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Layout for Around Magazine Around Magazine is a ďŹ ction magazine about traveling, cultures and ethnic, 1 certain country every 3 months. And this one all about Japan

Logos for PAWS- Performing Animal Walfare society (images of two elephants hugging each others) 46th INTERNATIONAL CHEMISTRY OLYMPIAD (ICHO) 46th ICHO hosted in Ha Noi- Viet Nam -2014 (combination of Benzene structure and a 5 colored-petal lotus) Save the Dugong campaign An event hold by America Center in Ho Chi Minh city, 2013 (Image of mother and baby dugongs oating together)

Icon set for Gyujin- Japanese restaurant Motif modiďŹ ed a single brush stroke, which is elegant and peaceful, like the japanese s culture.

Commercial for Colokit Clay Highlight the most important : exibility.

A ďŹ ctional exhibition of antique clocks organized by RHYTHM Japan

Website layout for PAWS Performing Animal Walfare Society with a theme of 2013- Year of Africa

Brochure for Granado Espada A Korea Online game developed by IMC - hanbisoft

Posters for Oreo With Christmas Theme

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