it had to be so. By laughing at his jokes you give him the confirmation that almost every man is looking for, namely: “She laughs at my jokes, I knew it, I knew I’m funny” You flatter his ego and instantly he will feel so much better about himself, thinking that you are the one who brings out this feeling in him. For that reason he will want to see you more often and find you more and more fun. The funny thing is that this is the same with every man, every man you meet will make an attempt to make you laugh. So if you like him, grab this kind of opportunity to make him like you more by laughing at his jokes.


10: Mirror his movements This trick is encountered in all spheres of life, even the smartest business people use it. There is of course a very good reason for this: It works. We humans are just attracted to people who are “the same� as us. 18/53

By imitating something as simple as his movements, he will feel more attracted to you. Moreover, a study shows that it is not only about the movement, but that timing also plays a role. Some examples: If he laughs, smile back. If he puts his hand on his leg, put your hand on your leg. This will create a lot of attraction without him being aware of it. Be careful, however, that you leave the male movements to him and do not try to copy them.

11: Flash some flesh It probably sounds a little crazy, but what I mean is that you have to show some skin. About 40% to be precise. A study conducted by British scientists at Leeds University shows 40% is how much skin is needed to attract the right amount of attention from the opposite sex. More than this, a woman may attract the wrong type of man They discovered that when 40% of skin was visible to a man, she was found to be the most attractive. So when you go on a date and opportunity allows, make smart use of it.


12: Have in-depth conversations It is true that first dates are often a bit superficial and light conversation is at the order of the day, and there is nothing wrong with that. In the beginning it is new and a bit stressful. 20/53

Anyway, by now you have already been on a couple of dates. If you want to get him to want you more, then it is high time to have more in-depth conversations. These conversations ensure that a deeper connection between the two of you is established. For example, research shows that: In-depth discussions increase the bond of trust and the willingness to enter into a relationship. Keeping information hidden from each other produces the opposite effect. In other words, through in-depth conversations you create a real connection with him. This connection will ensure that he will consider you as “relationship material”. So, what do I mean by in-depth conversations?” By this I mean you talk about things that you normally do not talk to others about because it is difficult. Say for example: “I never actually tell anyone about this, but in the past, I had (describe a personal experience from years past)…” Now it can be a bit scary to tell a personal story, since it is always difficult to be vulnerable. But if you really like him and simply because you are so honest, he may start to feel a bond with you that he has with no one else.

13: Show interest in him 21/53

Nowadays there are only a few people who really listen to each other. It seems everyone feels an urge to prove themselves to the other person. This translates into: Men who continuously brag. Women who talk about themselves non-stop. Maybe the time has come to pay attention to what Dale Carnegie says: “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.� By showing genuine interest in a man he will automatically show more interest in you, as this is a typical trait that every person has. So when you meet with him, make sure you listen well and ask related questions. Because of this he will find you a lot more fun than when you try to convince him of how nice you are.


14: Do not tell him you love him (yet) There are many women who tell a man straight that they are in love with him. Whether after 1 or after 30 days, this remains a bad plan. By telling him that you are in love with him you deprive him of the opportunity to fall in love with you. 23/53

At the start of a relationship, a man wants to conquer you. Once it becomes clear that you are in love with him, there is nothing left to be conquered. So keep it to yourself, otherwise making him fall in love with you becomes a lot harder than it already is.

15: Play with his jealousy a little bit Men, from a biological point of view, are not very likely to enter into a relationship with someone. Simply because they did not need the protection of a woman in the past. There is however one thing that is for sure, and that is that all men want to “possess” a woman. Possession may sound a little over the top, but that’s how men feel about any woman he’s faintly interested in. And the thing that make men want to possess a woman is jealousy. Jealousy makes him feel like he has to fight for you And even though men do not like it, this “I-need-to-fight-for-her” feeling creates a lot of attraction to you. In one fell swoop he will realize how much fun you are. He now runs the “risk” of losing you, and he does not want that. Once he realizes he may lose you, he will automatically find you more attractive and put in more effort for you. Be subtle in how you make him jealous. For example, what you can do is: “Accidentally” upload a photo of yourself with another man on Facebook. Whenever possible, in a casual conversation, say: “I recently had a drink with (other guy’s name) and he told me (what applies to your conversation)…” So play a little bit with this, but do not go crazy either.

16: Let him know what kind of men you like An attractive man does not settle for a woman who does not know what she wants. She gives the impression that she is desperate and willing to settle for just any man she meets with. In other words, let him know what kind of man you like


Even if your description is very similar to who he is, it does not matter. Because by telling him what you are looking for in a man he will think: “Gosh. She knows exactly what she is looking for in a man.” This is anything but desperate.

17: Shower him with attention (and then not) If you’ve ever dated a man who sometimes reacts to your messages within 10 seconds and then does not reply at all the next time…then you know what I’m talking about. This causes a lot of confusion and sometimes even a little frustration. The reason this works so well – and it does not matter whether you are a man or a woman – is because it is unpredictable. Because when a person knows what will happen, the fun is soon gone. That is why watching a movie for the second time is much less fun: It is boring because you know exactly what will happen. Instead of watching the same movie over and over, you want to watch a different one, because a movie where you know what is happening next is not exciting any more. The same applies to a relationship When you do the same thing every week, there comes a day when one of you says: “I no longer enjoy this…” Nobody wants a boring relationship. And you can prevent that by simply providing variation. Give him a lot of attention one time and sometimes none at all. Behave a bit distant one moment and then draw closer to him another moment. You get my point, make sure there is variety in what you do.

18: Be a tad mysterious When you want to make him fall in love with you, on the one hand it is important that he gets to know you well, but on the other hand it is important to remain a little bit mysterious. Because he will then think: “I do not know what it is with her, there is something mysterious about her.” And men love this, you are simply not being predictable. As a result, he wants to know more about you, because there is so much about you that he does not know… So do not tell him your entire life story from day 1, but instead be interested in him. Tell him only a few things about yourself and then talk about him again. 25/53

This way, he’ll want to know more and more about you; this is often also the moment he is falls in love with you.

19: Flirt with him You know what I mean: Give him a sexy look. Subtly make an ambiguous remark. Run your fingers through your hair when he says something to you. Give him your brightest smile when he says something funny to you. It is true that men are not good at interpreting subtle signals, but flirting is a completely different story.


These kinds of subtle signals are just great for men and will ensure that he constantly thinks of you. He will long for the next time he’ll see you and meanwhile his sexual fantasies are running wild.

20: Show that you care By this I mean: Cook for him once in a while. Bring him a cup of coffee when not expected Send him a message and ask how things are with his sick grandmother in hospital. It may sound a bit strange, but when you do kind things you remind him of his mother a bit. Every man has a kind of tendency to look for a woman who would also be a good mother. Instinctively, men are looking for: A woman who is sexy Women for whom they need to put in some effort. A caring woman who shows she can take good care of other people.

21: Make him fall in love with 36 questions This may sound a bit crazy, but the psychologist Arthur Aron used 36 questions in his laboratory to make two people fall in love with each other. I am aware of how strange this sounds, but there is no word of lying. Even stranger are the results and for me, that was enough reason to include the list. Both of you need to answer the questions though, not a one-sided affair… I have to warn you though, these 36 questions work terribly well. “This is a study of interpersonal closeness, and your task, which we think will be quite enjoyable, is simply to get close to you partner…”

36 questions to ask one another: Set 1: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest? Would you like to be famous? In what way? Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you’re going to say? Why? What would constitute a perfect day for you? When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else? If you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you choose? 7. Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die? 27/53

8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Name three things you and your partner appear to have in common. For what in your life do you feel most grateful? If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be? Take four minutes and tell you partner your life story in as much detail as possible. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?

Set 2: 13. If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know? 14. Is there something that you’ve dreamt of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it? 15. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life? 16. What do you value most in a friendship? 17. Your most treasured memory? 18. What is your most terrible memory? 19. If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living? Why? 20. What does friendship mean to you? 21. What roles do love and affection play in your life? 22. Alternate sharing something you consider a positive characteristic of your partner. Share a total of five items. 23. How close and warm is your family? Do you feel your childhood was happier than most other people’s? 24. How do you feel about your relationship with your mother? Set 3: 25. Make three true “we” statements each. For instance, “we are both in this room feeling…” 26. Complete this sentence “I wish I had someone with whom I could share…” 27. If you were going to become a close friend with your partner, please share what would be important for him or her to know. 28. Tell your partner what you like about them: be honest this time, saying things that you might not say to someone you’ve just met. 29. Share with your partner an embarrassing moment in your life. 30. When did you last cry in front of another person? By yourself? 31. Tell your partner something that you like about them already. 32. What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about? 33. If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone? Why haven’t you told them yet? 34. Your house, containing everything you own, catches fire. After saving your loved ones and pets, you have time to safely make a final dash to save any one item. What would it be? Why? 35. Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? Why? 36. Share a personal problem and ask your partner’s advice on how he or she might handle it. Also, ask your partner to reflect back to you how you seem to be feeling about the 28/53

problem you have chosen.

22: Keep him happy in bed They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Sure there is a bit of truth in this but there are a number of things that are more important to him than food… Sex is one of them. I do not have to tell you that a good sex life is important to ensure a good relationship. Well, I am not saying you have to go to bed with him the first night (personally I’d rather wait until he actually said that he loved me), but when you have been dating for a while, and you decide to take the step of sleeping with him, make sure things are good in the bedroom and that it stays good! Being great in bed will ensure that he finds you more enjoyable and will stay in a relationship with you longer. How do you ensure that the sex is (and remains) good? I was hoping you would ask that…

17 Tips on What Men Want in Bed & During Sex How you can make a man as wild as a bull by using his nose Why responding to his “50 shades of grey” fantasy will make you unforgettable What men want to hear from women in bed (and what they do not like and do not like to hear) How to make him wild by being his TomTom in bed. What the best sound is during sex in every country in the world – and how you can use this to 29/53

your advantage. The fantasy of every man that women will never know and men will never tell you.

What he secretly desires from you in bed Women are a mystery to men. Men are a mystery to women. Especially when it comes to sex. You are afraid that you are doing it “wrong”. And when you consider asking him for advice, then you are afraid that he may get angry or that you are giving his ego a dent. Let’s be honest: Sex is a deal-breaker. If it is good, he will become addicted to you. If it is bad, he may just disappear. Pay attention: Before you think you are good in bed, think about the following: If you do not give rise to the right feelings in a man during sex, he will hardly EVER tell you this. No, usually he just disappears, because he finds women who are bad in bed just “not attractive”. So do not make the mistake that many women make: Thinking that you are good in bed just because you have only had compliments or never had any complaints. So let me tell you how to drive any man crazy in bed. In this article I will tell you about a number of common sex fantasies of men. Many of these things men will never want or dare to tell you. Some things that men want during sex can even seem a little weird. And yes, I know you think you’re good in bed. That is what all women think. But, not all women are good in bed, and that’s a fact. What (the majority of) men want during sex and what men love in bed:

1: Respect his nose In the eyes of a man, a woman is like a gentle and sweet being. 30/53

And everything that makes him think of a woman is sweet, soft or tasty. Men therefore expect a woman to smell nice and have soft skin when they go to bed with her. It falls within their expectations of how a woman is. You do not have to go for a full body treatment to smell good. The checklist for guaranteed romping is: Take a shower Smear your body with a nice smelling lotion Put some perfume behind your ears Little tip: do not overdo it. When he kisses or licks you, he does not want to swallow 2 pounds of lotion or perfume J As long as you smell good, it is fine. The neighbors do not have to also smell you.

2: Beautiful lingerie Men are stimulated by what they see. Women are stimulated by what they hear. What men want during sex is a woman they are afraid they may lose control with. Her looks drives him so crazy that he needs to take heavy control of himself. However complicated it sounds: Sexy lingerie is enough to awaken the beast in the man. You really want to do it right? Combine it with stockings and high heels. I realize the high heels are not functional‌but believe me, if you want to make your man desire you even more in bed, they are very functional.


3: Totally surrender You may have noticed it during the whole “50 shades of grey” hype: Men love control. Some men more than other men I must add. But there are few men who would like to give control to a woman. If they do this, it stems from uncertainty. Therefore give yourself over to a man completely: Let him guide you… Some men are not very comfortable with giving commands. That’s why it’s good to lend him a helping hand so that he understands that he is the boss: Say “Tonight I will do everything you say.” Say “You’re the boss tonight.” Saying this kind of thing pumps up his confidence and show him that he is the “boss”.

4: What men like to hear in bed… 32/53

And while we’re on the subject of “saying things”… As I mentioned earlier, men are sometimes as insecure in bed as women. They do not want to make the “wrong” move because they do not know how a woman will react to this. That is why you can give him a helping hand by literally telling him what you want him to do with you. You can even exaggerate this a bit Don’t say “I want good sex tonight”, rather say “I want you to show me all the corners of the room tonight.” What men find fun and exciting to hear is when you respond to his “dominate” fantasy by telling him what to do with you.

5: Be loud in bed Women who are very quiet are very difficult for men to gauge. Both on dates and in the bedroom. Only when a woman talks or produces a sound at all, does a man know what he is up to. For a man it is therefore also guessing whether a woman “likes it” or not. Help him a bit: Groan with pleasure. Tell him to go faster/harder. This is what men want to hear in bed. They get the recognition they want. He can hear you enjoy what he’s doing, making him even more excited. Do not be afraid that the neighbors will hear it. A man wants the neighbors to hear it. That is because his ego gets a boost.

6: Boost his ego You may have read that women are sensitive to compliments. And that men should do their best to give women compliments. And this is true. Women like getting compliments. Want to know a secret? All people like to receive compliments. Men also are quite sensitive to it. 33/53

Every compliment you give a guy makes him feel more masculine and is a step closer to conquering his heart. The kind of compliments with which to conquer him is compliments about how: strong he is; smart he is; confident he is; good he is in bed. Men already think of themselves as sex gods. So what men want during sex is that you maintain this picture he has of himself (or even strengthen it). Therefore give him compliments during and after sex about how good he is and was. It does not have to be complicated compliments. A compliment like “what a beast you are in bed” already works wonders. He can make up his own mind about what a “beast in bed” is exactly.

7: Be his navigation system in bed Men are not always as confident as they look. Women also not. Every person walks around with some form of uncertainty. That is why we like people around us who give us instructions or assignments. Because of this we do not have to lose sight of ourselves if it goes wrong. 34/53

That’s how it goes in bed. Men do not always know what you like Because they do not want to ruin it, they are going to be very content. What a man really wants is a woman who gives him directions so that he can satisfy her as much as possible. Men may sometimes seem to be all about their own orgasm…but they often do this because they do not really know what to do “with you”. Give him directions: Tell him whether he should go faster or harder. Tell him if he needs to move more to the left or more to the right.

8: Play in on his “domineering” fantasy Maybe you have noticed it: Men like to play the boss. They love it. To be the main man. They want to control people and situations. And secretly this is also something every man wants to do in bed. Men fantasize about blindfolding and tying up a woman. Not because he does not want her to see what happens, but because he wants to surprise her with what happens. Play strategically on this: Make sure that there coincidentally is rope/handcuffs and a blindfold in the vicinity. All you have to say is “Darling, I want you to tie me up.” Believe me when I tell you that you will not have to ask him twice.

9: Men does not want a bag of salt in bed Universally men do not want the woman next to him in bed to just lie there. I can already hear you thinking: “Men want to dominate a woman, so why can’t I just lie there?” Men want to feel they have sex with a woman, not with a corpse. You do not have to do extensive Zumba exercises to show him that you are alive. There are a few things you can do to make you feel less like a salt bag: 35/53

Touch yourself with pleasure; Put your legs around him; Throw your arms around him; Holding his head/neck. All of this will ensure that he sees that you as “alive”. However crazy that may sound. Combine this with making sounds and giving him compliments. Doing these things will guarantee fireworks in bed.

10: Men like it “a little rough” during sex “What kind of meat do I have in bed?” That is the first thing a man will ask himself when he has a woman in bed. He will not make any crazy spectacular moves with her as they do not know each other very well. So he has to feel little by little what kind of woman he has. But if you, as a woman, do not give him any obvious signals (subtle signals do not work), he will never know “what kind of woman you are”.

How to bring out the beast in him By fighting fire with fire…or actually by stirring it up. By being a bit rough yourself, he sees that you are the type that does not fall into the “fragile” category. So you have unconsciously given him a bit of “permission” to be dominant. Remember that men in bed are sometimes insecure. And when they get directions from women, they are totally fine with it. Beware of coming across too harsh when you give directions, what men want during sex is pleasure, not feeling like they are in the army and have to do what you impose on them.

11: Say his name “Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie


12: Initiate sex yourself Both men and women can take the initiative. We do not live in the Middle Ages anymore. 37/53

Both men and women have equal rights. The bill is divided in two. Women even occasionally speaks to a man first. And in many “male” dominated careers such as medicine, the female gender has caught up with the male gender in quantity. But when it comes to initiating sex, it seems like women still live in the Middle Ages If you ask them why they won’t initiate sex, they will tell you “a man should do that”. There are many things that a man “should do” that both parties do nowadays. The fear of initiating sex is the fear of being labeled as a slut. But that is exactly what men want in bed: A “slut”. They want a lady who shows her bad side only to them.

13: Be open-minded Have you ever heard that men do not want a “prudish” woman? That term is given to women who do not feel like trying new things. 38/53

When things in the bedroom remain the same, it is not very hot. After a while, it will become boring. Be open to new adventures with your man. By being open to new ways of having sex, you ensure a happy man. What men want in bed varies from man to man. But they all want a woman who is willing to try new things and is not afraid to get out of her comfort zone with him.

14: Reverse the roles There is another way to boost his ego. And that is by taking matters into your own hands. Take the initiative and spoil him…As if he were a king. Look… Men are aware that they have to be independent, work hard and do everything they can to make the relationship fun for you. He puts a lot of pressure on himself. And that’s why it works so well to encourage him. But what also works well is to spoil him. This is where you treat him as if he were a king and you touch him and caress him with admiration. You show how attracted you feel to him. Even if your husband is not great in bed and you sometimes wonder what you do with him. By touching him in this affectionate, admiring way (and at the same time making compliments, for example about his strong arms or chest hair), you give him self-confidence. A man who feels good about himself is more open to tips on how he can improve. And once he is self-assured, you can safely take the lead. He will never say it aloud but secretly he finds it very nice when he can relax and you already see the “king” in him. Once he gets that relaxed feeling, you will see that it is becoming more and more appealing to him to make an effort for you. He wants to live up to the expectation you have expressed by complimenting him with his strong arms, his sexual performances and everything else that you have told him. And by giving him sex once in a while where he does not have to do anything, you take everything upon yourself and constantly tell him how much you like him…you create a lot of appreciation and desire for you with him.

15: Surprise him with…. …oral sex. Yes, it is not surprising that men love it. But maybe it comes as a surprise as to 39/53

what this can do for your relationship. Oral sex is something most men fantasize about. It is, however banal it may sound, the biggest compliment you can give a man. Especially if it happens unexpectedly. He probably never experienced it with his previous relationship, making you the most special thing that happened to him. Be creative in choosing the moment however.

16: Sit on top As a woman you are particularly stimulated by emotions. You undoubtedly like foreplay more than your guy. And you have moments when you are “not in the mood”. He does not suffer from that. Men, on the other hand, are “ready to go” when they see something that they find attractive. They are stimulated by what they see. If he sees something exciting, it makes him excited. More men watch porn than women; it is the way he boosts his excitement. That is why I gave you tips to satisfy him orally (while he watches), to wear sexy lingerie or to stimulate him visually in other ways. And now I give you a tip that will make him so wild with desire that he will almost not be able to control himself. Sit on top. It is physically not the best way for him. But visually, he is greatly stimulated. And he loves that. If there is something he will enjoy, then this is it.


17: Help him last longer Sometimes women complain that their husbands do not last longer than a few minutes. I understand that. Men are often not as good at keeping themselves under control when they are having sex with a woman they find very attractive. But that does not mean he does not want to improve himself. Moreover: Most men want to be a great lover but just do not know how. And they do not dare to openly admit it because they are afraid that you may find them weak. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to teach him how to get better in bed. Starting with how you make sure that it lasts longer. Ask him to slow down because you then feel more. Then it will take longer before he comes Sit on top and challenge him every time. Keep going until he almost reaches orgasm and then stop again. Tease him until he goes crazy If it turns out to be a chronic problem, then he will have to do something about it himself.

23: How to make him think of you even when he’s not with you If you have been dating for a while and have shared the same bed, then it is time for the next step. What is the next step?


Sexting. If you have no idea what sexting is, then I understand that. Sexting is defined as “sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, images, or photos through electronic means, particularly between cell phones”. An extract from a press release on American Psychological Association, states “findings indicate a robust relationship between sexting and sexual satisfaction” and subsequently shows sexting is really very important when in a sexual relationship. “Sexting makes a positive contribution to a healthy relationship” All in all, enough reason to make use of this. Well you might wonder how best to send such a message? In all honesty, this is a bit more difficult than you may think.

Make sure he thinks of you (in a sexual way) Sometimes you think of him and you would love to be with him. Well this is (unfortunately) not always possible. This may be because you are not living together or because he is abroad for a week. Whatever the reason, sexting offers the solution. With sexting I mean sending hot messages. Men also love this for the following logical reasons: You remind him of how nice you are. You let him know that you are thinking of him. It is exciting (three guesses who he is going to miss). He now spontaneously wants to see you. Not only is sexting fun for both of you, research shows that sexting contributes to a healthy relationship. Important thus. My best sexting tips and sample messages you can send him without giving him a fright…


1: A small disclaimer (read this) NEVER send hot or sexy messages if you have never slept with him before. Why? Well look: You still have no idea what the man finds attractive. Because of this, the chance of you saying the wrong thing is quite big. You send the wrong signal: “I want you to come by just to have sex with me.” It may be what you intend, but even then I’d carefully reconsider sending a message. A man may turn you down, especially when he is not so open-minded about sex. It can also happen that he decides things are moving too fast. The consequence of this? He wants to take things slower. So only use sexting when you have been to bed with him. I know that there are women who are not going to heed this advice, at least they have been warned.

2: In a relationship? This is why sexting is great The concept of sexting has been around for a while and has received a lot of attention. Research has even been done. The results of such research show that sexting has positive effects for your relationship. So once you are in a relationship it is not a bad idea to occasionally send a flirting text. It does not have to be very wild, but you can start with a message like this: “I dreamed about you last night…Nude”

3: Make sure your message is received by the right person Oops! 43/53

It is not that I doubt your intelligence, but you will not be the first to send an intimate message or photo to the wrong person (this is often caused by alcohol). So always check whether you sent the message to him, and not to one of your colleagues that you have to face the next day.

4: Build it up gradually It is sometimes said that men can best be compared with a light switch. It is either on or off. But with sexting things are a bit different. So when you reveal your deepest fantasies out of the blue to him, chances are he will catch a fright. Especially when you have not known each other for years, it is better to take it easy. This is for two reasons: You do not want to scare him off. This way you can find out how far you can go without putting your relationship at risk. In other words, build it up gradually and gradually.

5: Send a sexy photo What could be more fun than a sexy message? Right, a sexy picture. Men love pictures, just think about it. It is no coincidence that Playboy magazine is such a great success worldwide. So make use of this. 44/53

Only if you have the guts to send him a sexy photo, pay attention to the following:

6: Never send a photo with your face on it This is because you simply never know what exactly can happen with the photo. Even if you trust him completely, you obviously do not want that same photo to appear on the internet should your relationship come to an end. Or do you? In addition, it may be that his mobile is stolen or that he just scrolls one photo too far when he shows holiday snaps to his mother. Just do not do that. Save yourself a lot of trouble and send only sexy pictures without your face on it.

7: No. Not even through Snapchat For those who do not know Snapchat , it is an app for smartphones that allow users to send photos to each other. You can then view these photos for a few seconds after which they disappear. Now I hear you thinking: “But that is perfect to send him sexy photos with my face as well” Uhm, no. Although these photos disappear afterwards, you do not need a genius to figure out how to take screenshots. This is why there are now hundreds of embarrassing photos on Google. Watch. Good. I think my point is clear.

8: Do not judge him on the messages he sends Not every man has the “talent” to send hot and sexy messages. So there is no reason for panic when it turns out that your guy does not have the same gift as Shakespeare. The worst thing you can do is judge him on the messages he sends. Because let’s face it, he probably has not read an article about sexting.

9: Understand that he sees communication as a way to exchange information There is a big difference between the ways in which men and women use communication. Men see communication as a means of exchanging information. 45/53

So it may be that you put a lot of effort into sending an exciting message and then he responded bluntly. This is no reason for panic. He undoubtedly appreciates your message, he just does not know how to respond to it. It is not for nothing that men use three times fewer words than women. So this is something to keep in mind when you send him a sexy message.

10: Leave as much as possible to his imagination Suppose you do not quite know what makes him excited, then in this case it is better to leave as much as possible to his imagination. In other words, be a little vague. So send something like: “Hey, I had to think of you in the shower today.” What now happens is that his imagination completes the picture. For example, he will ask himself what you were doing at that moment that made you think of him. So you see that sexting does not have to be that difficult at all, as long as you leave enough room for his fantasies. Life can sometimes be so easy.

11: Use emoticons Sometimes emoticons (you know what I mean, smileys and such) can make the difference. For example, imagine sending him: “I dreamed about you last night;)” 46/53

Then the wink just makes the difference between a random message and a sexual message. Note, this is not a license to use dozens of emoticons in every message. Although emoticons can make messages even more exciting, too many emoticons are counterproductive. But you can sometimes just use them to turn an ordinary message into a sexy message.

12: Give each other time to respond In a world where crowded diaries are no exception, it can happen that he does not react immediately. He does not do this because he does not like you (or your exciting messages). It’s because he is busy. Yes really. It is actually better to just assume that he will not respond immediately and so avoid frustrations and irritations. Men react to messages slower than women.

13: Sexting is not one-way traffic It is important to give each other enough time to respond properly (see the previous tip). But if you are the only one who sends sexy messages, better stop then. Sexting must come from both sides, it is not a one-way street. If he never responds to your hot messages then it cannot be very exciting for you. Should you find this very unfortunate, you can mention this to him once and subtly. You can try to excite him in other ways which he may be more prone to respond to.

14: Be yourself During a conversation one cannot think for hours before you respond to what’s been asked/said; when sending messages you can. So it can be tempting to think for as long as you wish until you come up with a nice reaction. I would advise against this because: It’s a sin to waste time like this He likes you for who you are and not for your “message character”. Women sometimes suddenly start using language that does not fit who they are when sexting, i.e. language a porn star may use. Don’t do that. He knows you and your messages may suddenly lose their appeal. Instead, try to write in the same way that you would normally speak. 47/53

No matter how tempting it can sometimes get, try not to pretend you are someone you’re not. For the simple reason that you are good enough, and if he sees you differently, for whatever reason, then it is high time to take him out of the house.

15: Avoid the so-called funny messages The goal of sexting is to build up sexual tension. Sexting is far from attractive when you send so-called funny messages. There are a lot of these kinds of messages going round, but they have a counterproductive effect. Below is a typical so-called “funny” message. “You need a new outfit. Why do you not attract me? ” Funny? Not at all, unless you have a sick sense of humor. He may laugh, but he does not get excited at all. If you try to be funny when sexting, you break the tension. You want to avoid this at all cost. For example, it may be that he no longer takes you serious in follow-up attempts: “Is she serious this time or is she joking again?” Do not allow your relationship to get to this, avoid the so-called funny messages.

16: Forget out-dated “dating rules” You’ve probably heard of it, the “dating rules”. Rules such as: Do not have sex before marriage. Men must (always) take the initiative. Wait X number of days before you hear from you. These rules are old and outdated; they come from a different era. My advice is therefore: violate those rules. Do not wait forever for your partner to take the initiative in sending an exciting message. Maybe he has never done this. So pull on the naughty shoes and take matters into your own hands.

17: Describe how excited you are Women tend to often think of how they can get him excited. Of course there is nothing wrong with this, but to make sexting as hot and sexy as possible requires a different approach. So do not tell him what you would like to do to him. 48/53

Instead tell him how hot he makes you. Because if there is one thing that makes men excited, it is the fact that there is a woman who gets excited about him. In the bedroom it is easy for him to find out if you are excited. But during sexting that is a different story, so it is up to you to let him know that you are excited. This will take a bit of getting used to in the beginning, but once you get a bit more skilful, you can drive him crazy (in the positive sense of the word).

18: The perfect message does not exist I know from experience that women can worry about something as simple as a small message. They are afraid the message may send the wrong signal… I have good news. Men are notoriously bad at reading signals. A summary of 75 studies conducted about “Gender Effects in Decoding Nonverbal Cues” determined “that on a variety of conceptually similar tasks of decoding nonverbal cues females are reliably more accurate than males.” Yes really. Nine times out of ten things do not even stand out for men, they read right over it. Do not worry too much about the sexy message you send, the perfect message simply does not exist.

19: Use his name every now and then Because men are egotistical, they love it when a woman says their name. On the other hand, this is not much different for women. It is not for nothing that Dale Carnegie devoted a whole chapter to it in his world-famous book: “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” (Recommended) This is how he puts it: “Remember that a person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Apply this when sending sexy messages. But just like with the emoticons, do not go overboard with this.

20: Keep things unpredictable How would you like it if he tells you exactly what he wants to do with you before sex? Right, not so much. 49/53

In one fell swoop all the fun is gone, simply because the element of surprise is gone. So make sure that your messages are not too predictable. Even sending a sexy photo to him every Monday morning will get boring. Just like women, men likes variety, so give it to them.

21: Avoid using bad language The rumors are true, but there is only a small group of men who get excited about bad language. For the vast majority of men it is a total let-down. For that reason it is better to avoid using bad language. The only exception to this is when you are sure that he likes it. In all other cases, do not do it. It is better to prevent your man from running away from you screaming…

22: Why alcohol and sexting is a bad idea Ever sent an embarrassing message after a long night of partying? Chances are you know how uncomfortable this can be… That night you might have thought: What a great idea to send this message. But when you woke up, you thought: Oh no! What have I done!? You can conclude from this that alcohol and sending messages do not go well together. The same applies to alcohol and sexting. You have been warned.

23: Send a sexy message just after a date If you are of the opinion that both of you had a pleasant date then it is nice to tell each other that. But why not take an extra little step? Do not just send a message saying “Hey, it was nice yesterday.” Rather use this moment to send an exciting message. He too will appreciate this.

24: Consider the time Well it may be that you wake up in the morning and immediately think of him. It can be tempting to send him an exciting message at that moment. 50/53

Wait! Watch out for this… Almost no man is expecting a sexually tinted message at 7 o’clock in the morning. In fact, he will be a bit scared (assuming you are not living together yet). As a result, he will become more distant, so you will achieve the exact opposite of what you wanted to achieve with sexting. Don’t do it.

25: Avoid (too) serious conversations Imagine you’re having sex and he suddenly asks what the long division of 43 is. Boom! The whole moment ruined in one go. OK. This example is perhaps a bit extreme. There is a time and a place for serious conversations though. Men often see serious conversations as “gossip”, and I know very few men who will get excited about it.

26: Know when to stop Make sure you do not go too far with sexting. The intention is not to bring up everything that happens in the bedroom. Use your common sense and you will be fine.


27 Sexting Examples for Inspiration If you are not that creative yet or you need some inspiration, here are 27 sexting examples you can use: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

“I dreamed about you last night…nude” “Guess what I’m thinking right now? I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with you and me…” “What is your favorite memory of us together in bed?” “I want you. Now.” “You look good today. How do I know that? You always look good. “ “It’s you and me tonight.” “Hey, I’m not wearing a bra right now…what are you going to do about it?” “If you could do anything with me, what would you like to do with me?” “Hey, I had to think of you in the shower today.” “I dreamed about you last nightJ” “Do you want to send me a photo? A photo that you have never sent to anyone else?” “I’m in bed. I wish you were here nowJ” “I get excited only thinking about you, how do you do that?” “Did you know that you are really irresistibly sexy?” “I do not know what it is, but I suddenly got so excited when I thought about you.” “What you do to me…I’m speechless…” “My hands, my hips, my lips. Your body. Tonight.” “What do you want me to do to you tonight?” “I have a nice idea…I’ll tell you tonightJ” “I’m lying naked in bed and just had to think of you…” “My head is running wild…I want to see youJ” “It may sound a little crazy…But I keep on thinking about last night…” “I want to feel your hands on my body.” “What are you wearing today?” “I cannot wait to see you again tonight…I’ll take you to the bedroom right awayJ” “Tonight I have a surprise for you…” “I know what you think…I think exactly the same thingJ”

Is sexting the only way to attract his attention? No. Sexting is a lot of fun and you can use it to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. But of course it only works with a man who already likes you.

In conclusion And this, ladies, is how to make any man obsess over you. You can read my article onwhat men want in women; maybe you need to find out more about turn-ons in bed? If you found the contents helpful, please share with your friends… 52/53

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Get Him to Want You More  

Ever wondered how to make any man obsess over you? Who doesn't want an amazing man; a man who loves his woman so deeply that he would instan...

Get Him to Want You More  

Ever wondered how to make any man obsess over you? Who doesn't want an amazing man; a man who loves his woman so deeply that he would instan...