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SOLTEC Shade shelves

For external sun shading SOLTEC SHADE SHELVES – fixed

Sun Shading Systems

Shade shelves For external sun shading – fixed

Project description Shade shelves are made of horizontal or vertical aluminium profiles, 1.8mm thick. Profiles are available in all RAL colours. Various thicknesses of slats offer numerous placement options: 140 x 300 mm, 140 x 500 mm, 140 x 700 mm, 140 x 900 mm, 140 x 1,100 mm or more The largest length of slat in the horizontal placement is 4,000mm and 6,000mm in the vertical one. Slats are fixed without any visual fixation and they can be installed on a steel sub-construction either in fixed or moveable positions. Slats enable effective shading and they are particularly appropriate for windy areas, where the wind force reaches as much as 150km/h. Benefits of the Shading System Shade shelves are used to provide shade to the rooms of the building and lessen the quantity of direct sun beams and glare. They are also used to improve aesthetic appeal of the building and reduce overheating in the building, when the sun is at its highest.

Maintenance Shade shelves are robust and they are distinguished by a long service life (at least 30 years).

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When do we opt for the SOLTEC shade shelves? If we want - Effective shading performance and reduce the quantity of direct sun beams and glare; - Modern aesthetic appeal of the building; - Reduce overheating in buildings; - Shading solution with a long service life; - When our building is located in a windy area, the SOLTEC shade shelves are the right solution!

Soltec Shade shelves  
Soltec Shade shelves  

Shade shelves