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Our journey continues. Our future is bright. THE CAMPAIGN FOR SOMERSFIELD ACADEMY

Building The Future Today “Our teaching style and philosophies don’t just differentiate us; they are what make our school and our students truly great.” COLM HOMAN Vice Chair of the Board, Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign

A little over 25 years ago, a group of parents envisioned an exceptional school – an inviting place of learning where all students, of all backgrounds would receive the finest education available anywhere. Our Strategic Goal is to continue to offer each of our students a uniquely challenging, inquiry-based educational experience from age 3 through 18 in the school they love; a school with a campus built to suit their needs, nurturing teaching methodologies guided by powerful Montessori and International Baccalaureate (IB) philosophies, and a curriculum that culminates with the internationally recognised IB Diploma. To achieve this, and to ensure that all our students benefit from the improvements, we are implementing a Whole-School Plan centred on expanding our campus, extending our programmes and developing our teaching staff. Not only will it help us enrich the experience of our current offerings, it will facilitate the introduction of the IB Diploma Programme for our secondary students, allowing them to graduate from Somersfield. We are appealing for $6 million in donor support to make it happen.


A World Class Alternative We are the only school in Bermuda that offers Montessori and the IB MYP. These successive programmes, taught in ways that encourage independence, inquiry and collaboration, provide the ideal preparation for the IB Diploma Programme. We expect to receive accreditation to offer the IB Diploma Programme starting in 2019, making us one of the few schools globally to offer this outstanding combination of Montessori start and IB finish. Our environment, unique materials and the teachers all interact to allow students to actively learn in a meaningful and independent way. The themes of the core IB subjects give a unique perspective to learning and ensure that knowledge is practical and dynamic, in addition to academic. Beyond our curriculum, our nurturing environment is like no other in Bermuda. The way we teach is guided by our deeply rooted Montessori and IB philosophies, which place the child at the centre of learning, focusing on both intellectual and social development. We teach to individual student abilities,

supporting our talented children to strive for greatness and helping them to overcome their challenges. We have always worked to provide an inclusive and equitable school environment, honouring diversity. Each child is well known and each individual voice is heard. We nurture our students in this way to instil the confidence to grow into their own unique greatness. Now, we’re ready to take the next step, building on our success to date.

“The Middle Years Programme and soon to be introduced IB Diploma Programme focus on the core competencies in math, writing and science but also allow students to explore what it means to be a member of society and interacting with not just your peers within your school but also being a stakeholder within the greater Bermuda community.” RYAN WHITING

Class of 2010 Attended NYU’s Stern School of Business Employed by XL Catlin, New York Office


Our Whole- School Plan Our whole-school plan for Somersfield Academy will lead us to this dream. Support from our donors will ensure it becomes our near-term reality.

“With a Somersfield education, my children and their peers have had outstanding academic results and gained acceptance at some of the world’s leading universities. Just as importantly, they are open-minded, critical thinking and engaging individuals. If every child could have the type of experience our school offers, the world would truly be a different place.” CYNTHIA THOMAS Chair of the Board Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign


1 2 3 Expand Our Campus

Revamp existing spaces to better serve our current students’ needs


Upgrade and provide a broader array of technology and learning materials


Create a new building on our campus that will feature more multi-use classrooms and common spaces, and fit-for-purpose IB classrooms


Extend Our Programmes

Achieve IB accreditation to offer the internationally recognised IB Diploma Programme Secure ongoing support for our bursary and diversity programmes

Widen our community and inter-school partnerships


Develop Our Teaching Staff Continue to develop our Montessori and IB MYP teachers Hire outstanding IB heads and teachers for our IB Diploma Programme


Total Cost: $6.0 million


Building On Our Success


The right time is now Our students want the opportunity to finish their diploma at Somersfield. It’s the next phase of our evolution and we’re ready for it! We’ve reached capacity with our physical space and enrolment requests are increasing. Our students’ needs continue to expand as the world poses new and exciting challenges. To offer all our students the robust experience we strive to deliver every day, we must expand our campus and upgrade our teaching tools. We are moving forward with determined urgency Well on our way towards accreditation as an IB diploma school, we face some near-term critical milestones. We must soon prove to the IB organisation that we have the necessary classrooms, equipment, teachers and curriculum in place to be ready to offer the IB Diploma Programme in September 2019. Our building plan is ready and we are developing an IB diploma curriculum that we believe will provide a high opportunity of success for our students. We are hiring some of the best IB teachers and leaders to deliver this curriculum at the highest level of excellence. Now what we need is your support to make the critical next phase happen.

IB candidacy application submitted and accepted April 2017 Planning application has been submitted March 2018

Break ground on new building June 2018 IB DP staff hired, curriculum set & first classrooms built October 2018 Some new classrooms operational; upgrades are ongoing September 2018 IB DP accreditation & enrolments confirmed February 2019 Common spaces outfitted & ready for students September 2019

First graduating IB class June 2021



Our Expanded Campus Will Benefit All Students

Wheelchair accessible elevator available

Parking access via Vesey Street for bikes and cars

Solar panels Roof-top garden


Living plant wall

Students will no longer have to transfer from the school they love. Bermuda’s most capable students will now have the choice to stay for their university preparation. Through funding, Somersfield Academy will attract the finest teachers to deliver the world’s most respected pre-university educational programme. A new building. The new facility will provide more classrooms and replace two temporary buildings onsite. The upper floors will be dedicated as the IB Centre with parking and access at the upper level for IB students and teachers.

Shade panels and seating for lounge and recreation

Upgrade the whole school. We will make improvements to the Science, Technology, Arts, Music and the Primary division playground. Art and Digital Media Centre. This will provide expanded opportunities for students to explore the “modern visual arts” through traditional mediums as well as digital design, media and technology. Multi-use space for Music and Drama. “The Gallery” will be for the study of music and the performing arts. A meeting room for whole division gatherings, as well as a gallery for whole-school student artistic expression. Roof-top garden and ecospace. A green space will offer for students and staff a place to study or relax amongst the natural foliage and water feature. Recording studio. The recording studio will support the music

programme and introduce students to sound technology for recording and mastering their audio compositions. Learning Support Suite. Our learning strategists, external tutors and therapists will be provided with a dedicated suite of offices and tutorial spaces to offer support to our students. Virtual Reality Science and Language Lab. The exciting VR Science and Language Lab will provide enhanced learning experiences for foreign language immersion and conducting simulated science experiments in a safe virtual laboratory. STEAM. STEAM subjects are integrated in our interdisciplinary programmes. The Science and Math programmes will be extended, and both Technology and Engineering, as well as the Visual and Creative Arts, will receive dedicated instructional space. 10

The Somersfield Impact Not only do our students excel academically at the global level, they become dynamic contributors to Bermuda’s workforce. Our students embrace diversity and promote social justice, priming them to lead both locally and globally. This is useful for the future of our students, Bermuda and the world. All areas of Bermuda benefit from our dedication to community service and making change for good. More of Bermuda’s children have access to a Somersfield education because we are committed to providing bursaries and scholarships. Since we opened the doors of our school, our donor support has ensured this remains a priority. Our commitment to diversity now reaches more deeply into the broader community. Somersfield Academy has been engaged in diversity work since its inception. We are committed to building upon what we have always deemed important and that is to provide an inclusive and equitable school environment for our students, regardless of race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of their identity. Our students are becoming diversity leaders and our annual diversity workshops involve many from outside of Somersfield. We are committed to sharing the benefits of a Somersfield education with more of Bermuda’s children over the long-term. We continue to build partnerships with other Bermuda schools, and to open our unique clubs and courses to all Bermuda students during school breaks. We know our approach is markedly different. Montessori and IB programmes encourage students to think independently and drive their own learning. They cultivate cultural awareness and the ability to engage and adapt in our increasingly globalised, rapidly changing world. This is sure to produce dynamic future leaders who will steward Bermuda responsibly.

“I think that the IB Diploma Programme is a really exciting new chapter for Somersfield and I am very jealous of all of the students who will get to take part in it. I wish I could have been there. Somersfield is the biggest reason for why I am where I am today.”


Class of 2010 Attended La Salle University Employed by PwC Bermuda


Our History of Philanthropic Support Somersfield Academy’s founding parents donated the funds to establish the Montessori Education Trust, seeking to deliver Montessori Education for their own children and students across Bermuda, and to provide financial assistance and support Montessori teacher training. They established the Montessori Academy with 72 students aged 3-12 on the grounds at Tivoli in Warwick. That started an incredible journey. After 10 years, the Tivoli facility reached capacity at 135 students. The school relocated to Devonshire in 2001 and changed its name to Somersfield Academy. Generous donations from parents and a few local businesses made this move achievable, and helped fund the construction of the IB MYP building when the school earned IB accreditation and began teaching up to age 16. Donations also funded the building of the gymnasium, the creation of the STEM Innovations and Robotics programme, and the ongoing upgrades and renovations deemed necessary over the years. Now at 497 students we’ve reached capacity again. Our parent community is committed to giving annually to support the ongoing costs of the school, but changes of this magnitude require substantial leading donors. We hope you’ll consider contributing. We need your help.


School Profile


UNIQUE IN BERMUDA Two Internationally Recognised Inquiry-Based Curricula:

American Montessori Society International Baccalaureate Programme



Enrolled students 2017/18

3-16 Year old students


3 Divisions Children’s House Primary Division Secondary Division


Nationalities represented


Other languages spoken at home by our students

Gain Accelerated Acceptance at top-tier Colleges & Universities.

Increased likelihood compared to entrants holding other qualifications.

Earn the IB Diploma.

Considered the gold standard of educational currencies by colleges and universities worldwide.

Develop an international mindset and high level soft skills.

Collaborative, self-management and communication skills are essential ingredients to compete in today’s global market.


Robotics First and only school in Bermuda to compete in the challenging VEX robotics programme. Our competitive team competes annually in international competitions and qualified in 2018 for the VEX World Middle School Championships.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin both attended Montessori schools. Brin and Page specifically pointed to the curriculum of self-directed learning – where students follow their interests and decide for themselves what they want to learn.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos often compares Amazon’s strategy of developing ideas in new markets to ‘planting seeds’, an integral part of his Montessori education. Montessori gardening activities provide benefits beyond those of Practical Life. Children use many of their intellectual and physical skills in cooperation with others in the real world.

1st school to attend the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Student Diversity Leadership Conferences

Community Care Through Service Only school in Three students at Somersfield Bermuda that offers Academy created Young the IB Middle Years at Heart in 2017, a project Programme. designed to bring comfort to long-term patients in KEMH Continuing Care Ward through music, poetry, art and conversation. The project is such a success that it Three students at continues to this very day. Somersfield Academy developed the community project ‘BermyBots’ a robotics programme that teaches students at West Pembroke Primary School how to build and programme robots.

1st Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) affiliated school in Bermuda and facilitates diversity days for other local schools to attend.



Community Builders Somersfield Academy proudly supports the wider Bermuda community by allowing our facilities to be utilised free of charge by various sports clubs, outreach activities, boys and girls clubs and community programmes.

A Wise Investment

Bermuda’s future leaders of business, social change, families and politics are being incubated in our classrooms right now. Your role as a benefactor is critical in helping develop and nurture that talent through our expanded facilities and capacity to deliver on our promise of a complete inquiry-based path from pre-school learning to pre-university education with our Montessori and our International Baccalaureate programmes. By donating to our Capital Campaign you will help us complete our journey. Join us and invest in our future. Donate today.


Let’s Build The Future Together. Somersfield Academy 107 Middle Road Devonshire, DV 06 Bermuda Cynthia Thomas Chair of the Board Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign Committee 441 278 9217 Colm Homan Vice Chair of the Board Co-Chair of the Capital Campaign Committee 441 299 7116 Carlos R. Symonds Head of School 441 239 3341 Stacey-Lee Williams Director of Business, Development & Diversity 441 239 3340 441 236 9797

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