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spaces are made of this

The image: Personal vision of Detroit urban density. render and arranged by photoshop.


personal information creative, team player, dedicated and multitasking

Determined creative, I render conceptual ideas for down-to-earth hand sketches and 3D presentations. Self initiative oriented, yet with a strong desire to work in collaboration with my team. Willing to improve my leadership skills to interpret, organize and execute projects implementation concepts. Proactive: I prioritize and manage task to anticipate deadlines. Oriented to interiors and products design. • mother thongue: italian. • perfect knowledje of English language: speaking, listening, writning.

name: D.O.B: Nationality: Address: Mobile: email: WEB site LinkediN skype name

Sofia Bonvicini 06/09/1984 Italian via cesare Taruffi n.6 40136, Bologna, Italy (0039)393/2195743 go to LinkediN missbonviz

• personal skills: analogic and digital photographer (Nikon D700). 7 years of experience. sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

work experience • 03/2011 - 07/2011 press release

“Bonvi Parken”: memorial park Designer and head of development team. viale Giovanni Amendola, Modena, 41100, Italy

Designed and directed the creation of a theme park in Modena, in memory of my dad, Franco Bonvicini “Bonvi”, inspired by his comics and in partnership with the royalties managing agency. • Team manager for graphic, printing and installation team; • Technical execution responsible for creating 20 3mx2m steel panels and 2 lighting totems; • Head architect for restore strategy development; • Modena’s public administration landscape consultant; • Public participation for opening event: 60,000 visitors.

• 11/2010 - 03/2011

corporate website

Iosaghini Associati Junior Project Manager in architecture and interiors. Via Castiglione, 6 40124 Bologna(Emilia Romagna), Italy

Assisted architectural project manager in public infrastructure and private estate development; leaded interior design team for 2 commercial spaces renovation. “Moscow Penthouse”: luxury minimalist interior restore, Moscow. Assistant to project leader, interior techincal draw, forniture design, presentation to client. “People Mover”: suspended railway, for the city of Bologna. techincal draw and rendering “Wind Mobile”: commercial chain expansion, retail space design team leader. planning, furniture design, rendering team managment, project readjustment after clients’ specifics. “Moscow roof top” : luxury 630sqm terrace for private skycraper. Developed two different and complementary concepts: organic and rationalist.

Leaded the conceptual project team in the implementation of the former. • Communication of all general and technical information within the design team in fluent English language. • Presented aforementioned projects to clients; • Daily use software tools: AutoCAD, Autodesk REVIT Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Autodesk 3d Studio MAX and MAXON cinema 4d, MS Office.

• 09/2009 - 04/2011

Collaboration with Gemineon srl. Freelance light Designer

Creator, designer and process team manager of a plexy methcrylate lamps collection called “SO EMOTIONAL. • Team manager for ideation process and product develpment • Head of graphic advertisment strategy.

• 11/2008

- 03/2009

servizi industriali

Servizi Industriali srl. Freelance industrial Designer for Via Marie Curie 19 - 40064 Ozzano dell’Emilia (BO)

Restailing shell designer of industrial centrifuge “mac fuge360”. Engeneer assistant for mechanicaland technical draws • 2d Design developer • Leading rendering process • Final presentation to head engineer

• 10/2003 - 03/2008

Freelance Grafic Designer, flyer&billboard

Photographer assistant and billboard graphic editing. clients: • events&co. Mp3staff, Bologna, italy • MORARA Fashion italian company, Centergross Blocco40050, Argelato(BO), italy • RedCLUB, via del tipografo 6, Bologna, Italy sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 3


formal education

06/2011 09/2011

Atchitect State License

01/2011 03/2011

Autodesk course, Bologna, Italy

09/2003 07/2010

University of Ferrara, Italy Mayor in Architecture, 100/110.

-six month of exam for being allowed in practice architecture in Italy.

-Autodesk REVIT course: 2D and 3D. -Autodesk 3dSTUDIO MAX course, 4 weeks: modeling and rendering process.

thesis: “DETROIT, from Motor city to rurala town” 10/2009 11/2009

Mercy University, Detroit. Exchange program

01/2009 08/2009

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Exchange program

07/2005 08/2005

TOEFL class, San Francisco, CA.

09/1999 05/2003

Highschool, Rita levi montalcino, Bologna.


1st prize Competition in Tensta, Stockholm, Sweden Program: Cities Are Made Of This Tensta. 11 architects, 528 hours and 20 000 SEK. Exhibition at Tensta Konsthall centre.


- THE PLAN 047, architecture magazine. pgs: 99, 100. - il Resto del carlino, local newspaper, june 2011 - La Repubblica, national newspaper, june 2011

Research project with prof. Amy Green Deinese from Mercy university regarding sustainable Detroit urban public and private living renewall. prof: Amy Green Deines

Six month of exchange program in architecture. During this study time I achieve three courses and three final exams (total 24 ETCS). courses: • Architecture tecnology • Design process, Studio I of II • Design porcess, Studio II of II ETS Toefl IBT : 72 Colloquial, reading, speaking, listening, writing.

1st - 5ft year of Rita Levi Montalcino classical study-highschool getting 100 on 100 points on diploma

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

Freelance graphic designer 2003 since 2007

The solution

architecture’s Seminary 2006

Feeling box

Rappresentation’s techniques studio II 2007

Museum of time

Architecture Process Studio, III 2007

Schifanoia palace

Architecture restoration studio process, Il 2008

Casaralta district

Architecture Process Studio, III 2008

Collapsable structure

Architecture technology Studio, II: CONTEST. 2009

Restoration structure

Architecture Process Studio, III 2009

Tensta art center

Design process Studio, IV 2010

Tensta Tetris

Design process Studio, IV 2010

Industrial centrifuge

freelance industrial design 2010. 2010

So emotional collection

freelance industrial design 2010. 2010

DETROIT: from Motor city to rural town Thesis project. 2011


Iosaghini associati, Bologna, ITALY 2011

BONVI parken

outdoor restore project. 2011

PRESS review 2011


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freelance graphic designer and Advertising responsible autumn 2003 since winter 2007.

• business flyer, MP3 staff 2003_07

Advertising responsible and grafic designer for MP3, Events planners. est: 2002 since 2007 in Bologna, Italy.

• business flyer, Redclub 2004

Grafic designer for Redclub, discoclub est: 2003 in Bologna.

• billboard, MORARA 2006

Fashion italian company est: 1998 in Bologna.

Specs: made ​​by four hands with the photographer Marina Croegher, then arranged with Adobe Photoshop, the background is a picture taken by me. sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 7


sofia bonvicini//portfolio011


The solution 2006

Science fiction & architecture’s Seminary Head prof.: Ing. Marcello Balzani Ing. Gabriele Tonelli Arch. Roberto Meschini Winter semester(Sept.-March) at University of Architecture, Ferrara.(UNIFE) • Storyboard presented during the competition for admission at the course: Rappresentation’s techniques studio II • (The video is avaiable on YouTube)

• Specs: 2D drawing by hand, editing

with Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effect

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 9


Feeling Box 2007

Rappresentation’s techniques studio II Head prof.: Ing. Marcello Balzani Ing. Gabriele Tonelli Arch. Roberto Meschini winter semester (Sept./March)_University of Architecture, Ferrara(UNIFE). • This is a project that included the creation of 30000 folders narrative, then the graphic design of cover and book layout. On the course’s skills was included the creation of a 60’’ movie with 3D animation and a web site created through the use of specific software like Adobe Flash. The course was complemented by a seminar of “the development of sci-fi in architecture”. The seminary was directed by Prof. Carmen Dal Monte, head professor of the course Business Ethics at the University of Philosophy and Arts, Bologna. The course included another semiar too, focused on MAXONCinema 4d skills: modeling, rendering & animation. • (The video can be seen on YouTube) link:

• Specs: 2D drawing by hand, adobe photoshop, Modeling, rendering&animation: Cinema 4d, editing: Adobe After effect & Adobe Premiere. 10 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 11


Museum of time 2008

Architecture Process Studio, III Head prof.: Arch.Antonio Stella spring semester (March/Sept.)_University of Architecture, Ferrara(UNIFE). • The main theme of the course was the concept of “time” in architecture. The goal was projecting a museum in Ferrara, Italy based on the concept of time. I designed a project concerned on the main idea of developing the concept of rithm as time throught architecture. The project was considered by the head professor one of the best and my team and I had 30/30 points evaluation. We also develop a presentation of our project based on a video. • (The video can be seen on YouTube) link:

• Specs: 2D drawing by hand, technical details and drawings 2d Autocad2007, Modeling, rendering&animation: Sketchup, Cinema 4d and Adobe Photoshop, editing: Adobe After effect & Adobe Premiere.

12 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

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14 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

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16 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

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Schifanoia palace 2008

Architecture restoration studio process, Il Head prof.: Arch. Carla di Francesco winter semester (Sept./March)_University of Architecture, Ferrara(UNIFE). • The restoration’s proj. was concerned on Palazzo Schifanoia, ancient villa Estense (Ferrara, 1385). My team and I was focused on facade deterioration analysis and on restoration project of two areas of the palace.The project was developed throught seven A1 layout and sketches book.

18 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

• Specs: traditional survey: Nikon D40, Cordell metric, plumb line and distance meter. Technical details and drawings 2d Autocad2007, Modeling, rendering: Sketchup, Cinema 4d and Adobe Photoshop,

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 19

20 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

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Casaralta district 2008

Architecture Process Studio, III Head prof.: arch. Alessandro Gaiani spring semester (March/Sept.)_University of Architecture, Ferrara(UNIFE).

• The proj. was concentred on the restoration of 30.000sqm area: Casaralta, in Bologna, Italy. First we develop a urbanism proj. with a global Masterplan of the area, projecting infrastructure and vegetation’s system. Then my team and I focused on one building: the hotel.

• Specs: 2D drawing by hand, technical details and drawings 2d Autocad2007, Modeling, rendering&animation: Sketchup, Cinema 4d and Adobe Photoshop.

22 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 23

24 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 25


Collapsable structure 2009

Architecture technology Studio, II: CONTEST. Head prof.: arch. Roberto Di Giulio spring semester (March/Sept.)_University of Architecture, Ferrara(UNIFE).

26 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

• During the Architecture technology Studio, Ferrara city hall present a competition based on the Collaplasble concept in architecture: an expandible accomodation structure made for annual Baloons festival, Ferrara. Myne contest’s proj. was concentred on the ideal of flexible and collapsable accomodation structure. Made by industrial cointainer, I develop a strategy in order to give support fort the festival and create a selfsuficienty structure. Myne project is expandible, in order to create more usefull space.

• Specs: 2D drawing by hand, technical details and drawings 2d Autocad2007, Modeling, rendering&animation: Sketchup, Cinema 4d and Adobe Photoshop.

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 27

28 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 29


Restoration structure 2009

Architecture Process Studio, III Head prof.: Arch. Roberto Di Giulio ing. Claudio Corti ing. Giacomo Bizzarri winter semester (Sept./March)_University of Architecture, Ferrara(UNIFE). •The project was about a restoration structure for 100 people. The proj. concieve also the spaces for a restaurant-bar. All the techincal details and the main strucurewas made up wood *Knaufer tecnologies in order to provide low energy support and selfsufficienty structure. This project was evaluated 30/30 points.

• Specs: 2D drawing by hand, technical details and drawings 2d Autocad2007, Modeling, rendering: Sketchup, Cinema 4d and Adobe Photoshop. 30 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 31

32 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

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34 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

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Tensta art center 2010

Design process Studio, IV Head prof.: Arch. Tor Lindstrand first spring quarter (Jan/April)_KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, sweden.

36 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

• The porject was about the design and the creation of a flexible and low budjet spaces fot the Art center in TENSTA, a multicultural district located in the Stockholm’s suburbs. The project was made by a steel grid-structure and industrial cointainers, in order to create flexible and expandible spaces supporting art, music and cultural’s festivals. • (The video can be seen on YouTube) link:

• Specs: 2D drawing by hand, technical details and drawings 2d Autocad2007, Modeling, rendering&animation: Sketchup, Cinema 4d and Adobe Photoshop.

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 37

38 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

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40 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011


Tensta tetris 2010

Design process Studio, IV Head prof.: Arch. Tor Lindstrand second spring quarter (April/July)_KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, sweden. • This project was about the design of an outdoor installation made for Tensta’s district inhabitants. The core idea of the project was about TERIS an 80’s year game, in order to create the same analogy between the installation and the game. • The budjet we had for realize that was 20.00:SEEK. Specs: 2D drawing by hand, technical details and drawings 2d Autocad2007, Modeling, rendering&animation: Sketchup, Cinema 4d and Adobe Photoshop.

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 41


Industrial centrifuge freelance industrial design, 2010.

• The project was about the restailing shell design of the industrial centrifuge, MACFUGE306 for a mechanical industry located on Ozzano dell’Emilia (BO), Italy client: Servizi industriali srl.

42 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 43


So emotianal collection

freelance industrial design 2010. Lamp collection.

• Creator and Designer of a plexy methcrylate lamp collection called SO EMOTIONAL. Process supervisor and brand manager. Actually two of them are prototyped: *QUBO *STRING. design: Sofia Bonvicini realization: Servizi Industriali srl.

44 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

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from Motorcity to rural town.

Thesis project. Head prof, UNIFE.: arch. Gabriele Lelli arch. Alberto Francini Head prof, MERCY,: arch.: Amy Green Deines exchanging program University of Detroit Mercy and University of Architecture, Ferrara(UNIFE). • Mine thesis project started in Octorber, 2009 Detroit, at Mercy University and ended in Ferrara, July 2010 with my graduation in Architecture. The project was concentred on the urban redevelopment of Detroit’s area throught the sustainable energy and the social movement of *Urban Farming. I worked with the techincal support of prof. Enzo Martinelli, agronomist. I create an entire urban strategy and then I project a rural village, completly self sufficienty. • The working thesis was developed throught twelve A1 layout and a 200 pages book. The final graduation was 100/110 poins.

• Specs: 2D drawing by hand, technical details and drawings 2d Autocad2007, Modeling, rendering: Sketchup, Cinema 4d and Adobe Photoshop. Graphic book layout: Adobe Indesign sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 51

52 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

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54 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

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tecture studio, Iosaghini associati, Bologna,Italy 2011

Six, intense month of practice. Mine processed competitions and projects are: • Interior architect and designer for Moscow penthouse • Retail and industrial Designer for Moscow penthouse. • Designer and architect main developer for two different proposal of Moscow rooftop design, one of those is actually on processing. • Main rendering designer for Moscow rooftop • Designer and Project manager assistant for WIND stores. • Project Manager assistant for Tecnopolo Bologna (competition).

62 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

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rendering roof top

Š iosaghini associati

Š iosaghini associati

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66 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

concept for a table

Š iosaghini associati

Š iosaghini associati sofia bonvicini//portfolio011 67



Projecting and realization of Parco Amendola’s restore, Modena,Italy

• Project promoted by Modena city hall. As an architect i designed the renewall of Parco Amendola north throught fixs istallation and light forniture. The park was dedicated to my dad, an italian comics artist, Franco Bonvicini. Park’s area technical details: • Surface: 38.280 sq.m • Hills: 5.577 sq.m • Lakes: 2. total 623 sq.m • Vegetation: 727 trees, 273 hedges , 72 bush • Total Budjet: 35.000€

68 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

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Il Resto Del Carlino - Bologna - "Mio padre Bonvi, indomabile e dimenticato"

13/06/11 12:52

pressREVIEW newspapers

• Parken&id=760


• • cronaca/2011/06/24/530642-oggi_saranno_svelati_segreti_ bonvi_parken.shtml

Home Bologna

















Bologna FC

"Mio padre Bonvi, indomabile e dimenticato" Sofia e Francesco Bonvicini, figli del grande vignettista


Mi piace



multimediaVIDEO internet



70 sofia bonvicini//portfolio011

Bologna 12 giugno 2011 - Possibile che non ci ricordiamo più neanche delle Sturmtruppen? Possibile che a 16 anni dalla morte, quando fu travolto da un’auto, qui a Bologna, dov’era giunto nella seconda metà degli anni ’60, questo tempo miseramente smemorato ottenebri, tra i giovani, persino Bonvi, genio purissimo e scapigliato del fumetto, incontenibile, inclassificabile, impetuoso, trascinante, ‘folle’, il creatore delle più squinternate e ridicolizzate truppe naziste, ma anche di Cattivik e del detective Nick Carter ? Articoli correlati

E’ una quieta mattina nella casa dove i due figli nati da Bonvi e da sua moglie, un medico, Maria Angela Villani (‘Moira’, per i due ragazzi), vivono con la madre. Parliamo del papà morto a soli 54 anni, del tempo (poco, purtroppo) che essi hanno passato, bimbi, accanto a lui. Della sua energia. Del suo essere bambino tra i bambini, come un irresistibile, tenero monello. Sofia, la più grande, architetto, è nata nel 1984, ed è la più loquace. Francesco, il fratello, studi superiori e inclinazione al marketing, ha cinque anni di meno, è più silenzioso, come più chiuso, ma possiede nettezza e prontezza di giudizi. E’ lei che racconta, è lui che, quasi timidamente, con frasi brevi, sintetizza certi concetti cruciali. Perché c’è sempre quella cosa nell’aria: com’è possibile dimenticarsi di Bonvi? Qual è il primo ricordo legato a suo padre? «Un piccolo fatto — risponde Sofia — che mi è sempre stato raccontato in famiglia. Nella mia culla papà mise una matita e una pistola. Erano gli obiettivi che voleva trasmettermi. Disegnare e combattere il perbenismo borghese, i luoghi comuni, l’ipocrisia, il potere, la sopraffazione». E qualche cosa di più diretto, di vissuto vicino a lui? «La generosità. E’ stato un grande artista e un grande padre. Le mattine che mi accompagnava a scuola ci fermavamo sempre dal cartolaio, lui disegnava e scarabocchiava sempre, e comprava una montagna di matite anche per me. Se io ero incerta su quale scegliere, lui mi ripeteva: ‘Nell’indecisione, entrambi’. Sembrava davvero un bambino fra i bambini, un capo-monello, ma avevamo un rapporto da grandi, litigava con me come con un adulto». E’ impegnativo essere figli di Bonvi ? «Sì, senz’altro — qui interviene Francesco —. Nel senso che in giro ci sono giovani della nostra età che fanno di tutto per dirti che sono figli di padri famosi. E’ un altro segno della totale pochezza in mezzo a cui viviamo. Noi, invece, non lo diciamo, non vogliamo passare per quelli che si vantano o vivono di meriti che non hanno». Che cos’è stata la sua morte ?

Cosa cerchi?





architetti , avvocati , commercialisti , geometri , ingegneri , notai

autonoleggi, carrozzerie, concessionarie , elettrauto, gommisti , riparazioni auto


Per la casa

dentisti, dermatologi , b i t i f i

imbianchini , idraulici, i dili

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The plan 047, pag. 99-100, yr. 2011. dense/rarefied, urban redevelopment. • Personal vision made during my exchanging in Detroit. Used for explain the dicotomy between dense and rarefied areas in Detroit.

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Sofia Bonvicini//architecture portfolio  
Sofia Bonvicini//architecture portfolio  

This is my works portfolio: "spaces are made of this"- I'm Mayor degree in Architecture, University of architecture, Ferrara. I'm extremly v...