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byNi c ol eJ ohns on, FounderandPr es i dentofTheBabySl eepSi t e® I tmays eemal i t t l eear l yt obe t al ki ngaboutt heendofDayl i ghtSavi ngTi me-i tdoes n’ t of fic i al l yendunt i lNovember 1,af t eral l .However ,i n my year ss pent wor ki ng wi t h t i r ed f ami l i es ac r os s t he gl obe,I ’ vel ear nedat hi ngor t woabouthow t i mec hange af f ec t s baby and t oddl er s l eep,andf ormos tpar ent s , pr epar i ng ear l yf or a t i me c hangei skey.

3Wayst oKeepTheTi meChangef r om Des t r oyi ngYourChi l d’ sSl eepSc hedul e Thefir s topt i oni st odonot hi ng. Forexampl e, l et ’ ss ayyour babyi swaki ngat7a. m.and goi ngt obedat7p. m. Af t ert he t i mec hange,6a. m.wi l l“ f eel ” l i ke7a. m.t oyourbaby,but keephi mi nbedunt i l7a. m. t o

r ei nf or c e a 7 a. m.wake up t i me.Si mi l ar l y,hemays eem s l eepyandr eadyf orbedat6 p. m. ,butdoyourbes tt okeep hi m awakeandputhi mt obed at7p. m. Forbabi esort oddl er s whoar enots ens i t i vet obei ng over t i r edorgowi t ht heflow, t hi si s a fine s t r at egy and

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