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Felt with a warm and intimate restaurant, it

is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy Japanese Bakery Restaurant, Silkream Dolci Café. A sense of Shibuya has blossomed here in Bangkok as it is an exclusive franchise bakery restaurant from Japan. Silkream Dolci Café is located at heart of Bangkok at Siam Square Soi 7, opposite Digital Gateway, 7 where many shopping and entertainment are located with high traffic of customers in the area. The beginning of Silkream Dolci Café was started with ice-cream, called Hokkaida Soft. It is the premium ice-cream made from quality and tasty Hokkaido milk imported directly from Japan. The name of the restaurant also has the meaning toward itself. Silkream is from the touch and feel when you taste the Hokkaido Soft ice-cream, you will feel that the cream is so smooth, delicate and mild as silk. Dolci is an Italian word which means dessert. And lastly café, it has the meaning in itself, the place where drink and dessert are sold with comfortable and attractive decoration. Silkream Dolci Café has been opened since 19 May 2012 and as you know, Silkream Dolci Café origin was from Japan but the shop decoration is not Japanese style.

The restaurant theme is Northern European Style that will make customers feel warmth and relax while having the service there and significantly while you are enjoy every dish. Silkream Dolci Café manages by Chef Poom – Khun Praima SookSa-ngium, Executive Chef who has over 10 years pastry chef experience from New York and Hong Kong. She is also the winner in Iron Chef TV program, which is the one of popular TV program in Thailand on the cooking competition and creation.

The Professional Commercial Kitchen & Bakery Specialist

Most of the delicious menu of Silkream Dolci Café will have Hokkaido soft served together with those particular glasses or dishes. Silkream Dolci Café provides nice, attractive decoration with delicious taste desserts to serve their customer such as crepe menu, dessert menu and soft drink. The recommended menus such as Hokkaidou Fondue, which is the signature dish of Silkream Dolci Café, Mango and Peach Parf. Some of the menu is similar to the parent dessert restaurant from Shibuya but some is the innovative menu created by Chef Poom. Like one of the best seller menu, Million Dollars Pancake. The unique and innovative pancake created by Chef Poom that different from other pancakes, it is made from Soba flour rather than the ordinary pancake flour, it makes pancake softer with sweet scented. All the menu price seems like expensive in number but Silkream Dolci Café provides only quality ingredient and imported directly from Japan to give you the authentic taste, with the creative decoration, services and cozy ambient. So every of your dollars pay, it is valued and reasonable. Silkream Dolci Café mainly targets working women who will enjoy warmth and friendly ambient with delightful dish of dessert. They will enjoy spending their time with gang after work. Other groups of customers will be the parents who send and wait their children to classes in Siam Square area. The university students also one of the target, they can enjoy celebration in any special occasions at Silkream Dolci Café.

There are 15 staff including of the front line service and kitchen staff. Khun Poom told that she has given different goals for success to her staff. For kitchen, core responsibility is about to make dessert and food for customers, so she expects every kitchen staff to serve the best taste to customers with their satisfaction on its. Thus, they will return to shop again because of taste. On another hand, for front line staff, who provide the service to customer, their gold must be the satisfaction of customer about service. Staff should have service mind and make customers return because of the service.

Silkream Dolci Café is open daily from

10:00 – 22:00 hrs. The accessibility is easy either by BTS, personal drive or public transportation, to stop at Siam Square with few minutes walking to Siam Square Soi 7, Silkream Dolci Café is opposite Digital Gateway. If you would like to having a small party or make some reservation there, yes you can call them at +66 (0)2 658 4177. This is the charming dessert cafe that you should not MISS!

The Professional Commercial Kitchen & Bakery Specialist

Somerville Siam Limited is proud to be associated with Silkream Dolci Café.

Silkream Dolci Cafe  
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