Social Life - Winter 2020

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“The hardest part of beginning treatment for an addiction is the first call.” Suntra Modern Recovery


untra Modern Recovery is an innovative New York City-based addiction rehabilitation and treatment service that helps people access care when and where they need it. Its founders, Dr. Jean-Luc Neptune and Adam Banks, have created a bespoke service that combines at-home and telemedicine-based care for people with substance use disorders. Suntra works with clients from the initial high-intensity phase when someone first realizes that they have a problem to the long-term support phase when an individual succeeds in sustaining a durable recovery. To facilitate this lifecycle of recovery, Suntra offers a range of services, including coordinating an intervention, providing physician oversight of at-home detox, providing long-term coaching, and managing an individual’s medication needs Adam Banks, CIP, CARC, and Jean-Luc Neptune, M.D. over time. Social Life sat down with Dr. Jean-Luc Neptune and Adam Banks Recovery is not an event; it’s a process. Addiction is also not treated to learn more about their life-changing service and how it can help in a vacuum. Successful, long-term recovery involves healing an inpeople with addiction. dividual and the whole family. Each situation is unique, and we have to focus on doing what works. Research has shown that clients have Has addiction gotten worse during the Covid-19 pandemic? higher success rates the longer they stay in continuous treatment; Dr. Neptune: Absolutely. Early on in the pandemic we saw traffic our programs are designed to make it easy for people to continue reincrease to our website by five to ten times, and our phone traffic ceiving care at home, at work, on vacation, or wherever it’s needed. increased significantly as well. We are living in a very stressful time, with many of us sequestered at home, and people are reporting Can you tell us how your programs work? being lonely. The pandemic has created economic stresses for famiDr. Neptune: The hardest part of beginning treatment for an adlies, has disrupted school routines for parents and children, and diction is the first call. Recovery always takes outside help. It all has created immense uncertainty for the future. With all of these starts with a complimentary consultation in which a knowledgeable stressors, it is understandable that people may turn to alcohol or member of our team will talk with you about your situation. From drugs to cope. Addictions that have been hidden are now seen by there we’ll develop a custom program and treatment can begin imfamily members as adult children are living at home, and spouses mediately. Our concierge-level service will deliver the providers, are seeing behaviors that used to be hidden by work. medications, and support services that you need to help you accomplish your recovery goals. What is your philosophy on recovery? Adam Banks: We understand that recovery takes time, and Suntra Modern Recovery there’s never just one single modality that can treat an addiction.