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This Document are Distribute by Bengkel Blogger. Any kind of Copy Paste are not allowed and against the Law Bengkel Blogger One from the most downloaded applications on Google Play Store is Gold Miner Classic. This application is so popular and has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands people. Recently, the developer on this app updates it to new version, Gold Miner Classic 1.0.0. This version brings many additional features and improvements. Surely, it’s going to make the user love it more. If you have previously set up Gold Miner Classic on your own android gadget or tablet, you only need to update it. Otherwise, you can also get Gold Miner Classic 1.0.0 in the link we present on this page. However, before download this app, we advise you to find out more what you will get within this application.

Features of Gold Miner Classic 1.0.0 Android You almost certainly inquire us what you will get with this particular application. Here is description of Gold Miner Classic in accordance with official page on Google Play Store. Gold Miner Classic Gold Miner is one of most popular online games. Now it’s available on Android. Hope you will enjoy it!


You’re collecting the gold nuggets by pressing the screen, the same way you activate the sticks of dynamite which you can use when something else than gold will get in your hands. Between levels you can buy them in the convenient shop. Great and interesting game, you will not gaze away from it! New features: * Aim on a gold while the hook swings, and click on the screen to release the hook. * Each level has its own random maps. So it won’t be the same experience every time you start this game. * You could submit your high score to compare with others in the world.

So, are you interested to install this app into your android device? Download Gold Miner Classic 1.0.0 directly to your android device from this link. What are android downloaders comment about this Gold Miner Classic 1.0.0 Android Application : Love this game! Im addicted to this game. Awesome graphics. It works most of the time. But it will randomly stop working sometimes on my droid razr maxx, having to force close it and I have to start over. It would be nice to be able to have a check point so if you pass that point, and you don’t meet your goal, you just go back to the check point instead of all the way back to the beginning. Really Classic It is the classic. So much better than the other Gold Miner versions where there isn’t the old man pulling the claw or the grumpy man in the store. Two things disappointment though. (1) More often than not, the ads at the bottom of the screen is on a piece of gold or diamond, hard


to aim the claw at those. (2) I have this on my Galaxy Note, not sure if the large screen size is the problem, but the graphics quality is very poor! But otherwise, fantastically addictive game.. Gold miner classic If you don’t make It to your goal you have to start all over This Document are Distribute by Bengkel Blogger. Any kind of Copy Paste are not allowed and against the Law.

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Android Gold Miner Classic 1.0.0 apk