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Online Shopping Guide

Tip for Online Shopping with Deals, Coupon and Promo Codes Presented by 1

1. Read the fine prints and conditions: Many times coupons and coupons and promos come with a condition, for example, minimum purchase needed for get the discounts and you may have to pay for shipping. Some advertised free stuff may be free only with a purchase. Also important point to note is the validity dates and times of coupons , many coupon codes and discounts are limited time offers which may vary for few days, weekend only or specific holidays and occasions.

2. Percentage off versus dollar off deals and coupons: Sometime there may be site wide promotion offering a fixed % off the total order and There may be another offer , coupon code offering amount of dollars of the total price. You need to calculate which one is the better deal , a 25% of coupon will save you $25 off $100 purchase where as a fixed dollar amount of $10 off will save you only $10.


2. Shipping Costs: Pay close attention to shipping costs, many times deals and discounts have separate promo code , coupon codes for main items and shipping. In case shipping is not free search around for a free shipping coupon code or may be an extra stackable coupon to offset the shipping costs. One great way to save now days is to check if there is store pick up option available. Many stores offer free store pick up option, however they may also take few days to have it available for pickup but it is worth waiting as you don’t have to pay for shipping costs.

3. Plan for your shopping item: You should always plan, do research and buy the items, particularly the big ticket items. It makes sense to get some discounts rather than buying it on an impulse. You should do proper research on the internet about what is good price for the item you want to buy. Coupon and deal sites 3

like lists coupons, deals and promo codes along with start and expiration dates. This can be helpful as it gives you the time to plan and give some time to think over it . However many times deals only last as long as the quantity is available so it may make more sense to get the deal as soon as you see it otherwise it may be out of stock. So plan well for your shopping items, give enough time to research and get the deals as soon as it comes out.

4. Promo Codes and Coupon Codes : Many stores offer promo code and Coupon code . They may advertise it or selectively provide it to their marketing partners. Many times you will not find coupon codes on store website and it will be full price with extra shipping costs. if you search , you can find a discount coupon code and more often a free shipping code which may save money in shipping and item prices. Coupon codes and promo codes are often listed in coupon and deals websites like Happy shopping, Visit for more exiting deals, coupon codes and promo Codes


Online Shopping Guide  

Tip for Online Shopping with Deals, Coupon and Promo Codes

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