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Foreword Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr Richard Blackwell


Foreword Enterprise Manager Stephen Brown


Business Enterprise


Social Enterprise: Foreword by Louise Drake


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A Truly Enterprising Environment Foreword: Dr Richard Blackwell Deputy Vice-Chancellor

A very warm welcome to Employability & Enterprise at Southampton Solent University. In a rapidly changing economy, the UK needs graduates who possess the relevant skills, attitudes and creativity to succeed in business, community and their chosen careers after University. At Solent, we are committed to ensuring our students are best equipped to make a real impact as effective students, graduates, employees or business owners. We actively encourage entrepreneurship amongst our students. Our long-standing business start-up programme has seen Solent achieve an impressive track record through the creation of 104 student businesses since 2006. Of these, over 40% are sustainable and continuing more than three years on. Yet those who no longer run their business have still gained an invaluable experience that has helped them pursue excellent careers elsewhere. This is a reflection of the our commitment to enhancing the student experience, giving them the competitive edge as graduates and making a vital contribution to promoting prosperity and community resilience in Southampton and beyond. In this way the start up programme makes a crucial contribution to the distinctive Solent ‘employability offer’, encompassing an extensive programme of paid internships, volunteering and real world projects integrated into the curriculum. Whether you are a prospective student, employee, business or member of the community, I hope you will celebrate with us the success of our enterprising graduates and their start up companies. In addition, if you would like to find out more about the full range of enterprise activities and related employability projects, please refer to the end of this booklet or visit our website. We welcome your feedback, offers of support and suggestions for future developments so feel free to get in touch with your ideas.


Foreword: Stephen Brown Enterprise Manager

Solent Entrepreneurs Programme Since 2006, Southampton Solent University has been engaged in the training, mentoring, funding and incubation of student startup businesses. Through a national partnership programme called SPEED, we have been able to support 68 student business start-ups with 40% of those set up more than three years ago still trading. These businesses not only help students develop enterprise skills but also make a vital contribution to promoting prosperity and job creation in our local community. Since SPEED, we have now created Solent’s own start-up prgoramme, which has this year supported the creation of 34 individual businesses. In this scheme, each participant takes part in a 10-week training course, covering the essentials of starting a business including company formation, legal compliance and IP, business planning, sales and finance. The programme is supported with seed funding and mentoring for each business. Whilst the programme helps our students realise their dream of ‘being their own boss’, it also helps graduates to develop the skills needed to become an enterprising employee or ‘intrapreneur’. As a University, we are looking forward to further embedding this work into our rich and varied curriculum to ensure yet more students can experience the excitement of real life enterprise and its’ positive outcomes.

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


Getting the Word Out The website market has grown at an exponential rate since the launch of the World Wide Web in 1992. Yet with over two billion websites currently in existence, getting your site noticed will be one of the biggest challenges you face.


Business Enterprise


STEVE OLLINGTON Faculty of Technology BSc Computer Networks and Web Design Graduate 2008 Tel : 0844 893 0069 Email :

It was this key recognition that helped Steve Ollington, a graduate of Web Design at Solent University recognise an opportunity to focus on web marketing. Steve, along with his business partners Rich Corner and Nick Doyle, both also graduates from Solent, set up ‘The Optimizers’

after graduating from University. The company focuses on using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to promote business websites. SEO focuses on building relevant content, images and links into a website to enable the site to list much higher on a Google search result, giving it greater visibility to the end user. Steve first became interested in SEO when he started playing around with web content in his spare

“Through word of mouth alone, more and more business started to come in. I soon had to leave my job to work on this full time and that’s when I teamed up with Rich and Nick to build up what is now The Optimizers” says Steve. The company is now turning over a profit, is set up as a limited company and VAT registered. “There are the three Directors along with another four members of staff who we employ. The company has also opened up a shop

Search Engine Optimisation time to test whether he could get websites to rank higher in Google simply by changing the content on the site. After seeing positive results, Steve decided to pitch for part-time jobs using his experience of SEO.

front in Ringwood.We have over 40 clients and continue to grow at a steady rate.” Speaking from experience, Steve offers his own piece of advice “It’s hard work at first and sometimes feels like it’s all for nothing working for long hours for no money, but give it time. Mistakes will be made and learned from, I’m sure we have plenty more mistakes ahead of us, but we can now see great things to come.”

It was through the Solent Entrepreneurs Programme (SEP) that Steve was able to pick up the business skills and seed funding needed to set up as a business. Steve comments, “Without the SEP programme I’m not sure I would In the competitive market of SEO, have ended up running a business. If The Optimizers list at number two in a I did, it would have taken a lot Google search under ‘SEO Companies’ longer to get to where I am today.” proving there’s real value in their Steve continued to work on his SEO method and a bright future ahead for businesses (formerly called Skorpnet) the business. while he worked full time.

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


STEVE BURFORD BA (Hons) Media Writing Faculty of Media, Arts and Society Graduate 2008

...I think it’s very important for Universities to support their young Entrepreneurs. New business is the lifeblood of our economy and we all need business skills... • User and administrator submitted interviews and articles on making money, self-development and employability • Deals, promotions and freebies for students • Featured by The Times, The Independent, Mens Health and the BBC


Student Finance Website Steve Burford first set up his business in 2007 while he was studying his BA (Hons) in Media Writing, using the sheer drive to become financially independent as his motivation for success. “At the time, I was working part time as well as studying.

I was fed up with my job selling cruise holidays and struggled to negotiate a pay rise of even 50p an hour, so figured I’d be better off starting my own business” says Steve. Like many in his situation, Steve didn’t have the initial capital to get started. With the help

Business Enterprise

of Solent University’s Student Entrepreneurs Programme (SEP), Steve was able to raise some initial investment to start his business. “The SEP scheme helped support when we were taking our first baby steps. It was invaluable support at the time. We all had a mentor and a grant of £3,500 which has helped to build the first website.” The idea behind the website is simple. It contains hundreds of ideas to help students save money, make money and prepare for life after study. The site is all about thinking differently about getting what you want and offers tips such as

working at festivals to gain free entry and completing surveys to earn small payments for your time. Steve’s ambition has always been to run his own business but says that the support from Solent enabled him to get up and running at a much faster rate than had he done it on his own. “I think it’s very important for Universities to support their young entrepreneurs. New businesses are the lifeblood of the economy so there’s no better place to start a business than at University” comments Steve.


Since graduating Steve has published a book and has been featured in the BBC, The Times and Men’s Health Magazine. Steve’s advice to other students; “There is so much opportunity out there to start a business. Do your research, take it step by step and don’t spend everything you have starting up. I have wasted far too much money, don’t follow in my footsteps.”

Wealthy Student is a leading alternative jobs search engine offering financial guidance and advice to students

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Programme, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN



Business Enterprise

what better

BEREKA Sintayehu BA (Hons) International Business Management Business School

WORK experience

Graduate 2009 Tel : 02380 230838 Email : In 2006, Bereka arrived at Solent University with the drive and ambition already in place to become her own boss having already worked as a self-employed cleaner. At this stage Bereka had just one regular private client, one vacuum cleaner and the loan of her cousin’s car. Her determination to be her own boss, however, is what drove her to strive forward with her business. “I think it is so important to support students looking to make their own opportunities. Not everybody has that entrepreneurial flair, some people are more comfortable working for somebody else and that’s OK. For me, if you want to do what you really love, it is better to sacrifice the comfort and

ease of being told what to do to take a risk.” Bereka has always had the entrepreneurial flair and determination to become a success. Her passion for self-employment saw her rise to the challenge of building a business alongside her full time studies. It was through attending an employability fair that she found out about the start-up programme, which in turn gave her the skills needed and financial freedom to allow her business to expand. In 2008 Ebenezer began trading as a limited company and was able to employ staff. Bereka now has both private and commercial contracts, expanded in to a carpet cleaning service and recruited five employees. She is looking to double that number in the next two years. It wasn’t just the financial support that Bereka found so valuable. It was as much the ongoing access to business


way to GAin than by working for yourself? information and training. Two years since graduating Bereka still makes use of the resources made available to her. “Stephen is still available to me now if I have questions or need help, imagine if every student had access to that sustained level of support? There would be no limits to what you could apply yourself to.” Though Bereka has always wanted to have her own business, she understands that self-employment is not for everyone. This doesn’t undermine the value of the skills and experience associated with programme, whether your business flourishes or discontinues. “If you don’t practice what you learned at University you still hold that knowledge but your experiences become less and less relevant in seeking the job that you want. Work experience is hard to come by and many employed roles have this as a basic requirement so what better way to gain that experience than by working for yourself”.

Business Enterprise


Andy Gray & Will Beare Faculty of Media, Arts and Society Film & Digital Media Tel: 
(07816)320414 Email: When Andy Gray and Will Beare first set up Echo Video Productions in 2007, their main drive was to do what they loved when they graduated from University with a degree in Film and Digital Media.

“Our tutors were really positive about the idea to start a company and it was through SEP that we learned all the necessary skills we needed to get set up.”

Andy and Will met when they collaborated on a project together that crossed over both of their courses. They soon realised they had the same passion to work on all aspects of film production so created Echo Video Productions half way through their final year at Solent.

Since its launch five years ago, Andy and Will have been able to ensure the sustainability of their business through a number of corporate video contracts. They have also built up their portfolio to enable them to showcase the diverse range of film projects they have undertaken.

“I wasn’t against getting a job but knew that in an employed job I would be expected to focus on one aspect of film whereas I enjoyed the whole process and that was a key motivator to starting the business” says Andy. Having spoken to their tutors, friends and family, Andy and Will decided to apply to be a part of the Solent Entrepreneurs Programme (SEP).

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, comments Andy “After the first year, our business was hit by the recession, with little to no work coming in. It was the first time we both thought we would have to give it up to get employed work, but we saw it through and the past 18 months have been really great.” Andy and Will are now starting to plan for the future and looking to gain more work

from the music industry. They have recently invested in new equipment to help cater for the needs of the industry. Having taken the rough with the smooth, both Andy and Will realise that starting a business as a graduate is the best time to take the risk. “When you graduate from Uni you’re in a great position because most people don’t have a mortgage, their own family or an already established career. By taking the risk to start a business you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.” Andy’s main advice for starting a business “Just go for it. It’s an amazing experience to have your own business but don’t expect it to happen overnight, it’s something you have to keep working at. My biggest tip is to remember to take a holiday so that you take a step back every now and then to avoid being consumed by your business.”

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


Company Overview IchallengeU is a motivational agency set up to inspire and challenge young audiences by providing mentoring, motivational team-building and guest talks and seminars.

I came up with my business idea whilst running the Solent Sparks Entrepreneurs Club. We were getting some great keynote speakers in, a lot of whom were young and I thought young speakers was a refreshing change from the more mature and experienced kind of speakers you usually see. I thought ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to have a company representing young people who have already achieved amazing things?’ I always had in mind that I wanted to be my own boss because I genuinely didn’t think anyone would hire me! I got two GCSE’s and not very good A levels and every job I applied for I was rejected. I wanted to be my own boss because I like making my own decisions and I don’t particularly like being told what to do, which doesn’t always go my way. The only person I have to answer to now is the tax man.


“...The Solent Entrepreneurs Programme has enabled me to build upon my dream to help and inspire young people. I have had support from the initial concept right through to starting the business and now to the operational side of things. It has been an excellent learning opportunity for me...”

Future Plans James hopes to take the company to the next level of mentoring people and arranging talks internationally, increasing his guest-speaker and mentoring team list.

that would have happened if I Running the Solent Sparks hadn’t come to University and Entrepreneur Club was like become involved with business running a speaking agency, I and entrepreneurship through already understand all the fees my degree and through my you need to deal with, what involvement with the programme. kind of places will pay and what places won’t and how to market The advice I my services. would give to a I always had I also learned new student at the presentation and in mind that I University looking leadership skills to start their own by standing up in wanted to be my future business is front of 100 club own boss because to just do it. I hear members to get I genuinely didn’t so many people the ball rolling, saying they want think anyone something you to be a millionaire don’t experience would hire me! by the time they in a classroom are thirty, or they situation. want to be in a job with £100,000 salary but I ask ‘‘How? How The support from the are you going to do it with no University has been fantastic, understanding or experience in I’ve recieved mentoring as business?’ If you want to go into well as financial support from business and understand how it the Solent Entrepreneurs works in real life then come and Programme and made valuable get involved in what the uni has contacts – some of whom have to offer. become involved in working through my business. None of

Business Enterprise


James Headspeath Faculty of Business, Sport & Enterprise BA (Hons) Marketing with Entrepreneurship Year Two Tel : 07817453164 Email :

Motivational Speaking • Inspirational Guest Speakers • Individual Mentoring

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


FAYE SATCHELL Faculty of Business, Sport & Enterprise LLM Law Year One Tel : 07411731034 Email :

• Behavioural Issues • Horse Backing • Equine Loading


Business Enterprise


Equine Behavioural Specialist Company Overview The Horse Power Company is a small newly established company utilising Faye’s extensive equestrian skills and training as well as her knowledge of equine law. Faye provides a range of services from horse whispering and tackling behavioural issues to providing relevant legal information to horse owners and enthusiasts.

“... Participating in the Solent Entrepreneurship Programme has been an incredibly useful addition to my law training by giving me a portfolio of extra essential skills that can be adapted to any employment situation...”

Future Plans The Horse Power Company is looking to expand the range of services they provide to include horse transportation. Faye also provides legal information surrounding equine law and hopes to be publishing a book on the subject by next year.

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


Company Overview Food@One is a specialist provider of intolerance friendly foods with a particular focus on preprepared lunchtime meals and snacks. Food at one is an important contribution in a world where a quarter of the population has an identified food intolerance.


“... The Programme has been an enormous help! The variety of the content delivered has given me an insight in to the key areas I need to be aware of when starting up my own business and has really helped me to focus on the next steps I need to take...�

Future Plans Food@One is currently securing a location for an industrial kitchen, having generated initial demand for the lunch time range. Emily hopes to eventually introduce her range to established supermarket retailers.

Business Enterprise


Emily Curson-Baker Faculty of Business, Sport & Enterprise BA (Hons) Business Management Year Three Tel : 07710132539 Email :

Lunchtime Non-Allergenic Food & Snacks • Specialist non-allergenic food supplier • Specialist Packaging • Tailored Menus • Healthy & Convenient Food

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


• Specialist online shipping auction company • Easily accessible to clients • Striving for sustainable & green transport on Britain’s roads

Company Overview Eezyship is an online shipping and distribution company offering analytics and planning services to companies seeking to save time and money and to provide an improved service to their clients.


“...The Student Entrepreneurs Programme has opened my eyes to some of the areas of business that I would have otherwise not thought about. It has also helped prepare me for the aspects of business that I have yet to encompass. I have very much enjoyed being part of the programme...”

Future Plans Clinton is seeking to develop his customer base and expand his services to the European market. He is commited to making an environmental contribution while also saving time and money for his clients.

Business Enterprise


Clinton Fisher Faculty of Business, Sport & Enterprise BA (Hons) Marketing with Entrepreneurship Year Two Tel : 07967679960 Email :

Online Shipping & Distribution

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


• Web Design & Development • Brand & Logo Design • Search Engine Marketing • User Centred Design • Usability Testing

Company Overview Webconcious is an established website and online marketing company with a large existing client base. The company is based on creating an efficient web system to make websites more accessible and extremely cheap for a number of platforms and devices.


“...The Student Entrepreneurship Programme has provided me with the basic knowledge to organise myself and my business ideas and given me the confidence I needed to take the first necessary steps in forming a business....”

Future Plans Webconscious are continuing to build upon social media marketing and template web design and become more accesible to companies just starting out by offering a clear service at a reasonable cost.

Business Enterprise


MICHAEL SCRIVENER Faculty of Technology BSc (Hons) Web Design & Internet Technology Graduate 2010 Tel : 07595755603 Email :

Website Design & Online Marketing

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


e ramm g o r eP e “...Th ven me th i has g unity to l t oppor y technica y tr m take nd indus rn a tu skills dge and r le e know nto a care lped i he them n. It has d io solut nderstan u me to plement f m and i ucturing o o r the st ess & als in or a bus e myself f s of n r prepa s and dow � p the u he boss!... t being

ic 3D p o c os e r e t S

tion c u d ro P a i ed M & ncy a t l u Cons Future Plans

Company Overview Break the Chain productions is a brand new production company aiming to specialise in 3D video production and consultancy across a range of media platforms including TV, film and interactive gaming.


With the training and funding recieved through the program Ali’s plans to set up his own Production Company & 3D consultancy service. Over the next five years Ali hopes to establish his brand and services in the production industry and expand his client portfolio.

Business Enterprise


Ali ZAIN Faculty of Technology BA (Hons) Film Graduate 2010 Tel : 07817039618 Email :

• 3D Consultancy • Video, film, gaming and promotional production • Creativity & Consultancy

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 OYN


Khamisi McKenzie / Jermaine Addo-Yeobah Faculty of Media, Arts and Society MA Media & Public Relations / BA (Hons) Advertising & Media Communications Year One / Year Three Tel : 07828618871 Email :

COMPANY OVERVIEW Two Halves produce PR and advertising campaigns for small media enterprises. Two Halves is committed to producing a conscientious tailored service to new companies that are looking to rebrand their company image. Two Halves is a dynamic and promising duo that will continue to grow in the future.


“...With the information provided by the entrepreneurship programme we have not only gained the confidence to start up our business, we have also learned the necessarry business functions and legal requirements to make our company a success...�

FUTURE PLANS Two Halves aims to expand their representation services into a range of different markets including corporate, music, public relations and advertising, whilst also offering roles within the company to graduates looking to break in to the market. Within the next six years, Two Halves aim to become one of the top 150 PR firms in the UK.

Business Enterprise


Events Management & Public Relations Ancillary Services • Company image branding

• Advertising • Publicity

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


Company Overview Clear-Cut Productions provides film and photography and editing services to corporate clients. Even whilst studying, Chris has succeeded in establishing a broad and impressive portfolio of media clients. A keen film maker, he has produced a number of production solutions for local and national clients.


“...The Solent Entrepreneurs Programme has given me information & advice on matters any new business owner needs to know. The advice and mentoring support has afforded me the opportunity to talk to people who have been in business and provided me with ideas & advice which I may not otherwise have thought about...�

Future Plans Chris plans to expand ClearCut by setting up his own his own studio and eventually employing staff enabling him to take on bigger projects. Chris would also like to expand in to broadcasting on both established shows and having his own original productions commisioned and broadcast.

Business Enterprise


CHRIS CLEMENTS Faculty of Media, Arts & Society MA Film Year One Tel : 07763459313

Film,Media Photography & Editing Services Production Services • Video Production Services (corporate and training films as well as web video adverts) • Photographic Services (corporate and events photography) • Editing Services

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


Jourdan Lamontagne BA (Hons) Marketing & Advertising Management Faculty of Business, Sport & Enterprise Year Three Email : Tel : 07837 969783

Students 4 Students

Company Overview S4S (Students 4 Students) is an innovative and creative business providing a range of services from events management and organisation to an interactive HotSpot Smartphone application. The Smartphone app provides live information about local clubs, restaurants and bars including people counters, discounts and vouchers, drinks prices, menus and music types to allow students to make a more informed choice about their night out. S4S has experience in organising various events and is currently preparing to host a boat party for Fresher’s week based on a sustainable business model that can be copied and continued every year. The event has attracted plenty of local interest including sponsorship from a range of local businesses.

Future Plans S4S has big plans for the future. By the end of 2011 Jourdan aims to have solid business plans drawn up for both sides to his business and have been able to organize more events in the South of England including a legacy brand event that can be profitably repeated every year. Jourdan also aims to create and develop further innovative products and services for the student world building upon initial investor interest for his Smartphone App. S4S would like to attract bigger sponsorships and cultivate strong business relationships.


Business Enterprise


“...I’ve gained the knowledge and confidence to develop my business further. I’ve found continued support and been able to network and build professional relationships. I learned about my legal responsibilities as a business, presentation and sales tips, how to manage a company on a more practical basis, and on top of that the grant allowed me to invest in my passion with little personal risk!...”

Media Production Services

Student Targeted Events, Activities & Promotions •Events Management • Revolutionary Innovations in Marketing and Promotions • Ancillary Marketing Service

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


Foreword: Louise Drake Student Enterprise Advisor Southampton Solent University is a city centre University providing employment opportunities and contributing to the prosperity of the city through its large student base. We recognise that our ideal location and vast number of students can offer a wider benefit to the region and beyond. At Solent, our aim is to use social enterprise as a way to create projects that benefit the community and society. This relatively new business concept is based on an organisation trading with the aim to tackle social issues, improve lives or benefit the environment. Examples of how Solent have used social enterprise includes our multi-award winning Eco-Ernie project aimed at reducing student waste in the city. In addition, we have invested in the creation of a social enterprise incubator hub, one of only a handful in the UK. This will allow us to further support our students, graduates and staff in providing benefit to our local community through the positive power of business. Looking forward, our aim is to use these local initiatives to provide opportunities for students to gain an understanding of running a business in a socially responsible way, enabling them to make a positive impact on society in the future.


SOCIAL Enterprise


LOUISE DRAKE BA (Hons) Human Resource Management Business School Graduate 2007 Current Employer : Southampton Solent University Student Enterprise Advisor Winner of UnLtd /Hefce Award for Outstanding Social Entrepreneur -Non Teaching Staff 2011 Tel : 02380 319740 Email :

Southampton has a population of 234,600, of which 44,000 are students studying at the city’s two universities. The sheer number of students – and their lifestyle – has a significant impact on their environment, and the transient student community can be at odds with the longer-term residents. Solent, though, has social justice and engagement at the heart of its activities and was not prepared to stand by without action. So along came Eco Ernie, a socially enterprising solution created by SEP alumni Louise Drake, to allay growing community concern over an increasing volume of recyclable rubbish left on the pavements each summer by students moving out. The impact of the project in just three years has been unprecedented. As well as cleaning up student areas, it has raised awareness amongst students of the importance of recycling and the impact of their actions on the environment and local community. Its success can be measured in terms of greater community cohesion, environmental and social benefits, effective knowledge transfer and positive reputation. In short Eco Ernie is the definition of true community engagement, and those negative comments from residents have turned to praise, with local reverend David Masters describing Ernie as “a wonderful catalyst for engaging with the environmentally apathetic student households to leave the community in a better condition than when they moved in at the start of the academic year.”

Community benefit through social enterprise Ernie has become a nationally recognised enterprise and was awarded the coveted Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community. In addition, the project has been featured in the Universities UK best practice guide, ‘Living together, working together’; awarded the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Pride Award for Best Community Relations Campaign; received the Local Government Chronicle Award for Community Involvement, in partnership with Southampton City Council; and has recently been shortlisted for the National Recycling Awards for Best Partnership Project for Recycling. Eco Ernie’s success has been achieved through consultation and knowledge transfer, in partnership with Southampton City Council, local charities – Bag it UP, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, S.C.R.A.T.C.H – and a neighbouring church. It is a truly collaborative, socially enterprising solution.

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


Created by : Prof. Steven Henderson Southampton Solent University Tel : 02380 332292 Email :

Tsunami victims first to benefit from Solent University Social Enterprise SoFair is an enterprise that aims to engage commercial clientele in helping people from poorer parts of the world through fair trade products – at the same time as providing crucial job experience for local graduates and students. “SoFair has made a flying start” states professor Steven Henderson, ‘by undertaking crucial work to aid victims of the tsunami in Chennai by selling organic, pure cotton products made by a firm of women in a village which was devastated by the disaster.” Building a commercial clientele, where order sizes and profits are greater, is already helping to secure the long-term future of these women and their families. Interns Laura and Daljit are also working on a longer term plan to help the project become self-financing by finding similar enterprises in struggling communities. “The extensive network of former students and volunteers will be important in making introductions,” says Laura, “as these firms are precarious and cannot take risks with business partners.” As well as providing vital assistance in helping poorer parts of the world, the project is also inspiring local graduates and students apply their skills to the marketing of fair-trade products. Laura graduated in Illustration and has taken a Masters level course in Digital


Marketing and Consultancy. Her colleague Daljit graduated some time ago, but his job was a casualty of the credit crunch. Work on SoFair has refreshed both interns’ skills and increased their employability. Volunteers on the project have also gained a great deal from their experiences. Ganla, a recent Solent MBA graduate from India, says, “When I volunteered for SoFair I found that the academic things I learned can really make a difference when applied with enthusiasm.” Similarly Adrianna, who is completing her masters in Digital Marketing at Portsmouth University, says, “I volunteered because I liked the values of the project and wanted to know more about fair-trade.” The longer term plan is to reach the point where interns and volunteers can maintain a self-funding social enterprise. Early signs are encouraging, and the dream is that one day SoFair could offer scholarships at Solent to some of the children who will have been supported through the project.

SOCIAL Enterprise


Award Winner 2010

Help & Funding SoFair has been helped by funding from UK UnLtd, which is used to revolutionise the merchandising effort in conjunction with Vandanamu Ethical Cottons, who handle the UK distribution. Southampton Solent University has given SoFair an office in its new enterprise centre, and funded two graduate interns to begin a marketing campaign.

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


Unleashing Your Potential – Becoming an Enterprising Employee Liz George Employability Manager


outhampton Solent University has a commitment to ensure its graduates leave the University with the best possible chance to make a success of their career using the skills and knowledge they gain as a student. For the first time, Solent’s Marketing and Communications Service has launched a campaign to create £10 million worth of graduate jobs, and exceeded this target with more than £11.6m – the equivalent of 1,041 individual posts – pledged by local businesses. In order to fulfil our commitment to the future of our graduates, we need to ensure our students have the ability and self-belief to be the best they can be. Enterprise plays an important role in the development of employability skills amongst our students. The hands-on nature of running a business allows our students to gain soft skills in communication, confidence, self-awareness and creative thinking, all of which are highly valued by employers. With these skills, our graduates have the ability to create real value within an organisation through their innovative approach. They are often referred to as ‘intrepreneurship’ or an ‘enterprising employee’. As employers place more emphasis on the real world skills a graduate can offer, our aim is to satisfy this through a recognition of the skills our students can develop through experiencing enterprise.


Enterprising People

No Wrong Door Southampton Solent University offers a number of ways to support our graduates in being the best they can be. Our ‘no wrong door’ offering is open to working with local based businesses in supporting our graduates whilst helping them build their business through access to the talent at Solent. Here’s a snapshot of what Solent currently offer:

Mentoring + Our mentoring scheme matches students to local employers to support them on gaining an insight into employment. The programme is a catalyst in enhancing a students’ confidence, employability skills and employment prospect. Contact:

Work projects & placements Real life work experience is vital to the success of our graduates. We work closely with local employers to offer our students projects and placements that link them into the world of work. If you are interested in discussing any project or placements opportunities, please get in touch with the Employability and Enterprise team. Contact:

Internships & graduate jobs We actively promotes local internships and graduate opportunities through our Graduate Jobs South (GJS) university partnership service. This is an initiative specifically aimed at matching local jobs to local graduates. Visit for more details or contact

Short courses Southampton Solent University offers a number of short courses aimed at continued professional development (CPD) for employees and businesses. These range from business courses through to design and personal development training. Contact: enterprisecentres@

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Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN



TOM HOLMES Faculty of Technology BA ( Hons) Design Studies Graduate 2007 CURRENT EMPLOYER : Start Creative Designer / Branding Consultant Work Tel : +971 (4) 450 8494 email : /

Original Business Idea: Our idea was simple. Using our skills we created a design studio that offered affordable branding and identity solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

Brief job description: I’m now a designer / branding consultant at StartJG, one of the world’s leading independent creative agencies. After working in the London headquarters for two years, I’m now based in our Dubai office working for some of the world’s largest brands and companies. We operate on a global basis, so one day I could be designing a new campaign for Barclays or a retail environment on Oxford Street for Adidas in London, and the next working on rebranding the world’s largest airport in Dubai. Now I get to do what I love and get paid to travel the world, and that’s not a bad thing!

What skills did you learn from the Programme that you’ve been able to take in to an employed role? Thinking back, the programme gave me a wealth of skills and abilities


...I’ve gained a confidence to push my ideas through tough presentations that have ultimately gone on to change things on a global scale... which has massively aided in getting me to where I am today. All the skills I use on a daily basis in my current role were developed and advanced during my time on the SEP course. I was also able to learn a variety of new techniques and methods to further my knowledge in business, which has undoubtedly been the biggest help in terms of networking, and getting to the places I want to go.

Would you consider starting up your own business in the future? Yes. I don’t fear the unknown anymore. I now know how to go about doing it and have a few plans on the horizon.

Career highlights : Last March (2010) I was given the opportunity to design for Red Nose Day 2011. The first piece of design work had to target 33,000 schools and somehow increase the number participating in the event. A lot of stress and ideas later my solution led to a massive increase in participation, and over the course of the year we rolled out several more successful pieces of work contributing significantly to Red Nose Day’s best year.

Enterprising People


Without confidence, an idea will remain just an idea Nick Seruwagi Faculty of Business, Sport & Enterprise BA (Hons) Human Resource Management Graduate 2007 CURRENT EMPLOYER HR Manager Tel : +97150241 8581

Original Business Concept: Unimum Limited : A student essentials trading company that sold everything from used books to printers and laptops.

Brief job description: I’m currently the HR manager for, an online arabic travel company that assists new travel companies to start-up and enter the travel market.

What skills did you learn from the Programme that you have been able to take in to an employed role? SEP taught me how to be resourceful when running a business, particularly a start-up. This has helped me significantly in my current role.

Has your previous experience running your own business assisted you in your current role? Yes! Confidence is one of the most important things gained from the programme. Without confidence an idea will remain just an idea.

Would you consider starting up your own business in the future? Yes, I am currently working on several new projects.

Career Highlights: To have taken part in the growth of four internet start-up companies. I have helped some of them grow from one to up to sixty employees in the space of just one year. Also I now live as an expat in Dubai - I’m very proud of that.

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN



ED VINICOMBE Faculty of Media, Arts & Society BA(Hons) Digital Media Graduate 2008 CURRENT EMPLOYER Fresh Egg ltd Web Designer Email :


d’s original business idea, Heartbreak Records, was an independent record label representing home-grown bands through publicity, record production and tour management. After enjoying some early successes selling CDs and merchandise through local events, Ed changed his business idea in 2008 to focus primarily on his creative skills in graphic and web design combined with marketing and web optimization services, thus creating Meca Graphics.


A poster outside of Ed’s classroom was the catalyst inspiring him in to action.

“I first came up with the idea when I realised I could charge whatever I wanted an hour. Essentially, the idea of being my own boss and having my own creative freedom without having to answer to anybody is what persuaded me to get started.”

Before joining the student entrepreneurship programme, Ed did not have an existing business idea in place, but had a clear idea what he wanted from his future career.

Ed commends the course’s accurate and realistic advice on how to maximize businesses profitability, and credits the course for being the starting point of Meca Graphics. The course funding enabled him to buy a MacBook and design software– the platform, workspace and communication tools that are central to any design business.

“I think I’d always have ended up starting my own business but I was able to start a lot earlier by learning so much from the SEP programme.”

Since graduating, Ed has continued to work freelance through Meca Graphics and has now secured full-time work with an internet marketing agency close to his home

in Worthing. This enables Ed to grow his business without taking a financial risk and develop his industry skills and experience within a well known marketing company, skills that Ed can take forward in his future career or use if and when his business is financially sustainable enough to take on full time.

“The SEP is a great way to encourage students to enter the world of business and develop as enterprising people. In my opinion success will always be easier to find if you create a niche for yourself within business. Creating a niche in business gives you the chance to move forward quicker & be more innovative.”

Enterprising people


Original Business Idea: Since graduating I had picked up odds and ends in freelance graphic design work but nothing substantial enough to consider doing it full time. I first heard about the SEP Programme when Stephen asked me to design a poster promoting the course, which then lead on to other projects within the University and ultimately to being accepted on to the programme with the intention of developing my skills in to a full time business opportunity.

LAURA DAWRANT Faculty of Technology BA (Hons) Graphic Design Graduate 2009 CURRENT EMPLOYER Southampton Solent University Enterprise Communications Intern Tel : 07966 041276

Brief job description: The nature of enterprise means the role has been really diverse. As a communications co-ordinator I have been an integral part of branding and promoting key projects as well as being able to contribute to the planning of the more unusual proposals put forward by the University. Ultimately it was my involvement with the programme that got me this job and equipped me with the basic knowledge and skills I needed to understand my role. I’ve also been able to develop my design skills in a working environment.

What skills did you learn from the SPEED course that you have been able to take in to an employed role? The Programme has basically been the entire driving force behind me gaining this internship. My own interest in enterprise coupled with my experience with the course content has enabled me to communicate effectively with students and alumni and forge excellent professional networks and relationships.

Has your previous experience running your own business assisted you in your current role?

I don’t think I would have applied to this role at all if the programme hadn’t given me the opportunity to explore my enterprising side. This role has in turn give me the confidence and experience to apply to roles with bigger responsibilities and, ultimately, salaries.

Would you consider starting up your own business in the future? I have been considering a number of projects to add to my design services and would hope that one day I’m in a position to focus all of my efforts in to doing what I love.

Career Highlights: Just any positive feedback I get for my work is a highlight for me. When someone thinks you are great at what you do and recommends you to somebody else, I still get excited about that.

Supporting the Entrepreneurs of the Future Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN


The following students have received the Solent Entrepreneurs Programme (SEP) of training, mentoring and financial support while studying at Southampton Solent University

Faculty of Media, Arts & Society Sam Hailes - Journalist Khamisi McKenzie - Public Relations (page 2) Jermaine Addo-Yeobah - Public Relations (page 2) Dino Zudjelovic - Restaurant Kevin Ackermann - Jewellery Importing Chris Clement - Media and Production Company (page 24) Jon Sowden - Tree Surgeon Neil Gibb - Drama and Performance Company Jo Felts - Children’s Illustrations Ian Attard - Multimedia Production Cronan Shanks – Photography Mark Boulas – Film Production David Munn – Film Production Jonathon Hughes – Music / Guitar Instruction Website Edward Vinicombe – Record Label Michelle Hyatt – Children’s Educational Software Will Beare – Production Company (page 9) Andy Gray – Production Company (page 9)

Catherine Binden-Blood – Production Company Liza Henshaw – Production Company Ratna Bibi - Artist Simon Renshaw – Media Production Michael Le Marachel – Media Production Louise Owen – Media Production Liam Pearce – Media Production Sam Clements – Media Production Eloise Juryeff – Drama Production Company Adam Oliver - Animation Gerald Sagoe – Film Maker Stephen Burford - Student Merchandise Website (page 6) Jonathan Boxall – Video Production Louise Hilliard – Music Video Production Martyn Hedges – Music Video Production Dave Rowett – Record / Band Promotion Chris Stemp – Record / Band Promotion Ben Poore - CD Production

Faculty Business, Sport & Enterprise James Headspeath – Motivational Company (page 10) Clinton Fisher – Transport & Analytics (page 16) Faye Satchell – Equine Behaviourist (page 12) Victoria Cristea – Transporting Company Emily Curson Baker – Non-allergenic Food (page 14) Gloria Bogere – Coffee Shop Eric Cheung – Events Management Company Nick Chacksfield – Night Club Promotion Serkan Ceylan – Below the Line Media Juuso Santti – Importing and Exporting Mobile Phones Charles Grain – Online Estate Agency Michelle Turner – Children’s Nursery Jordan Lamontagne – Events & Sponsor Promotion (page 26) Nick Seruwagi – Student Text Book Distribution Michael McCourt – TV Installation Louise Drake – Social Enterprise (page 28) Geudrius Arlauskas - Construction Cadine West – Multi Racial Greeting Cards Stuart Gerret – T Shirt/ Pixel Concept Samuel Serra – Toy Company

Elizabeth Hamminger - Programming Jiri Pernicky – Polish Language School Andy Maiejczyk – Polish Language School Edgar Aizbalts – Importing/ Exporting Latvian Larger Henry Oblie – Ghana Travel Agency Antonio Vinha - Consultancy Carlos Barrosso - Consultancy Kenichi Okoye – Children’s Merchandise Luthful Tohid – Computer Concept Youssef Boutayeb – Music / Club Promotion Florian Pers – Below Line Media Bareka Sintayehu – Cleaning Company (page 8) Peter Mols – Marketing and Promotion Abdullah Osman – Application Developer Victoria Guseva – Furniture Design Aquibou Kaloga – Guinean Chicken Farm Jurgita Palavinskaite – Nursing Home Amanda Woodford – Fitness for Women Company Alex McIntosh – Fish Restaurant

Faculty of Technology Christopher Jinks - Website Design Daniel James – Yacht Design Steve Ollington – Search Engine Optimisation (page 4) Helen Miller – Architectural Services Ifeany Isitor – Computer Programming Tom Holmes – Design Studio (page 34) Ben Burns – Graphic Design David King – Portable Convenience Concept Henrik Brun – Maritime Transport Logistics Mark Fox – Portable Restaurant/Bar

Alex Betteridge - Portable Restaurant/Bar Jessica Cripps – Dance Company Michaela Zhenova – Bulgarian Wedding Dress Designer Vallerio Dellanna – Yacht Furnishing Jude Burns – Computer Games Design Michael Scrivener – Multi platform Web Design (page 18) Ali Zain – 3D Consultancy (page 20) Jordan Charters – Novelty Travel Photo Website Laura Dawrant – Graphic Design (page 37)

40% of students surveyed after three years since completing the programme are actively trading

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Student Entrepreneurship Program, Southampton Solent University, East Park Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 0YN

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Student Entrepreneurship at Southampton Slent University


Student Entrepreneurship at Southampton Slent University