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Best Solar Panels Installation for Home and Business [Buyer’s Guide]

Is choosing solar products in NSW hard for you due to so many options? Well, opting for Solar Panels NSW is not easy. It requires thorough research and knowledge of the available brands and PV systems. Solar Beam offers the best products sourced directly from the manufacturers. This enables us to meet the sudden increase in demand for solar. Further, we provide support to our customers throughout the installation and maintenance process. Whether you want to install solar panels in your home or office space, you need expert guidance. So, reading this article on the best Solar System NSW can offer you some needed insight. Three main factors for choosing the best solar panel are its specifications, price, and warranty. Especially considering Australia’s sunny climate, the solar panels you choose need to be robust and versatile. Now, let’s see the best-selling solar panels in NSW, Australia.

Top Solar Panels to Install In Your Home or Commercial Space #1: 10kw Solar Panels This is the best choice for a commercial space. Needless to say, it’s also enough to fulfill your home energy requirements.

A 10kw Solar Panels consists of 40 panels each with an efficiency of 250 watts. Further, it will produce an average of 29 – 46 kwh each day. This is an average estimate as the exact amount of output depends on many factors. Two of the most dominant factors of them being the geographical location and solar system quality.

#2: 6.6kw Solar Panels A 6.6kw Solar System NSW is perfect to meet energy requirements of a large household. Per day energy output of a 6.6kw system averages at 20kWh to 27kWh.

Thus, you can expect significant savings on your current electricity bills. This system has a total of 24 panels measuring 1.6m by 1m in size. Two of our most in-demand solar packages in this range are:  

$ 2599 for 6.6kW with Kstar Inverter $ 3800 for 6.6kW with Fronuis Inverter

Further, we also stock top quality Fronius solar inverters sourced directly from the manufacturer. Get in touch with our representatives today to enquire about our affordable Fronius Solar Inverter Price.

#3: 5kw Solar Panels A 5kw Solar Panels is enough to meet the daily energy needs of an average Australian domicile. Interestingly, an average Australian uses 920kWh of energy per month.

But a 5kw system can produce 22-24 units per day. So, the system is enough for the daily power usage of a typical Aussie household. This solar system usually needs a roof space of 30-40 m2, considering it has a standard 20*250W panels. We offer a top quality 5kw Solar System Package after taking rebates into account. The 5kw Solar System Price is $3950 in NSW, Australia.

#4: 3kw Solar Panels A 3kw Solar System is the ideal choice for a small household or business with small electricity bills. Establishments most suitable for installing a 3kw solar panel system are the ones with less roof space.

Occupying less than 300ft² of roof space, this PV system is actually the topmost choice of Aussies with a small household. Plus, it can easily meet the average energy requirements for powering lighting and kitchen appliances.

Looking for the Best Solar Panel Installer NSW? Look No Further Than Solar Beam We have been offering our solar services throughout Australia for years. You will know you’ve hired an experienced solar professional when you go with our services. Our complete solar products package include:   

Solar Panels Solar Inverters Battery Solutions

Australia has seen dramatic change in the world of solar in recent years. As a result, we strive to maintain the standard of our offerings with the changing times. That’s why we care to source all our solar products only from the real manufacturer. And these only include the top tier-1 solar brands of Australia. Our Tier-1 Solar Panel Brands are as follows:      

Jinko Solar Panels German Solar Panels Seraphim Solar Panels Canadian Solar Panels Trina Solar Panels LG Solar Panels

Note: Your solar panel installation is incomplete without a quality solar inverter. Thus, we also provide Solar Inverters from the top quality brands. These include ABB, Fronius, SMA, and SolaX Inverters. Get in touch with us to know the best prices for these power inverters in NSW, Australia. Are you still confused on which solar package will be your best investment? Contact us @ 1300-004-077 to talk to our solar experts. All our professionals are well trained to assist you in choosing the best solar option for your home or business.

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Best Solar Panels Installation for Home or Business in NSW  

Are you looking for the best solar panels for your households or business? Solar Beam is the home for variety of solar panel brand. Choose t...

Best Solar Panels Installation for Home or Business in NSW  

Are you looking for the best solar panels for your households or business? Solar Beam is the home for variety of solar panel brand. Choose t...

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