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Muhammed Najmul Huda OBJECTIVE To obtain a software developer/engineer position or contract in a progressive organization that values, encourages and rewards self-motivation, creativity and quality results. EXPERIENCE Software developer (Jul, 2005 to present) Inatec Solutions GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany • •

Maintaining and extending company's payment gateway. Used Technologies: Perl, Sybase, PHP, MySQL, Java

Part time software developer (Oct, 2004 to Jun, 2005) Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe GmbH, Dreieich-Buchschlag, Germany • •

Developed applications for Pocket PC and GPS receiver. Used Technologies: Java, Embedded Visual C++ 4.0, Perl, Visual Basic

Masters intern (Apr, 2004 to Oct, 2004) Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe GmbH, Dreieich-Buchschlag, Germany • •

Developed applications for GPS receiver and Bluetooth modules. Used Technologies: Java, Visual C++, Visual Basic

Research Assistant (Sep, 2003 to Dec, 2003) Institute of Microelectronic, TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany • •

Developed applications for distributed system. Used Technologies: Java, Jini

Web Analyst (Aug, 2000 to Mar, 2002) Iponics Bangladesh Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh • •

Performed analysis and development of web based software and ecommerce solution. Used Technologies: PHP, ASP, MySQL, JavaScript, Dreamweaver

EDUCATION Technische Universität Darmstadt Darmstadt, Germany • M. Sc in Information and Communication Engineering • Graduation date: June 2005 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Dhaka, Bangladesh • B. Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering • Graduation date: June 2000

SOFTWARE SKILL Programming • Perl, PHP, Ruby, HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS, Flex, jQuery • Java: Swing, JDBC, Servlet, JSP, RMI, EJB, JNI, SAX, DOM Database • MySQL, Sybase Others • Windows, Linux (Redhat, Suse) • Zend Framework, Ruby on Rails, Catalyst • UML, Design Patterns • Eclipse, Vim, Dreamweaver, Flash Builder 4 • MS Office, OpenOffice • Apache, CVS, Doxygen, InnoSetup, RRDTools, SNMP LANGUAGE • Bengali: Native • English: Fluent • German: Fluent (Zertifikat Deutsch B1) PERSONAL INFORMATION • Date of Birth: 01-01-1976 • Place of Birth: Dhaka, Bangladesh • Nationality: Bangladeshi • Gender: Male • Marital Status: Married (one daughter) • Driving License: B, MSL • Hobbies: Reading books(programming related), Music, Cricket

PROJECTS Inatec Solution GmbH •

Maintaining and extending of company's Payment Gateway - powercash21. Used Technologies: Perl and Sybase.

Integrating other Payment Gateways, new Payment methods (e.g. Credit Card, ELV, ACH etc) and Payment Feature (e.g Fraud Detection, Address verification etc) with the Payment Gateway. Used Technologies: Java, Perl, Sybase, XML, Web Services

Development and optimization of search functions for Transactions in Control(Customer Information System) and Admin Center. Used Technologies: Perl and Sybase

Development of a customer notification system as Ticket System for communication with customer during maintenance period and system failures. Used Technologies: PHP and MySQL

Conception and Development of separation of Payment Gateway's functionality in two Databases. The Data warehouse was used for different SQL intensive search functions and the original database was only used for Live transactions. The project reduces the big overhead of searching queries from Live database and thus boost the system performance. Used Technologies: Perl, Sybase

Conception and Development of converting Database Driven Risk management system to Perl module based system. Instead of storing all risk management parameters in Database, Perl modules were created dynamically. The end result was a faster Risk management system with reduced queries to Database for risk management operation. Used Technologies: Perl, Perl templatemaker, jQuery, Ajax

Development of a Reporting System that shows various statistical information (e.g. transaction volume, forecast etc) of the payment gateway. Used Technologies: PHP, Zend Framework, jQuery, MySQL, Sybase

Development of a Reverse Proxy that collects data from Microsoft Outlook or Web browser (client machine) and sends it directly to Microsoft Exchange Server. The Proxy was installed in a Linux gateway and makes it possible to check companies emails from the internal exchange server from anywhere in the world. Used Technologies: Java

Conception and development of a system that monitors the Payment Gateway. Used Technologies: C, nmon and RRDTool

Administrating the Code Base of the payment gateway. Used Technologies: CVS

Fujitsu Microelectronics GmbH •

Developed a Java application to get data from GPS receiver and created a GUI to show those data in chart and Text format. Used JNI to communicate with C

module, which gets data from Serial Port. Also updated current position of GPS receiver on Internet web site by using a GSM/GPRS module. Used Technologies: Java, JNI, C, Perl •

Developed a GUI application (in Visual C++) for Bluetooth module to demonstrate its AT commands for searching and connecting other devices and send messages between them. Used Technologies: Visual C++

Developed a report generation tool (in Visual Basic) to create Excel report from NMEA sentences. Used Technologies: Visual Basic

Developed application for the Pocket PC, which can interpret NMEA sentences and show data in chart and text format. Used Technologies: Embedded Visual C++ 4.0

TU Darmstadt •

Developed a Java application that demonstrates event firing and notification mechanism in network. Two Jini services, Reggie and Mercury were used to achieve the goal. The application was a part of research on “Software framework supporting distributed, collaborative design of integrated systems.” Used Technologies: Java, Jini

Developed a hierarchical workflow execution engine that takes the workflow description from a Java GUI and interacts with the Jini Lookup server to execute the workflow through the service proxies in “System-on-Chip Design Seminar” (M.Sc.). The “Composite” Design Pattern was implemented to make the workflow engine Hierarchical. Used Technologies: Java, Jini, Composite Design Pattern

Developed a P2P voting system (in Java) based on JXTA technology in “Communication System Laboratory” (M.Sc.) Used Technologies: Java, JXTA

Iponics Bangladesh Ltd •

Performed analysis and development on web based software and e-commerce solution for various types of organizations. Used Technologies: PHP, ASP, MySQL, MS-SQL, XML, Dreamweaver

My first issuu document  

That's my CV

My first issuu document  

That's my CV