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Whether a startup seeking investment or a corporate giant illustrating strategic plans, Issuu enables you to create an engaging pitch deck that secures your success. Enhance your business case and close the deal with page-turning effects and interactive features, ensuring your pitch presentation is appealing and persuading.

  • Design a pitch deck with our Canva and InDesign integrations.

  • Transform your presentation into a digital Flipbook.

  • Publish and host it privately, easily sharing the deck with a link.

  • Captivate and convince viewers with Links and Videos.

  • Engage stakeholders using Fullscreen Sharing.

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Creating a pitch deck on Issuu's platform

What is a pitch deck?

A pitch deck is a presentation that helps potential investors or clients learn more about your products or services. With Issuu’s pitch deck maker, presenting a million-dollar idea in a sleek, professional format that seals the deal is easy.

Components of a pitch deck being put together on Issuu

How to create a pitch deck:

  1. Start creating a pitch deck design using Issuu’s integrations with Canva, Adobe InDesign, or Adobe Express.

  2. Now upload your static document to Issuu, or import it from Dropbox or Google Drive, to instantly create a business pitch deck with Issuu in a digital, page-flipping format.

  3. Make your pitch deck interactive by effortlessly incorporating elements like Links and Videos using Issuu's intuitive platform.

  4. Next, win over potential investors or clients by showcasing your pitch deck in Fullscreen view with a simple link.

  5. You can share your pitch deck safely and privately as an Unlisted presentation, ensuring it’s seen only by those who matter most.

Engage and impress with each slide

Prime your investor pitch deck for successful funding outcomes by incorporating interactive elements that captivate stakeholders from the first slide. Turn complex data into persuasive narratives with compelling images and embedded Videos, and use Links on key pages to guide viewers deeper into your vision.

Adding Links and Videos to pitch decks on Issuu

Capture and keep everyone's focus

Showcase your big ideas in striking clarity with Issuu's Fullscreen Sharing feature, which lets you customize your presentation to stay on-brand. Whether it’s a product roadmap or a financial overview, immerse your audience in your innovative ideas, holding their attention with an expansive and detailed view.

Using the fullscreen feature the immerse your audience in the flipbook experience

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Turn your vision into victory with a digital pitch deck on Issuu!

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