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Creating a digital leaflet is a powerful way to provide customers with detailed information about your products or services while saving valuable resources. By using Issuu's digital leaflet creator, you can easily design and publish a leaflet that captures the attention of your audience. Our platform allows you to incorporate imagery with multimedia elements like videos and links to create a fully immersive experience for readers.

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Image of a digital leaflet in the Issuu platform.

What is a digital leaflet?

If you want to promote your business, a digital leaflet helps you showcase your brand, products, and services in an easy-to-read format online. Similar to a digital brochure, a digital leaflet is condensed, digestible, and hits on the high points. Think storytelling through quick bullet points, bold call-to-actions, and customer-focused descriptions without diving into the intricacies and nuances of an entire brochure or magazine.

A digital leaflet offers your readers a condensed yet impactful version of your brand story. A well-written one explains why your brand matters to customers, addresses theirhat pain points, and providesactions they can take. A digital leaflet allows you to distribute this story at scale by engaging customers through your website, email marketing, and even social media.

With a digital leaflet, you can track the success of your content and better understand how customers interact with your brand. Closely monitor impressions, read time, and link clicks to see if your message is sticking. If it’s not, you can easily edit and iterate, tweaking your message to best resonate with your audience. Split test imagery, swap around bullet points, or change the call-to-action to create a more robust reading experience.

Image showing a digital leaflet with Issuu interactive features.

Editable, trackable, and clickable

More than a one-dimensional sheet of paper, your online leaflet is an interactive experience. Add links to important additional information, embed videos to watch engagement skyrocket, and track success with robust analytics. Plus, edit as you need and when you need to.

Image showing the interactive features Issuu offers for digital leaflets.

Work smarter with top integrations

Spend less time creating while using platforms you love. Our InDesign plugin helps make Issuu your one-stop shop for everything design-related. Build beautiful visuals and easily integrate them into your digital leaflet. Integrations help automate your processes, saving you time and effort. Help build cross-team collaboration with easy sharing and get feedback during the design process.

Image showing an Issuu Digital Leaflet with the integrations such as Canva and Indesign.

How to Create a Digital Leaflet

Here’s a step-by-step process for getting started with your new digital leaflet.

1.    Start working on the document you want to turn into a digital leaflet. Remember to include information about your brand and design it in a way that makes the content easy to consume. 

2.    Then upload your file from your computer or another tool you’re using, like InDesign or Canva, for easy integration. You can convert your digital leaflet into formats like a PDF, .doc, .docx, or .ppt. 

3.    Next, it’s time to take it to the next level! Edit your content and design to fit your unique branding. Add videos or links to make your leaflet interactive and more informative. .

4.    Remember that a digital leaflet is a shorter version of a digital magazine. Make sure you’re crafting a powerful, condensed story that still hits the highlight of your brand, product, or service. 

5.    Now, it’s time to publish! How are you going to make sure your intended audience will see your digital leaflet? With Issuu, you have many options. Share it across social media with Hootsuite, add it to Mailchimp emails, or even use a QR code for easy download.

6.    Utilize Issuu’s fullscreen experience to capture your reader’s full attention from start to finish.

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  • Digital leaflets are short yet detailed pieces of content that share more about an organization, message, product, or service. Printed leaflets are traditionally made from one folded sheet of paper to create the illusion of 3-6 small pages. Digital leaflets copy that structure, creating a virtual version of the reader's experience with the multi-page paper version.

  • While quite similar, the core difference between digital leaflets and flyers is the number of pages. Digital leaflets have multiple pages of content to share their message, while digital flyers typically only have one single-sided or double-sided page.

  • The purpose of a leaflet is to be informative, making them a valuable focused resource that's easy to use in combination with similar resources. Leaflets are a way to share more about a single subject, one aspect of a more broad topic, or to go into detail about an event and the digital version allows for easy distribution.

  • Digital leaflets are informative yet skimmable, making them an ideal choice for people who want to promote a message with a specific focus quickly. Think of them as a happy medium between longer-form content (like an article or brochure) and short-form content (like a flier or social media post.)

Create, share, and get discovered with your next digital leaflet.

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